Baking in the rain

Not really OUTSIDE in the rain but I decided to bake while it was raining.

I made the chocolate cake for Cranky and because I had enough cake mix, I made another one for us.

So then I decided to bake my son his favorite sugar cookies with sprinkles because, you know, he is my valentine.

Then I made pumpkin brownies from the Hungry Girl website because my son loves them and they are really easy to make.

Then I took a few cat pictures and was talking to my mother all morning.

Now I am charging my watch and phone so I can take off to the gym to try that elliptical again.

Chat later!

Rainy Tuesday

I am sitting in my nice warm bed listening to the thunderstorm outside and have a cute little girl doggie curled up next to my butt. I love the rain when I am not out driving in it. I will be going to the gym in a bit too so I am thankful I have a raincoat, even if it is orange.

The only job I have today is taking the couple to dinner. Mr. 95 year old called me yesterday to cancel for Wednesday which I expected since it’s Valentine’s Day and why would he go to his country club? The retirement home where he lives is having a party for them.

Last night, I chose to go to the gym at 6pm. I started off on the bike but after 15 minutes, I got off. I was not feeling it. Then before I walked out, I told myself that I have to do legs. So I did my weight machines.

The best part is this. After I finished those, I went and got on an elliptical machine to try it out. I set the timer for 5 minutes and started. 4 minutes went by and it was so easy, I changed to 10 minutes! After 6 minutes, my knee started to bother me and I had hit my exercise goal for the day. I did 2 extra minutes seeing if my knee would just let up but it didn’t so I got off after 8 minutes. I did the elliptical though!!! I was so proud of myself! Today, I am going to try for that elliptical again. Let’s see if I can do 30 minutes. That’s my new goal.

I woke up today and after taking my son to school, I was hungry. I came home and made bacon, eggs, and toast for myself and my mom.

It was so good. I wish I could do that every day. Technically I could, I just am lazy most mornings and don’t feel like cooking. So I had one egg, 2 pieces of bacon, and a piece of toast with butter. Still full too! I also cooked yesterday. I made Mac and cheese lasagna and biscuits for my son. He was very happy!

My son and I went to Walgreens yesterday and bought valentine cards and chocolates. He was buying them for this girl he likes and a friend that’s a girl. I bought one for him, one for my Mom, and one for Cranky. Cranky has decided that I must be mad at her because she hasn’t seen me in a week. She complained to her caregivers and her son. I have had texts from 3 people asking why I haven’t been there. Well, a lot of reasons actually. So I am going to bake a cake for her and take it tomorrow for the Hallmark holiday. Why not? I don’t have a job tomorrow either! I have been listing all the Department 56 stuff for my Mom online. No takers but I’m putting them out there. I’m only doing the sales in Houston and NOT on eBay.

So I am going to turn off the lights now, open the blinds and curtains, and watch the storm blow through. It’s supposed to be warm here again tomorrow. Fun fun. At least it’s not snowing I guess!

MUCH better Friday!

Work and stuff yesterday:

Went to take Styled and she got done by 10 so I had her home and was on my way home at 10:30 yesterday morning. So I decided to go by the tint place. I told my buddy there what the week had given me and he gave me a big hug and half off the reinstall of the tint on the replaced window PLUS he fixed the tint where a tiny tint piece on the back window had decided to come loose! He then hooked me up with a guy to put an alarm on my car because my key “alarm” (I thought) was actually just a keyless entry system. I went to the place he recommended and I didn’t have 3 hours to wait so I will go there this morning. I am getting a deal too so I’m sure I will be happy with my new viper system. The sales guy even said I don’t need to spend extra money on tire protection because Toyota Camry tires are not in big demand on the street. Lol – now watch someone steal my tires! My mom will follow me there and bring me home so I’m not just sitting for the 3 hours and I will take my son to therapy while I’m waiting for it too. That’s at 11.

I also took Cranky and she hated the retirement home! I mean the minute we walked in, she said, “I don’t want to live here.” Well then! So I told her son and he said, “Well that is that!” I tried to show her an apartment but she refused. Maybe next week. I guess we are not moving her yet.


I did 45 minutes on the bike and leg strengthening around 4pm yesterday. My app showed I had 62 total minutes of exercise. I can’t complain about that! I told you guys I would go back yesterday! I will go back today too. After I take my son to therapy and the gun range that is! And I lost more weight!!! I am at 211 as of this morning. Woo hoo!!! I am so excited and SO glad I changed to taking in less calories daily. Now I see what I needed to do and I have done it. Myfitnesspal is the best tracker and I would love more friends on it if you want to do it too. Let me know and I’ll give you my screen name.

I am also doing what I said and I am drinking more water. Not up to the 8 cups a day yet but up to 5 so I’m getting there which helps as well.

