Loot crate

They are trying to catch up on all the missing boxes they owe me. Here are the past few I am ever going to get. I cancelled this box and decided to go with Barkbox for the babies.

Barkbox seems pretty cool. Lucky likes everything in it.

That’s it. My phone is now officially cleared of non essential photos! Lol

Loot crates

Well, loot crate has been having issues so I did cancel it. They still owe me a few boxes and if they actually start showing up and don’t have repeats of past boxes in every single one, I may keep them for next year. Here are the past few boxes I actually received after waiting months.

Same books, same patches, even the same t-shirt! But it’s whatever. They filed for Chapter 11 so I may or may not get my remaining boxes I paid up front for, we shall find out!

December Loot Crate arrived!

It is such a big box! I can’t wait!

It must have a ton of stuff in there although it is very light. Let’s open it!

Wow, that’s it? Really? Such a big box and it’s not full? I think I prefer the smaller boxes that are stuffed. But look, how cool! You can build Bumblebee!

When did Bumblebee become a yellow Herbie? A Volkswagon Beetle? Huh??? Okay then. 😳

Another Dungeons and Dragons t-shirt. Definitely different from the last one from 2016. I loved that shirt. It was a XXL though so it got donated when I lost the weight. Here’s a Google stock photo of the first shirt they came out with and then here’s the new one. I played D&D as a teen and I guess it’s still a thing?

Another Fallout toy. I don’t know anything about Fallout but a ton of people must like it for it to have been in at least 3 crates this year!

Okay, this is cool! Pins from the new Transformers movie!!! I like these! I am putting them with my loot pin collection.

Hmm, this must be a movie photo or something (it has a cardboard back) but I have no interest in it. I don’t even think I saw this movie. there was a card saying they did not have the eyepatch and that it will be shipped in next months Loot Crate. I don’t really need an eyepatch but hopefully it has a design or something cool on it.

And of course the loot pin. Now this is cool! I love the original AND the new Lost In Space!

To me, a disappointing box for December. Since I just renewed my subscription for the next year, I hope the 2019 boxes will be better! If not, I will not continue it after this year. And that would be sad. My son didn’t even want any of this stuff which is not normal so it’s obvious that this box was not as good as past ones.

Loot crate love!!!

I got my loot crate finally!!! I only get 2 more before my subscription is up. It’s very sad! I can’t afford another year of it so I have to let it go. I will miss getting it each month. It’s new t-shirts and toys all the time! I wonder if they take PayPal credit yet? 🤣

Let’s open it up!!!

Hmm, I see a shirt and an alien figurine. Let’s look closer at these fun things!

Alien figurine. Is there a new movie out or coming out? This is funny. An alien walking its alien pet. At a fire hydrant no less. I guess they have hydrants on all planets. 😂

How cool is this??? I love Spider-Man. This is his arch nemesis I think. Really cool! My son literally snatched it right after I took the picture!

Okay, what would I do with a camo bandanna? Well, my son took off with it and wanted it tied around his neck. 🙄 Why???

Mulder! Scully! It’s a notebook from the X-files! Pretty cool! I love to write and my Harley Quinn notebook that I got last time was used to write my story for y’all and gofundme so I need more paper! Always need more paper actually. I love it and I’m keeping it.

The monthly pin. Looks like it’s from Alien as well. That goes straight in the pin jar! There must be a new movie or something!

This months theme was a mixup it seems. I only got to keep the monthly pin and notebook that came in the box. My son grabbed up everything else! That’s okay. I get it for both of us so I can’t complain! Did I tell y’all that LootCrate on Instagram used one of my photos??? That was so cool! Maybe I can get more pictures of my son with the stuff and get posted again.

Lootcrate time!

The unveiling of the latest lootcrate box. I had NO idea what this months theme was and I was super excited to open it!!!

The box looks a bit dented…I’m glad there’s nothing that breaks easy inside!

Open the box and see all the goodies! What could that shirt be? Notice the inside of the box is an old TV set. They are really good at bonding things together so this must be the Retro Box! Woo hoo!!!

OMG it’s Back to the Future!!! The DeLorean time machine car! Awesome! Don’t let my kid see this because he will steal it from me in a heartbeat (he still might if he sees it on me and notices what it is). We are both huge fans of all 3 movies. I will be wearing this on Saturday (I would tomorrow or Friday but I’m working both days). I can’t wait!!!

My son is a huge Sonic fan so I know he will be taking this which is fine with me. It’s just a thing you set on your shelf so that wouldn’t do me any good since I am not a huge Sonic fan and have no shelf space.

Well, umm, cool that’s it’s a D&D die holder but I don’t really play games that have dice 🎲 so this will be a gift for somebody. I don’t know who yet but it’s going in the gift box area of my room.

Anything Simpson’s goes as a gift to my sons father for his birthday or Christmas. This way we don’t have to actually go out and buy something plus he loves the Simpson’s so it’s perfect! I don’t even have to open the box to know that it will go right on his keychain. Okay, I’ll open it to show you what it is.

You sure you want me to open this up? Okay, here we go!

A Hell Fish keychain. He will love it!

I love this game! If you are too young or don’t go to arcade places, Galaga is an arcade machine game where you are the ship (that’s what they sent…how cool is that?) and you are shooting alien bugs that sometimes fly at you. I played this game so much I think I beat it when I was a teen. Even my son has played it because I found it for the Nintendo DS and “borrowed” his game system so I could play it!

I love retro boxes like this. It just made my day. Until next months box…

LootCrate unveiling

This months LootCrate is pretty awesome as usual.

Opened the box and the T-shirt is on top as usual.

Can anyone guess what kind of shirt it is?

Hell yeah! It’s a Black Panther shirt just after the movie release! Woo hoo!

The rest I really don’t know much about. Maybe someone here knows?

Well, I obviously know How to Train Your Dragon. I love these movies!

That’s the box this month. Next months theme is Playback which seems to have Batman, transformers, and video game toys. I can’t wait to find out!!!

Lootcrate unveiling

So I went back to Lootcrate. If you haven’t heard of this wonderful box, it is around $20 a month and you get a clothing item, a pin, and toys! It’s one of those subscription services but this is a fun one. No makeup here!

Open the box to find a shirt right on top! Let’s open it and see what shirt I got this month!

Anybody like Rick and Morty? My son does! He grabbed this shirt and ran off. Crazy kid.

This months lootcrate pin. Looks like what they are searching for in Westworld. Pretty cool!

Also Westworld figurines. How cool! I don’t want to open the box and make them not worth anything though.

X-files card game. Again, don’t want to open it! X-files was a while back so this could be worth something now! Who knows. It’s neat though.

Okay, I was really excited to see this. The last thing in the box. Ooh! I can’t wait to show you!

Yes! Harry Potter socks! OMG! I love them! Who wouldn’t? Keeps your feet warm as well as feel like you are styling with Harry Potter gear!

So that’s it this month. I will get a box each month for one year. Then I will see if I can afford to keep it. I can’t wait to show you what comes at the end of February!