Stuff to do on a Monday off

I don’t think I’ve done enough yet today.

It’s 1:30pm. I leave at 3:15 to pick up the boys at school (it’s a beautiful day, I wish I could talk them into walking but one of the kids parents doesn’t like their kid walking so I will pick them up).

So far I have done:

Took the teen to school (today is the first day of finals). I sent him with a package of double stuf Oreos to give his friends from me for luck plus I wished them luck on Snapchat. I asked my son why all of his friends follow me on there and he said it’s because all of his friends love me and think I’m the best mom out of all of them. Umm, wow. Thank you.

4 loads of laundry (2 of my moms and 2 of ours). My mom is going to market with her job tomorrow through Thursday and needed to wash her clothes for her trip. She doesn’t want to go up and down the stairs though so guess who gets stuck doing her laundry? 🙄 Plus I had towels from the past 3 weeks to wash and mine and my sons few clothes that made up a load together. Laundry will always be there!

Returned some gift bags that my mother bought (24 of them – why does one person need 24 tiny gift bags???) I got her refund on her card. I’m sure it will be spent again as soon as she gets it. She is going on a work shopping trip.

Went to the gym to renew my discounted membership. I wouldn’t be able to afford my gym otherwise. Plus my son hates karate so we must keep the membership to make him keep going!

Dishes – do dishes ever stop? If it wasn’t so earth unfriendly, I would seriously just start using paper and plastic everything so I wouldn’t have dishes anymore.

Threw away my papers from school – I forgot what a good feeling it is to throw that stuff away! And my room seems cleaner without all those papers everywhere.

Took out the trash (5 bags total from the entire house). My room, my sons room, all 3 bathrooms, kitchen, plus my moms room. We hadn’t taken it out for a week so yeah.

30 minutes of strength training arm exercises – I had to get my exercise in!

Walked the dog twice – once before taking son to school and again after I ate lunch.

Ate (breakfast and lunch) – not very healthy as I was getting rid of snack foods from my trip but very tasty!

Now I am going to attempt to make some bread that I promised a couple of people I would make. Honestly, I hadn’t done it because I have to whip the eggs until completely frothy and it seems to take forever to do that. Plus I want to make more cheese crackers.

I may have to wait until I get home from picking up the boys so I don’t leave with the bread in the oven though! So I am going to try to get that done today, no guarantees!

Y’all have a great Monday!!!

Well hmm

Ms. Forgets cancelled on me again today! So I made a whopping $40 this week since I took Ms. Styled to get her hair done this morning.

Thank GOD for having a little savings! I don’t know what I would do to pay my bills without it! I have gotten 2 donations to my campaign which I greatly appreciate! I am hoping that the word gets out, it becomes viral, and I’ll have the money I need come next year. Thanks again Andrea!

I’m at home having a burger for lunch with one piece of 100% whole wheat bread (9 carbs). It’s yummy. I need to figure out what to make this weekend for next week. I was thinking about a keto meat pie but I will have to make the pie crust too. I guess I can take the time to do that.

Tonight starts my sons karate tournament. He is NOT thrilled to be going. He said he would rather go to the mall and follow girls around holding their bags. 🤣 Sorry kiddo! He forgot to wash his uniform so guess what I’m about to do???

I also need to study my butt off from now until Monday when I take my exam. I have read half of the information and then will make an outline of everything and study. Sounds fun, right?

Have a great weekend! Happy Friday!!!

Eating issues

So this week I have been struggling to stay within my allotted 1500 calories per day. Yesterday I had 1611 because I got these snacks in the mail and REALLY wanted to try one! Today I have already had 1100 calories which leaves me 400 for dinner. Thankfully I have leftover ground beef and shredded cheese and bacon to mix up for dinner with lettuce. I’m so afraid I will still be hungry! That little bit will take all 400 calories so let’s hope it fills me up for the night!

I think it’s because my body is going back into ketosis after having that popcorn last week. I am eating very low carbs right now to get back in ketosis plus I am healing so my body is looking for extra whatever OR maybe it’s because these new snacks have allulose in them and so I’m getting a form of sugar so I crave more sugar? I really don’t know.

Allulose definition from Google:

I washed towels and sheets today with no help from my child. He worked on a school homework assignment and did not do any research on it so when I read the shoddy half page he wrote, I told him it was D quality work so he ripped it up and hasn’t done anything else. This child I swear. 🙄 He has to do well in school this year to get into a good high school and he’s not even trying!