Sleep and son:

I was asleep by 10pm thanks to NyQuil (I hate colds). I’m awake at 6am, yay me. My son spent the night with the kid from when he blew up a few weeks ago. I was very nervous about it. I told the other boys Mom that if he shows any signs of anger to send him home right away. She’s a social worker so she and I see eye to eye and even without mentioning what he did, she knows what I mean. I could hear the boys outside in the park last night playing flashlight tag. They love that game just like I did when I was young in this neighborhood. He stayed all night so I guess it worked out well. Thank God for that!


So I found the kitten picture of the male cat (Oliver) and decided to put it next to a current picture. In 9 months, look how much he has grown!

I also have another picture that Jillian Michaels posted to her Instagram. I joined her Healthy Wage challenge too. I like it much better than the other ones I have seen. http://www.healthywage/jillian is the challenge I’m doing if anyone wants to join me.

Well, I’m going to jump in the shower and get to the alarm place. Y’all have a great Saturday!

Sad day

Today would have been my Dad’s 76th Birthday. Happy Birthday Dad. I’m sorry you’re not here so I can celebrate it with you.

I went to the gym at 7:20am yesterday. I did 30 minutes on the bike and the arm weight machines. It was a good workout and I was almost late to pick up Styled for her appointment after coming home to shower. I made it though!

This morning, I am going to this car wash place as they said they can get the paint off the side of my car. He showed me yesterday how easy it was for them and told me to come this morning to get it done.

Yesterday was the first time I had gone to this car wash place as it is a bit out of my way. I waited in line for a full service car wash and then drove through behind the line of cars. Then I went to park where I was told so they would do the inside. I sat on the phone for a bit talking to Cranky’s niece about how she shouldn’t move and then got out of my car. I stood around waiting for anyone to come dry off my car. Nobody came. 10 minutes later when I should have been gone, still nothing. Then some employees skipped my car and went to the car next to mine that had driven in after me. I finally called the phone number for the company listed in google.

After hitting 0 a few times, I was directed to the owner. He was very nice and said he wants his customers to be happy and they were under construction and he wasn’t sure where his employees were, etc etc. He text his shift manager to get someone to my car. I didn’t know he was on his way to the car wash. As I stood outside, this man came up to me and introduced himself and told me he was the person on the phone. His name is Scott. He’s the owner. Holy crap! That I didn’t expect! He was very nice. He had stayed on the phone until someone came up to my car. Then his manager came up to me to apologize and told me my next car wash is on them. I’m kind of embarrassed to even go back now. I know complaining had to be done but I didn’t need that much attention. I just wanted my car done! So if you are in Houston, Swish car wash on Westheimer will take care of you.

I saw the paint on the side of my car (still) after the car was clean and asked the manager about it since I had his attention anyway. He rubbed some stuff on it and it was coming off so I told him I’ll be back this morning to pay them to get it all off. I’m not out for freebies. They are nice but I just want my car to look like it used to – with no white paint splattered down the side of my red car.

After that this morning, I have to take my son to the dentist to get the expander put in to widen his jaw. Really no fun! The rubber bands they put in a while back haven’t come out so I hope they can put the extender thing in. Then we come home and I will take the couple to the grocery store.

Last night I took the couple to dinner and they invited me with them. They went to a VERY expensive restaurant called BCN. They didn’t understand the name until I told them that BCN is the airport code for Barcelona and this is a Spanish restaurant. “Ooh! It makes sense now!” I love the couple. It was SO good! They ate Brancino fish and I had Filet Minon. Yummy! They also ordered a bottle of wine, an appetizer of clams, and were even looking at desserts although we didn’t get any. A ton of food! The husband thought this little bowl on the table was some special thing for the bread and poured it over his piece. When he found out it was salt, he still ate it! I gave him my bread so he could have some without all the salt. He was happy. They made me charge them for the time too. I knew they would but had to offer a free ride.

So that’s my day. I guess I should get up and get dressed and tell my mom happy birthday to my dad. She’s been up since 6:30 for some reason and she didn’t even go to bed until 11pm. That’s not normal. So I need to check on her. She’s back from getting her coffee so it’s a good time.

Before I go, my mom has a friend coming today to keep cleaning out stuff. They got a lot done yesterday (the entire attic) and are going to do the garage today. Her friend said I should be able to park my car in it tonight. Wouldn’t that be nice? She also said that we need to start an organization business because I had already done so much by myself and done a good job. Well thank you! 😀

Y’all have a good day. After the grocery with the couple, I’ll go work out. I can’t miss leg day! 😂

Ice and Forgetful day

It’s been a sad day.

I took pictures of my frozen car and the house I wanted to share yesterday and had totally forgotten to.

So now you see all the ice we had. Most has melted now thankfully. School is back in tomorrow so yay! Still waiting on my mom to go through stuff I put out in the back yard for her which is why it’s packed.

I talked to Forgetful’s step daughter in law tonight and she and I decided that between all of us, we did everything we could for Forgetful before she passed this morning. The daughter in law is a very sweet person and I’m grateful to have gotten to know her as well as Forgetful over these past few months. I will miss Forgetful as she was, for the most part, always sweet to me. We had fun shopping and going out to eat. I am going to go help clean and pack up her room at the retirement home this Saturday and then will go to her memorial service next week. I still have my black dress from my Dad’s service so that will be fine to wear.

