January Loot Crate revealed!

I got my Loot Crate Box last night in the mail and I LOVE it this month! So happy that it was not as disappointing as last month.

The box. Before the reveal.

Ooh, this looks cool!

Okay, I have never sat and watched a full episode of Friends so maybe somebody can tell me why there is a turkey with sunglasses on these socks.

The missing eyepatch from last months box. Whoopty friggin do. Not sure what to do with an eyepatch. Maybe I’ll use it for Halloween or give it away with the poster from last month.

A Spongebob calendar. My sons friend took this. I’m happy to have made somebody happy with something I didn’t want anyway. Not that I don’t like Spongebob, I just have no use for a tiny calendar.

The shirt. It’s from Black Mirror (GREAT show). I love this shirt if you can’t tell!

The Loot Pin this month also from Black Mirror. Totally awesome. Went into my collection. My sons friend wanted it but heck no! I showed him my pin collection and he understood they are MINE. 🤣

OMG!!! How cool is this??? I seriously thought I would get stuck with Fry or Zoidberg but no, I got this instead!!! Oh happy day! I posted the video to Instagram thanking Loot Crate too. I am so happy!!!

Oh, what fell out of the box was his crown.

So that’s this months Crate. So excited for next month now!

November Loot Crate

Not the last one since I got that extra unexpected check last month. Woo hoo!!!

Lets get to opening this!!!

So obviously there’s 2 boxes and a shirt. Hmm…

Okay, I watched the first season of Westworld. Did I miss aliens in it??? That’s what this shirt looks like to me. I asked my son if he or his friends had ever heard of the show and they hadn’t so I actually get a shirt for myself this month!

Umm, can somebody please fill me in on this? It’s supposed to be from some show that they put this special DNA in little girls that are called Little Sisters but I’ve never heard of it!

This is pretty cool. It’s 4 little pictures of superheroes that were made because of a lab experiment gone wrong. Not sure what to do with these but it’s still cool. Ooh, maybe a frame that will hold all of them? I’ll look into it.

And my absolute FAVORITE thing this month:

OMG! This cup is perfect! I loved Breaking Bad and I actually have an apron from it too so this is so exciting!!! I can’t wait to wash it and use it right away!

The loot pin of the month. This months theme was laboratory. Westworld people are made in a lab, the little sister thing was a lab dna thing, breaking bad…well, his lab was in a RV but it was still his lab!

I really enjoy Loot Crate. I am very happy that I don’t have to give it up this year. I hope you guys enjoy my opening of it!

October Loot crate

So first off – I got an unexpected check from the title company from when I sold my condo last year that covers another year of loot crate so I am going to renew it. They has made me pay extra taxes when I sold the condo and I guess it took them a year to realize they screwed up. So I got a check for $300. Yay!

I got my box in the mail the other day and we were so happy! It’s like getting a present every month! And who doesn’t love presents???

Time to open it up. I was so excited for my son with this box (I saw it had to do with one of my son’s favorite anime and didn’t tell him because I wanted to surprise him).

Oh look! It has a cut out mask in the lid of the box! There was another one on the bottom of the box too but I forgot the picture. It was just the back of the head though so no biggie. And my son said he didn’t want the mask anyway. Oh well!

This is the t-shirt that came. My son saw it, said “is that for me?”, smiled REALLY big, and took off with it. He didn’t even care what else was on the box! Attack on Titan is the show this shirt is from. My son loves his anime!

Under the shirt, there was a figurine. I found what it looks like outside the box too. I’m saving this for a giveaway when I hit 1000 followers (only 8 more people have to follow me for me to do it too!).

OMG I’m in love! Gremlin socks??? How cool is this??? I loved that movie when I was young! I made sure my son didn’t see these because I want them!!! I am going to wear them on a cold day. I can’t wait! It’s in the 70’s here right now so I guess I’ll be waiting a little while!

And how cool is this? American Horror Story is creepy but a great show. It’s a long keychain too! And comes with a key that you can have made for your home too! Is that from the hotel season? I don’t know, it’s really neat though.

