My exercise plan

So yesterday I swam.

Today, I did 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Since I have joined this challenge to not weigh myself from June 1st to July 1st, I need to step up my exercise program again.

I took way too much time off the gym. I need your help to keep me stay motivated during the next month since I won’t have the scale to show me what I’m doing or not doing right.

I’m back on keto all the time, no days off and no going over 20 carbs a day! Yesterday I had 15 which is great! I need more fat obviously which I am trying to find new recipes to add fat into my diet. I’m not a big fan of fat bombs, I’ve tried a few. If you have other suggestions, feel free to let me know!

This morning I had a good protein breakfast. One egg mixed with heavy whipping cream, salt, and pepper covered with a slice of cheese and 3 slices of bacon.

I got some good recipes to try and my plan is going well so far in my opinion.

I know it’s a lot of posts today but I am going to make one of keto recipes next.

Please feel free to give me suggestions or tell me websites to check out for more information!

You can find me on social media:

Instagram: juliehcares

Snapchat: Julieh Cares


Thank you in advance!!!

Foot issues

Major question for everyone:

I have tarsal tunnel syndrome. I have options of what to do.

1. Have electric therapy (NMES) to maybe fix the nerves in the feet.

2. Have surgery and hope it doesn’t come back or cause other issues.

3. Do nothing and maybe have major issues later on.

I can figure out how to pay for whatever I do. I’m nervous that the NMES won’t work and worries that surgery will put me down so long that I can’t work and maybe have to have other surgeries later too.

This is a very difficult situation and thought I would ask for opinions from the people I have shared everything with.

Thanks! Please comment!


Well crap. I had my ceiling fan on medium (not even on high!) and was chatting on the phone when this happened.

So yeah, I jumped out of bed and turned it off as fast as I could.

I called Godfather and he said he will come by tomorrow. I’m worried that it will decide to fall out of my ceiling onto me in the middle of the night and have live wires sparking. B says I turned off the switch so that won’t happen. Godfather said it should be fine as long as I don’t turn on the switch. After I post this, I am going downstairs to get painters tape and tape down the switch so I don’t have an “automatic turn it on” moment.

Any of you wonderful friends have other suggestions? Like me sleeping on the couch downstairs and turning off power to my room?

Help me please

So I told my BFF about my funny but true dating thing and here’s what happened next.

So now what do I do? She asked, I wrote her a funny profile, not trying to be rude, just funny, and now she’s pissed off at me.

This is why I don’t do things for people. Please let me know what you think.

Day 3 of Harvey

We are still here, safe and sound. Last night a couple of my neighbors invited me to a hurricane party and I got a bit drunk and probably said too much (I tend to do that when drinking). I had some awesome Louisiana boudain too so it was a good time. We watched crazy people try to drive through the water and watched the rain bands as they rolled through, all while under the carport sitting at a table with the grill going.

My man decided to drive to his place yesterday to check on it. He only took Westheimer. It took him over an hour to get there (20 minute normal drive time) but he did not go through any high water and stayed safe. I was going crazy while he was gone with worry. He finally made it back after 3 hours and told me basically his house is ruined by water. It did not flood in his neighborhood, the ceiling just started caving in as a result of all the rain.

Houston is definitely devastated. Some freeways are completely under water. The news even called one of our main thoroughfares Lake 288. It is that bad in places here. No, we did not evacuate. We were told to stay at home. Nobody could predict how bad the water would be. Harvey did not hit us but it has caused chaos in this city. We have had more rain here than Tropical Storm Allison in 2001 which devastated the city too.

I have checked on my friends, family, and clients. Everyone is safe. That’s the main thing for me. Everyone needs to stay safe. I am worried for anyone that has water in their home or surrounding their home. One of my friends had to be boated out of her neighborhood because the water was up to a foot inside their house. Thankfully they were able to get out and get to safety. I feel for the thousands of people here that have now lost everything. I hope people will open their hearts and wallets to donate and help the victims here. Our convention center opened for victims of Harvey and they are completely packed. Thankfully our city always comes together like no other to help each other. It’s one of the good things about being here.

Everyone else please stay safe and if you can, there are tons of places to donate to help everyone here that needs it.

Red Cross

Salvation Army

United Way

Pet shelters too! Can you imagine how many people have lost pets right now??? I don’t know what I would do if Amber got out in all this!