I hit my goal!

Time for a giveaway y’all!

Like this post and I will enter you in to my giveaway.

If you are on the keto diet, I will include a keto loaf of bread made by me! If you are not, no worries! I will be sending 3 items. Just make sure you tell me if you are interested in the keto bread when you win.

I will make a video of the drawing I do and post it on here. I am giving people one week to enter the giveaway contest.

In other news, I just went downstairs to make some keto bread for BFF and guess what? This family I swear! The sink is FULL of dishes, including the ones I need to use to cook! Since I have been eating up what I cooked last weekend, I know it wasn’t me that left all these there (with the exception of the casserole dish from one of my cooked meals). So I just rinsed all of them off and started the dishwasher. This means I cannot start to cooking for the next 2 hours (that is seriously how long this dishwasher takes)! So now I decided to post and guess I will actually get dressed too.

What are you up to today???


Okay guys, I’m really trying to figure out this giveaway. I only need ONE more follower to hit 1000! I’m thinking a book by one of the bloggers that got me re-interested in blogging (Jenny Lawson, she is awesome). Also a couple of things from Loot Crate and maybe something else? Let me know what you want to win and I will see if I have it!

Today is the day of “The Talk” between father and son. God help me. We are going to therapy first and then the man is coming over. My mom is working all day giving talks about how to decorate a Christmas tree. It’s what she does best! I need to go up to her work and take a photo of one of her trees so you can see what I mean. Other than the bows she puts at the top of the trees, they are gorgeous! And the bows are a big hit, it’s my preference of not having one. I really wish she would be here when this man comes over but what could she do anyway?

It’s cold outside finally! The weather app says it is 47 degrees Fahrenheit but in my bedroom, it feels even colder. I am wearing my daddy’s flannel shirt (it was his favorite shirt) and I see why he loved it, it is so warm! Thanks Dad! Miss you still every day and love you!

148.8 this morning on the scale. I’m eating, I promise! I quit sweets again, so I guess that’s why I am dropping the weight again. I can’t complain. I am going to start going back to the gym and work with weights. I need to tone up and build muscle and that’s the best way to do that!

It’s almost 8am, guess I better get up and walk Amber. Now where are my gloves?