Sunday screw up

Well, I had a cheat meal last night and boy it was yummy! I went 700 calories over but it’s only one day and only one meal. That doesn’t deter me from working on this plan. I can definitely come back from that this week. I also didn’t go to the gym although I did get 30 minutes of exercise in somehow. I had 3 minutes left to make my exercise goal last night so I decided to walk around upstairs to finish it and hit all of my goals for the day. I was walking and bumped my left arm on a door handle. It hurt but I didn’t think much of it until I went back in my room and happened to check it.

Yep, I did that. Damn thin skin! So I wrapped it up using a gauze pad and an ace bandage around it and of course when I took it off this morning the gauze pad pulled off and I bled a bit more. I’m fine, it just sucks to look at and I’m sure I’ll have to answer questions from everybody.

Today I have to take Cranky to see her doctor. That’s it. I will be at the gym later. I was going to do it this morning but I woke up at 7 to my last alarm and don’t feel like showering twice (once before and once after) when I take her at 11.

I am tired today too. I blame the time change. I will get used to it by the time we change again in November. Even the dog is still asleep. I wish I was.

Motivational Monday coming later. Y’all have a great day!

Couldn’t do it

I just could not go to the gym. I hurt that bad yesterday. I’m doing better today but will probably not go again just to make sure I am fully better before getting back to it.

So since I couldn’t get up to go, I decided to watch my calories VERY carefully. Here is my food yesterday. Not completely the best choices but I did stay within range. And yes, I drank some calories. Let me tell you though that I used to drink 6 sodas a day so I’ve already cut that in half. Go me!

I still had to move stuff for my mom and I cooked dinner (although I didn’t eat it – I got in bed with some soup). I did have to go up and down stairs a bunch too. I was also asleep by 9:30pm which is not like me plus I took a nap! I’m not feeling good at all. At least I’m not sick!!!

Today will probably be about the same. I was supposed to have the CPA guy come today and decided I better not try to sit up that long. Keeping my spine straight is hard enough when laying down!

I still have to walk my poor little Amber. I took my son to school and since it’s raining, I will probably have to pick him up too.

As I reread what I’ve written, it sounds like excuses to me even though I know the pain I feel is real. I will get back at it, I am watching my calories because I don’t want to gain anything back. I’ve worked my ass off to get where I am and I refuse to go backwards!

Exercise question

I was going to just update my other post but then I thought – this needs to be on its own.

I’ve been working hard. I’ve been trying to let my foot heal and even joined a gym which I never thought I would do.

I started using the weight machines – I never thought I would do that either!

When the lady finally got here, picked up the doors and left, I got to go to the gym. I changed my clothes as fast as I could and ran out the door.

I forgot my ID to check in at the gym, I forgot my headphones, and obviously my sanity as well.

I started to do arms which I had only done once this week on Tuesday. After the first 3 exercises, my arms ached badly. I tried to do a couple more machines but I hurt so I quit finally after using 4 machines and only 2 sets of 12 per machine. Then I went to the bikes. I got on my standard one and started riding. After 10 minutes, my back hurt so bad that I moved to a recumbent bike. After 10 minutes of that, I just quit and went home. I hurt all over and wasn’t prepared, and so yeah. I left.

Do you guys have days like that? Is it only because I didn’t have my music to listen to?

This is why I’m taking today off. I thought maybe I need it. Please let me know your thoughts on this!

Well crap

So you guys may not know this. I have thin skin on my arms due to the asthma steroid inhaler I use daily plus getting older (and I’m NOT old!!!). I worked really hard to move 3 loads of stuff to my Mom’s. I noticed just now that in that process, I kind of screwed up my arms. Now I’ll get to wear long sleeves to work all week while they heal. 😫 It’s so hot here still, I don’t want to wear sleeves!

Anyway, I still have my desk to clean up and get over there tomorrow. Otherwise I’m done for now until my place sells.

I still have to finish cleaning the rooms at her house, take out all the trash and furniture that we don’t need or want, and organize my Moms stuff so there’s room for everything she wants to keep. Maybe 2 more weeks? If I go every single day and work 2 hours or more over there, hopefully I’ll get done. That’s in addition to working every day driving people too!

I keep telling myself that it will all be worth it in the end. I hope and pray I am correct!