Do not procrastinate!

I woke up late this morning. My friend called and wanted to tell me about her horrible boss and got me up at 7:30. That’s normally the time I am leaving to take my son to school! So I went and woke him up and we were out the door in 11 minutes. He was still there in plenty of time. I am SO glad she called!

I came home and started studying. I studied from 9am to 8pm today. Granted I took a 20 minute lunch break, a 30 minute break to get my son at school, and a 30 minute break to pick him up a Starbucks cake pop after karate and make myself dinner. That’s still ALL day! I opened the exam at 8pm. I took 49 minutes for the exam, carefully thinking and rereading the book and my notes before answering. I got a 78. I feel like if I had studied more days, I would have done better. I still have that final this weekend so after tomorrow, I am studying like crazy. I got an A on my paper too guys!!! Even with the misspelling! So I have a B in that class.

After the exam, I decided to get my last math quizzes and homework done so I can concentrate on that final after this weekend. I will have an entire week to prepare. So I have now finished those and it’s almost 11pm. Whew!

Tomorrow I take my son to the dentist at 9am, a high school tour at 1pm, and then he has a Spanish aptitude test at that same school at 5pm. It’s going to be a long day!!! He wants to go to the Mexican bakery after the dentist so of course I asked H if she wanted to go. She not only wants to go there, she wants to come with us to the dentist! I think she’s ready for this semester to be over too. Since her actual birthday is on Friday, I will get her a flan.

From my last math exam, I finally got the grade for my free response questions. 17 out of 30. Eek!!! I hate how they grade things in that class. So glad it’s almost over! I have an 85 in the class right now. If I do well on the final, I may end up with an A- and I would be proud of that! So happy I am taking the precalculus at the community college!

That’s it for me. I need some sleep for my crazy busy day tomorrow!

Chat later!

Last day for the drawing!

My friend H is coming to video the drawing this week so if you haven’t liked the post, you have until tonight! So far there are 27 likes. Will you be the winner? One note – if you do not live in the states and you win, I cannot send the keto bread. It’s refrigerated and I cannot afford to spend the kind of money it would cost to send something overnight out of the states.

I have lots to tell you guys from yesterday! I was at school at 10am and my ex was on the phone with me my entire drive.

He said that he wants to come see his son but his truck broke down so he can’t. I told him that the psychologist suggested to meet somewhere other than the house. He goes off saying how this therapist is not good, doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and that nobody is going to tell him where he can see his child. Wow, right?

I tell him how our son has some major anger issues. I finally told him about the fight. I told him that our son keeps a knife in his room (I did not mention it’s a pocket knife that he uses to open boxes only). I told him that we started going to therapy because my dad passed away and they were very close but as hormones have hit worse, he seems to be getting more and more angry (usually only when his father is coming over or other normal teenage angst).

SO! His father says, maybe I shouldn’t come over for a while. My reply, “That is your choice. I suggested we meet for lunch or at a park.” He replies, “No, I think it’s best if I just avoid that situation for a while.” OMG YAY! When I finally got him off the phone, I called my son to tell him. He said, ” Thank the Lord!” Think he’s happy? 😂

I went to take my exam after taking the practice quiz online in the library which was actually quiet for once! I made an 80 on the multiple choice questions on the exam. I won’t find out how badly I screwed up the free response written questions for another week. I don’t think I did very well though! All these logarithm questions which I barely started learning Friday night! With my 93 on the practice test I will get an extra 9 points added to my test grade so I will pass. I have a B in the class before the test. Only thing left in math this semester is the final exam, one more homework, and 3 quizzes. Only thing left in nutrition is the final exam too. It’s almost over y’all!!!

H and I went after my exam and drove to Fulshear TX yesterday to have the worlds best barbecue. Being from San Antonio, she had never had it. She loved it!

She is taking the math exam on Monday at 5pm so she is studying today and tomorrow. That’s why we are not doing the drawing until Tuesday but today is the last day to like the post to be in the drawing! Then we drove to the Fry’s near Sugar Land TX because she wants this DVD player you hook up to your computer. They were completely out! And their prices were twice to three times what you would pay at Walmart. Ridiculous. I won’t be going there again. It’s far away and pricey? No thanks Fry’s!

H hasn’t ever had Rice-a-Roni, my burgers, or anything I normally eat. So I am cooking today (meal prep Sunday you know) and I told her after the concert she’s going to tonight, she should come eat dinner. I’ll see if she comes and I will let you know what she thinks!

For Thanksgiving, I do not technically have to cook. We are going to my cousins house for Thanksgiving dinner. My cousin asked my mom to get pecan pies from this fancy barbecue place here. My mother told ME to go get them so I went yesterday before H and I took off out of town. They were $22 a piece! Okay, it’s good pecan pie but almost $3 a person if you cut it in 8 slices??? Crazy!