I am also feeling down this afternoon. I was hoping that having clean sheets on my bed would help but it didn’t. I tried reading and finished the 3rd book of the Dexter series but still feel down. I’m not in the mood for Netflix either (there really is something wrong with me, huh?).

Anyway, that’s my update. I’m hungry but can’t eat until dinner at 6pm. I’m not losing weight that I know of (I weigh on Saturday) but when I go over my calories and don’t get any exercise, it makes sense!

I hope all of you are having a good Thursday and will have a great Friday!

Friday, here again

First off, the couple canceled on me yesterday because he didn’t feel good. So it was an unintended day off. I started marinating the brisket which I will cook overnight tonight and made burgers.I also did arm weights since my foot was hurting yesterday.

I hit right under my calorie goal for the day and drank water last night instead of eating more.

After all that standing on my feet to cook, I had to take my shoes off and get off my right foot. So I ended up being a little lazy. I did do 3 loads of laundry, grocery shopping, and talked to my mother. When my son got out of school, I made him come home and clean his room which he actually did for the most part! He also did his clothes laundry which was really needed. Tomorrow or Saturday I will need to get dishes done too. Nobody helps me much around here.

I take care of the dishes, laundry (mine as well as sheets and towels), cooking, shopping, and cleaning up around the house between the times that my moms maid that comes to do the floors and bathrooms once every month. If my mom would take care of herself more, I don’t feel like I would have to do so much. She seems to expect me to and gives me grief if it’s not done in her schedule. That’s pretty much all that frustrates me about living with her. She has high blood pressure and diabetes but if you listen to her, she’s perfectly healthy and doesn’t need to check her sugar or take blood pressure medication.

So that’s my bitch session for the day. Thanks for listening. Having my best friends live hundreds of miles away, I don’t get a chance to hang out with the girls much and just vent. B is great when he’s not dating yet another woman. He tries but for some reason, he’s like me, we can’t find a good person to save our lives! I’m happy being single, he’s not. Eventually he will find the right person for him. I just know it.

Twice this week I have woken up on time or early to the sound of knocking. The entire house is sound asleep too. I don’t know what in the world that means but I’m up early!

Today, I have to take Styled to get her hair done and then take her to the doctor because she has been so confused lately and not eating. We (her step daughter and I) think there must be something going on so we are taking her in. Then I should be going to the couples house to do what I was supposed to do yesterday. I hope he’s feeling better so I can take him.

I hope everyone has a productive happy Friday!

Sunday tired

I didn’t go to sleep until late last night. Not even NyQuil helped this cough. Have you ever had your entire front chest hurt because you are coughing so much? It sucks. All I can do is go to the store later and get more cough medicine. My mom tried to give me Tylenol 3 with codeine to help the cough but I refused. I don’t want someone else’s medicine plus the fact that codeine and I aren’t good for each other. 😀

I went outside a little bit ago and all I could see were cigarette butts all over the ground. Instead of ignoring it and saying someone will blow them away when they clean leaves next week, I decided to pick them all up. I had an empty pack so I walked around right outside my home and picked up not just my butts, but other peoples butts and even candy wrappers! Why there are candy wrappers on the ground when we have trash cans throughout our common area is beyond me. Kids probably.

So I still feel like crap. Still have a 100 degree temperature. But it’s Sunday and I have to do laundry and the boys are still here. Well, one left because he lives in the neighborhood and can just walk home. The others mom will pick him up around 1 so that’s in a couple hours. They are outside kicking a soccer ball around and I can hear them as I opened my window. So they can hear me cough too! 😂

I went to Shipley’s donuts this morning and got them all whatever they wanted. Pink donuts, chocolate donuts 🍩, donut holes, regular glazed donuts, and for me, a blueberry cake donut. My mom really appreciated her donut holes. She actually ate them in her bathroom before she went to get her coffee and go to church. I’m also not making the boys go to church this morning. Let them play. There’s plenty of time for bible study!

I almost forgot that I have to go meet cranky’s son for lunch! Eek! I’m dressed in shorts and an Astros shirt so he can deal with that. I guess I better tell this kids mom that I have to leave at noon. Hang on. I’m going to do that now. Okay, I feel better. I told the other mom and asked where I’m supposed to meet this guy.

The sale of my condo is supposed to be this week. Since it will require my cousins and my signature (we co-own the place), I was thinking I may drive to Arkansas instead of fed ex’ ing something with my signature on it. It gives me a mini vacation plus I get to see my family and my man! I still can’t believe he’s still there. It’s crazy.

