My blog

I haven’t had a bunch of time lately as you may have noticed. I’ve been jumping on and off. I finally caught up with everyone’s blog and I’m happy to say that my friends are still here and posting away! Yay!

I had a good day at school. Anatomy (eh). I went to the tutoring center and was NOT impressed. First off, they don’t have a tutor for Anatomy. So I was told to sign out and sign in again to see a math tutor. I got this kid that was very disinterested and you could tell he didn’t want to be helping me. After about 5 minutes with this guy, I said screw it.

I went to the library and did my Anatomy homework. Then I met H for lunch at her dorms. This girl came up to me and asked me all about what I was doing in school and that she’s not in school but there with her church. She talked to me for 5 minutes while I was waiting for H. I even told H thank you for getting here. I’m sure she is a nice person, I just didn’t feel like talking much.

Math, double eh!

After school, I took H and went shopping. I didn’t want to drive her back to my side of town to go to the Galleria so we went to Gulfgate shopping center. It’s so sad now! There was a Ross and a Marshall’s but not much else. So we went both places. I needed underwear badly. All of mine are what I had before I started my weight loss journey so you can imagine! After looking at both places, she talked me into getting boyshorts. I don’t know about them, I’m washing them now to wear tomorrow and I guess I’ll find out! I got the cutest houseshoes too!

We were in the mood for something sweet so we were kind of driving aimlessly looking around and I found the motherload of a place! If you don’t know me very well, then you don’t know how much I like Mexican food. Well, we found a Mexican bakery! The place was packed with Hispanic people and there were cases of all Mexican treats everywhere! I should have taken photos but I wasn’t sure if I should.

Check out what I got though! These are not for all at once or even one a day, it’s for when I want a sweet treat. The sprinkles cookies are for my son since he loves sugar cookies with sprinkles.

These excited me more than you guys will ever know. I seriously think I was born in the wrong culture. I can eat homemade Mexican food and desserts all day every day. Seriously!

So I took her back to her dorm, she got all of the above plus flan 🍮 so she was happy too. Then I came home to do laundry that I’ve been putting off and study. I have a nutrition exam this week. I’m not taking it until Thursday. I then have a Math exam on Tuesday. Then my anatomy exam is the next week along with another nutrition exam. Eek!

That’s all. I am trying to use my time more wisely and study more which is why my posts have been short. I have a job tomorrow taking Cranky to her dermatologist. Woo hoo! Lol

Have a great rest of your week!

Cooking and studying

I made a meat pie and a chicken stuffing casserole today for this week plus some sausage for breakfast. It poured down rain most of the day and we are finally in the 50’s here (58)!!!

My friend H came over this evening. We did our math homework for the week and ate dinner. She said it was all really good, I agree (but I cooked it so I better).

That’s it for today. I hope y’all had a good Monday!

The past couple of days

Have been a whirlwind. I have been studying my butt off! School was good yesterday. One of the girls in my math class invited me to come to the Korean festival here this weekend. So I talked to BFF and she may come too which would be awesome! Get to hang out with my bestie AND have fun? Plus my son said he is going to a friends house this weekend? Sounds good and like a fun weekend to me!

I started talking to this guy. He’s actually the guy who was my first. We were 16 and dating and he hung my bra on a door at his friends house and we had sex for the first time, for both of us. Almost 30 years later, he wants to go out (maybe?). He sent me his address and said to come over whenever. I told him how busy I am but that I would love to schedule to go out sometime and his reply was that we can schedule something and that he was going to bed, at 8:30pm. So either he really just wanted a booty call or he goes to bed really early! I guess I’ll see if he contacts me again. 😕 🙄

My other bestie leaves for Israel today. I wish I could go with them! That would have been fun. I love her family and call her parents mom and dad. Every time I go to Kansas, I’m asked to stay with mom and dad, and mom wants to feed me. 😂

I’m working today. My one job this week taking Styled to get her hair done. I think I am going to go by and see Cranky too. Ms. Forgets said we would go to the bank this afternoon too but she may cancel on me again so I’m not counting on her.

Weight: I gained a pound this week. Probably because I have been eating more like the silly doctor said. So that doesn’t work either. Guess it’s time to visit with a nutritionist and get a schedule that works for me. i also only worked out 3 days. 2 days walking at school and one day in the gym. That could have something to do with it too.

So today through Sunday:

Friday: Work and study

Saturday: Korean festival, hang out with bestie, study, wash everything in the house

Sunday: cook and study

Sound like a fun weekend? 😂

Wednesday study day

Y’all should know what I do when I don’t have school or jobs…I study!

I did nutrition for 2.5 hours this morning and anatomy for 3 hours tonight.

I also had to keep going downstairs to check on the guys from Home Depot because they were here installing a new tile backsplash that my mother got. This first picture is the old wallpaper she had on the walls.

Starts with the before pictures all the way to when they had put in the grout and put her new plug coverings on. It took them about 4 hours to do the whole kitchen so my mom is very happy!

I didn’t work out yesterday or today. I did go to the doctor yesterday and I didn’t really like her. She told me to go eat a cookie if I want to stop losing weight. 😳🙄

She also prescribed an antibiotic for my red belly button. It’s because of rubbing skin, not an infection. Needless to say, the red is almost gone after 2 days of doing NOTHING. No pills, I don’t want that! So it cost me $20 for her to tell me to see a nutritionist and take pills. Oh well. I had to try since it’s so cheap through school! (And I did eat a cookie at lunch yesterday).