I am going to make this homemade Macaroni and cheese too. My cousin didn’t ask me to, I have just made it the past 5 Thanksgivings for my little family and I love it! It is very time consuming to make but so worth it. So I am making it. I’m sure it will go over well and who complains about more food at a family holiday meal with 18 people?

I am also going to make cheesy crackers. Rice Krispies and cheese? Yes please!

I’ve got my work cut out for me today! I already got all the trash together and put out for the trash guys tomorrow. I’m sure I will add another bag once I cook.

Y’all have a great Sunday!

Good non-school day

No class today since my professor went out of town. I was glad because they closed my garage parking for a football game too.

This morning was spent running errands for my mom. First issue – I got an email this morning that her 2nd bank account was overdrawn. Considering she doesn’t use that account, I pulled it up to find out that they gave her checks for that account instead of the one she normally uses plus some credit card that she paid off is STILL pulling money out! So I went up to BOA and the nice lady removed the overdraft fee and got her checks for her account at no additional cost. We have to call the credit card company in the morning because my mom did not get home this afternoon until it was too late to call them.

2nd issue was prescriptions. Her doctor sent her pharmacy 3 scripts. She went and picked up 2. She couldn’t understand why the 3rd wasn’t available. Like I had assumed, it had simply not been ready. I was able to pick that up easily.

I decided to go see Cranky since I only had an hour until I needed to pick my son up at school. Her caregiver was doing her hair and asked me to make her a hair appointment so I text her hair person. Got her appointment set for Wednesday for that. She seemed to think her eye doctor appointment tomorrow was too close to Christmas and asked to change it so I said I would.

I took off and picked up my son. We went to a high school for a tour. He liked the school and is not even worried that they have 3 hours of homework every day. We still have 2 schools to check out. Since the tours are only available on Thursdays, I’m just going to have to miss school 2 more times. We have to check out these schools. It’s important to see what he likes and hates. This one was pretty small and only had 400 students per grade. Even my graduating class had over 500 so this is a small school! He’s in the lottery to get in. Praying he makes it! We won’t find out until April of 2019 though.

We came home after and I let Amber out. As we were walking back inside, Eliza got out. She is such an escape artist! It took me about 7 minutes to coax her out of the holly bushes and pick her up to bring her back inside. Crazy cat!

I took the math practice exam again. I need practice! I made a 63 on it. The first time I took it, I got a 56 so I’m doing better. I can still take it 18 more times before the exam on Saturday.

Tomorrow I will take Styled to get her hair dyed and study at the hairdressers house. Then when I get home I will try it again. Let’s see what happens!

Seriously though

Yesterday I really did study. I worked on math for HOURS (literally 5) and when I was frustrated and pulling my hair out, I made notes on my biology book on the first chapter that will be on that exam next week. I didn’t go to sleep until midnight because I was studying. I didn’t cook or clean because of studying. I got my workout in as you know if you read yesterday’s post but that and being a bookworm is ALL I did! How boring, right???

Today! Well, I am going to the cardio class I missed last Monday this morning. Then I will study math. Then I will take Ms. Forgets to the bank. Then I will pick up my son at school. Can you guess what will come after?

Did you figure it out???

MATH! 🤣 and nutrition! But seriously, I still need help with math. I think I get the practice questions correct and then hit submit and I get a 60 back as a grade! What the hell??? So my friend is sending me explanations of how I am screwing it up (my words, not hers). Let’s hope that helps this afternoon when I take the practice exam again!!! This morning I am going to read over the notes I made in class and hope they help too.

Alright you guys, have a great Monday! I may get a chance to cook too. We will have to see. I am surviving off cottage cheese, protein bars, bacon, and sausage at the moment. I really need to cook!

Here’s a little motivation for ya! The first one is Dr. Nowazardan and I couldn’t help but post it for my friends that watch Skin Tight and 600 pound life on TLC!

So I was watching Dr. Berg on YouTube yesterday. He has a ton of great videos about the keto diet. AND I think I know why I am staying around the same weight lately.

He says stress creates cortisol in your body that raises insulin. With insulin, my body is not going to runs off ketones, it will store fat and run off sugar. If this is true, it’s no wonder I am stuck (I mean when I don’t cheat)! I am so stressed out over the school stuff that it’s not even funny! Here is what I am working on this morning and it keep jumbling up and looks so confusing that I flip out.

So imaginary numbers, quadratic formula, and square roots. This is not easy for me. I would much rather study biology! I have to do the math first to get it out of the way so I will be able to concentrate on biology to prepare for my test on Thursday. So I have a plan, I just need the math to make sense! I am on the Khan Academy app watching videos. I just wanted to say hello.

