Nothing kind of day

Seriously, I didn’t do much today at all!

I met my friend for lunch at The Toasted Yolk, switched dressers with my son, started Marie’s tidy show on Netflix, and that’s it. My room is not done, this is the in-between stage. I am saving up the money I am not using on cigarettes to get a smaller bed frame and put my bed under my window to have more space in here.

I didn’t smoke all day and was perfectly fine with my vape.

I hope you are having a great weekend!

Weigh day

It’s weigh day. I lost 2 pounds and am at 153.6 this morning! What??? No way! I guess exercise and watching what I eat really does work. Lol…I know it does. Today will be my September end, October beginning measurements as well. I actually had a dream last night that I gained 2 pounds from eating out also gained 2 inches around my waist. Well, the scale part didn’t come true, so hopefully the measurements won’t either.

In the past month, I have lost a total of 6.2 pounds. Let’s see how I measure up too!

Chest: September October:

Weight: 159.8 153.6

Chest: 40.75 38.25

Waist: 36.75 35.25

Hips: 39 38.75

Upper Arm. 12 11.75

Thigh: 18.5 19

So my thigh got bigger and everything else shrank. I don’t know exactly how all this works but I can’t complain about the results!

I went out last night with a girl from school, she’s 18 and very sweet. We went to a Mexican food place here called Hugo’s. I had never been there. It’s down between River Oaks and Montrose and they only have valet if you want to park there but it’s one of those pay however much you want valets so that was good. They will also wash your car while you eat!

My meal:

Her meal:

We traded foods and OMG it was SO good!!! We were both full but couldn’t resist getting dessert.

Okay, this girls parents are from Mexico and she even said she was in Heaven eating there! I got there before she did so I sat at the bar and had a Modelo while I waited. The bartenders were all nice. When I asked about bringing my friend here that is from San Antonio, he said she will love it (he definitely wasn’t wrong!). Our waiter was the nicest guy and even brought me butter for the homemade corn tortillas they have. I ended up not liking it because unsalted butter on an unsalted tortilla wasn’t that great but the food! If I could eat that every day and stay thin, I so would!

I brought leftovers to my mom and she even agreed that all of it was awesome and now she wants to go. So of course I said okay! I was in hog heaven last night. And the dessert! It was the absolute BEST churro I have had in a LONG time! Since I ate them at my friends parents house back when I was in college in San Antonio.

My friend invited me to come up to visit and eat her mom’s food too and I told her to just tell me when. I’ll get a hotel (NOT on the riverwalk) and eat homemade Mexican food anytime! I love it!

After dinner we came back to my house to study. We maybe studied for 30 minutes. We did a math homework that was due yesterday and then traded music and comedians on YouTube. She left at 10 saying that she was driving home for the weekend. Umm, ok?

I also had 2 jobs yesterday. I took Styled to get her hair done, to get her watch fixed, and groceries. Then took Ms. Forgets to get her license and a cd of her CT Scan for her kid to have. We also made a plan to go to the bank Monday afternoon. I picked the boys up after school and ended up dropping my son off at a friends house instead of him going to the dance. He wanted to play video games instead of meeting new people. I can’t blame him there!

Today I HAVE to study! My tests are Tuesday and Wednesday!!! And now that I am working on Monday, eek! I talked to my friend last night and she said she will help me prepare tomorrow afternoon as long as she can finish her own homework. So I have to get on the ball.

Have a great Saturday and a wonderful weekend!

Sunday cook day

Hello all you lovely people! Today I am going to cook!

I have invited my friend and her 3 year old over this afternoon. She is starting keto and says she doesn’t know what to eat. She used to eat fruit constantly so this is a difficult transition for her.

Side note: As of yesterday, my appetite is back to normal. I am unsure why I was starving all day for 3 days but I had breakfast yesterday and was full until late in the afternoon! I’m so glad to be back to normal.

We are making a few things today.

1. Chicken winglets

2. Rib eye steak with riced cauliflower and asparagus.

3. Tacos

4. Keto donuts

Man I am looking forward to having a donut! I pray these come out tasting as good as a real one!

This one is from

And last but not least: 5. Peanut butter chocolate chip cookie bars from!

I think those will keep me happy for a few days! And all I have to get at the store is the asparagus and winglets. I have everything else already here. Woo hoo! I gave credit to the recipe makers on each picture so I hope you enjoy them or look them up for even more recipes!

My son kept me up until after 1am. So at 7:15 when my mother started her “prewash” right outside my bedroom door, I was NOT happy! My son wanted to go to church this morning but it started 2 minutes ago. I told him at 12:30am that I would not wake him up since he kept me up. I guess he slept through his alarm. He can go to the later service, no big deal.

I’m awake, I took some Advil as well as all of my vitamins, I got dressed, I walked the dog, I printed out my recipes, I am ready to go! Y’all have a great Sunday! Maybe I can talk my friend into making a YouTube video with me later while we let her toddler chase my mom’s cats. 😂

Another day

I exercised last night doing a YouTube video to help lower back and hip pain. It was great until I rolled over and hurt my front left side. Who knows what I did, I just know it hurts and it sucks! Maybe I should just walk. After working for 8 hours yesterday, I didn’t feel like dealing with the gym. Maybe I should though!

