Money well spent

I got my glasses and the eye doctor said that my son is starting to get an astigmatism. I’m actually surprised it hasn’t happened sooner. I’ve worn glasses or contacts since I was 8. He may have to get glasses next year but as of now, he’s still okay. I told my son to maybe not watch so much tv and he just laughed. I should get my new glasses in 10 days so I will show them off then.

I did take Mr. 95 year old last night. And Mr. Happy and Miss Priss. I didn’t get home until 9pm but that means it was 3 hours instead of 2 1/2 so I did make a few extra bucks. Mr. 95 year old has to have his legs lifted into the car now. It’s so sad seeing the decline of people I care about! I know he’s really up there in age but he’s always been so active and working since I started driving him so it’s tough to see him that way. He was in good spirits though and we all chatted there and back.

Amber only had to get one shot thankfully. I was told she has gained 2 pounds since last year and they put her on a diet. I have to measure her food and count her calories daily too. 220 calories a day! That’s half a cup of food and one treat. Poor Amber! She’s at 12.9 pounds and she is supposed to weigh 10.

I’m up early and I may go work for Lyft. I didn’t yesterday since I had so many appointments. I don’t mind driving for Lyft in the mornings. I do mind driving in the afternoon. It’s too hot! Mornings are usually business people flying out of town or people going to work. Afternoons seem to be when I was getting more flavorful people (including that scary ride I took a while back).

I did arms yesterday with dumbbells for 30 minutes. I also peed on a stick to make sure I was in ketosis and doing well diet wise. yep, doing good there!

Yesterday the doctors office weighed me. I didn’t look! Go me! I almost accidentally got on my scale this morning just not thinking but I didn’t. Whew! I can’t wait until June is over so I can weigh! I did measure myself so I could buy a bathing suit. The one I bought last month is already too big and not tight. I have lost another 1/2 inch so I know I must be losing something!

I started my nutrition class while I waited for them at dinner. I read the first 4 chapters and it’s going to be a good class. It’s not going to be easy though! There are people in my class from all over. I didn’t realize that so many people went to a Houston community college!

Quite a few people in the class are looking to see if they want to take nutrition at a 4 year college so they are taking this. I hope I can get a job with just this! Lol

I hope you guys have a great Thursday. I’m also driving Ms. Forgets to therapy and taking my son to therapy today.

Should I get up and get working this morning or play on my phone and get exercise before work?

I got back to it!

I sent a friend a text last night and realized how funny it probably sounded to anyone that doesn’t know me (like his fiancé). I said, “Hey! I finally got off my butt today!” I had not exercised since May 5th! What’s that, 2 weeks??? I have been so tired and worn out but I broke through that last night. FINALLY-FREAKING-LY!

I got home from driving Ms. Sick at 5:30pm. I went upstairs, took off my shoes, and laid down. Not even 10 minutes after that, I had my headphones on and started listening to some great older songs that really get me moving like Pump Up The Volume and Pump Up The Jam. I decided right then to go out walking. So I did. It was 97 degrees outside (that’s 36C to the rest of the world). I walked for 33 minutes. By the time I got home, I seriously thought I was going to pass out. Why I didn’t just go to the gym and use the treadmill, I don’t know. I just wanted to be outside.

All I could think was how the pool would feel really good right about then so guess what I did? YEP, I came home, changed my clothes, and went to the pool. I did another 30 minutes of laps and it felt so good after that walking.

So I came back home after chatting with a few neighbors (in a dripping wet swimsuit) and took a shower.

After I was done and all clean, I wanted a snack. I went downstairs and got 3 of my homemade keto peanut butter cookies and a container of sugar free white chocolate dipping sauce and ate it all. I even licked the dipping container! It was so good, I can’t believe it’s on my plan!

And I played with my dog 🐕

I have the cutest little girl! My son did not go to bed until after 10pm because he was doing schoolwork and showering. I was not happy about it either! Crazy child.

Today I am taking Styled to get her hair dyed and then this afternoon taking Ms. Sick to get her hair done again. I took her to her doctor yesterday and he said she could eat again so she took me to this health food place that has a restaurant. I got a grass fed burger with Monterey Jack cheese on it with pickles. It was really good!!!

