Well Good Morning!☀️😃

I was asleep by 11pm. Why I was awake at 5:10am, I have NO clue.

I went to walk to the restroom and OUCH! The heel of my right foot HURTS to stand on it!!! I guess I did too much yesterday. That’s not good since I need to move more stuff today. Plus clean more stuff out of the room at my Mom’s. I will wear my tennis shoes today and hopefully will not hurt as bad as when I put on my flip flops. I do have to go drive stinky this morning to get her hair and nails done too!

Speaking of my Mom… she has totally been on board with this plan of us moving in the whole time, until yesterday. You know how I said I would call my cousin back to find out what she needed? When I did, I mentioned that I had been busy packing to move. She immediately hangs up with me and calls my mother and, of course, makes her freak out by saying, “She shouldn’t sell the condo yet. What if you can’t get along? Is she going to make you move out of your house? She’s going to want to control you. This isn’t going to work.” WTH! So I spent an HOUR reassuring my mother that her cousin has had issues with her own 6 kids and I am not like my cousins and will not push her out or take over, blah blah blah. That wasn’t fun. I hope I gave her enough reassurance. I’m so used to spending time in my room when I’m at home that it’s not going to change. I was able to pack up most of my closet yesterday and take it over there. Since the bedrooms are not done being cleaned out yet, I put everything under her piano downstairs. The cats were having a great time looking and sniffing at all of it. Everything I own will probably now have cat on it. They are so cute. I really hope I get a little used to being around them! I really do like them.

The red bag is what I put my Christmas tree in during the year when I’m not using it. Her cat immediately wanted up on it and even took a short nap before the bag fell over and dumped her off.😂

This is my son’s toddler chair. I think the cats like it! I can’t make her get rid of it if she thinks they will use it though!

By the way, It’s allergy season here in Texas. Everywhere you go, people are sniffling, sneezing, coughing, and have itchy eyes. Not everyone has allergies but it does seem like half of Houston does! Especially me. And I was around my Mom’s 2 cats without my allergy medicine yesterday. No fun.

I want to go to this place next Wednesday called Dish Society (restaurant) because my favorite local beer distillery (The Bearded Fox) will be served there that night. Unfortunately, I also work on Wednesday evenings so I doubt I will get to go. It’s a shame really because I adore this beer they make called Aunt Rose and I am not a fan of driving 45 minutes to their place of business just to have one! Dish Society is close by. So now I’m pouting. Somebody please go by there and have an Aunt Rose for me!!! You buy a pint and get to keep the glass!

So yeah, one job this morning. Then I’m off until Monday morning. I need to get a LOT done at my moms since I have the time. I took my allergy pill last night so I wouldn’t forget today. My eyes are still itchy and my poor nose is stuffy but I still have to go. Maybe I will open a window over there. Maybe that’s what the problem is. I’m not sure when those windows have been opened last. Yay! I have a plan!

Speaking of plans, I weighed myself this morning. I have gained 3 pounds. I’m pretty sure it’s because I keep forgetting to eat breakfast (or in too much of a hurry) and driving which means sitting on my butt in the car). So I took a pill with my energy drink this morning and when I’m done writing, I’m going to go make breakfast and eat. Then work and clean all day. As long as I don’t forget to eat, I should drop these 3 pounds pretty quick. I don’t normally take pills to help with weight but it’s really just caffeine pills to keep me moving and I won’t drink the 2 energy drinks I normally do. I’ll stick with water and save the calories for food instead of soda.

Have a great weekend. I hope my foot and my allergies are fine today and tomorrow!

Rest Day…maybe

Yesterday was good. I had 2 jobs and they were both very generous to me and tipped me well. Doesn’t make up for the loss for the whole week but it’s helpful getting back on track!

Traffic is horrendous but since there is still flooding, it’s understandable. I got a picture from ABC13KTRK here that shows the satellite view of the Harvey.

So yeah, it was pretty bad here. You couldn’t see all the waterways before this storm from a satellite (taken from ABC13KTRK). Also from the same website, this shows you where the water from the reservoirs is going.

This is actually my working area too so it’s difficult to see my clients and friends homes being flooded.

My man went home yesterday, no more cat in the house. My dog is VERY happy and even slept with me last night. My allergies will thank me when I wash the sheets today too.

My son is having a friend over today. He is excited especially since we can’t get to his other friends. I told the kids mom that if she will drop him off, we will keep him and bring him home after dinner. Now I just need to figure out what to make them. I’m thinking they can eat the leftover burgers. Why not?

My wedding ring came in yesterday but no regular mail. Weird. It’s beautiful! My dress and ring shows how much of a Doctor Who fan I am. My dress is a Tardis dress too. Naw, I don’t like that show at all!

