Not too bad!

The rain that the news was saying how streets may flood and be very careful…blah blah blah, yeah right! Oh it sprinkled on me off and on all day but not enough to flood the streets bad enough to have to stay off the roads. I parked at my paid for area, rode the bus, and was able to get home by 5:05pm. I am so happy! That was MUCH faster than 2 weeks ago!

I went to class, I had a pretty good day even though my math professor said my problem must be safari and that I need to have Firefox to take my quizzes on. 🙄 I talked to my new friends in Math, one of whom bought herself a beta fish to keep in her dorm room. Her Dad said she should name it Jaws. I love that idea! We enjoy chatting before class. We are completely different but we have fun! Since they were my 2 first new friends at school, I got each of them a little pad of paper from Tuesday Morning. Honestly? I would have only gotten this one girl the cute pad but the 3 of us sit together and that’s rude so I got one for each.

After math, I just felt calm. It was a nice feeling. I drove home and didn’t even get mad at all the idiots going either 40 or 90 miles per hour through the rain. I was nervous about when I got home if I could keep that calm when my son is here. So I decided to just not go inside right away.

When I got home, I finished building the garden pod. It looks really interesting and HUGE! I text my mom that I needed more soil and she brought 4 more bags so hopefully I will have enough.

My plants are really growing so I’m happy that I will be able to move them tomorrow.

My dinner last night was Real Good Foods three cheese pizza. Their crust is made with chicken. I ended up having too much protein today but I’m okay with that for one day. Especially since I was at school.

I went to bed at 10:30pm since I was so tired. Today my son has an orthodontist appointment and I am going to study. I plan on studying for an hour, taking a break, studying for another hour, take a break. That way I can cook, replant my veggies, and clean when I’m at home. I am also going to take my notes to the dentist office so they will tighten his braces and I can study. It’s an hour drive each way as well. Note the fact that I did NOT study last night! I was just too tired to concentrate. Cleaning is easier when you’re that tired.

My friend got to Houston and is seeing her family. I hope to go to dinner with her at some point this week after my test on Thursday! BFF and I are already planning next summer adventures. My son wants to go to Six Flags for his birthday next year so I thought why not have BFF bring her kids there too and we will just have a day of chatting and hanging out while the boys ride rides? B called me the other day. First time calling me since he pretty much ruined my birthday trip back in June. I didn’t get a chance to call him back until today (maybe you guys can tell him how busy I have been). It went straight to voicemail so I left him a message. He may have his phone off or has blocked me, whatever. At least I called back! 😝

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I am off to take my child to school for 2 hours so I can have a bit of peace and quiet before our drive to Clear Lake and back starting at 10:30. Have a great day!

Didn’t quite do what I was supposed to

I had a lot of stuff that I wanted to get done yesterday. I didn’t go to the store, I didn’t cook. I had a good day though.

I went to my friends house at 10am with all of the clothes I have that are too big for me. She loved them and kept them all, even if she couldn’t quite fit in them yet. She said they are goal clothes. Yay for her! I love that way of looking at them! Then I brought her to my house where I gave her some sewing thread (from my mothers collection that she never even looks at but said she doesn’t want to throw away) and some collectible toys for her sick husband. She kept losing her phone. We went back and forth between our houses and finally I saw her phone on the ground in front of her house. Well, dammit, it had been run over. It could have been me or some other car going down her street. The screen was all kinds of jacked up. I feel so bad! I offered her an old phone (my mother has an iPhone 5 collecting dust) but she said not to worry. I would be freaking out if that happened! Her phone still works but the screen is completely cracked. iPhones are good!

Then I went to my moms job to get the seeds that my friend in Kenya wants. She wants to grow vegetables and says good seeds are very hard to find there. I got her some and got more for me.

Then my mom walks in. She pulls me over to this contraption that is for growing organic vegetables and has a screen to keep bugs out but let rain in. It also self waters and is really big. It holds 9 bags of soil if that tells you how big it is! She had mentioned it before but I put her off because I don’t think we should spend money on something when my pots on the shelves work just fine.

