January Loot Crate revealed!

I got my Loot Crate Box last night in the mail and I LOVE it this month! So happy that it was not as disappointing as last month.

The box. Before the reveal.

Ooh, this looks cool!

Okay, I have never sat and watched a full episode of Friends so maybe somebody can tell me why there is a turkey with sunglasses on these socks.

The missing eyepatch from last months box. Whoopty friggin do. Not sure what to do with an eyepatch. Maybe I’ll use it for Halloween or give it away with the poster from last month.

A Spongebob calendar. My sons friend took this. I’m happy to have made somebody happy with something I didn’t want anyway. Not that I don’t like Spongebob, I just have no use for a tiny calendar.

The shirt. It’s from Black Mirror (GREAT show). I love this shirt if you can’t tell!

The Loot Pin this month also from Black Mirror. Totally awesome. Went into my collection. My sons friend wanted it but heck no! I showed him my pin collection and he understood they are MINE. 🤣

OMG!!! How cool is this??? I seriously thought I would get stuck with Fry or Zoidberg but no, I got this instead!!! Oh happy day! I posted the video to Instagram thanking Loot Crate too. I am so happy!!!

Oh, what fell out of the box was his crown.

So that’s this months Crate. So excited for next month now!

Loot crate for July

I just got this 2 days ago in the mail. It was a bit later than usual coming and I am so glad I finally got it!

The unopened box…I wonder what joys are inside?

The first thing I notice when I opened it is that there are TWO shirts inside! How cool is that??? That never happens!

Looks like Spider-Man but it’s actually Antman. My son grabbed this shirt almost before I could get a picture of it.

And if you know what movie came out recently, you will know that this is The Wasp! Woo hoo! I get to wear this one!

What’s next?

OMG this is awesome! A picture frame from Bill and Ted? This will make a perfect gift for someone my age! And why not? This movie series was the best when I was younger! Well. TMNT magnets. If only my son was still 7 years old and liked them. I guess I’m looking for a kid to give these to. I’m sure I have friends with kids that like them. The pin that came this month. It’s from a cartoon called Adventure Time. My son is not a fan although he used to be. This pin goes with the box this month too. You can cut these out and play with them I guess. My sons friend said he wanted it but then left it here. What do I do with it now? Save it for him or cut them out and keep them or pitch it? Thoughts?

Well, this was a mixup of stuff in the box and I don’t see how they all fit together. I’m not complaining mind you, I just like when they have a known theme. Great box…now to wait for the August box!