Another crazy day

I went grocery shopping for Ms. Sick. She’s really sick. I feel bad for her. She’s pretty young too (late 70’s I think) so that’s even worse. I also drove for Lyft most of the day.

My very first rider was a guy in town for work. I picked him up at his hotel and he was English. Btw, I absolutely adore the English accent! He said he was in IT so I mentioned how much I loved the show The IT Crowd and then he went on to tell me what I need to watch next. Spaced with Simon Pegg (my favorite which I mentioned) and an old show called Frenchie and Saunders. Since I was a huge Absolutely Fabulous fan, Jennifer Saunders in another show will be great! I’m just sorry that I couldn’t talk to this guy some more. He was really nice!

No airport runs today thankfully. I took this woman from Chicago (she lives here now) to work and she was telling me to go around cars and cut through traffic and she was looking for openings. I got her to work in 11 minutes (the gps said it would take 19) and she bitched! OMG woman…be ready when I show up instead of making me wait on you for 7 minutes and maybe you won’t have to act like that!

My last 2 guys were business men here from New York. I took them from their office to their downtown hotel at 5pm so it took an hour to get there. I screwed up though. I let them out on the side of the hotel where the bar is instead of dropping them at the front. The guy still tipped me though so maybe they wanted a drink? Lol

After that, I decided to go to the grocery store because I really didn’t want to go home yet but I was ready to be done working for the day. I wandered around for an hour looking for low carb foods. I found some too! I couldn’t believe it either.

I had the chips tonight and they filled me up. I guess 20 grams of protein will do that! I have been craving ice cream since it’s hot outside (supposed to be 93 tomorrow). I can’t wait to try that, and yes, I saw it has sugar and no fat. I still want to try it. For breakfast today is the quiche. Has anyone had those before? They look yummy! Special K has a few different kinds too. For the crackers, I also got some jalapeño flavored cream cheese. Yummy!

I haven’t been posting about exercise because I haven’t been doing any lately. I’m trying to get this diet down pat and since I haven’t had any energy for the past few weeks, I just stopped exercising. It hasn’t slowed my weight loss down (yet) and I WILL get back to it. I’m waiting on these blood test results too. Maybe those will tell me what’s going on and what I need to do to get back to it. I haven’t been eating much again which I’m sure affects my energy level which is why I went shopping. I also bought a few low carb snacks from Amazon the other night. I really need variety if you can’t tell!

So I should have enough snacks for a while. If you have ever had any of these, please let me know. The chips I ate tonight were perfect! I am really hoping that having these will get me more energy and get me moving more.

Last night I took a selfie with the cat. He was under my feet and I picked him up and took a shot.

I am excited how thin my face is getting! And I love my hair color! The second picture of me is awful but the cat was still! Anyone know how to make the 2 pictures where I look good AND the cat is still? LOL

That’s all for the stuff yesterday. Today is doctor, Lyft, new client, the maybe Mr. 95 year old. At least I hope so. I miss him!

See and talk with y’all later!

Busy busy day

2 jobs plus helping my mom. Whew!

Took Cranky to her dentist to pick up her partial. She was very happy. That only took an hour and a half total. I went home and my mom had gone to the closest recycling center and was told that she had to go to a different one way across town. So guess who got to take her van and get that done? Yep! I drive there and the men working there only took about half and said we could just throw away the others. Really??? After all that we were told about not throwing away old paint cans, these environmental workers tell me to do just that? Stupid.

I went back to my side of town, got barbecue from my moms favorite place, stopped at the grocery store to get her snickers ice cream bars and finally get back to the house 2 hours later. I ate, relaxed in my room for a bit, walked the dog, and decided to get my fat booty up and to the gym.

What I’m finding is it’s hard to go there but once I’m there, I work my butt off. I got on the stationary bike and picked the variety button instead of interval button. OMG 😮 I thought I would die when it hit level 18! It starts easy on level one, jumps to level 6 (still easy for me), jumps to 10 (umm, this is a bit hard), then just jumped to 18 for 2 minutes before it went back to 10 or 8 and just kept going up and down levels for the full 30 minutes! I had to do the cool down so I did 35 minutes on the bike.

I also wanted to walk some so I got on the treadmill and started walking at 3.6 miles per hour. After 10 minutes, I did 3.8. At one mile, my foot started screaming at me so I quit which is fine. I still did a lot.