Tungsten wedding band (Walmart)

Tardis dress from Torrid

Now he wants to dress like the 4th doctor so we are on the lookout for his outfit.

Google pics of the 4th doctor

Yes, we are serious about going through this. We just got through a week of living together and sleeping in the same bed and sharing a small space and didn’t hate each other. No, that’s not a lifetime, it was stressful because of the storm and we both have no money and the fact that we were able to get through it and still be talking about it is awesome. We can get through anything!

He wants to move to Arkansas. I don’t want to leave my mother by herself here or move until I have clients to drive and be able to work there. So I don’t know what we are going to do. We will figure it out.

So I am watching HGTV Property Brothers and about to shower. Also wondering what to cook for the week. I still have some leftovers from a few days ago when I went crazy in the kitchen too which have to be eaten. Are we having fun yet?

Y’all have a great day. The boys will probably just sit here and play my sons Wii U or watch YouTube like usual while I am cleaning and cooking. 🙄

Another pound gone

I have lost 4 pounds in 3 weeks. I am NOT complaining!

I went walking again this morning. I slowed down but tried to walk as far as I did yesterday. I walked in a huge circle around the neighborhood close by me. I almost made it. 1.43 miles instead of 1.52. My heart rate did not go so high thanks to the slowing down.

Much better for me, right? My walk took longer which I didn’t like but I need the exercise so I can’t complain. My son is still asleep from when he went to bed yesterday at noon. Kids, geez!!!

I ran into a mom from my sons kindergarten class back in 2010. They had moved to Norway after kindergarten and she said they came back a year ago and she put her son is now in private school “because he’s used to the international school system and its more like our private schools”. Then she said we should get the boys together. Wait, huh? You came back a YEAR ago! If you really wanted our boys to get together, wouldn’t you have sent me a Facebook message back then??? Whatever. I doubt I will even see her again, let alone get a message from her on Facebook.

That was my morning walk. Now I get to go sit with this little old cranky as hell woman for 4 hours today while her caregiver takes some time to herself. I am going to take my laundry over there because I may as well save money (they charge $2.75 per load here where I live) and I’ll be there forever anyway. Maybe I can take her to lunch or something as well to break up the monotony of sitting around her apartment. Plus my regular Wednesday evening dinner plans with my favorite 95 year old!

When I got off my afternoon job yesterday, another client called me totally frantic because her house phone and internet were not working. I went over there. I restarted her router but that didn’t work. So I called the company she uses and the woman I got said they can’t come out until Saturday! WTH??? They are going to make her do without service for 4 days??? What has customer service become? Companies do not seem to care about their customers anymore. What company am I talking about you ask? Well, AT&T of course! Not that other internet providers aren’t the same way. When my father was bedridden right before he passed away, I asked Xfinity to come out and hook up cable upstairs so he would have something to watch and they said 3 days before they could come out. Well thanks but no thanks. I’m very disappointed in how companies treat customers these days. It’s just sad. That’s why I started reviewing on Yelp. Not that it will make a difference, it probably won’t, but it gives me an outlet for my frustration and sometimes I get a place that does a great job and I love praising companies when they do something good too!

So I guess I need to shower and get to work. I hope everyone has a great hump day!

Here we go again…another Monday

Good morning!!!

I did NOT cook yesterday. My ex-husband called and asked if he could come visit his son. Since by law I have to let him see his child, I let him. Since he was here, I went and helped my mother and ran an errand.

I called and asked my mom if I could use her minivan to pick up a freezer I had bought but couldn’t fit in my car. She said, “Of Course BUT you will have to do some things to have room for the box.”

1. Empty out the minivan of cat food, a hammock, hanging clothes, a ladder, 2 decorations, and move my huge Christmas bow.

2. Hook up the Apple TV for me.

3. Make sure everything is put away and lock up the house.

Umm, I really needed the vehicle so okay, I’ll do it. I hooked up MY older model Apple TV in her bedroom and even signed in to everything for her. I’m glad I gave her my older one and took the new one like she suggested. The older model remotes have direction buttons, an enter key, a menu button (used to go back if you don’t know), and a play/pause button. The new ones are completely different! You have to scroll using the top part of the remote, click enter in the top part. I’m not sure she would have been able to use the new one. In this picture, the old remote is on the left. Which on do you like better for an elderly woman?

So after that was done, I went and picked up my 5 cubic foot freezer. It is totally awesome! I can’t wait to find a good sale and fill it up with stuff we like. My pothead neighbor and his friend came out and helped my ex-husband bring it inside for me. I’m going to have to make him cookies for the help. It’s a bit heavy. I’m so happy with this though. It’s quiet, it’s small, and it fits perfectly where I wanted to put it! It looks like it will fit a lot of food too. When frozen vegetables are on sale for a dollar, when Blue Bell ice cream is on sale for $2.99 a half gallon (not often), when fried fish is on sale at Costco, and when beef is on sale for a dollar or two a pound, these are all good things to have extras of!

