Another busy day

I think after being so productive all week, I need another vacation day!

This morning I started off by going to the post office to mail the bread I baked and a card to my friend over at hunidasblog.

I stopped at the grocery store on my way back and got spaghetti sauce and waffle mix as well as trash bags and batteries (my son is having friends over this weekend so I want to have good food for them to eat). I came home, put the batteries in my sons clock and made his favorite mac and cheese lasagna. When that was completed, I took off to buy Cranky lunch. I got to speak to my friend Authoress51 while I waited and then went to see Cranky. I also took this plant that my mom had gotten her too. Cranky is not doing well. She ate a 1/4 of her burger, said she was not hungry but her caregiver said she is barely eating and she barely spoke. She said the plant will be great and she said she is glad I am returning the bedrails because she doesn’t want them. I took the bedrails back to Walgreens and got her a refund and then her caregiver text me to get her some soup so I stopped there on my way back. She already got new bedrails, we aren’t going to have her get out of bed by herself in the middle of the night!

After getting a bit sad because of how Cranky is doing, I went home and did my arm exercises for 30 minutes before going to pick my son and his friends up at school. Tomorrow is their last day this year, I think they are excited.

Once we got home from school, I started baking cookies. I made peanut butter, chocolate chip, double chocolate chunk, and sugar cookies with sprinkles. I grabbed a dozen of each (I made 3 dozen peanut butter, 2 dozen chocolate chip, 2 dozen sugar, and only one dozen of the double chocolate chunk) and walked to the gym where my son got the next belt up in karate. He was white belt, now he is white with yellow stripe. I am really excited because his Sensai wants him to start coming next year with the older people because he wants to work more closely with him. Wow! How cool is that?

We just got home (it’s 7:20pm) and I am about to go finish the cookies to give to friends for Christmas (it’s what I like doing each year). Y’all have a great night!


Once again, I completely failed the anatomy exam. I guess it’s easy the professor asks questions like “what is the best answer” and “which one doesn’t fit”. I’m not the only one. Another girl in my class took it with me and did as bad as I did!

So upset that I went and bought cupcakes. I only ate one and it was 200 calories although it probably had enough sugar to put me in hyperdrive the rest of the day! Maybe I’ll even feel up to going to the gym. I haven’t in a few days. So frustrated with everything at school makes me want to curl up at home. I am curling up but I’m studying while I do it. Maybe if I make my life ALL about school, I can pass these classes!

Anyway, I took a video of Oliver playing fetch yesterday while I waited for my printer to print.

I bet you thought it would be the dog! Lol

Saturday was WAY too long! We were at the karate tournament from 9:30-6pm. My son lost but that’s okay. It was his first tournament.

My moms gift just got here today. I hope she likes it!

I’m sitting in the carpool lane at the school and have almost 30 minutes to just sit here. I had my chocolate milk and the cupcake and now typing.

The rest of the cupcakes will go to the boys that I take home. I am limiting myself to the one. I don’t want to gain!

Y’all have a good day. When I get back home, I have nutrition to study.

Moms birthday today

My mom is turning 75 today. I kind of feel bad because my son and I will be at his karate tournament all day. My uncle and his wife are taking my mom to dinner and I can’t even be part of that. Plus the gift I ordered for her won’t be here until Monday! I got her a Hedwig mug and it was supposed to be here today. Being broke, I couldn’t afford much but she is a HUGE Harry Potter fan so I thought that would be perfect.

Last night was his first night at the tournament. There were a LOT of people doing it!

I hope he does well today. We have to be there from 9-5. And then we have a meeting with the Sensai about the tournament (I think) and dinner. This should be an interesting, albeit LONG, day!

Here’s some doggie love this morning as she isn’t huge ready to get up yet (neither am I really).

Today is weigh in day as well. You know, I think I don’t need to weigh in first thing in the morning anymore.