After all that, I took Mr. 95 year old and Mr. Happy to dinner. Mr. Happy asked me if I would drive him Saturday evening but I can’t work on weekends. I would love to make the money but I need my weekends for my son. Plus if I was going to work on Saturday evening, I would have to take Mr. 95 year old and Miss Priss to dinner first since I used to and that wouldn’t be fair to Mr. 95 year old.

With the 4 oz of barbecue (split between lunch and dinner), I went way over on my sodium but other than that, my calories were great again. It helps when you take the meat out of the sandwich (no bread) and just eat the meat with a little sauce.

Since I am eating more protein, I stay full longer and don’t eat as much. I hope 1500 calories is enough for my body. I don’t want to go back to all those bad carbs. I’m not trying a meat only diet like Atkins or Keto, I’m just trying to have more protein. I am loving Quest snacks and the other products I found! I had a peanut butter Rice Krispie treat earlier for 20g of protein and 10 grams of fiber. Plus I weighed 203.2 this morning. Woo hoo!

And with the rest of my barbecue for dinner while waiting, I had a cookie. It wasn’t as good as the Rice Krispie treat but I have other flavors to try.

Yum yum! Helps the sugar addict in me too and it’s got pretty much NO sugar!

Today I have to go to the couples house, take one of their cars to be inspected, and then take the husband to the bank and grocery store. It’s going to be a long day. But also payday. I like that as long as he doesn’t get mad at me again. That’s one of those things that makes me want to stop doing this.

I’m also meeting my friend for coffee at La Madeleine in the morning. She has Girl Scout cookies for me. I need to give them away. I told her I just want to pay her and not take them and she said, “I don’t want them in my house!” 😂 So I’ll just have to give them away. That’s fine.

So I took pictures of the cats yesterday so I just have to share their cuteness.

My ex husband wanted to go see his son last night. Thank goodness I was working and my son was with his friend. I’m not a fan of people being in my house when I’m not there.

That’s it for today. I hope it’s an easy and no argument day. I want to try and work out again after work is done.

End of today

It was a LONG day. BUT! Didn’t smoke much. My 14 cigarettes from this morning? Still have 5 going to bed in the pack!!! I didn’t even have half a pack! Okay, yes, I did have a 6 1/2 hour job but still!

October 5th:










I had my blog reblogged! I’m so excited! Thank you Oikas!

I was also nominated for an award. As soon as I can figure out why on my phone the links don’t stay while I get the next one, I will post it.

So thank you to dtill for that! I’m trying to get it together to publish.

So only 2 jobs today but the long one was with the couple. I took them to a hospital in Sugarland for a imaging appointment. We thought it would last a couple of hours but we were out within an hour. He wanted to go to the grocery store but didn’t want to take his wife. Since their caregiver wouldn’t be at their house for another 3 hours, he suggested we go to lunch. We went to Red Lobster. I don’t think I’ve been there in over 20 years! It was alright, when I asked for fish and chips, I wasn’t expecting fried catfish. I expected cod but it’s okay. The garlic cheddar biscuits are still awesome! So then we took her home and went to the store. At check out, he realized that he left his credit card at the restaurant. So we took the groceries to his house and then had to drive all the way back to Sugarland to get his card. So after all that, it was 6 1/2 hours and that was a nice payday!

Ms. S was in a mood. I have decided whenever she asks me who I am, I will always say I am her daughter in laws friend and just there to help and chat with her. I cleaned the litter box, helped her pick up all the food bowls around the place (I think there were 10 total), and talked to her for a bit about her medical issues. She said she didn’t understand why she was there in the assisted living place and no doctor had ever talked to her and she was so confused. She has been to her doctor and had everything explained to her, she just doesn’t remember it. I feel bad for her. I would hate to not remember anything.

Anyway, I’m off to bed. Have a great night. Hugs!

All about work

Today is all about work. I am not going to my moms house other than to drop my son off so he can play with his friend and take more of his stuff upstairs.

This morning at 8am: Take stinky to her hairdresser.

9am: Meet some stranger to give away my son’s bed.

10-12pm: Go pick up stinky, take her to the grocery store, then home. Then go check on original cranky client.

12pm to 3pm: Phone calls and checking on my workers (my 2 caregivers and my ex) and cleaning my place yet again in case someone wants to come see the place. I hear Saturday’s are the most popular day to look at homes so I need mine to be immaculate!

3pm: Meet new client and her family and I will be checking on her daily starting on Monday. She has dementia so not sure if she will remember me on Monday but I’m still going to go! I am excited to have another new client!

