Does anybody have a Ring doorbell?


I asked Santa for one for Christmas. But of course I don’t want the base model if I get it, I want the solar charging one with spotlight! Lol

A year or two ago, my son gave his godparents his tablet that he never used. His godfather text me last night asking for my old AT&T name and password. Hell, I haven’t had AT&T since then, I don’t remember!

Before I went to pick my son up at school today, his godfather just happened to be parked outside in my neighborhood with his boys. They were passing time waiting for his daughter to get done with her after school activities. So, I asked him what happened with the tablet. He ended up having to google how to completely reset the tablet and then redownload everything. Gah! That would suck! At least he got it fixed to where he can use it again.

This morning I got a call from my clients step daughter. My client had another $200 cash stolen from her. Only $20’s, they left the ones and fives. Really??? And her purse was locked in her filing cabinet! So now we are looking at putting a camera across from the cabinet and we are going to catch ourselves a thief! Preying on and stealing from the elderly is the most horrible thing in my mind. Especially when they have cognitive decline. I can’t believe it. I had never been in her place before today. Her step daughter asked me to start popping by and checking on her at different times throughout the week. It is a nice place. She usually meets me downstairs ready to go out so this was different. She was surprised I came over. I had to tell her that her step daughter asked me to. She showed me around and when I left, I spoke with the step daughter and we confirmed that the camera is the best option. Sad, isn’t it?

Sleeping kitties!

I have an exam on Thursday and the final on Saturday for nutrition. I have my final in math in 2 weeks on a Monday. Then I can relax until January. I can’t wait! I need to get out and market myself when school is over so I can work more.

Still eating mac and cheese twice a day. I think I will be eating it forever. I made WAY too much! Never again will I make twice a recipe for us and for a family function. Nobody even tried it??? πŸ™„

I’m off to study. Y’all have a great rest of your Monday or Tuesday (depending on where you are).

Can’t sleep, may as well blog!

Hey y’all! It’s officially Sunday here. And I can’t sleep. Oh well.

I had the best Friday! Here is my family in no particular order. 1. My sister A2 that has 3 kids and one is pregnant. This is her son (duh). 2. Her son watching tv. 3. My friend/sister A1 says she loves her truck. 4. A1 second son who is the sweetest kid ever! It was really a great day!

It was very nice to see my sisters and their kids. I gave my niece her baby present and she loved it (I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of that!) Then today, her boyfriend proposed! I’m very happy for her. She’s a wonderful kid.

On my way home (I drove 300 total miles on Friday) I saw some funky clouds that reminded me of the movie Independence Day and a flock of birds sitting on the wires at a stoplight.

OH! I’ve been working out more. I did weights 3 times this week and today I ran. Okay fine, my running is slower than my walking BUT my heart rate was 160 in the middle of my run and I did it so I don’t care. 😝 maybe somebody can tell me what cadence means though. Does it show how slow I was? HAHAHAHA

Tomorrow I am going to try to cook. I probably would have today except for the fact that I literally slept half the day. I went to bed around 11:30pm last night (Friday night) and didn’t get up until 11am today. This is probably why I can’t sleep. It’s okay though. I will set 3 alarms for the morning to get my son to church and me to the store.

My mom is off tomorrow, she usually works Sunday afternoons. I’m glad though because she worked Friday and today, 7 hours each day. She likes her job though so I won’t say anything! Not much else is going on. I’m happy πŸ˜ƒ and doing my exercise again so I’m pretty sure the endorphins are the why.

Have a great Sunday!

Black Friday

Nope, I am definitely not shopping! I stay away from places on this day. What I am going to do should be more fun.

I am going to pick up my friend/sister that I haven’t seen in a few years and we are going to drive to see my biological sister outside Huntsville TX. My niece is pregnant with a baby girl and I got her the cutest University of Houston onesies and a bib. I had a coupon thankfully. The funny part is that she goes to Texas Tech University and I am giving her clothes from a different school. Well, I think it’s funny. My mom said it’s not. Of course, my mom graduated from Tech. And I went to Tech too in 1994 so why not? I’m sure her friends there will give her all kinds of Tech baby stuff.

I haven’t seen my friend in a while or her children. She told her kids I was coming to pick her up and then I got texts from them yesterday saying Happy Thanksgiving. πŸ˜‚ They grew up calling me Aunt Julie and my son calls them his cousins (one of her son’s shares a birthday with mine too). When she lived closer, I would see her more but now she lives up near Conroe and I don’t usually drive an hour just to hang out for an hour and then have to drive home. This will be more fun. I’m passing by her house anyway (I don’t have to but I obviously am) and then introducing her to part of my biological family that she’s never met since I only met them a few years ago.