She said that’s fine so the boys are taken care of. Now I’m just waiting to hear back on where I’m meeting this guy. I am also trying not to do too much so I will get better. I have a job at 8:45am tomorrow. I have to get better today!

I hope everyone has a great Sunday. I’m going to try to!


So last night. I got off work by 8pm which was very nice. Got paid and decided to get some groceries. I wanted easy food that I could cook in just a few minutes in the microwave or grab a little thing of cereal on my way out the door to work. So I bought all these individually packaged things for myself and my son (plus milk and snacks of course). Forgive how the picture looks. I just took it from my bed.

So I brought them to my room because there is NO room downstairs. My mother told me she is still working on HER room and if I need space, I will have to figure out how to reorganize everything in her pantry. Gee thanks Mom. So they are parked on top of my mini fridge. I bought that to move here because when I first wake up, I tend to be a bit lazy and don’t want to go ALL the way downstairs just for a drink. Wah lah… the mini fridge!

So then she sees these up here and comments, “I don’t want food upstairs!” Umm, didn’t you just tell me I’d have to figure things out? Well, I did. We aren’t eating them upstairs (duh – they have to be microwaved) so what’s the problem? “Well, you’re just inviting roaches to come in your room. I guess that’s your problem.” Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday morning!

AND… the house is colder than being outside so I asked if I could turn on some heat. She replies how much she likes it cooler in the house and we don’t need the heat on. Is that menopause talking because it’s F’ING cold in here! So I said okay and went back to my room. An hour later, I can’t feel my toes and decide that I can’t live in my sweat pants 👖, socks, and jacket in my own room (I usually wear boxers around the house at night) and go back downstairs and just TELL her I’m turning on the damn heat. I turned it on to 71 and Oh my, it is SO nice now! So of course she’s complaining how it’s hot. She turned on her fan though and shut up thankfully.

That was last night. I didn’t go to bed until around 2am because I had 6 free hours of play time on a game and who’s going to give that up! It’s called Gardenscapes and it’s not the easiest game but 6 hours of free play? Yeah, I’m there! I woke up at 7am toasty warm but with a massive migraine. I barely got up and got a Full Throttle energy drink and downed 4 Advil with it. It’s been 2 hours and now it’s a dull pain that I’m dealing with but as long as I stay quiet in my dark room and don’t bend over to pick things up, it will eventually go away. I walked the dog 🐕, ate a little bit of cheese for breakfast (all I could stomach with my head wanting to explode), and am back in my room telling you all this before I turn on Season 2 of Stranger Things on Netflix.

So I need to do laundry today and I guess I’ll have to deal with the pantry downstairs. Whatever. I have to get over my migraine first. Have a great Sunday!

Today is going to rock!

The only client I have today is my 95 year old. I will take him to work and then come home to meet with the realtor. I did NOT clean my house so I hope he’s not wanting to take pictures!

I want to sell “as is”. If that means I get a couple thousand less, so be it. I’m not doing one more thing in this place. I have spent WAY too much time and money replacing things, fixing things, and so on here. Time to get out, especially since the HOA here doesn’t think it’s their problem on certain issues (like water coming through the window when it rains).

Then I will head to my moms to clean more and do laundry. Then pick up Mr. 95 year old. Then, because it’s Wednesday, pick him back up at 6 and take him for dinner at his country club.

Last night I was on this neighborhood app. It’s called NextDoor. A woman was looking for a driver and caregiver for her mother. I put my info down and then noticed someone else did too. I went on their website and would you believe, it’s EXACTLY what I do??? How awesome is that? There is more than one of me!!! I am so happy about this that I emailed them to say thank you. They will probably think I’m nuts and never reply but that’s okay. I really am happy to see other people doing what I do.

So that’s all for today. I guess I have to get out of bed and go start my day. Have a good one!

Wow. Thanks guys!

I am not associated with these blog sites that gets you tons of followers, yet in 2 months of starting my blog, I have 51! I really appreciate everyone that follows me and hope that my life is interesting enough to keep all of you plus more some day!


Yesterday update: I did clean off my bed of all the files. Mostly by throwing away stuff I don’t need and then stuffing all that was left over into the one box. It all fits in one though! I can organize it any time. I ran out of time before I could get to do more at my Mom’s so when I say stuffed, I literally pushed it all down into the box well enough for me to close the lid and put it away. ✅

I had to drive yesterday evening for my normal Wednesday job. I was not able to get laundry done (which is not good). My son is complaining like crazy this morning because I didn’t do it. I just told him, you could have done it too. I mean, come on, he’s 12! He can do his own laundry! I’ve showed him how many times. These days, it’s pretty easy too! He had nothing to say after that. HA!