5:30pm: Pick up Mr. 95 year old and take him and his “lady friend” to dinner

8:30pm: finally home for the night.

Whew! Hopefully tomorrow I will have both rooms cleaned out where we can move in to my moms. I’m thinking I should go ahead and move so this place stays clean and there is no furniture for people say, “Oh, it looks small.” (Yes, I heard this comment last night). I’d like to be out of here in a week or 2. I will start taking my stuff upstairs that’s already over there before we actually move. I will need a cleaned out space for my movers to be able to bring in my furniture!

While Mr. 95 year old was at dinner last night, I went to a new Barnes and Noble (new to me). It is awesome! 2 floors of books, a Starbucks, and I get a discount using my moms phone number! I got 3 new James Patterson books for me (at $4.99 each before discount) and 2 more in the series of manga that my son is reading. For under $40! Then went to Starbucks and found this one has quiche! So I had broccoli cheese quiche for dinner. Very tasty!

I got home around 9pm and was passed out by 10. I don’t know how long my son stayed up but he’s passed out (it IS 6:45am). So my little doggy and I are hanging out in my room while I wake up and figure out my day. I’m sure she’s ready for a walk but I’m not really out of bed yet.

Tomorrow is my off day. “Lady friend” mentioned last night that she “wishes” she could find a ride on Sunday to her bridge club. I didn’t say a word about me! I did mention that Uber is always available though. 😂 I NEED an off day!

I have realized that I have to quit smoking to move in with my mother. Okay, I should quit anyway. I have tried a LOT of times to quit using different methods like the patch, e-cigs, Chantix (made me crazy dizzy), and even a book. This time, I got what’s called the Harmless Cigarette. Since I have asthma and shouldn’t be smoking anyway, I got the oxygen one plus the cool mint one since I smoke menthol. I just ordered it so I’ll keep you posted when it arrives and how that’s going. I need to quit before I move. My mother swears cigarettes killed my father even though 1. He had cancer and NOT anything smoking related either. 2. He quit smoking 17 years ago. 3. That’s just silly to tell me because she thinks that will make me quit (all it does is stress me out which makes me smoke more). That’s why I still need a couple of weeks before I move too. Anyway, I thought the oxygen one would be great since with asthma I need more oxygen anyway!

Holy crap! It’s 7! I have to leave my house at 7:30 and still need to get dressed and walk the dog. I’ll grab breakfast on my way out to stinky.

Have a good one!

Wow. Thanks guys!

I am not associated with these blog sites that gets you tons of followers, yet in 2 months of starting my blog, I have 51! I really appreciate everyone that follows me and hope that my life is interesting enough to keep all of you plus more some day!


Yesterday update: I did clean off my bed of all the files. Mostly by throwing away stuff I don’t need and then stuffing all that was left over into the one box. It all fits in one though! I can organize it any time. I ran out of time before I could get to do more at my Mom’s so when I say stuffed, I literally pushed it all down into the box well enough for me to close the lid and put it away. ✅

I had to drive yesterday evening for my normal Wednesday job. I was not able to get laundry done (which is not good). My son is complaining like crazy this morning because I didn’t do it. I just told him, you could have done it too. I mean, come on, he’s 12! He can do his own laundry! I’ve showed him how many times. These days, it’s pretty easy too! He had nothing to say after that. HA!

Today I am not sure how this is going to go. I have to take this woman to get her license renewed at 9. Then, I have to go by this other woman’s place to check on her and see pictures from Africa that her caregiver said she would bring. By 1, I have to pick up this couple and take them for groceries. I also have to pick up my son and his friend at 3:15 after school, take his friend home (I told her Mom I would), and get my little guy home. I also have a job this evening taking this man to pick up his girlfriend at the airport but that’s not until later so I’ll have some free time in between.

So, my issue is this. How can I get back from the DPS, see a lady, take a couple to the grocery, and pick up my kid within 2 1/2 hours (that is guesstimating that the DPS will take a couple hours at the very least)??? When I get home from taking him to school this morning, I’ll just pay the lovely condo laundry room rates and get laundry done. I don’t have the 2 hours it takes to do it at my moms. Here: Wash – 30 minutes, dry – 45 minutes so that leaves me plenty of time to get to my first job at 9. After that, my day may be a problem! What I HOPE happens is that this woman is correct and she won’t have to wait and I’ll have her home by 11. Then I can take the couple grocery shopping at 11:30, go by and see the pictures around 2, then pick up the kids at 3:15. Please note this is best case scenario. Reason 1 is because the DPS office she wants to go to is WAY far out (well, Julie, they don’t make seniors wait so I want to go to that one)! Reason 2 is that she may decide she needs something else after getting it renewed which of course will mess up my entire schedule.