Speaking of which, I truly believe they are family. I’m wondering how accurate a DNA test would be on a half sister. Does it tell us that we both have the same mother? Is it worth the cost to find out something we already (think we) know? Thoughts?

I had my nails painted on Wednesday for the holiday. It’s the same color I did last Christmastime called Santa’s Snow. I think it was more appropriate for Thanksgiving though.

We went to my cousins house for dinner yesterday. One of my cousins didn’t come down from Austin so I missed her. My cousin came down from Dallas and the other 2 sibling cousins both live here. My oldest male cousin grilled me all through dinner about keto. He is very into health. He’s thin, he works out, and he’s very private (he’s not on any social media) but he wanted to know all my personal details about it. That was fine. I told him. I also told him to email me or text me if he wants. It doesn’t bother me, mostly because he’s family but also because I remember when we were growing up, he was always nice to me which I can’t say for some of our other cousins.

My son had a good time. We walked to their house (about 3/4 of a mile from us), and my cousin decided to show us he could jump 5 people on his bike after we ate. So the kids laid down in the road along with his mother, and he jumped them (mine was in the middle so I wasn’t worried).

All and all, we had a good time. I took the mac and cheese and nobody ate it. That was frustrating. And my son left for home walking before I was ready to leave so that was irritating. But it’s okay. We are all healthy and happy. I was NOT keto yesterday. I ate a little bit of everything and it was really tasty!

I hope everyone has a great day!


Well, H didn’t show up last night. She drove home instead. She had a hard time with our math exam. So I am going to ask my mom to help me. I will have to hold the phone to video while she folds and puts names into a bowl.

I didn’t go to school so early today. I waited until noon to go since class isn’t until 2:30. I took my friend S some of my homemade mac and cheese and she liked it.

I made enough I think!

My son took off to a friends house until tomorrow and he asked me to please wash his sheets. He started his clothes and I had to put them in the dryer. There were so many stuffed into the washer, the dryer has taken 2 hours to dry it all. πŸ™„

I’ll post as soon as I explain to my mother how this needs to work. This should be interesting!

It’s Monday again

Let me know if you liked the post and don’t see your name! I’m getting ready for the drawing later. πŸ˜€

All I got made yesterday were the cheese crackers.

And there’s not many left! I used almond flour and made them keto. Only 1 carb per cracker! I also ate like 12 total yesterday so yeah, oops! Just tells you how good they are, right? My mom ate a ton as well. Did I tell her they were keto? Oh God no! Lol

I was on my way downstairs to have more cheese crackers and I guess my house shoes decided I didn’t need them so I slipped and fell down the last 4 steps of our stairs. I fell on my coccyx and it still hurts this morning. I did get my crackers though! So I am avoiding sitting. I have been laying in bed for 2 hours (I woke up at 6) and my plan today is to cook because it means standing.

The reason I didn’t make the mac and cheese yesterday is because I just knew I had powdered mustard here at home so when I went to cook, I don’t have any and I didn’t feel like going back to the store. So I will walk there today. It hurts to sit so I am avoiding the car. I also need to thaw out the ground beef to make my rice-a-roni meal.

H has her math exam today. She text me this morning saying she is going to fail. I told her no. She is going to study and be fine. She doesn’t agree. I hope she does okay! And she says she is coming for dinner after so we will do the drawing tonight. She leaves Tuesday after math to go home for Thanksgiving. I will miss hanging out with her!

Last night, my son wanted to go to Starbucks. I told him we will go this morning. Well, now I don’t want to drive so I will see if he wants to walk. I really didn’t want him out there walking at night in the cold either. I am very glad he didn’t go and hope he is understanding about why I am not driving. He did tell me to feel better when I told him I fell.

That’s about it. I need to get out of bed, shower, and walk to the store. Y’all have a great day!

Last day for the drawing!

My friend H is coming to video the drawing this week so if you haven’t liked the post, you have until tonight! So far there are 27 likes. Will you be the winner? One note – if you do not live in the states and you win, I cannot send the keto bread. It’s refrigerated and I cannot afford to spend the kind of money it would cost to send something overnight out of the states.


I have lots to tell you guys from yesterday! I was at school at 10am and my ex was on the phone with me my entire drive.

He said that he wants to come see his son but his truck broke down so he can’t. I told him that the psychologist suggested to meet somewhere other than the house. He goes off saying how this therapist is not good, doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and that nobody is going to tell him where he can see his child. Wow, right?

I tell him how our son has some major anger issues. I finally told him about the fight. I told him that our son keeps a knife in his room (I did not mention it’s a pocket knife that he uses to open boxes only). I told him that we started going to therapy because my dad passed away and they were very close but as hormones have hit worse, he seems to be getting more and more angry (usually only when his father is coming over or other normal teenage angst).

