Nothing kind of day

Seriously, I didn’t do much today at all!

I met my friend for lunch at The Toasted Yolk, switched dressers with my son, started Marie’s tidy show on Netflix, and that’s it. My room is not done, this is the in-between stage. I am saving up the money I am not using on cigarettes to get a smaller bed frame and put my bed under my window to have more space in here.

I didn’t smoke all day and was perfectly fine with my vape.

I hope you are having a great weekend!

Well this sucks

I had a plan. I was ready for it. I made my meatloaf muffins and was going to leave to drive the 45 miles to the chiropractor when all of the sudden I just wanted to sit down. So I did. I took my temperature and yep! I have a small one. My nose is running away from me nonstop, my throat is scratchy and I keep coughing and sneezing. Some damn cold got me!

So I am going to take a nap with Amber (she’s already snoring next to me) and see how I feel when my son gets home from school. At least I got to eat a GREAT lunch before my nap!

Crave Cupcakes

Never heard of them? They are SO good! There are lots of little cupcake shops around and in my humble opinion, Crave beats them all!

I got the husband a banana cupcake and the wife a chocolate one.

I walked in and told the guy at the counter that it was my clients 87th birthday and they had never heard of Crave so I wanted to get them what they like and would like a mini vanilla cupcake for me. He was very nice but told me they only sell the mini cupcakes when you buy 12. I definitely don’t need 12 cupcakes in my house! And at $24 for those 12, I can’t afford that! So I said okay, I don’t have to have one. I even told him that at 500 calories, I couldn’t get a big one and stay within my diet today. This guy was in shape, young, and very cute! I figured one look at me and he would understand that I’m trying.

He packed up their cupcakes and then came out from the back with a mini vanilla one for me! Isn’t that sweet??? I’m so happy!!! He didn’t have a way to charge for just one so I put $2 in their tip jar since I figured $24 for 12 cupcakes is $2 a piece. I put the last picture in so you can see the size difference between the cupcakes. I prefer the small one. The big one is too much sweetness!

I called the couple to see why I had to be there so early and he said I can come at 2:45pm since his appointment is at 3:15 and we will go to the store after that. Well, crap. I know that means that he wants to go out to dinner instead of going to lunch. Oh I know why he wanted me there at 12. I’m trying not to eat out and having to take them out to dinner is not very helpful to my plan. I guess I’ll get a salad wherever they choose to go since they always make me eat with them. I prefer making my own salads since restaurants tend to put stuff in I don’t like or overdo it with salad dressing. I will also have to take my shredded cheese, a hard boiled egg, and sunflower seeds with me to make the salad how I want it. I know, I’m weird. That’s how I like salads though!

So I’m back home, ate my 200 calorie cupcake, and now waiting for my clothes to finish drying. Y’all have a great day!

Saturday exercise and stuff

I went to the gym. I did 45 minutes on the bicycle at levels 2 and 6 plus 25 minutes on legs (not pictured is the thigh adduction machine). Woo hoo! Then I went to the grocery store with my moms and my sons list. All I needed was milk and some healthy snacks. I got some too.

Banana chips – I love bananas but they’re too soft and stick to my teeth. So I got banana chips. Not as healthy but has a gram of protein and only 5g of sugar. They are alright. I like the thinner slices better. The thick ones are very hard for me to munch into.

Sesame sticks – so good and crunchy! 5g of protein and NO sugar! I love these but I don’t like them all the time. I’ll have this bag and not like them for a few months. I’m weird like that.

Fiber One Protein Nut chewy bars chocolate pretzel nut – haven’t tried them yet and they have 10g protein and 5g sugar each.

And of course I have plenty of nuts around to munch on. Peanuts have 7g of protein in each ounce. Cashews have 4g.

Can y’all tell I’m trying to get more protein???

My mom had a coworker come over and put lights on her Christmas tree before she put it away for the year. Let’s just hope the lights don’t go bad during the year after all that work! I had to get her tree out of the bag we put it in and set it back up only to have her friend say she needs it in pieces. 🙄

My son wants me to move his bed to the corner of his room. I do agree it would give him more space, and as it’s on these risers and they are not attached, I don’t want to deal with it today. No fun. So he’s been in here complaining that I don’t want to do anything today yet he opens everything I brought home from the store! 🙄

I ate my weird lunch of sesame sticks, banana chips, and 2% lactose free chocolate milk (Mootopia brand) at 3pm and I’m trying to wait to eat dinner until 7. I’m hoping that makes me not so hungry when I go to bed at 10 or 11.