You may have noticed that I haven’t talked about my man lately. That would be because he up and left and moved to Arkansas. So there’s nothing really to talk about! He has been talking to me, complaining about some oil change place, how he couldn’t leave Houston when he wanted to, whatever. He’ll be back. I’m not worried. He won’t like it there over the winter. For some reason, he doesn’t think it snows there much. 😂😂

So that’s it for the day. It’s time for me to get off my boodie and get ready to take my son to school. Y’all have a great day now!


I had to go to the grocery store. I was hungry for something! I didn’t have much cash but enough!

So I got milk, cheese, ice cream (not on sale – boo!), saltine crackers (because the man ate them all during the hurricane), and my favorite, boudain. I’m picky and prefer Zummo’s brand. Any color package, they are all good. They are spicy, have wonderful flavor, and I can eat it daily without getting tired of it.

My son asked for popcorn and he likes Smartfood Popcorn. Thankfully they were on sale so I got him 2 bags and told him they have to last through the end of September. He eats way too many snacks. If I don’t get popcorn, he will take his allowance and walk to the store himself and buy Cheetos, cookies, and brownies.

So I got what we wanted, came home, immediately cooked my boudain, and my son opened a bag of popcorn. All in all, a great day!

I just got a call to take someone to the airport to pick up his girlfriend next week. So sweet that he wants to go too. Elderly people can be adorable!

Grocery day

No jobs today but crazy busy again tomorrow and I can’t complain about that! This man wants me to take him to work 3 days a week and at $30 per trip, I’m perfectly okay with that!

So I decided earlier that I will attempt to go to the grocery store today, specifically Costco. After the man stayed here a week, I need to replenish supplies and refill my freezer. God this freezer was a great idea! BUT… I haven’t gotten out of bed yet. I’ve been awake for 3 hours thanks to another client calling and waking me up and all I’ve done is some computer invoicing work.

Traffic is still a nightmare as well so do I really want to get out in it when I don’t really HAVE to? Until the city fixes the water problem on our tollway, all streets will remain ridiculous and too busy. So I’m not sure if it’s grocery day or not. I may just stay at home and veg out.

Thanks to ABC13KTRK for the picture of the water on that bridge.

What do you think?

Friday is today!

I was so sleep deprived yesterday I thought it was Friday. Oops!!!

My son wants me to drive him to the other side of the city in an hour. While he is at his friends house, I am going to drive back, go see my client, go “fix” my mom’s Apple TV, and then go back to pick my son up. Since his friend lives near where the military placed my father, I figure we will go see his site after his friends house. My mom wouldn’t let me have a service there so I would like to see it.

My man is going to go check on his place AGAIN, then run some errands. I told him to take the key in case he beats us back here.

So that’s our day here today. The only concern I have is getting my son to his friends house. I checked Waze (if you don’t have it, it’s the best GPS app) and it shows that I can take the freeways now. That’s good that they are clear and not covered in water anymore. Getting TO the freeway is a bit more tough. The city released water out of the reservoirs so that means there are still streets under water and according to the city, will be for some time. One of my clients was told they cannot get to their house for at least 2 weeks and it’s about a foot under water. That’s not good. At least it was empty since she’s selling it and she lives in a retirement home now!

The man and I have been talking about my son and how he needs someone to talk to about all that stuff that is NOT me. I’m so happy they have talked and he trusts my man enough to talk to him. As my son hits his teenage years, he really needs someone. I told him he can talk to his Dad and he said, “Oh HELL no!” He doesn’t trust his Dad. Well, neither do I but I would never tell him that!

I went to the store yesterday!!! I drank some milk last night. I haven’t had any in a couple weeks so I was so happy. The small stuff is always good.

So I’ll get in the shower and get out of here. Y’all have a good day!

Friday Morning

Good morning!!!

I got 6 hours of sleep. I woke up because I was supposed to have a job at 8:30. I left at 8 to drop off recycling and go by this other ATM because the one by me isn’t working. Of course, that one isn’t either. Whatever!