I still have to grocery shop and cook today as well. Crap! It’s going to be another long day!

Good morning my friends

So I shared a question on Instagram just now and I will pose it to you guys too. What movie is my shirt from?

I was so excited about it that I had to wear it today. I got my loot crate last night so I will do that post later. This shirt was in it!

It’s 7am and I’ve been parked in the parking lot since 6:45. I think I told you guys that if I don’t drive here early, I will be late to school. Sad I know.

Yesterday my mom had her colonoscopy and everything came back just fine. I’m happy about that. Ms. Forgets called and cancelled on me again so I went to Target to get my son some socks and protein bars for school and went home to study. I studied math for hours! While my mom was having her procedure, I read my nutrition book so that was done. I did not even look at Anatomy. I did print out the slides from class, I also forgot to get them off the printer last night and this morning. Oops!

I’m going to steal Andrea’s idea and make a video of my story. I will probably post it to YouTube and then copy the link onto here. That won’t be until the weekend though. I have a math quiz due on Saturday so that comes first.

I am also going to take my month end pictures and measurements this weekend since it’s the end of the month. I am working on losing these last 10-20 pounds. I have to say, when I was bigger and people would say that they have such a hard time losing 10 pounds, I just laughed at them. NOW I know exactly what they meant! I eat right, stay on my keto plan, and those pounds just don’t want to budge! So to anybody I pissed off when I was bigger, I apologize. I believe in myself and know I will lose it. My mom wants me to go have a consultation with a plastic surgeon about the excess skin since I never heard back from TLC to be on the show. Maybe I should start a GoFundMe for it. My mom would be happy if I did it. Hmm….

Did you figure out the movie? I’ll post the answer on my Loot Crate post. Or you can guess on my Instagram juliehcares.

No exercise yesterday. I forgot since I was studying and then watching Kim’s Convenience Store on Netflix. If you need a good laugh with a show you can just play in the background, that’s a great one!

Hugs you guys!

Easy day

So the guy that wanted to look at my dad’s car yesterday. My ex got here at 10am to go with me. I sent the car guy pictures of the interior and he messaged me back that his wife was having a baby so he wasn’t coming. Okay. That’s definitely more important than a car! He asked if he could get back in touch with me in a few days. Sure! I just wish that I hadn’t had my ex come for no reason.

Okay, not NO reason. He fell asleep in my sons room from 10am until 1pm. They spent some time together and even took a few silly pictures which he posted online. Here’s one of them.

So that was good. My son then went to a pool party at that girls house (mostly girls there – I really do think she likes him). I went grocery shopping while he was there. I got a brisket too! Yummy! I can’t wait to marinate it and cook it up and eat it. It was HUGE and it was only $14! I also got some NY strip steak and cube steak on sale at the store. I love sales and I love steak!

I picked my son up at 8pm and was asleep before 10. The only thing I did was attempt to do yesterday was some math. My sons godmother came by to talk to my mom and she said when they get back from California next week, she will help me with it. Thank God for that! The first problem I saw I was all confused! You guys are probably way better than I am at this stuff. You’ll probably know the answer right away. Not me! I’m still lost!

log(x2-x-56) – log(x-8) the x2 is x squared

That’s one of the easier ones to write which is why I picked it but what is log? And there’s function questions and graph questions and this is just the first test! Eek!!!!! Here’s one of the graph ones.

Ok, I take that back, math isn’t the only thing I did. I actually started reading Stephen King’s The Outsider too. I got about 1/2 way through it. It’s really good so far! I would like to finish it today before school starts so I won’t be looking at it longingly while I study.

Today, my son is having friends over to play. He wanted to let a few spend the night. I just look at him and he says, “It’s not like we have school tomorrow!” So my reply is…I DO! He says “OOHHH. I forgot. We’ll be quiet, I swear!” Uh huh, he’s not even quiet when he’s on his own! I don’t have Anatomy class until Tuesday but I will be at the school tomorrow in the tutoring lab for math help. So I definitely need my sleep so I can concentrate.


I’ve been doing keto since April. I love it, don’t get me wrong. I just have moments that I don’t care and want my carbs. Last night, I still had 300 calories left after dinner so I ate some deli butter crackers as a bedtime snack. 11 carbs for 3 crackers and I ate 9! Oops! I still stayed under my total calorie count, I just had way too many carbs. Oh well! I fully admit I ate them and even tracked them in myfitnesspal. I don’t lie to you guys or myself, that is counterproductive and pointless.

The thing I love about keto is that I can get right back on it, get back into ketosis in a couple of days, and be back on track. So I had a few crackers. Oh well. I will be doing my brisket today and eat well all week.

I think I have rambled enough. Have a great Sunday!