Today I am not sure how this is going to go. I have to take this woman to get her license renewed at 9. Then, I have to go by this other woman’s place to check on her and see pictures from Africa that her caregiver said she would bring. By 1, I have to pick up this couple and take them for groceries. I also have to pick up my son and his friend at 3:15 after school, take his friend home (I told her Mom I would), and get my little guy home. I also have a job this evening taking this man to pick up his girlfriend at the airport but that’s not until later so I’ll have some free time in between.

So, my issue is this. How can I get back from the DPS, see a lady, take a couple to the grocery, and pick up my kid within 2 1/2 hours (that is guesstimating that the DPS will take a couple hours at the very least)??? When I get home from taking him to school this morning, I’ll just pay the lovely condo laundry room rates and get laundry done. I don’t have the 2 hours it takes to do it at my moms. Here: Wash – 30 minutes, dry – 45 minutes so that leaves me plenty of time to get to my first job at 9. After that, my day may be a problem! What I HOPE happens is that this woman is correct and she won’t have to wait and I’ll have her home by 11. Then I can take the couple grocery shopping at 11:30, go by and see the pictures around 2, then pick up the kids at 3:15. Please note this is best case scenario. Reason 1 is because the DPS office she wants to go to is WAY far out (well, Julie, they don’t make seniors wait so I want to go to that one)! Reason 2 is that she may decide she needs something else after getting it renewed which of course will mess up my entire schedule.

You may have noticed that I haven’t talked about my man lately. That would be because he up and left and moved to Arkansas. So there’s nothing really to talk about! He has been talking to me, complaining about some oil change place, how he couldn’t leave Houston when he wanted to, whatever. He’ll be back. I’m not worried. He won’t like it there over the winter. For some reason, he doesn’t think it snows there much. 😂😂

So that’s it for the day. It’s time for me to get off my boodie and get ready to take my son to school. Y’all have a great day now!

Another pound gone

I have lost 4 pounds in 3 weeks. I am NOT complaining!

I went walking again this morning. I slowed down but tried to walk as far as I did yesterday. I walked in a huge circle around the neighborhood close by me. I almost made it. 1.43 miles instead of 1.52. My heart rate did not go so high thanks to the slowing down.

Much better for me, right? My walk took longer which I didn’t like but I need the exercise so I can’t complain. My son is still asleep from when he went to bed yesterday at noon. Kids, geez!!!

I ran into a mom from my sons kindergarten class back in 2010. They had moved to Norway after kindergarten and she said they came back a year ago and she put her son is now in private school “because he’s used to the international school system and its more like our private schools”. Then she said we should get the boys together. Wait, huh? You came back a YEAR ago! If you really wanted our boys to get together, wouldn’t you have sent me a Facebook message back then??? Whatever. I doubt I will even see her again, let alone get a message from her on Facebook.

That was my morning walk. Now I get to go sit with this little old cranky as hell woman for 4 hours today while her caregiver takes some time to herself. I am going to take my laundry over there because I may as well save money (they charge $2.75 per load here where I live) and I’ll be there forever anyway. Maybe I can take her to lunch or something as well to break up the monotony of sitting around her apartment. Plus my regular Wednesday evening dinner plans with my favorite 95 year old!

When I got off my afternoon job yesterday, another client called me totally frantic because her house phone and internet were not working. I went over there. I restarted her router but that didn’t work. So I called the company she uses and the woman I got said they can’t come out until Saturday! WTH??? They are going to make her do without service for 4 days??? What has customer service become? Companies do not seem to care about their customers anymore. What company am I talking about you ask? Well, AT&T of course! Not that other internet providers aren’t the same way. When my father was bedridden right before he passed away, I asked Xfinity to come out and hook up cable upstairs so he would have something to watch and they said 3 days before they could come out. Well thanks but no thanks. I’m very disappointed in how companies treat customers these days. It’s just sad. That’s why I started reviewing on Yelp. Not that it will make a difference, it probably won’t, but it gives me an outlet for my frustration and sometimes I get a place that does a great job and I love praising companies when they do something good too!

So I guess I need to shower and get to work. I hope everyone has a great hump day!