I sent out invoices and I did my weekly paperwork for my business. Now I can relax. Since I didn’t watch Netflix the other day, I think I might try to find a movie now.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Oh no!

I think I forgot to blog this morning in my rush to leave!

I had my well woman exam this morning at 8. As all the women reading this know, it’s NOT fun! I was there almost 2 hours too. I had to pick up Forgetful at 10:30 so I barely made it.

So I take her to the medical center where I had taken the wife of the couple on Friday. I got the doctor to say she had to live in the assisted living place at least another 3 months until they could retest her. Yay! So then we went to lunch at one of my favorite places, Mi Luna. It is a Tapas place in Houston. They changed their menu and raised their prices but it was still so good! I recommend it if you come to visit. My favorite is Pollo Croquettas.

Thanks goes to Google images for the stock photo 😀

Then I told the couple that I would take them to the grocery store tomorrow instead of this afternoon because I was mentally worn out after 4 hours with Forgetful. So I came home and waited for my Mom so we could go get the condo papers notarized.

She never showed up! Well, not until 7pm (dammit). I pulled up Netflix (the first time in 4 days) and saw that Punisher was available! 😁 So I started watching it at 4. I haven’t stopped, it’s really interesting and very action packed!

I did not finish cooking everything yesterday as I got tired and what I’m supposed to do is stop when I get tired, otherwise I could get sick again so I did. I couldn’t do it today either since I wanted to be ready to go when my mom got home. She could have called! She was at work. So I’ll get all that done tomorrow too. We are going to the bank for a notary at 9, 9:30 to take the couple to the grocery store, then come home and cook.

I’m in bed at 9:30pm and plan on passing out here within 30 minutes. Have a great night!

Sorry 😐

So I keep going in circles about the condo in different posts so I want to be clear. Honestly, I am going to just give my cousin half because I really hate to argue, especially over money. Yes, I probably should get more but whatever. Seriously, it’s just money. It won’t make them happier and I’m saving my part for my son to go to college so who really cares? And it’s not that much anyway! Okay, if I was giving up half a million dollars, I may be having a fit. True. But seriously, he’s freaking out over an extra $5,000 when he’s a professor (and has a wonderful degree that he could go back to), has a home, his wife works, his son got a partial scholarship and lives at home to go to school. I have been struggling these past 15 years trying to make ends meet, raising a kid by myself, no child support, paying daycare so I could work and then end up not making much because I had to pay daycare (one of the most horrible things about being a single parent), and also being too proud to ask for help from my parents. They couldn’t have helped anyway, now I know that but didn’t know it then.

Anyway, I digress. That’s just really frustrating me. So in order to save my relationship with my cousin who has always been more like a brother to me, I’m just giving in.

Yesterday I was supposed to only have the one job of seeing Forgetful. Yeah, that’s not how it went.

9:30am – drop papers off at title company

10am – drop papers off at school to update address

10:15am – since I was across the street at my sons school, I went to see Cranky. She said she was sick last week too (she wasn’t) and she’s glad to see me. Aww, so sweet sometimes! I was happy to go by too. Her cat smelled me and then tried to chomp on my hand but missed, then he ran away. I stayed about an hour.

11:30 – stopped by KFC for crispy fried chicken for lunch (I know, I know, not very healthy).

12pm – stopped by to see Mr. 95 year old. He’s still recovering from pneumonia. His son was in town from Denver and was there. I talked and laughed with Mr. 95 year old for about 10 minutes while I ate lunch and looked at his handsome (married though) son. The son said he had been about to call Uber when I walked in for a ride to the airport but since I was there, could I take him? I wish I could have spent more time with him but I felt like I was being rushed. I will have to go back by so I can actually sit and chat longer.

12:30pm – took his son to the airport with a stop at Chick-fil-A for his lunch. He ate in my car on the way there. He wanted to know all about my business and how much I charge, etc. He talked about his Denver Broncos buddy that he’s partners with in Denver. I told him how much I wish I could move back there and he told me I should.

1:30pm – just dropped his son off and got a call from Forgetful’s step daughter in law saying Forgetful never came back to the assisted living facility from her friend picking her up at 8:30am. So I told her I would drive by her house in case the friend had taken her by there and was unable to get Forgetful to leave again. By the time I drove back to Houston (the airport is about 45 minutes from where I live so it’s like I drove out of the city although I really didn’t) and got to her house, she had finally arrived back at the “home”.

2:30pm – drove from Forgetful’s house to go see her and ask about her adventures and she said we just went to the doctor and then to lunch. That took 6 hours??? Wow. Then her occupational therapist walked in and the cleaning lady was there so I stayed about 30 minutes and then told her I would see her tomorrow (now today).