So since April. I have dropped 49 pounds. I am one pound from my 150 goal weight. That’s 2.6 pounds lost in the past week. Someone please explain how this is since I ate carbs and only exercised 3 times??? The carbs I ate where from vegetables and 100% whole wheat things but still! I’m also eating 1500 calories a day. This is why I am going to see the doctor on Tuesday. I have decided that I will weigh myself on Wednesday nights from now on. 😂

I think that catches y’all up on what’s happening here in Houston in my world. Have a great weekend! I will be trying to learn all this Anatomy before Monday morning’s test while also watching my child do karate!

Well hmm

Ms. Forgets cancelled on me again today! So I made a whopping $40 this week since I took Ms. Styled to get her hair done this morning.

Thank GOD for having a little savings! I don’t know what I would do to pay my bills without it! I have gotten 2 donations to my campaign which I greatly appreciate! I am hoping that the word gets out, it becomes viral, and I’ll have the money I need come next year. Thanks again Andrea!

I’m at home having a burger for lunch with one piece of 100% whole wheat bread (9 carbs). It’s yummy. I need to figure out what to make this weekend for next week. I was thinking about a keto meat pie but I will have to make the pie crust too. I guess I can take the time to do that.

Tonight starts my sons karate tournament. He is NOT thrilled to be going. He said he would rather go to the mall and follow girls around holding their bags. 🤣 Sorry kiddo! He forgot to wash his uniform so guess what I’m about to do???

I also need to study my butt off from now until Monday when I take my exam. I have read half of the information and then will make an outline of everything and study. Sounds fun, right?

Have a great weekend! Happy Friday!!!

Not enough sleep

I was studying until midnight last night. I decided not to go to school at my regular 6:15am so I could get at least 6 hours of sleep. Well, that didn’t happen. At 4:30am, I heard a HUGE boom and was woken up. It sounded like a bomb went off down the street! So I looked out the window and see nothing but rain. It wasn’t thunder though. It was too loud for thunder. Wide awake at this point, I really wanted to know what was going on. I leaned out my window to see lights from a vehicle down the street and voices talking.

Yesterday a transformer blew at the end of my street. My neighbors had no power all day. My friend back there text me asking if I had power at 6pm. I asked my mom since I was at karate with my son and she said yes so I told my neighbor. She told me how long they had been without. There was a truck working so I thought they would get it back pretty quick. Around 8pm, the power company installed a new transformer and turned it on. When they did, it blew again. There was some problem underground that did not let them put in a new transformer and make it work. So the power company called more people and they dug up the concrete.

My guess is this boom was them having installed yet another transformer and it blowing again. If it woke me up at my end of the street, can you imagine how loud it was for the people that live back there??? I’m sure they’re awake too unless they can’t hear anything like my mother. AND that means that all of their food is going bad as well since there’s been no power for 24 hours at this point.

This happened where I used to live and we went without power for 3 days. I lost at least $200 worth of food and had to charge my phone in my car just like after Hurricane Ike back in 2009. I feel for my neighbors. I think I will text my friend and tell her that she is welcome to put food in our fridge. I would say freezer but there’s no space in our freezer.

Anyway, I am awake so I may as well get ready for school. Yesterday was such a frustrating day! The morning was fine. I drove Miss Priss on her errands and she paid me (life 2 hours even though we had only been gone an hour and a half (my favorite part). I came home and started putting together this garden pod. I started really getting rained on so I went inside and ate for the first time of the day at 12:30. I had to pick up Cranky and her caregiver at 1:15. We went where her son had told me for her appointment. Well, it was the wrong place. We drove around, the caregiver took Cranky upstairs to the office when we finally found it while I had to park on the roof of the garage. As soon as I parked, we found out we were in the wrong place and her appointment was in 2 minutes. This appointment was VERY important as it was her shrink so I text Cranky’s son. He then sent me another address. I looked up a phone number to go with it and called. Thank goodness the office was understanding and fit her in at 3:30, an hour and a half after her original appointment time. We drove all the way down there near the medical center, went in, did all the talking and got a new medication for her dementia, and drove back. She wanted Popeyes chicken so I drove by there and I got one too. 7 carbs a thigh? Yes please! I took her home and got home at 4:30. Karate was at 6.