Anyway, it’s 10pm and I have to get to sleep. 4:30 comes really fast!

So tired

Yesterday ended up alright. I ate my cupcake and don’t feel bad for it. I took my son to karate and then went upstairs and rode the bike for almost an hour. That level 18 kicked my ass though!

I was only going to do 30 minutes but after 20, I had only burned 88 calories! I wanted to burn off my delicious cupcake so I kept going. I had to stop when karate was over which is why it wasn’t quite an hour. When i picked up my son and his friends after school, they were so excited that there were cupcakes and chocolate milk. They all grabbed one of each and then my son rolls down his window and starts yelling at other kids, “we’ve got cupcakes!” Lol

I emailed a dietician some questions for a 3 page paper I have to write for nutrition. She emailed me back so before I went to the bike upstairs, I stopped by to tell her thank you. It was very nice of her to help me out! She teaches Bodyjam so I know where she is every Monday evening!

At school today, I don’t have Anatomy class because of the exam but I came early anyway to make sure I get a parking spot. I also want to go to my professors office at 10. I have my doctors appointment here at 11 and then algebra class at 2:30. It’s going to be a long, busy day. I brought my nutrition stuff to study in between and I am going to ask my friend about breakfast and lunch since I didn’t get a chance to cook yet.

I have to cook tonight when I get home. Tomorrow, my mother has Home Depot coming to put in tile in our kitchen and if I don’t cook tonight, I won’t be able to for a couple of days. I have to take everything off every countertop in there tonight too. I have chorizo, beef, vegetables, eggs, cheese, and milk so I’m sure I can come up with something!

I didn’t realize when I left for school this morning that I was almost out of gas. I had to stop at the gas station. Then on my way to school, I hear something in my tire. It just never stops, does it? Always something going on. First the car just decides to die in line a few days ago getting my son something to eat and now something in the tire. And people wonder why I’m so tired!

One huge complaint. I got my son medical insurance through the state. I got mail saying that I have to apply for jobs or get a job and work for 30 hours a week to keep it. Huh??? So now I have to add more crap to my already crazy life??? Something has to give. I can’t keep up with everything as it is! I haven’t even had time to go by and see Cranky in 2 weeks which upsets me.

I’m also not getting donations on my gofundme which I really need. Y’all should see my belly button right now. All the skin rubbing has infected it and it’s really red and hurting. I’m going to ask the doctor about it today. I’ve been putting my non chafing stuff on it already. I also have an ingrown hair (down there) and that hurts! And that time of the month showed up early (gotta love premenopause). What a week already!

Have y’all noticed that I haven’t even watched Netflix for a while? I don’t even have time to do that! It’s funny though, I don’t really miss it. I’m sure if I ever get a bored moment, I will.

I hope y’all have a good Tuesday. I’m going to try!

Moms birthday today

My mom is turning 75 today. I kind of feel bad because my son and I will be at his karate tournament all day. My uncle and his wife are taking my mom to dinner and I can’t even be part of that. Plus the gift I ordered for her won’t be here until Monday! I got her a Hedwig mug and it was supposed to be here today. Being broke, I couldn’t afford much but she is a HUGE Harry Potter fan so I thought that would be perfect.

Last night was his first night at the tournament. There were a LOT of people doing it!

I hope he does well today. We have to be there from 9-5. And then we have a meeting with the Sensai about the tournament (I think) and dinner. This should be an interesting, albeit LONG, day!

Here’s some doggie love this morning as she isn’t huge ready to get up yet (neither am I really).

Today is weigh in day as well. You know, I think I don’t need to weigh in first thing in the morning anymore.

So since April. I have dropped 49 pounds. I am one pound from my 150 goal weight. That’s 2.6 pounds lost in the past week. Someone please explain how this is since I ate carbs and only exercised 3 times??? The carbs I ate where from vegetables and 100% whole wheat things but still! I’m also eating 1500 calories a day. This is why I am going to see the doctor on Tuesday. I have decided that I will weigh myself on Wednesday nights from now on. 😂

I think that catches y’all up on what’s happening here in Houston in my world. Have a great weekend! I will be trying to learn all this Anatomy before Monday morning’s test while also watching my child do karate!

Well hmm

Ms. Forgets cancelled on me again today! So I made a whopping $40 this week since I took Ms. Styled to get her hair done this morning.

Thank GOD for having a little savings! I don’t know what I would do to pay my bills without it! I have gotten 2 donations to my campaign which I greatly appreciate! I am hoping that the word gets out, it becomes viral, and I’ll have the money I need come next year. Thanks again Andrea!

I’m at home having a burger for lunch with one piece of 100% whole wheat bread (9 carbs). It’s yummy. I need to figure out what to make this weekend for next week. I was thinking about a keto meat pie but I will have to make the pie crust too. I guess I can take the time to do that.

Tonight starts my sons karate tournament. He is NOT thrilled to be going. He said he would rather go to the mall and follow girls around holding their bags. 🤣 Sorry kiddo! He forgot to wash his uniform so guess what I’m about to do???

I also need to study my butt off from now until Monday when I take my exam. I have read half of the information and then will make an outline of everything and study. Sounds fun, right?

Have a great weekend! Happy Friday!!!