Another crazy day

I went grocery shopping for Ms. Sick. She’s really sick. I feel bad for her. She’s pretty young too (late 70’s I think) so that’s even worse. I also drove for Lyft most of the day.

My very first rider was a guy in town for work. I picked him up at his hotel and he was English. Btw, I absolutely adore the English accent! He said he was in IT so I mentioned how much I loved the show The IT Crowd and then he went on to tell me what I need to watch next. Spaced with Simon Pegg (my favorite which I mentioned) and an old show called Frenchie and Saunders. Since I was a huge Absolutely Fabulous fan, Jennifer Saunders in another show will be great! I’m just sorry that I couldn’t talk to this guy some more. He was really nice!

No airport runs today thankfully. I took this woman from Chicago (she lives here now) to work and she was telling me to go around cars and cut through traffic and she was looking for openings. I got her to work in 11 minutes (the gps said it would take 19) and she bitched! OMG woman…be ready when I show up instead of making me wait on you for 7 minutes and maybe you won’t have to act like that!

My last 2 guys were business men here from New York. I took them from their office to their downtown hotel at 5pm so it took an hour to get there. I screwed up though. I let them out on the side of the hotel where the bar is instead of dropping them at the front. The guy still tipped me though so maybe they wanted a drink? Lol

After that, I decided to go to the grocery store because I really didn’t want to go home yet but I was ready to be done working for the day. I wandered around for an hour looking for low carb foods. I found some too! I couldn’t believe it either.

I had the chips tonight and they filled me up. I guess 20 grams of protein will do that! I have been craving ice cream since it’s hot outside (supposed to be 93 tomorrow). I can’t wait to try that, and yes, I saw it has sugar and no fat. I still want to try it. For breakfast today is the quiche. Has anyone had those before? They look yummy! Special K has a few different kinds too. For the crackers, I also got some jalapeño flavored cream cheese. Yummy!

I haven’t been posting about exercise because I haven’t been doing any lately. I’m trying to get this diet down pat and since I haven’t had any energy for the past few weeks, I just stopped exercising. It hasn’t slowed my weight loss down (yet) and I WILL get back to it. I’m waiting on these blood test results too. Maybe those will tell me what’s going on and what I need to do to get back to it. I haven’t been eating much again which I’m sure affects my energy level which is why I went shopping. I also bought a few low carb snacks from Amazon the other night. I really need variety if you can’t tell!

So I should have enough snacks for a while. If you have ever had any of these, please let me know. The chips I ate tonight were perfect! I am really hoping that having these will get me more energy and get me moving more.

Last night I took a selfie with the cat. He was under my feet and I picked him up and took a shot.

I am excited how thin my face is getting! And I love my hair color! The second picture of me is awful but the cat was still! Anyone know how to make the 2 pictures where I look good AND the cat is still? LOL

That’s all for the stuff yesterday. Today is doctor, Lyft, new client, the maybe Mr. 95 year old. At least I hope so. I miss him!

See and talk with y’all later!

I’m ready!

So this storm really is going to hit the Texas coast. Down south though. We are on the nasty side of the storm and it is supposed to flood here. Supposedly up to 25 inches of rain.

Via ABC news

My client I was supposed to take to the store this morning called last night and said he didn’t feel well and he wasn’t going but was afraid they would run out of milk.

I was up at 5:30 ready to go walking but when I saw it was already raining, I decided to go to the store for them. God help me, it was awful!

I went to my local HEB at 6:30am. Parking lot was half full so I thought to myself, oh, this won’t be too bad! I went inside and saw people stocking so that was great (or so I thought). I got tons of fruit 🍓 and some tomatoes 🍅 and spinach for my clients (all of their favorites). I then walked around to get milk and bread. 3 half gallons of their kind of milk left so I grabbed 2. NO bread other than buns which they won’t eat and I have plenty of bread. The store just opened at 5am too!

The wine department was fully stocked, the fresh meat department was fully stocked, fruits and veggies were selling out and the food shelves in the middle of the store were pretty much picked clean of anything we would want. I found some Vienna sausages (can’t be too picky) and some juice boxes for my son. Then I got in line. OMG 😲

This is towards the front of the store 20 minutes after already being in line. I should have taken more pictures!!!

The checkout line went all the way from the front to the back of the store, wound its way through the wine department, and I ended up in the meat department where the back of the line was. When I got near the front, I saw the line was literally going through the fruit department out the door to check out! I found batteries when I was near the front of this line too so I bought some AAA’s which I was advised to get from my man. 30 minutes of line later, I was finally 3rd in a checkout line. 30 minutes!!! The store had closed the doors and said they were at capacity and couldn’t let more people in so the front door was closed so the line could go through there too. There was a line of people that wanted in outside in the rain.

I got out of there as fast as I could and drove to my clients house. They gave me $7 plus the cost of the food for doing it so I can’t complain. They and their daughter were very appreciative (she text me right after I left their house) and told me if it gets bad, I can come there since they have a generator. Sweet people!

If you live south of Houston, please drive north. The news says this storm is going to turn towards Houston once it hits land so if you go north you will be safer than coming here. We are being told not to evacuate (which I wouldn’t do anyway). So it’s going to be fun around here this weekend!

Via ABC news

Everyone is texting each other asking if they’re ready. My mom asked if we have bread so I guess I’ll take her a loaf too. She was asking me yesterday what she needs to be prepared and I laughed thinking “Really? You’ve lived here longer than I have!” Late last night I realized this is the first storm without my Dad and she probably really doesn’t know. I felt horrible so I called her this morning and told her that she can come here or we can go there if she needs anything. I am SO glad I bought her that water at Costco 2 weeks ago! She hasn’t even opened it so she has 40 bottles of water.

The neighbors that didn’t live here 9 years ago for Ike are worried about the power going out and flooding so I am telling everyone just calm down. We take care of each other here. At least we did during Ike! Most of us are still here so it should be the same. Let’s hope and cross our fingers that we still have at least one chef living here like last time too!

Stay dry and stay safe. Don’t come to Houston this weekend!!!!