Then she had me take her to this other store with all healthy options and I found the keto version of Andes Mints! 2 carbs for chocolate mint? Yes please!

This place also had jerky but not beef jerky. Nope, VENISON jerky! I absolutely love venison (sorry deer). So I bought one of those too.

I will have this today. I am really looking forward to it!

Anywho, that’s all that’s going on here! I pray I get off my butt again today and keep moving. I was so happy last night so I just need to keep remembering that!


Yesterday I got up, drove for Lyft, went to my appointment, then decided to come home and do absolutely NOTHING the rest of the day. It was so nice!

I ended up binge watching Safe on Netflix which is weird and creepy and kept me interested for all 8 episodes! Michael Hall with an English accent, a missing teenager, a dead teenager, and a bunch of liars? Yes, it is very interesting!

I ate well and stayed in my macros. I thought about exercising and decided to wait and then waited too long. I was asleep by 11pm and woke up on my own at 5:45 this morning.

I have Ms. Forgets this morning and Ms. Sick this afternoon again. Therefore I will not have time to work for Lyft. I plan on driving this weekend. Mr. 95 year old cancelled on me again last night. He said he was in a lot of pain. I hate hearing that and told him to please feel better, not for me, but to be better. He said I was sweet and told me he will call me next week. Not sure if he actually heard what I said but that’s okay.

My mom was asleep in bed by 7pm last night. My son was asleep by 10. What worries me is that my mom is still in bed this morning. Usually if she’s asleep that early, she’s awake by 4am running around the house and turning up the tv so loud that we wake up too. I will check on her before I go to work. She has to work today too. She was working in the garage yesterday so maybe she just wore herself out.

It was 96 degrees yesterday and is supposed to be 99 today. Yes, summer has arrived in Houston. I hate it. I knew it would be a hot summer after it snowed twice here this winter. Gives me another excuse not to drive! If it’s too hot for me, can you imagine the poor dogs having to go for walks on the hot concrete? Please take care of your fur babies!

Short but sweet today. I hope it’s a good Thursday for all!

Black Friday

I think it’s called Black because too many people go out in the dead of night and stand in line to get a good deal. I don’t go. I’m not risking anything just to save some money. That’s crazy in my opinion! I did go on Amazon though. 😀

I am going to get my car tinted this morning! Yay! Then I have to stop see Forgetful and hopefully she remembers yesterday and how her day was because I would like to know. Then to see Sleepy for 2.5 hours. Her son wanted me there 5 hours but I just can’t do that. I like the woman but (and I’ve said this before) I’m not a caregiver!

That’s it today. Yesterday I ordered all of my son’s Christmas presents. I guess the older a boy gets, the more expensive the toys are. My goodness! He wants a new 3DS, 2 new games, a drone with a camera (God help me), seasons of South Park, and gift cards to the comic book store and the book store. You know I am NOT getting everything he wants. He can save up and get his own manga books and videos. Im also not sure about this drone with a camera. I pray he’s not going to be watching people wit it! It worries me. His 3DS is 7 years old and not working for some reason so I think that’s what he will get. He has plenty of games in my opinion too so he can save for that too.

A few of you wanted to know about my day with my family too. It was alright. We stayed 2 hours before I used an excuse of Friendsgiving to leave. I talked to my beautiful cousin mostly since she and I are the same age. She has 2 kids that are both very cute. Her husband is nice too. She was a CPA until she had kids and moved to Austin. Since we are the same age and grew up in school together too, we had a lot to catch up on. I mentioned that I wanted to take my son to see the capital and she said we should definitely come visit and get together. Uh huh. We shall see.

And my cousin with a lazy eye who has a bit of a gambling problem. She kept saying that she always knew I was smart and would do something great. Umm, ok. She’s about 10 years older then me and I always thought she didn’t like me so this was news to me! Her husband passed away 13 years ago and she got remarried to this new guy 9 years ago that I had never met. Her youngest kid is 23 already too! Her youngest child is a bmx rider and he jumped all of the younger kids while we watched yesterday too. I’m putting the video in:

My son is the 2nd one he jumped over. Scared me to death!