And the monthly pin. Who here played with a Ouija board growing up? I did! This went into my cup of pins immediately! Did you see that it’s pointing to a L on the paper behind it? 😂 Love it!

So this was an awesome loot crate. I can’t wait for November’s! I have a few more things now to give away when I hit 1000 followers so that’s great too!

I will chat with y’all later!

Loot crate for August

I got my subscription box!!! It’s HUGE! What’s in it???

Let’s open it up and find out. So exciting!

Right away I see a shirt and a Rick and Morty toy. Is this it? It can’t be!

Rick and Morty – my son jumped on this. I’m surprised I even got a picture! I have no idea what it is but he has it now anyway!

Did you guess what this shirt is from??? I had to wear it today. Nobody at school commented on it. I think they may all be too young.

Yep!!! It’s the scene where they smash the printer with baseball bats. And a friend got it on Instagram because of the red stapler at the bottom.

OMG OMG OMG!!! A Harley Quinn notebook!!! I am so excited! I will definitely be using this. Blank pages so I can write down thoughts, my personal story, etc.

This is one of those things that you put on your phone and it’s easier to hold it or prop it up. I asked my son and he said he likes his so this went on my phone. It’s pretty cool. I’m still getting used to it but I like it.

The pin this month is from The Cowardly Dog. I used to love this show! It went into my glass of loot crate pins.

That’s it guys! I can’t wait until next month to see what I get! It’s sad that my subscription ends in December. I may renew it or I may let it go.

Have a great night!

Loot Crate time again!

So when I got home from my mini vacation, I had a box waiting for me on my front porch. Thanks Mom for picking it up and bringing it inside (she didn’t). 🙄

The box looks a bit rough here. I wonder what’s inside?

Well obviously I see a stuffed animal and a t-shirt! I love the color of that shirt! Let’s get it out!

I think this is the saddest Jurassic Park t-shirt I have ever seen. Come on guys! There is so much you could have done and this is it? Too bad too because that really is a great color.

The stuffed dinosaur is cute even though it’s small (it has to be to fit in the box!). If I kept stuffed animals, I would keep this guy! Interesting bag. I’ve always found these kind of bags rip quickly. I don’t even know what that is. Do any of you? It looks like some kind of machine?

One of those cards that changes when you turn it. I love the Hulk but what am I supposed to do with this again? Are these things getting more and more boring or is it just me? Maybe I had such a sad weekend that I can’t see how cool they are?

Finally, my pin for the month. This is cool! It looks like the velociraptors from Jurassic Park but with a smile. Lol!

This months box went straight to my son as I have no interest in any of it (although I kept the pin for my collection of loot crate pins). Even he thought the shirt was lame but said he would wear it just to have his friends ask him what it is about.

Tune in next month for another box! My subscription ends in December so only 5 more boxes to go!

May’s Loot Crate opening

I’m catching up with stuff today until I go out with my cousin. Here we go!

Ooh! This looks really cool!

I’m not an Archer fan so my son grabbed it. He’s never even seen this show but whatever!

Oh man! If I was one of those people that put stickers on my car, this would SO go on my car! I love this character!!!

A wallet? Not even my son wanted this so he gave it to a friend.

A new pin for my collection! And it’s from The Big Lebowski!!!

Deadpool t-shirt! Who doesn’t like that? And yet, my son took it the moment he saw it. I was going to wear that!

I’m so happy to have these and I can’t wait until I get June’s. I found a spoiler for it!


I’m a month behind!

Loot Crate from the end of April. I’m way too behind!!!

The box is open!Frodo!!! I adore these little character boxes. I keep these. I’m willing to get rid of most but these, hell no!Zelda is my favorite game! This is really cool! I didn’t open it because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get it back in the tube but I found it online to show you what it looks like open.

These are playing cards and went to one of my son’s friends. They were very happy!I love these pins each month. I save them in a glass. I have quite a few from Loot Crate from when I had a subscription in 2016 and now this year.

The t-shirt that I have no idea what it is but my son took it and some of his friends were jealous so it must be a kid thing.

So this was April’s. I will post May’s Loot Crate next.