Didn’t quite do what I was supposed to

I had a lot of stuff that I wanted to get done yesterday. I didn’t go to the store, I didn’t cook. I had a good day though.

I went to my friends house at 10am with all of the clothes I have that are too big for me. She loved them and kept them all, even if she couldn’t quite fit in them yet. She said they are goal clothes. Yay for her! I love that way of looking at them! Then I brought her to my house where I gave her some sewing thread (from my mothers collection that she never even looks at but said she doesn’t want to throw away) and some collectible toys for her sick husband. She kept losing her phone. We went back and forth between our houses and finally I saw her phone on the ground in front of her house. Well, dammit, it had been run over. It could have been me or some other car going down her street. The screen was all kinds of jacked up. I feel so bad! I offered her an old phone (my mother has an iPhone 5 collecting dust) but she said not to worry. I would be freaking out if that happened! Her phone still works but the screen is completely cracked. iPhones are good!

Then I went to my moms job to get the seeds that my friend in Kenya wants. She wants to grow vegetables and says good seeds are very hard to find there. I got her some and got more for me.

Then my mom walks in. She pulls me over to this contraption that is for growing organic vegetables and has a screen to keep bugs out but let rain in. It also self waters and is really big. It holds 9 bags of soil if that tells you how big it is! She had mentioned it before but I put her off because I don’t think we should spend money on something when my pots on the shelves work just fine.

Come to find out, she wants the shelves for something else and wants my plants off of them. I refuse to put them on the ground because I don’t want bugs in them so I give in and let her buy this thing. Original cost was $269.99. It was 75% off plus she gets 30% employee discount so the total she spent on it, the stand you put it on, and the seeds I bought was $114. That’s a pretty good discount!

Instead of doing school work, I decided to put the stand together. It had IKEA like directions and it took me 2 hours but I did it! It was so frustrating! I had to take it apart twice because something was wrong. I was sweating outside, getting sprinkled on, but dammit, I was determined!

I felt so accomplished when I finally was finished that I downed a bottle of water and then retook my math quiz. I got an 80 by myself with no help! Woo hoo! Then I took off for my friends house and we took the test 2 more times but could only get a 90. Looking at the question I got wrong, we found out that the system took the square root off a part of the equation when it was supposed to be there. I emailed my professor and he actually answered me at 8pm on a Sunday night! He said he wasn’t sure what I meant and asked me to come see him during his office hours which I will do on Tuesday. I stayed at their house after for a while chatting and playing mancala against them. I won a game against my sons godfather and then lost to their daughter. I had fun. I’m so glad my son taught me how to play that game years ago! I told them I would bring some games over so we could all play. I never have anybody to play board games with so that will be fun and stress relieving which I need.

I work today thank GOD! I have to take Miss Priss on errands and then take Cranky to her shrink. In between, I will set up the planter on top of the stand and start getting that ready to accept my baby sprouts that have popped up so well. I think I am going to leave the spices in the pots and just move the vegetables to the planter. My sons school has a fall holiday today too. They just had last Monday off for Labor Day and now another one? He stayed at a friends house this weekend so I haven’t seen him since Saturday evening.

I also have to go shopping and cook something since I have school tomorrow. I also need to laundry since I didn’t do it yesterday, mail these seeds to Kenya, and study more for my anatomy test on Thursday. So let me get off here, shower, walk my dog, and get going. Y’all have a great day!

Loooong Sunday and 1st day of school!

Today is my son’s first day of 8th grade. I can’t believe I have a teenager! He is not happy to be going back and I am so happy he’s going back. Amber says hi too!

I dropped my son off at church at 8am and took off to the grocery store. After spending $150.00, I got home at 9am. I put everything away and got to cooking. I got some flavored tuna. I haven’t eaten tuna in years, I hope they taste better than I used to think. I just wanted some different choices for my lunches at school.

Oh boy did I cook yesterday! I didn’t quite make everything I set out to cook but it took 4 hours to make all these things and I think I made enough. These are in the order of how I made them.

1. My sons mac and cheese lasagna.

2. http://www.kaseytrenum.com Keto Cheesy Biscuits

3. My sons biscuits and croissants.

4. Keto bread from http://www.ketoconnect.net

5. Keto Vanilla Pound Cake from http://www.heyketomama.com

6. And for dinner and oh I can’t wait to take leftovers for lunch this week, beef pot roast! It was on sale at the store and it’s different than just steak.

Before I made the cake, I ran out of almond flour. I picked up my son at church, dropped him at the house, and went back to the grocery store for more. Then I came home and made the cake. I didn’t have any today. I plan on having it all week though! I know Pound Cake doesn’t usually have icing but I’m thinking about it because I love icing! Even if it’s keto and completely sugar free, it’s still icing!

I didn’t eat while I cooked. I was busy and forgot. I realized it and ate 2 of my cheesy biscuits with butter at 1:30pm. It took me over an hour to eat just that. I couldn’t handle much in my stomach.

At 5pm, my son and I took off for his godparents house. His godmother helped me with the math practice test, test 1, and quiz 1 today. My son played with their kids while we worked on math. She’s great. She doesn’t just give the answers, she explained what I needed to do to solve each problem.

My son and I didn’t get home until 8pm. I ate 3 ounces of the pot roast and it took me from 8:15 to 10pm to eat that. I have been so stuffed all day! I only had 600 calories today. I just get so busy and don’t think about it. I know I should eat more. I probably will tomorrow. When I wait that long to eat, it happens.

This morning I am taking Ms. Forgets to have some testing done. She said we may be there for 3 hours. That’s fine. I have plenty to study! When I get home, I have no plans so I think I’m going to watch Netflix and watch last nights Big Brother.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!!!