Clean? This?

So here is what needs to be cleaned out before we can move. My Mom agreed that it would be good for her as well as us.

My old/new room:

My sons new room:

On a different note, I got to see horseys today! I was driving to pick up my client at work and there was a field of horses! Usually there are cows in this field so I was excited!

And one more cute picture of my Mom’s girl kitten peeking out of a trash can. She knocked it over and was hiding in it.

Help from cat owners please

So my Mom has 2 kittens. They are absolutely adorable. They are 15 weeks old. She just had them fixed last week and they are up to date on their shots.

I went to her house to help her with her TV (I know a LOT of people that have problems with the correct input). I was scratching Oliver, her black with a little white kitten, when he started playing around and bit my hand.

Now, I am allergic to cats so I knew I would have a reaction (it usually bubbles up for a while and then goes away). This is ridiculous though. And he’s had his shots too so I don’t know what this is or why it happened. Please also note that I washed my hands immediately after the chomp.

2 hours after the bite, around 3pm yesterday (it looks like a spider bite at this point!):

This morning at 7:30am:

It hurts, it looks totally infected, and it’s so red! For comparison this morning, I took a picture of my right hand so I could see the color difference. It really looks like a sunburn where he bit me!

Any thoughts? If I can do something over the counter, I would much rather do that!