This morning I had a woman going to work. She needed to be there in 15 minutes which is how long the drive said it would take. She asked me to go a different way and told me to step on it. I got her there 3 minutes before it said I would. Tip? Nope!

Another woman got in my car this morning and reeked of pot. I guess some people need to smoke before they can deal with work! Then I had a guy that I had yesterday. He tipped me $5 which was so nice! And a guy going one mile to his office from his hotel. He was very talkative about the age of the hotels in the area. I had to agree since I’ve lived here that long! He did say that he had a 90 year old drive him yesterday which makes me think WOW. That’s a scary thought!

I took Ms. Forgets to therapy and then went right back to driving for Lyft. After taking a guy downtown, I am done for the day. My side hurts, I’m tired, and hungry.

Right after I got here, a Hispanic guy comes up to me asking me if my dad’s car is for sale. I had to get my sons friend that speaks Spanish to come talk to him for me. I am SO glad he was here! The guy offered to bring $800 cash for it on Saturday. Sure! My friends daughter hasn’t even contacted me in a month and hasn’t made a single payment. I’m letting her know on Saturday IF the guy shows up and has cash. Hopefully that will be gone!

That’s it. I’m watching last nights Big Brother and then I have to take my sons friend home. That’s it. I’m taking some Advil and relaxing for a while. Hugs!

Day 1

I love the beach! Not as much as I love the mountains though.

We got here around 2pm and the owner let us come in an hour early. She even got me a birthday balloon! We got settled in and then B went to Walmart for an air mattress since this place is pretty small and no couch, just 2 small rooms with one bed each. B and I are having to share the queen bed. No big deal since we have been friends for 34 years.

He does frustrate me at times though. He kept picking on my son and eventually made him cry last night at dinner. We went to a place called Fish Tales across from Pleasure Pier. I had blackened tilapia and it was outstanding! My son actually ate some bbq ribs. He ordered a full rack but could only eat half. He had also eaten mini doughnuts, an entire bag of Cheetos, and some Dippin Dots. He drank like 7 glasses of water while he was eating so gee, I wonder why his stomach hurt after dinner? B had bread pudding with Baileys on it. It looked SO good but I am sticking to my keto!

We are now on day 2. The boys are going to the water park and B and I are supposed to go back to the house and he wants to make steaks. I stayed on track yesterday and only had 18 total carbs. I am wearing a size large bathing suit which amazes me.

I am posting a lot of videos on my Instagram – juliehcares.

Have a great Saturday! I will catch up on reading everyone’s posts when I have a free moment. Hugs!

Lunch with a friend

I’m spending a lot of time with B lately it seems! First his birthday at Perry’s, yesterday we went to Whiskey Cake, and we are going to see Chinedu live on Sunday evening.

Whiskey Cake. That was a great place! The food is good, the atmosphere is calm and relaxed, and we were able to get reservations last minute for lunch at 11am.

The 2nd picture is their wall of Whiskey. I’m not sure if it’s enough! 😂

We had fried green tomatoes as an appetizer, I had chicken and waffles, he had some kind of meat that just fell apart with a fork (awesome!), and dessert was a chocolate whiskey cake. Then he ordered a French press coffee and our waiter Joshua was showing him what to do. We had a great waiter too! He was very nice, turned up the air conditioning when I told him how cold it was, and stopped by often (attentive). It is in Baybrook mall so it’s not close to me but I would go there again!

I finally got to see B’s apartment. It’s simple but nice. He’s very clean so his place looked immaculate. We went to the grocery store and his bank just to be out and about. It was a good day!

I bought us tickets to see my latest favorite comic Chinedu Ogu (check him out on YouTube). That’s on Sunday at 7pm. I hope I get to meet him after the show!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all

Yep. It’s Valentine’s Day. I’m single but I have a kid so I feel like I have to be happy about today. He has a crush and he told her yesterday but didn’t get a reply so he’s not too excited today. The brownies are half gone and a bag of the cookies is gone though so my “gifts” to him went over well. I also gave him a card and a box of sweettart ropes that he likes. I heard him open the box already this morning. He came in here and pretended like he didn’t get anything but finally said thank you.

I am spending the day with one of my oldest friends B. He and I are just going to hang out today and maybe grab lunch somewhere. I will go see Cranky on my way down south to where B lives. At least his roommate will not be there. The past 3 times we have hung out, his roommate was there. Can I just have some time to talk to him? Geez! Who knows what the day will bring! When I get back from down there is when I will go work out. I wonder how dead the gym will be or will it all be the single people around here?

My mom slid a Valentine’s Day card under my door when she went to bed last night. I opened it this morning and it has 2 gift cards to Barnes and Noble. Nice, right? She probably got them for Christmas from friends and is just passing them on (both are for $10) but whatever. I’ll take them. I love books too! I gave her some chocolates and a card from me and a card from the pets. She hasn’t opened them but she did see them.

I guess I need to get moving! Have a great Valentines Day guys! Who cares if you are single or with someone? Who cares that this is a made up holiday to sell stuff? Thanks Hallmark. Just have a good day however you choose to spend it.