Come to find out, she wants the shelves for something else and wants my plants off of them. I refuse to put them on the ground because I don’t want bugs in them so I give in and let her buy this thing. Original cost was $269.99. It was 75% off plus she gets 30% employee discount so the total she spent on it, the stand you put it on, and the seeds I bought was $114. That’s a pretty good discount!

Instead of doing school work, I decided to put the stand together. It had IKEA like directions and it took me 2 hours but I did it! It was so frustrating! I had to take it apart twice because something was wrong. I was sweating outside, getting sprinkled on, but dammit, I was determined!

I felt so accomplished when I finally was finished that I downed a bottle of water and then retook my math quiz. I got an 80 by myself with no help! Woo hoo! Then I took off for my friends house and we took the test 2 more times but could only get a 90. Looking at the question I got wrong, we found out that the system took the square root off a part of the equation when it was supposed to be there. I emailed my professor and he actually answered me at 8pm on a Sunday night! He said he wasn’t sure what I meant and asked me to come see him during his office hours which I will do on Tuesday. I stayed at their house after for a while chatting and playing mancala against them. I won a game against my sons godfather and then lost to their daughter. I had fun. I’m so glad my son taught me how to play that game years ago! I told them I would bring some games over so we could all play. I never have anybody to play board games with so that will be fun and stress relieving which I need.

I work today thank GOD! I have to take Miss Priss on errands and then take Cranky to her shrink. In between, I will set up the planter on top of the stand and start getting that ready to accept my baby sprouts that have popped up so well. I think I am going to leave the spices in the pots and just move the vegetables to the planter. My sons school has a fall holiday today too. They just had last Monday off for Labor Day and now another one? He stayed at a friends house this weekend so I haven’t seen him since Saturday evening.

I also have to go shopping and cook something since I have school tomorrow. I also need to laundry since I didn’t do it yesterday, mail these seeds to Kenya, and study more for my anatomy test on Thursday. So let me get off here, shower, walk my dog, and get going. Y’all have a great day!

It’s the weekend!

Let me get this out of the way first. I gained .2 pounds again. I am 160.2. That’s 72.665 in kilograms and 11.4 stones. I had 29 net carbs yesterday and a total carbs was 60. Yes, you read that right. I had a lot of fiber and too many carbs. I was hungry! I ate 3 carb smart Breyer’s almond ice cream bars. I was having cramps. I couldn’t get full. Oh well. Here’s the thing – I’m OKAY with 160.2! Come on…last year I was 260 so why would I complain? I know why I gained again and I know how to fix it. And it wasn’t 2 pounds, it was POINT 2. So I just cut back to normal today, no biggie. I refuse to let one bad day get to me. Maybe that’s why this works for me. I am always back on track the next meal or next day. Anyone can do it. I promise! I’m here to help and support you guys!

I took Styled to get her hair and nails done yesterday. I came home and studied Anatomy for a while. Then I watched Netflix and I figured who would win The Great British Bake Off but the other 2 finalists I wasn’t expecting. I also watched Young and Hungry. I should have been studying more. Too late. I’ll have to study that much more today.

Today is a busy day.

9-11am: community service at a clothing shop with my new school group. I earn points for each event I go to. This actually lasts until noon but since I have a kid, I asked if I could leave early and still get my points and was told yes. I wonder what I am supposed to wear to this thing! I have my group t-shirt but do I wear shorts, workout pants, tennis shoes? Heels? Okay, I’d never wear heels. Lol

12-1pm: my sons therapy which is why I have to leave my group early. I told his psychologist everything that’s happened in the past 2 weeks so he has a inkling of what to talk about. My son doesn’t want to talk to me at all anymore about this kind of stuff. It’s so weird since just last year, we could talk about anything. Teenagers can be confusing!