I took the time to call on a lot of my clients today and check on them. I know that may sound silly but I felt like I needed to. Everyone is good they say. I’m not busy much lately. I am sure God will provide me with more clients when I’m ready.

My guy friend called me this afternoon out of the blue and asked me to go with him and his roommate out this weekend. We are going to go have Columbian food and then go to the bar I like after. It will be nice to get out and see my friend too. I haven’t seen him in at least 6 months.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening. Chat with you later!

Rainy Thursday

I’m so glad I wrote twice yesterday because so much more happened! There would be no way I remembered it all.

The contractor finished the cabinets and they look beautiful. One of the interior shelves doesn’t pull out because the side of it is too close to the door and a couple of them are NOT self closing. My mom called him and he’s coming by tomorrow to fix it all. That’s nice of him to come back that fast.

A very nice woman came last night and bought 20 pots. Then another nice woman came and bought 20 more. There’s still a ton left but that’s great! The first one paid me $15 via credit card which is fine with me and the second paid cash. I gave my Mom her $35 so she’s happy too. I asked her what she thought of my selling all her unused crap stuff idea and she replied, “I’m loving this!” Lol, I should have done this a long time ago! I’m sure my Dad would have appreciated it!

I went to the gym and did more than normal, at least for me. I must be getting more in shape – but sometimes when I come up my stairs at home, I’m still huffing and puffing. 45 minutes on the stationary bicycle, 10 minutes on the rower, and 25 minutes on leg weight machines using 40-50 pound weights. I don’t think I really need an entire minute between sets which is what this app tells me to do. I end up sitting there looking stupid and wishing I could just keep going! Maybe I should find another app for weights or just skip the 60 second wait time after 30 seconds or will that hurt my muscles?

I know my heart rate was a little high but it is within normal range according to the health app so I went with it and felt fine. I also ran into an old neighbor while I was biking and he says, “I haven’t seen you here before! When did you join?” So I told him November (it was really December but how would he know?) and he replies, “Hmm. I’ve been here so not sure why I haven’t seen you but glad you’re here.” Umm, thanks? He’s a weird older guy that goes swimming in his neighborhood pool all times of the year wearing a wetsuit and flippers. And if you start him talking, he doesn’t usually stop and it’s usually about church and politics. I’m glad I was working out and he didn’t talk my ear off!

I have to take Styled this morning to get her hair and nails done and then see Forgetful. I am supposed to pick up my son to go to the dentist but now he wants to have the 2 back teeth pulled instead of the jaw extender so I called the dentist office but they have to get back with me tomorrow morning since the orthodontist is not in today. So I may pick him up early, I may not! Guess I’ll find out. I hate changes this late into it. I mean, come on child! Everything is paid for and ready to go and NOW you want to change it??? Geez! 🙄

I pretty much froze waiting for those women last night and it’s COLD this morning!!! Does anybody else on here get colder after working out? I can’t figure out why I was so cold last night. Or any time after I work out. It’s weird!

Have a great Friday. I’m back to loving Friday’s again as the last workday of the week!

Saturday exercise and stuff

I went to the gym. I did 45 minutes on the bicycle at levels 2 and 6 plus 25 minutes on legs (not pictured is the thigh adduction machine). Woo hoo! Then I went to the grocery store with my moms and my sons list. All I needed was milk and some healthy snacks. I got some too.

Banana chips – I love bananas but they’re too soft and stick to my teeth. So I got banana chips. Not as healthy but has a gram of protein and only 5g of sugar. They are alright. I like the thinner slices better. The thick ones are very hard for me to munch into.

Sesame sticks – so good and crunchy! 5g of protein and NO sugar! I love these but I don’t like them all the time. I’ll have this bag and not like them for a few months. I’m weird like that.

Fiber One Protein Nut chewy bars chocolate pretzel nut – haven’t tried them yet and they have 10g protein and 5g sugar each.

And of course I have plenty of nuts around to munch on. Peanuts have 7g of protein in each ounce. Cashews have 4g.

Can y’all tell I’m trying to get more protein???

My mom had a coworker come over and put lights on her Christmas tree before she put it away for the year. Let’s just hope the lights don’t go bad during the year after all that work! I had to get her tree out of the bag we put it in and set it back up only to have her friend say she needs it in pieces. 🙄

My son wants me to move his bed to the corner of his room. I do agree it would give him more space, and as it’s on these risers and they are not attached, I don’t want to deal with it today. No fun. So he’s been in here complaining that I don’t want to do anything today yet he opens everything I brought home from the store! 🙄

I ate my weird lunch of sesame sticks, banana chips, and 2% lactose free chocolate milk (Mootopia brand) at 3pm and I’m trying to wait to eat dinner until 7. I’m hoping that makes me not so hungry when I go to bed at 10 or 11.

I sent out invoices and I did my weekly paperwork for my business. Now I can relax. Since I didn’t watch Netflix the other day, I think I might try to find a movie now.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.