Wednesday study day

Y’all should know what I do when I don’t have school or jobs…I study!

I did nutrition for 2.5 hours this morning and anatomy for 3 hours tonight.

I also had to keep going downstairs to check on the guys from Home Depot because they were here installing a new tile backsplash that my mother got. This first picture is the old wallpaper she had on the walls.

Starts with the before pictures all the way to when they had put in the grout and put her new plug coverings on. It took them about 4 hours to do the whole kitchen so my mom is very happy!

I didn’t work out yesterday or today. I did go to the doctor yesterday and I didn’t really like her. She told me to go eat a cookie if I want to stop losing weight. 😳🙄

She also prescribed an antibiotic for my red belly button. It’s because of rubbing skin, not an infection. Needless to say, the red is almost gone after 2 days of doing NOTHING. No pills, I don’t want that! So it cost me $20 for her to tell me to see a nutritionist and take pills. Oh well. I had to try since it’s so cheap through school! (And I did eat a cookie at lunch yesterday).

Anyway, it’s 10pm and I have to get to sleep. 4:30 comes really fast!