There are 3 ways to get to my client. I went down the easiest road, turned on the back street to go to her and it was flooded. So I went to the middle street and it was flooded. Only one other option! I went down that street and IT WAS FLOODED!!! Needless to say, I can’t get to her. I called to let her know and she says, “Well, the van is picking people up and bringing them in so why can’t you get through?” WTF lady. I refuse to possibly hurt my small car just because a huge van can get through! I watched the van too. He barely made it through the water. Even he said there’s no way in. So there you have it. I missed out on $30 because of standing water.

So I’m back home and a bit cranky. I stopped at the store on the way home and was told they should be getting a truck in today for supplies. I think I’ll wait a bit more. All I need are eggs and milk and I can wait.

My man says he is going home again today. Why I don’t know. That’s his thing. I think he just wants out of the house. I can’t blame him. We’ve been stuck here for a while.

I have my son out back pulling weeds. He has taken over an hour already and my patio is not big. If he would stop talking and complaining, he would be done. Then he still has homework to do for the beginning of school, whenever that is. The superintendent of our schools put out an announcement yesterday advising parents that the schools may not open next Tuesday because of water, power, or other issues. NONONONO… my kid NEEDS to go to school!!! They were supposed to start last Monday but couldn’t because of the storm. Pray hard that he can go to school!!!

Chat with y’all later. My neighbor’s kids want me to go back in the mold house and do a couple things. Yuck!

I’m ready!

So this storm really is going to hit the Texas coast. Down south though. We are on the nasty side of the storm and it is supposed to flood here. Supposedly up to 25 inches of rain.

Via ABC news

My client I was supposed to take to the store this morning called last night and said he didn’t feel well and he wasn’t going but was afraid they would run out of milk.

I was up at 5:30 ready to go walking but when I saw it was already raining, I decided to go to the store for them. God help me, it was awful!

I went to my local HEB at 6:30am. Parking lot was half full so I thought to myself, oh, this won’t be too bad! I went inside and saw people stocking so that was great (or so I thought). I got tons of fruit 🍓 and some tomatoes 🍅 and spinach for my clients (all of their favorites). I then walked around to get milk and bread. 3 half gallons of their kind of milk left so I grabbed 2. NO bread other than buns which they won’t eat and I have plenty of bread. The store just opened at 5am too!

The wine department was fully stocked, the fresh meat department was fully stocked, fruits and veggies were selling out and the food shelves in the middle of the store were pretty much picked clean of anything we would want. I found some Vienna sausages (can’t be too picky) and some juice boxes for my son. Then I got in line. OMG 😲

This is towards the front of the store 20 minutes after already being in line. I should have taken more pictures!!!

The checkout line went all the way from the front to the back of the store, wound its way through the wine department, and I ended up in the meat department where the back of the line was. When I got near the front, I saw the line was literally going through the fruit department out the door to check out! I found batteries when I was near the front of this line too so I bought some AAA’s which I was advised to get from my man. 30 minutes of line later, I was finally 3rd in a checkout line. 30 minutes!!! The store had closed the doors and said they were at capacity and couldn’t let more people in so the front door was closed so the line could go through there too. There was a line of people that wanted in outside in the rain.

I got out of there as fast as I could and drove to my clients house. They gave me $7 plus the cost of the food for doing it so I can’t complain. They and their daughter were very appreciative (she text me right after I left their house) and told me if it gets bad, I can come there since they have a generator. Sweet people!

If you live south of Houston, please drive north. The news says this storm is going to turn towards Houston once it hits land so if you go north you will be safer than coming here. We are being told not to evacuate (which I wouldn’t do anyway). So it’s going to be fun around here this weekend!

Via ABC news

Everyone is texting each other asking if they’re ready. My mom asked if we have bread so I guess I’ll take her a loaf too. She was asking me yesterday what she needs to be prepared and I laughed thinking “Really? You’ve lived here longer than I have!” Late last night I realized this is the first storm without my Dad and she probably really doesn’t know. I felt horrible so I called her this morning and told her that she can come here or we can go there if she needs anything. I am SO glad I bought her that water at Costco 2 weeks ago! She hasn’t even opened it so she has 40 bottles of water.

The neighbors that didn’t live here 9 years ago for Ike are worried about the power going out and flooding so I am telling everyone just calm down. We take care of each other here. At least we did during Ike! Most of us are still here so it should be the same. Let’s hope and cross our fingers that we still have at least one chef living here like last time too!

Stay dry and stay safe. Don’t come to Houston this weekend!!!!