3:30pm – got my haircut as you probably saw yesterday.

4:45pm – stopped by Beck’s Prime to get dinner. Oh I know I ate out all day, and that’s all I ate today so don’t be too hard on me! My son wanted a grilled cheese and I wanted a kids burger. Still cost me over $12 just for that but their food is awesome!

5pm – home! Yay! Ate. Picked up doggy and took her to the dog food store (Natural Paws – they are great). Then back home. Talked to my mother and got a call from one of my old neighbors. He had asked if he could use my parking spot until the place sold so of course I let him, we don’t close until Monday. He also wants me to stop by the next time I come by. I told him I will come check my mail for the last time on Sunday and I will say hello and have a beer with him. He’s really nice and his wife is leaving town this weekend so he’s probably a bit lonely and wants to hear about my new living arrangements. He’s a 20 something guy but very nice and his wife is very sweet. I just hope I don’t see anyone else while I’m there!

10pm – went to bed

Today I have to take the couple to the doctor and going by to see Forgetful. Let’s see if I can do a day correctly! This isn’t the busiest of days. Saturday will be awful but I don’t want to think about it until it’s time.

Have a good Thursday!

Cleaning day again

So I went to the condo and cleaned it all out other than the couch, freezer, and espresso machine that I am selling.

One of my caregivers said it looks smaller but I think it’s just the pictures. I think it looks larger now. Who knows.

Now I’m back at home and my moms maids are here cleaning. The only business I have today is Forgetful at lunchtime so that’s easy. My mom asked me to go by Petco and return some stuff so that’s next.

So the Astros have lost the first game and won the second. Maybe the uber driver was right! I hope so!!! It would be awesome to have a World Series win here in Houston.

Not much else going on. Watching the animals run around on the wet floor. I’m staying off it to let it dry. I found a collection of lighters and matches at the condo too. I don’t know what to do with most of them. Pitch them?

At least that’s all done now and the realtor can sell the place hopefully.

Have a great Thursday. Hugs!

Getting closer!

I am moving in only 4 days. I am getting nervous about moving now. With 4 days to go! What if my allergies can’t take her cats? What if I start fighting with my mother like I did most of my teenage years? What if my son ends up hating it? What will I do then? What if, what if, what if!!! As I lay here in bed after waking up at 4:45am (I don’t usually wake up until 5:30 or 6), I am plagued with what ifs. I have a nice warm doggy against my back and it is actually a cool 55 degrees Fahrenheit outside. That is normally my favorite way to wake up!

Yesterday, I went to see Indecisive and reset her Google because it wasn’t working properly. She called me at 9pm last night saying none of the links she put on her desktop are going where they were supposed to, they are all going to google. That doesn’t sound right. Resetting google shouldn’t take away what you have saved to your desktop, right? I hope someone here can give me an idea so I can go back to her place today and fix it.

And OMG, I went to my lunch with Forgetful, another lady in the home, and my German neighbor. So my neighbor and I get there early and they did not reserve us a table. So I had to ask for that. Then, they didn’t want to accept cash for my meal, they wanted to charge it to my client. Umm, NO! Then I couldn’t find Forgetful anywhere! I had 3 people looking for her too! Someone finally told me that she was getting her hair done so I had to leave the other 2 ladies and go upstairs to get her and bring her down. So she was about 45 minutes late to the luncheon I had very carefully planned out! It ended up being okay. My neighbor likes the other German woman at the home and said she would go back to visit her on her own which was why I introduced them, they are both from Berlin. Forgetful ate and then went off with a caregiver to her next activity. I was a bit stressed though!

Today are the same people plus I have to meet the exterminator at my Mom’s to respray for fleas (just in case) and ask him to spray all the ants in the patio and carport. So I thought I would do my day like this:

8-9 breakfast with Forgetful and her niece

Go by the house to grab stuff to take to my moms.

10-11 or 12 Exterminator

Make another trip of stuff to my moms

1-2 Indecisive to fix computer

After 2 – Sell my freezer that I just got a couple months ago (because I won’t need it at my moms) on Facebook marketplace (the only reason I still keep my account – once I have completely moved, I’ll probably cancel it)

Go pick up my son



Sound like a plan?

Smoking: yeah right, I haven’t quit yet although I am still only smoking about half a pack a day

Exercising: Nope! Too busy but I will get back to it. I think lifting and hauling things up the stairs at my moms is enough for now

Quitting soda: Not yet!

Son’s grades: He got 5 A’s and 3 B’s – am I a bad mom for telling him that’s great but he needs to study more and make all A’s?