I went to bed at 10:30 last night. I planned on waking up at 5:30am, getting out the door by 6:30, and going walking using Zombies, Run. Well, dammit, I turned off my alarm at 5:30, 6, and 6:30 and woke up on my own at 7. Oops!!! So if I go walking around 8, it will already be hot as hell (not desert hot but still hot and humid), AND I will end up probably having sweat dripping in my eyes. Plus I just realized my headphones are dead so I would have to go with no music. I can’t do that! I think I will do weights today and get up tomorrow and go walking then. I let myself down by oversleeping but maybe I needed the rest. I haven’t gone for a walk in 3 days already! I really wanted to get off my butt. I HAVE to go tomorrow morning. I don’t have a job tomorrow until 10:30 so I will have time.

So today, no jobs. Since I didn’t cook yesterday, I will today. My son asked if his friend could come over. Actually, his friend text him at 10pm last night and asked if he could come over. Same friend that was here the other day too. I don’t mind. I’ll let them play and watch TV while I cook. I’ll probably end up baking something for them too. I’ll ask if they want brownies, cookies, or cupcakes. If I gave my son the choice, he would say brownies and they would all be gone an hour after they came out of the oven. I don’t think I’m ready for teenage boys to hang out! I will have NO food left!!!

School doesn’t start here for another week. I need to go to the store and stock up on lunch stuff for school but not until this weekend. I had 12 lunchables in the fridge for my son to take to school when I went shopping and I looked yesterday and there are 2. 2!!! So he’s been eating one a day instead of eating what I cook. That child of mine!!! He wants me to find him a lunchbox that is small enough to fit in his backpack this year. It has to hold a lunchable and a drink because we are not going to go through what we did last year. Last year, he qualified for free lunch at school but never ate there. He said the line was too long and he wasn’t hungry (yeah right), he just wanted to chat with his buddies. So I packed lunch for him and would then have to go to the lost and found a few days later to get back his lunchbox. Geez child!!! His backpack is already 15 pounds (I weighed it last year) so adding something else doesn’t sound good. His school doesn’t have lockers so the kids have to carry everything with them everywhere. They get 4 minutes between classes too. Completely different from when I was in school! Since he needs to eat, I’m going to have to go look for one though. I have all week. This looks perfect! Now I just need to find one locally.

So have a good Monday. I guess I need to get up and get moving. I want to make a solar eclipse box in case these 2 boys decide last minute that they want to look at it today. You can make one using 2 index cards or even a cereal box, look it up! You do not have to buy stuff to be able to watch it today!

Helping friends

Yesterday was great! Russ and I spent the day together. We went to a couple of clients homes since I had to pay a caregiver and do a woman's medication. Then we had lunch. Then we went by my moms and he played her piano and met my ex who was there fixing my grill. Then we came to the house and just hung out. It was a really good day!

I have one job today for about 4 hours. That works for me! Bank, lunch, and doctor appointment. Easy day.

My friend is trying to get her kids into a good elementary school so I am helping her. The school she's trying to get in is very strict on their policy and I know exactly what she needs since my son went there too. So I've been on the phone talking with her this morning and now her husband is coming by with the kids before I take off for work.

That's all I got so far. I took yesterday off of exercise and feel better today. Yesterday I was having a hard time if I sat for too long, it would be painful to start walking again. Today it's not a problem so I know I needed that break. I will do weights later since I can do that anytime of the day.

Have a great day and a great week!

Great day

First job, somebody on the tollway tried to come in my lane and we were NOT in his blind spot. I was driving the clients car too! Her doctor appointment went well, we went by her bank, and I got her back home.

Next to my first ever client. Her son contacted me because he's worried she's not eating. I go over there and ask her about eating more and she replies, "I will eat when I damn well want to!" Well, I'm not going to argue with that! Her son happened to call while I was there so I told him what she said and he laughed.

I then got to go home and relax for a bit. I started watching The Great British Bakeoff. They are pretty harsh to the contestants! Made me want to bake a cake too. Yummy foods on there.

Now I am on my last job. I am sitting outside this restaurant and for the first time ever, I had to go in and ask if I could use their restroom. The manager is actually who I spoke with (eek!) and he said "Me casa es su casa." (For non Spanish speakers that means my house is your house) Wow! That was very nice! So I looked online at their menu prices and have decided to come for Sunday brunch over here. Only $20 for 3 courses and it's all healthy foods. So I asked my new dating buddy to come with me. I'm still waiting to hear back from him.

Have a great Friday night!