I drove my son to karate since it was raining and his godparents were there with their son. When we drove up, my son tells me, “Once we are in there, do not talk to me.” Huh??? What the hell? That was rude! So I talk to my friend until her son is done in the little kids karate class. He comes running out complaining that he didn’t like it, I tickled him on the back to get him to smile, and they left to go home. I started studying while my son was in class.

I turned on my phone to see a new download. Since I make my son use my Apple account, I knew it had to have been him. It was some game but you pick a gun to shoot with on the first screen. When he was out of class, I made him delete the game and he got all mad about it. I don’t want him playing around like that and definitely don’t need that game going at school. When we got home, he was slamming doors and just being a little prick. I called him in my room and told him that if he can’t change his attitude, I need to start looking into military schools. He text his friends telling them that. God he is just like me when I was young!!! I can’t afford military school, I can’t even afford to get groceries sometimes! He called my bluff so I told him I can’t afford it but I can make his life hell by taking everything away and he can live like other kids. I cried telling him how much he hurts my feelings when I have made so many sacrifices so he can have what he has. He told me that he is not going to change. He also said that he gets mad because other kids piss him off. So my next suggestion is to make new friends. That really pissed him off and he stomped out of my room and has ignored me ever since. I will need a support group to get through these teenage years! And medication!

Then I studied. And you know the rest.

Today, I have school. I am a bit nervous about getting stuck at school with the rain here in Houston. I want to park at the far off parking lot that I paid for and ride the bus but I have no idea if that area floods and if it would be better to just park in the garage and spend another $14. I just don’t know. Tomorrow I should be able to finish my planter and show y’all a picture.

Have a good Tuesday and to my friend that’s flying here today, it’s supposed to rain all day so be careful and expect turbulence as you are coming in!

I didn’t do it

Yep. You heard it here first. I didn’t do it. What didn’t I do? I didn’t work yesterday. I know, I know, I’m broke and need the money, but I SWEAR it was for good reasons!

I took my son to school and came home to walk the dog. Then I had to wash my hair and shower. I then took my car to the mechanic because when I was driving last Friday, I heard a grinding noise when I was turning and also I HATE how it takes forever to cool down the car with the a/c blowing on high! They couldn’t find anything wrong (of course) and told me I’ll have to wait until each one actually goes out before they can find the issue and fix it. 😩

While they had my car, I walked to my moms work (5 minute walk) and borrowed her van. Little did I know that it came with a bunch of errands attached to it! She wanted the following from home: yogurt, dr. Pepper, a t-shirt, this form she needed to fill out, her checkbook, plus an envelope and stamps. I also had to get gas, get a burger from Whataburger for her, and mail the envelope once she filled out the form. 🙄

I had to be at the podiatrist at 1pm. By the time I got back with everything done, it was 12:25pm. Eek!!! She told me to go ahead and go so I drove like a bat out of hell and got to my appointment on time. WHEW. 4 shots today plus a 15 minute electrode treatment. My leg and top of my right foot are STILL numb from the shots. I was warned it could happen and was promised that it would go away within 24 hours. I can’t wait for that! It feels weird to walk with a numb leg! I got the van back after my appointment and walked back to pick up my car and came home.

Cut to 2 hours later. 4:18pm. I was reading this stuff on the keto lifestyle online and was falling asleep! So I set an alarm for 4:45 and then did take a power nap which is not like me to pass out like that. I did NOT want to get up when the alarm went off but I wanted to go workout.

I went to the gym at 5pm and rode the bike for 30 minutes.