SO! His father says, maybe I shouldn’t come over for a while. My reply, “That is your choice. I suggested we meet for lunch or at a park.” He replies, “No, I think it’s best if I just avoid that situation for a while.” OMG YAY! When I finally got him off the phone, I called my son to tell him. He said, ” Thank the Lord!” Think he’s happy? πŸ˜‚

I went to take my exam after taking the practice quiz online in the library which was actually quiet for once! I made an 80 on the multiple choice questions on the exam. I won’t find out how badly I screwed up the free response written questions for another week. I don’t think I did very well though! All these logarithm questions which I barely started learning Friday night! With my 93 on the practice test I will get an extra 9 points added to my test grade so I will pass. I have a B in the class before the test. Only thing left in math this semester is the final exam, one more homework, and 3 quizzes. Only thing left in nutrition is the final exam too. It’s almost over y’all!!!

H and I went after my exam and drove to Fulshear TX yesterday to have the worlds best barbecue. Being from San Antonio, she had never had it. She loved it!

She is taking the math exam on Monday at 5pm so she is studying today and tomorrow. That’s why we are not doing the drawing until Tuesday but today is the last day to like the post to be in the drawing! Then we drove to the Fry’s near Sugar Land TX because she wants this DVD player you hook up to your computer. They were completely out! And their prices were twice to three times what you would pay at Walmart. Ridiculous. I won’t be going there again. It’s far away and pricey? No thanks Fry’s!

H hasn’t ever had Rice-a-Roni, my burgers, or anything I normally eat. So I am cooking today (meal prep Sunday you know) and I told her after the concert she’s going to tonight, she should come eat dinner. I’ll see if she comes and I will let you know what she thinks!

For Thanksgiving, I do not technically have to cook. We are going to my cousins house for Thanksgiving dinner. My cousin asked my mom to get pecan pies from this fancy barbecue place here. My mother told ME to go get them so I went yesterday before H and I took off out of town. They were $22 a piece! Okay, it’s good pecan pie but almost $3 a person if you cut it in 8 slices??? Crazy!

I am going to make this homemade Macaroni and cheese too. My cousin didn’t ask me to, I have just made it the past 5 Thanksgivings for my little family and I love it! It is very time consuming to make but so worth it. So I am making it. I’m sure it will go over well and who complains about more food at a family holiday meal with 18 people?

I am also going to make cheesy crackers. Rice Krispies and cheese? Yes please!

I’ve got my work cut out for me today! I already got all the trash together and put out for the trash guys tomorrow. I’m sure I will add another bag once I cook.

Y’all have a great Sunday!

Good non-school day

No class today since my professor went out of town. I was glad because they closed my garage parking for a football game too.

This morning was spent running errands for my mom. First issue – I got an email this morning that her 2nd bank account was overdrawn. Considering she doesn’t use that account, I pulled it up to find out that they gave her checks for that account instead of the one she normally uses plus some credit card that she paid off is STILL pulling money out! So I went up to BOA and the nice lady removed the overdraft fee and got her checks for her account at no additional cost. We have to call the credit card company in the morning because my mom did not get home this afternoon until it was too late to call them.

2nd issue was prescriptions. Her doctor sent her pharmacy 3 scripts. She went and picked up 2. She couldn’t understand why the 3rd wasn’t available. Like I had assumed, it had simply not been ready. I was able to pick that up easily.

I decided to go see Cranky since I only had an hour until I needed to pick my son up at school. Her caregiver was doing her hair and asked me to make her a hair appointment so I text her hair person. Got her appointment set for Wednesday for that. She seemed to think her eye doctor appointment tomorrow was too close to Christmas and asked to change it so I said I would.

I took off and picked up my son. We went to a high school for a tour. He liked the school and is not even worried that they have 3 hours of homework every day. We still have 2 schools to check out. Since the tours are only available on Thursdays, I’m just going to have to miss school 2 more times. We have to check out these schools. It’s important to see what he likes and hates. This one was pretty small and only had 400 students per grade. Even my graduating class had over 500 so this is a small school! He’s in the lottery to get in. Praying he makes it! We won’t find out until April of 2019 though.

We came home after and I let Amber out. As we were walking back inside, Eliza got out. She is such an escape artist! It took me about 7 minutes to coax her out of the holly bushes and pick her up to bring her back inside. Crazy cat!

I took the math practice exam again. I need practice! I made a 63 on it. The first time I took it, I got a 56 so I’m doing better. I can still take it 18 more times before the exam on Saturday.

Tomorrow I will take Styled to get her hair dyed and study at the hairdressers house. Then when I get home I will try it again. Let’s see what happens!