So yeah. I guess I’m a bit stressed but everything will go back to normal soon. Right? Please tell me it will!!!

An easy day

We got a lot done yesterday. My son and I went to the 2 story Barnes and Noble in River Oaks yesterday morning where he was able to buy 4 new manga books and I got 2 new Bookshots by James Patterson. I also ate breakfast there at their Starbucks. I still can’t believe they have quiche!

So I brought my son home around 11 and went straight to my Mom’s. She had to talk to me for a while and then went to work. My ex boyfriend and I got to work around 1:30pm. I had already started my 2 loads of laundry and picked nails off the floor in my room as well as taken a few things of mine upstairs. He and I broke down the desk that’s been sitting in the patio for weeks to be taken away by the trash men, took a bunch more stuff upstairs, almost finished my closet (he had put too much mud on and has to sand it down – his hair was white when he finished most of it yesterday), moved the bookcase in my room where I want it, put doors on my mothers armoire, and talked about when he would come finish. We also got a ton of stuff ready for the Salvation Army to come on Wednesday. We did a few other things I’m sure, he was there for 3 hours. I finally gave him the extra keys and the title to the car and he was happy about that!

Since I worked hard yesterday, today is nice because all I have is a lunch with a neighbor and 2 ladies in a retirement home and then going over to see Indecisive for the first time in a LONG time. She called me yesterday morning while I was busy planning with my mother to ask me to come by. Since she just talks and asks me to fix her computer, I’m happy to just go be quiet for a while and let her talk to me. That’s it for today! Sounds good to me! I think I will just relax this morning before my lunch.

It’s weird how it works out. I really needed extra time to myself this week to be able to move the last of my stuff over and be ready for the movers and I am pretty slow this week work wise. The last 2 weeks of working my butt off helps too since I already have the money to pay for the movers and can take a slow week.

My home has been on the market for 17 days. 5 people have come to look at it. That’s it! That’s barely one every 3 days. I need this place sold. My son lost another baby tooth last night. He was complaining that his tooth hurt. He showed me his mouth and I told him, if you pull out the baby tooth, you’ll feel better since your adult tooth is already halfway out! Crazy child. He saw blood when he pulled it and said he couldn’t do the other two he has like that because he doesn’t want his mouth bleeding that much. 🙄

Oh! And it’s actually cool outside!!! 65 degrees! Woo hoo!!! The high today is supposed to be 78 so probably 80 but the past few days have had a high of 90-93 so I’m happy!!!! A good Monday!

Have a good day you guys!

So freaking busy

Wednesday’s are always busy but wow! Today has been nuts!

I grabbed a donut and energy drink at 7am and took my son to school. I took Mr. 95 year old to work at 7:30. I made it back with enough time to walk my dog but nothing else as I had to leave again. I had to stop and get gas and picked up Stinky at 10.m in West Houston. She had a bunch of errands to run and we didn’t get back to her place until 1pm.

I had to drive from West Houston (Dairy Ashford and Westheimer for those here) all the way down to Hobby airport by 2pm to pick up Mr. 95 year old! Eek!!! Thanks to the GPS app Waze, I made it with ONE minute to spare. Whew!!!

I finally got home around 2:50, walked the dog, and finally grabbed a bite to eat. As soon as I put a piece of string cheese in my mouth, my son calls and wants a ride home because he had to go to the bathroom. Uh oh. That did it. I had to go then too! So I told him I was in there and he needed to walk and I would come get him when I was done, which I did. We come back home, I make a dinner to take with me, and I head back out to see Forgetful.

Forgetful was at a sing-a-long having a great time! I waited and then we went to her room for her medicine before dinner. While she used the nebulizer, I pulled out the cat brush I had gotten for her. She loves it! She told me the cats really need to be brushed so I started with her fat cat. The cat even loved this little brush! The handle on it goes between your fingers so when you are brushing the cat, it seems like you are petting them. Really cool! The other cat didn’t come out to let me try it on her but that’s okay. There’s plenty of time.

I left at 5:28 and raced over to pick up Mr. 95 year old to go to the country club for dinner with his golfing buddies at 6. Please note none of these men actually play golf anymore. They DO get together for dinner every Wednesday though! So that’s where I sit now. I WAS going to take more stuff to my moms but oh well!!!

I hope your day has been more calm than mine! I am going to sit here in my car eating my strange dinner of honey roasted cashews, peanut butter, graham crackers, and gluten free Tate’s chocolate chip cookies (they’re the best). With a Pepsi. Considering I have eaten one donut and 2 pieces of string cheese all day, this is good!

Have a great evening!!!