While I was riding, my son came up to the gym. He got upstairs to me when I had 10 minutes left. I told him, he said fine, and walked off. Then, here he comes again when I was at 3 minutes left. I tell him 3 more and he walks off again. He shows up AGAIN when I had 30 seconds left and this kid actually counted down and pretended like he was turning off my machine when it started the cool down. I got off the bike, collected my stuff, and followed him downstairs to talk to his sensei about getting his uniform. He will get it on Wednesday. Yay! He had class from 6-7pm and did not like me sitting in the room but I was chatting with my friend in there so I don’t know what his problem was. Maybe because I took a picture of him?

Came home after, had dinner, and chatted via text to my BFF in Kansas. BFF in Dallas works nights so I didn’t get a chance to talk to her since she’s at work at 5. She did send me a 4th grade math question that I can’t figure out. Can you?

We don’t know new math, why can’t they just teach the same math? I bet her guess is correct but don’t want to jinx the answers from you guys so I won’t tell you what she thinks. Please help though!

Today I have to take my mom’s van to get her tires checked. I think she has a slow leak in one. Then I plan on working for the new company until my son gets out of school and take him to the doctor for a checkup after being sick twice. That’s it folks! Such a fun day! 😂

So…can you help with that problem? What are you up to today?

Sunday updates

Yesterday was a long but pretty decent day!

I went back to sleep after posting and didn’t wake up until 10am. Oops.

When I got up, I piddled around the house for a few hours. I finally left at 1:30pm to go to the store. I had a Walmart gift card worth $25 so I decided to brave Wallyworld and get my groceries there. Total after gift card, $104. I got most of the things on my list for the 3 of us. They did not have Ghee butter (or I just couldn’t find it) or Zevia soft drinks or even Diet Coke made with Splenda. I do feel like I saved a bit by shopping there. It was just SO crowded and the check out lady was SO slow that the guy behind me was getting really irritated!

So I headed to HEB to get the things Walmart didn’t have (or I couldn’t find). Total spent $46. That’s with coupons on like 6 things! Granted I got expensive drinks and butter there but really? I got 4 bags of stuff at Walmart for twice the amount. I walked out of HEB with one bag. So note to self, deal with Walmart when possible to save money.

I came home and my son helped me put away everything, even took most of his stuff upstairs (drinks for the mini fridge and his snacks). I then got to baking. My son helped me make the blueberry mini muffins he wanted. He ate all 24 of them within an hour too!!Then I made him those Grand biscuits for breakfast (I’m not a fan but he loves them). Next was for my Mom and I am so jealous! She wanted the cheese crackers I used to make all the time that to eat 3 is 10 carbs. Since she requested them, I made them. I will admit I had a few! I stayed within my carbs for the day too. Whew!

Then for me. I attempted to make cheese crisps and boy did I mess this up! First, I didn’t notice in the recipe that I was supposed to use shredded Parmesan and not in the can. Then, when I went to pull them out, my smoke detector went off like crazy! I’m glad nobody but myself and my son was at home, how embarrassing!

Then I threw some pepperoni in to bake that up. It didn’t come out crispy so I’m not thrilled with them either. I will do better next time. My cheese crisps are alright, they aren’t crispy though.

After that, I was done. Frustrated. I came upstairs, started laundry, and turned on Lost in Space and finished the season. I went to put my clothes in the dryer and found Oliver asleep in my basket. Silly cat!

When the show was over at 10pm, I realized I hadn’t gotten my exercise minutes for the day so I turned on YouTube and did a 30 minute chair exercise video. I am that serious about making sure I get my exercise in! I didn’t end up going to sleep until almost 1am. I was up at 6.

The only thing I have today is driving for the new company. I’m being a bit slow this morning though and haven’t gotten showered to leave yet. I’m outside with Amber and she’s wanting to run into the park and I’m not dressed so I don’t want to see anybody. I’m kind of hiding out in a cul-de-sac so I won’t run into anybody.

Tonight is karate and I want to get my workout in before we go. Not sure what I’m going to do at the gym but I will get some good cardio in tonight!

It’s funny. I couldn’t think of what to write but once I started, all of this came out! Does anybody else have this issue? How was your Sunday? Any keto friendly recipes you can share?