So the two cousins that are guys are cool. I didn’t really talk to the oldest one. I don’t know why, I just didn’t. The tall one that has 3 kids around my son’s age, lives in Dallas. My son said he liked meeting them. They are not into the same things but that’s okay. I told my son that it’s important to know your family and the oldest daughter told him our family tree is so huge and difficult that he wouldn’t want to make that. 😂 When we went home, we watched The Hunger Games together and it was nice to spend some quality time with my son. He enjoyed it so much that he asked me to get the rest of the movies in the series. He read the first book but not the other 2. I told him he needs to. They are much better than the movies since the movies cut out so much and change some things.

I picked up my son’s friend at 8 am today so they can spend the day together. Now I’m at the tint place waiting for them to do my car. They have heat resistant tint now! It’s really cool! I put my hand in some box with a heat lamp in it and he put tint between my hand and the heat and it really works! So yes, I spent an extra $100 to get it. And of course it has a lifetime guarantee which is even better! They told me about an hour and a half until it’s ready which is fine. I’m just getting legal tint which is 30%. I don’t need it dark as hell with driving these elderly people around! Plus getting older, it’s getting harder for me to see at night anyway so I don’t need the car dark.

So that’s it. I keep thinking I must be boring people to death with all this! I guess not since I keep getting nominated for possibly fake awards! 😂 Have a great day and if you go out shopping, PLEASE be careful!


So last night. I got off work by 8pm which was very nice. Got paid and decided to get some groceries. I wanted easy food that I could cook in just a few minutes in the microwave or grab a little thing of cereal on my way out the door to work. So I bought all these individually packaged things for myself and my son (plus milk and snacks of course). Forgive how the picture looks. I just took it from my bed.

So I brought them to my room because there is NO room downstairs. My mother told me she is still working on HER room and if I need space, I will have to figure out how to reorganize everything in her pantry. Gee thanks Mom. So they are parked on top of my mini fridge. I bought that to move here because when I first wake up, I tend to be a bit lazy and don’t want to go ALL the way downstairs just for a drink. Wah lah… the mini fridge!

So then she sees these up here and comments, “I don’t want food upstairs!” Umm, didn’t you just tell me I’d have to figure things out? Well, I did. We aren’t eating them upstairs (duh – they have to be microwaved) so what’s the problem? “Well, you’re just inviting roaches to come in your room. I guess that’s your problem.” Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday morning!

AND… the house is colder than being outside so I asked if I could turn on some heat. She replies how much she likes it cooler in the house and we don’t need the heat on. Is that menopause talking because it’s F’ING cold in here! So I said okay and went back to my room. An hour later, I can’t feel my toes and decide that I can’t live in my sweat pants 👖, socks, and jacket in my own room (I usually wear boxers around the house at night) and go back downstairs and just TELL her I’m turning on the damn heat. I turned it on to 71 and Oh my, it is SO nice now! So of course she’s complaining how it’s hot. She turned on her fan though and shut up thankfully.

That was last night. I didn’t go to bed until around 2am because I had 6 free hours of play time on a game and who’s going to give that up! It’s called Gardenscapes and it’s not the easiest game but 6 hours of free play? Yeah, I’m there! I woke up at 7am toasty warm but with a massive migraine. I barely got up and got a Full Throttle energy drink and downed 4 Advil with it. It’s been 2 hours and now it’s a dull pain that I’m dealing with but as long as I stay quiet in my dark room and don’t bend over to pick things up, it will eventually go away. I walked the dog 🐕, ate a little bit of cheese for breakfast (all I could stomach with my head wanting to explode), and am back in my room telling you all this before I turn on Season 2 of Stranger Things on Netflix.

So I need to do laundry today and I guess I’ll have to deal with the pantry downstairs. Whatever. I have to get over my migraine first. Have a great Sunday!


I almost called his post Waking before I realized my mistake. That would be a whole different subject!!!

I need your help. Especially the trainers or gym rats or people that take their exercise seriously. I walked this morning like I said I would. I checked my stats when I got home and saw my heart rate was 171 during my walk. Is that safe for a 44 year old at 200 pounds? I’m alive, I could speak while I walked (I know this because I said good morning to a couple people on the road with me). It just worries me because I don’t think it’s ever been that high!!!

