Kansas weekend

I left early Saturday morning and flew to Kansas to see one of my best friends and my cousin. It was my cousins birthday and he invited me to see the Astros kick the Royals butt! AND no kid!!! He stayed home with my mom while I did a weekend getaway. 😀

Saturday I went to lunch with my friends family. It was so nice to see everyone!

I didn’t get a pic with Dad but that’s okay. He’s not much of a picture person anyway.

We then drove to meet my cousins at this Tiki Bar called Tikicat. It’s in downtown KC. It’s in the basement of another restaurant called HopCat and it’s like a speakeasy or something. It was really cool. I didn’t take any photos because it didn’t seem like I was supposed to. We met my cousins and one of their friends there and had weird drinks. They all tasted pretty good though! This is from their website.

Then my friends boyfriend dropped us off at the hotel to meet my cousins and go to the game. We had great seats and drank a lot while having a great time!

That last photo is my cousin having a great birthday!

My friend and I went back to her place and passed out after walking to her friends house after the game and going to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings at 1am. We woke up the next day and met my cousins for brunch. Biscuits made out of what I think was filo dough? Yes please! It was called The Distrikt Biskuit House and it was sooooo good!

My friend and I then went shopping and walked around downtown. We took a photo at the fountain where we had taken one before 5 years ago. Check out how we have changed!

Then I went to the airport and flew home Sunday evening. My flight home was packed with Astros fans and was a great flight. Southwest is still my favorite airline!!! The next day I wore my KC shirt to work.

That’s my weekend!

Hugs to all!!!

Korean Festival

In case I have any stalkers, thanks for not following me around today! Lol

I had a lot of fun! I was there around 2-3 hours, walked 8,000 steps, and ate all the good food! No kimchi though. I don’t do shrimp and they didn’t have vegan kimchi. Maybe next time!

Korean Dumplings

bubble strawberry tea

Bubble waffle in a cup. It’s just a waffle but it was SO good!She called this a burrito…it was yummy!

Some kind of Korean ice cream treat with beans, fig, almonds, ice cream, and something else in it

K-pop ice popMacaroon cookie with fig in the middle (I think it was fig)!

Here is my math friend Z. She’s the one that invited me and I am so glad she did. I didn’t buy all this food. We both bought it and both tried everything. We each spent $25 on food too. 😲

I enjoyed the k-pop music, the women playing the drums, the people in costumes, and the dancers!

All and all, a great afternoon! I studied all morning, well, 4 hours to be precise. I did all of my Anatomy work and half of the nutrition work. I obviously did not finish my nutrition lecture but I will do more tomorrow before I go learn functions at my friends house. I am taking tonight off of studying. Going to have a beer and watch Netflix!

Have a great night!!!

Gun range

For anyone that thinks this wasn’t a good idea, let me tell you this. My son LISTENED to the trainer, DID what the trainer said, and had 95% accuracy on his very first time at the range!

Okay, so we were just shooting a 22 which has very little kick but still! It was his first time! I’m a proud Mom and he was so happy and excited about everything. He told me thank you and he can’t wait to go back next week. A total win in my book! I did have to pay for the ammunition which for a box of 100 for the 22 was only $8. Not complaining! The guys said the ammo goes up as the gun goes up. The trainer wants to put him on a 9mm next time because he did such a great job this time.

You will see he didn’t always get in the circle ⭕️ or square but most are! The trainer kept moving where he was supposed to shoot so my son would get used to a moving target. Pretty awesome, right?

Life of travels

I enjoy traveling. It really makes coming home enjoyable too. Back in the day, travel agents got free trips. I was able to go all over the US for free. I have been in the following states (not all free but some were!):

  • Texas (obviously)
  • Louisiana
  • Georgia
  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • Arkansas
  • Kansas
  • Oklahoma
  • Nebraska
  • Michigan
  • Washington DC
  • Washington
  • New York
  • Massachusetts
  • Maine
  • New Hampshire
  • Vermont
  • Connecticut
  • Rhode Island
  • California
  • New Mexico
  • Arizona
  • Nevada
  • Hawaii
  • And my favorite… Colorado!

I’ve also been to Canada. I love Canada!!! I really enjoyed Toronto and seeing the hockey museum and working for 2 weeks in Vancouver and going up the mountain there on a lift (I wasn’t going to attempt to walk up it like I saw a bunch of people doing) and seeing Roger Waters in concert.

I am trying to take my son all over too. He should have fun in other states!

He has been to:

  • Texas (again, obviously) – see below
  • Oklahoma – visiting friends
  • Kansas – visiting family and friends
  • Nebraska – visiting friends
  • Arkansas – visiting family
  • Massachusetts – visiting family in Boston and in Northampton. We rented a car and drove to all of the surrounding states in one day. We had a blast!
  • Maine – drive through to say we’ve been there
  • New Hampshire – same day as Maine
  • Vermont – same day
  • Connecticut – same day
  • Rhode Island – same day
  • And of course… Colorado! I took him to Manitou Springs to take the Pikes Peak cog railway and to South Park to take a hot air balloon ride. Now THAT was SO much fun!!!

Take a hot air balloon ride in beautiful Colorado!

Pretty good for a 12 year old. We drive mostly everywhere on vacation. It’s cheaper, have road trip fun, and see the sites.

We have driven all over Texas. We’ve taken vacations in Corpus Christie, South Padre Island, Dallas, Waco, Paris, San Antonio, Rusk, Palestine, Higgins, Austin, and others. I usually let him pick where we should go around the state. I want to take him to Lubbock where my grandparents lived and Brownwood where my Dad was born. I also want to take him to El Paso because it’s actually fun there with my friends that live there. Where else can we drive in Texas?

So those are the travels we have done so far. I’m ready to go do more exploring, I just need to save up for it.