1-5pm: study Anatomy (with Netflix breaks in between). I have a TON to study! I am hoping that by the end of tomorrow, I will know every tiny part of the cell and what they do. That’s mostly what my test is on I’m guessing. That’s what most of the lectures have been on anyway. That and the chemical makeup of the cell.

6-8pm: go to my sons godparents house to study math. My wonderful friend will help me get the homework and quizzes done. Then it will be up to me to do 100 more problems on my own to prepare more and get a better understanding of everything. While she and I do that, her wonderful husband is going to figure out why my back brakes are making so much noise and hopefully fix them. He was a mechanic in the army and until they had kids, ran a shop full time. He also helps me out when I have major issues with my car since he knows I’m broke (broke college student – that’s normal, right?).

I will probably be in bed by 10pm since I was up at 4:30 this morning for some odd reason. At least I hope so. I didn’t go to sleep until 11pm last night and was up early on my own so who knows!

Whew! It might be a long day!

Gardening update:

We have sprouts!!! It’s only been a few days and there are already sprouts of lettuce that have popped up! Either the organic soil my mom got is that awesome, talking to them works, or they just were really ready to grow.

That’s the Tom Thumb lettuce. I can’t believe how quick this was! I probably put too many seeds in one container but I thought that it could be possible that some seeds wouldn’t grow and also that these pots are bigger so there would be room. All of my gardening friends, do I need to replant or let these grow as they are for now?

The farmers market blend, black seeded simpson, and the salad bowl blend lettuces ALL have sprouts! The spices haven’t sprouted yet. And that’s normal, at least I think it is. So I must be doing something right.

I hope you all have a fantastic Saturday and go have some fun for me! I’ll be checking my Instagram throughout the day to see what everyone is up to.

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Twitter: I am NEVER on it but I have one under juliehcares

Facebook I don’t use but there is a juliehcares that I made and haven’t gotten on since.

Twinbody: juliehcares (great people all trying to make themselves better on this app!)

Any other social media that I should be on?

Long boring day

I’m sure you guys don’t want to hear about school, right? Stressful, boring (I actually yawned in both classes), and found out my first Anatomy test is next Thursday! Holy crap!!! I am SO not ready for this!

I had lunch with my friend at school between classes after I studied in the library for a bit. She and I discussed how people will tell you that you are too big, you’ve lost too much weight, blah, blah, blah. She is heavy but trying to lose weight. She said her doctor said she can’t do keto 🙄 and I told her exactly what I think. “You do what works for you”. Since she is around a size 20, I am going to take her all these dresses that I have that I can’t wear anymore. I never even got to wear my Tardis dress but she loves dressing up to go to conventions so it’s perfect for her! I thought I had gotten rid of everything but I guess I didn’t look in all the closets. These were all hidden in the back of my sons closet.

I have NOT been keto since last Thursday. So as of today, I am getting back on the bandwagon. I am having my homemade keto bread with sugar free raspberry jam and butter. It’s so good! I don’t know what my problem has been these past days. I just know that thankfully I didn’t gain any weight (I checked this morning and I am still at 160). My feet have been tingly and numb too so I have to get back on track. No more! I can now see how the carbs affect the feeling in my legs and I don’t want that.

I walked around school yesterday and got over 10,000 steps. I did not “officially” work out but I did get over 30 minutes of exercise!

I have been so stressed lately that I decided to go ahead and start my plants this morning to get my day started right. I planted 4 different kinds of lettuce, fennel, chives, dill, and cilantro. My mom sat in the patio and talked to me while I did it. I talked to my plants and packed them all in snugly with the organic dirt my mom got and got them all set up before I gave each some water.

Last night, I got all of my school stuff organized. I had to go to the store to get binders and more note paper for all those math problems I am doing.

I also got my coloring book for Anatomy and I think it will help! I looked in it and it has everything we have worked on so far and so much more! That’s one of the ways I will study this weekend.

So I am going to go finish my breakfast and then I am off to take Styled to the dentist. Ms. Forgets called me this morning to cancel for the afternoon which is okay with me because I really need to study.

Y’all have a great day!