I am walking faster and farther than ever which is awesome. Even after taking 3 days off, I did better than the past 2 weeks.

The average heart rate per minute looks good, I’m just worried about that time I was at 171. Plus being at peak heart rate for 22 minutes, can that be good???

So! I also had my son with me. He jogged about a quarter of a mile and then walked another quarter of a mile to his old school and then turned around and walked back home. I told him just go a bit farther jogging each day and he will build up strength and sustainability. If he wants to do track, he has to be able to run. I walked the entire time other than when I had to run across a side street in order for a car to not run me over – I was there first but I don’t trust anybody these days.

My goal is to walk to my Mom’s house and back. It’s a mile and a half each way. I think I am going to have to get up earlier and leave earlier to do that. Today I would have made it to her house but not back home so I need to keep practicing. We left at 7am. It was already 80 degrees and humid. Maybe if I’m up at 5, I will be ready to go by 6-6:30. One reason we left so late was getting my son to get out the door. He didn’t want to. I don’t think he slept last night. When I woke up, he was awake and said that he woke up in the middle of the night to an ear bleed. There was absolutely nothing in his ear, I looked with a flashlight. So I still made him go out with me. Now he can sleep from now through to tomorrow when we do it again. He said he’s willing. Plus I think we need to go daily to get in shape. I also still need to get him using weights too. He doesn’t want to. If I don’t push a little, he will never do better though!

Yesterday my sons friend came over for the day from 10am-6pm. I got both kids lunch at Sonic (hotdogs) and then cooked macaroni and cheese plus meatloaf muffins for dinner. His friend had never had meatloaf and he said he liked it. He ate all of it so I guess he did. He seems like a good kid. I told his mother he can come anytime. She doesn’t speak much English (another reason I really need to learn Spanish) but she can understand me so it was good.

2 jobs starting in 2 hours so I’ll chat with you guys later. Please let me know if I’m doing okay!!!

Practicing to be a runner

So my son had me wake up at 5:30, take an hour to wake up and start moving, and then he wanted to go out to start training for track.

He drew a line of chalk near our front gate and we attempted to measure 328 feet (100 meters) for him to start practicing. When we got halfway down, we realized that our parking lot is about 100 meters from the gate to the back so we stopped measuring (I hope we are correct) and drew a line at the end.

He did the first trial run in 38 seconds (not too fast but not slow either) and his second attempt ended halfway through as he said he just couldn’t run anymore and he walked the rest of the way to the line. He grabbed his water that I brought out and said “I’m done for today!”

He says tomorrow he is going to do the run 3 times. I stopped him from leaving and taught him a couple of runner stretches before I would let him go inside. It’s already 85 degrees here at 7am so I can’t really blame him for wanting to stop. It is WAY too hot and humid in Texas but I know there are plenty of people that run in hotter weather than here and made sure that wasn’t an excuse to quit.

I told him he had to stretch before and after and he needs to start jogging because it will help build up endurance for his 100 meter dash. I also told him that we need to start getting him to use the weights since he needs to build strength as well. By jogging, he will get used to running more and so when he does need to dash, he can just pick up speed and do it easier and probably faster.

I will show him the arm weight exercises in a bit as well since I need to do that today. I am going to try and use the weights longer than 10 minutes this morning! We will see how that goes. A full set of the 5 exercises takes about 5 minutes so basically I am trying to do 3 sets. Well, I did 2 full sets before I couldn’t go any longer. I don’t break between exercises and in between sets, I do the arm movements of jumping jacks. That way I keep moving. Maybe I’m doing that right. Maybe if I actually took a one minute rest, I could do another set. Please let me know!

Only one job today so I have plenty of time to help him. He just gave me some scenarios and asked me what I would do. When he was done, he said, “I’m sorry to waste your time with that.” I had to tell him he is NOT wasting my time. “You are my son and I am willing to listen whenever you want to talk to me.” I hate that he thought he was wasting my time. I wonder where he got that idea? Not from me! I always listen to him! He said it sounded like I wasn’t interested and that’s why. So I guess I need to do better!

Some of the arm exercises: