7 seconds and Friday night

This show is screwed up! When I first heard of it, I thought they were talking about that old Luke Perry movie but that was 8 seconds, oops. Corrupt cops and a dead black kid. Sad, very very sad. I won’t give y’all more information because I don’t want to ruin anything. You should check it out.

That’s what I did last night. I watched Netflix. I ate more spaghetti for dinner and stayed within my calories.

Man did my client stink yesterday! I even had to tell her step daughter. She was really that bad. Bad enough that her hairdresser and her nail lady asked me if she was okay. She hadn’t eaten when I picked her up either and said she didn’t want to. I reminded her what not eating will do (that’s usually how the elderly die) and she okayed me going to McDonald’s to get her 2 hash browns. But that was it. That’s not enough and definitely not healthy! So I let the step daughter know and she’s going to take care of it. I got my nails done too. I’m happy with the purple!

I went to Half Price Books after dropping her back off and tried to sell my Dad’s records like my Mom asked me to. Every single one they pulled out of its wrapper was messed up. I didn’t get anything for them. The guy behind the counter said he wished they weren’t messed up because some were awesome lp’s. They also wouldn’t buy my Moms decorating books but I told them to just keep them and recycle them. I don’t want them back in the house!

I had eaten a cold spaghetti breakfast at 9am. I didn’t get home until 2pm. I had no energy. I crawled into bed so tired. I decided to have a 2nd energy drink (I had one at 6am) and see if it would help any. After an hour or so, I was ready to get moving again. I started my laundry and took my iPad downstairs and looked up a 30 minute Zumba video. Boy did that kick my ass!

I took a bathroom selfie of my new @fatgirlfedup shirt. I really like it and it makes people look since it says FED UP across it! 😂 In November when I started this healthier lifestyle, I wore a XXL men’s shirt. Now I’m in an XL. Woo hoo! The shirt I use for pictures each month is an XL so now I know that it is not going to be too tight and I am definitely getting somewhere! Even though I gained .8 this week. I expected it since I’m not sick anymore but it still sucks. I will keep going!

I talked to my good friend in Nairobi as well. She told me they do not live in the flooding area thankfully. I didn’t realize how long it had been since I talked to her until she told me that she had a baby in January! I’m very excited for her. She deserves to be happy. She messaged me at 9pm my time too and I’m like, “Why are you up? Oh yeah, you have a baby!” 😂

Today is therapy day for my son and relaxation time for me. I am dropping my son off at a friends house and going to the gym to work out and then hang out in the sauna (and maybe hot tub). I look forward to it! I guess I’ll have to go pick him up too but that’s okay. I should be nice and relaxed by then. I am in quite a bit of pain and can’t wait to go back to the dentist Monday morning. He will fix the issue, I know. I should have stayed longer last week and had him do it then when I first felt the problem but oh well. I wish I could show you my gums. OUCH!

I hope everyone has a great Saturday!

Great end to the week

Well crap. My son is sick again. 100.3 temperature last night. We are going to his doctor today. Thank God they are open on a Sunday!

So I went to the gym yesterday again like I said I would. I was not excited that I barely burned 200 calories on the elliptical in 30 minutes. I was on level 6 too.I guess I am in better shape than I feel like! Then 20 minutes on the stationary bike. I was planning on doing 30 minutes on each but my back started to hurt so I quit for the day. I don’t want to be hurt all the time. I plan to go back today too. I may just run a bit on the treadmill or do the bike. In order to not be stuck at the same weight next week, I am going to try my best to be on point all week. Not sure yet what I am going to do for exercise but I definitely want to go!I am out of cooked food from the week (we didn’t eat the chicken and the meatloaf muffins were too delicious to pass up all week). My Mom went out and got Popeye’s chicken for dinner so that was a great treat. One of the reasons I appreciate my stomach surgery is that I can’t eat much so one chicken thigh and I’m done. 280 calories for dinner? Yes please! I don’t know what to make this week. I’ve asked my mom and my son and they both say they don’t know either. 🙄

Calories were on point too.

So I looked at where I started at in November of 2017 and I’m so excited to have come so far! I know that I will continue to do my new health/life plan and will have my weight where I want it by the time this year is over.

I watched Emily Owens MD on Netflix yesterday. It was a cute show. I wonder what I will watch next!

I talked to my sick child this evening about our vacation this year. I think I want to take him to New York this summer. I haven’t been since I was 14 and obviously he’s never been. His friends in his school band are going this week and will be performing at Carnegie Hall. I’m so happy for them! He’s a bit jealous but I think that we will have a better time doing what we want and not on a schedule with 100 other kids.

Today shall be interesting. It’s already 80 degrees here and hot upstairs in our house. I think I am going to have the a/c guys check on why it’s freezing downstairs and hot as fire upstairs when they come next month. Have a wonderful relaxing Sunday.

Frustrating day

Oh man was yesterday frustrating! The husband of the couple called me but I couldn’t take them anywhere. My son needed his ice cream shake for lunch and boy was that a mess. Plus I totally forgot about the cold liquid diet in the morning!

I made my son biscuits for breakfast that he usually likes. Oops. He ate them. Double oops! We both forgot he wasn’t supposed to eat food again yesterday! After he ate them he told me how difficult it was for him aN that’s when it hit me. Talk about a face palm moment! I remembered at 11:20 that he needed to eat ice cream for lunch. I rush over to the ice cream shop Marble Slab and they didn’t open until 11:30. They made me wait until 11:30 just to tell me that the manager was running late and wouldn’t be there until 12and they can’t ring me up unless he’s there. WTH? So I raced down the street about half a mile to Baskin Robbins. They had opened at 11. I should have gone there instead but my son wanted Marble Slab. So I get his shake and have 3 minutes to drive the 3 miles to his school. I start racing down the street until the turn for the street up to his school. They have the entire street blocked off for construction!!! Shit! So I go to the next light and am racing down that street (I’m sure all the other cars were freaking out at the Toyota weaving through cars going 50 miles per hour in a 30). 11:45 he calls me from the front desk. I tell him this story. His response? “So when will you be here?” OMG child! I’m trying! I tell him 3 minutes and I get there in 2. Then I am trying to open the wrong door (high security at his school which I’m okay with). He is sitting in a chair just waiting. I finally get buzzed in and give him his shake and off he goes back to lunch. Whew!

I get back home and was bored out of my mind so decided to take a walk (must have been left over adrenaline). NOT fast or anything, a 20 minute mile. What I didn’t expect was for my watch to not track the exercise since I usually get my heart rate much higher than the 117 (average of 111) I was getting on this walk. So I was pissed about that.

I took these after my walk to ask my friend that has the watch about it and he tells me that since I’m getting in better shape that the watch wants me to do more so it doesn’t count. How stupid is that??? I’ve been sick all week. I need to start back slow! Well, I guess I shouldn’t have gone at all.


Last night I ate and then was in the bathroom for an hour. Food was going straight through me again. Lots of phlegm draining down the back of my throat too so I’m sure you know how happy I was to be me last night. 🙄 Now i dont know if it was the excitement or the exercise or I’m just not well yet. It sucked though!

Okay, safe to read again.

My mother also wanted me to climb up in the attic and count how many tubs and boxes she has up there so I just waited for my son and had him go up because when ill, a person should not be climbing around an attic! So it’s not too accurate since he didn’t want to go in the back of the attic which is dark. I can’t say I blame him. But at least we did what she asked for the most part!

I told Styled that I can’t take her today. I think she was happy about that. At least I gave her notice! I told her yesterday morning so she could cancel her hair appointment or make other plans. I have to go to the dentist again this morning (recheck from the other day) and then the chiropractor. I may not be going depending on how I feel in an hour when I take my son to school. We shall see!

Next week is spring break here in Houston. We have no plans. All of my sons friends are going out of town and we are broke. That’s fine with him too. I am going to drag him to see A Wrinkle in Time after school today. I don’t know why but I want to see it. It may suck the way it’s been over hyped in the media but I haven’t been to a movie with my son in years now so I want to go with him. He’s not happy. He told me when I told him we are going, “Really mom? A fantasy movie?” I’m like yes! If I can stand to watch your anime, you can go with me! Geez! Tween kids!

I’ve been watching that Skin Tight show on TLC all day. Why am I still watching? No clue. I think really its to see what people’s excess skin looks like and compare to what I have. I need to get back on Netflix, it’s better and happier!

Have a wonderful Friday and enjoy the weekend. I’ll be writing!

Oh my Saturday!

Started out well. Woke up, blogged, showered, dressed, went to pick up Mr. 95 year old. From there, craziness!

First, Mr. 95 year old decided that I should take him to get his nails cut after his hair appointment. So we had to drive down to the freeway and then they couldn’t see him for 30 minutes! This woman finally starts on his feet at 11:30. Note that my son has to be at therapy at 1pm. He KNOWS my son has an appointment and sees it’s 12:20pm and just tells the lady to stop, that he’s done. At 12:20!!! I still had to take him home and get paid (he tipped me – he’s awesome), go pick up my son at home, and get to the therapist by 1pm!

I didn’t speed – too many cops everywhere – I did take all available shortcuts my brain could think of though! I got him home and was able to pick my son up at 12:50. We made it to the therapist at 12:58. Holy crap that was close! While my son was in therapy, I walked over and got lunch. Grilled cheese for him and a kids burger for me from Beck’s Prime. I did not eat the bread, just the patty and cheddar cheese slice they put on it. Yummy!

When he got out of therapy, we drove over to the salon where most of my clients go and the young, cute stylist cut his hair how he wanted it and showed him how to make it “smooth.” My son is very happy now and actually told me that he will go get it trimmed every 6 weeks as long as this guy does it. I believe it’s because the guy likes anime like my son does. But tell me, doesn’t his hair look like Harry Styles from One Direction???

We finally get home at 5pm. My phone is at 10% so I needed to charge it before I went anywhere. So I plugged it in until 5:45 and walked the dog with my son who complained the entire time that the wind would mess up his hair.

I finally walked to the gym arriving at 6:05pm and they close at 7. I got on the treadmill because I really wanted to see if I could run yet on my foot. I walked for 3 minutes and ran for 30 seconds over and over for a total of 30 minutes on the treadmill. I’m so excited! I did it! I ran!

I made my Instagram public and created a Facebook page to go with it (god help me) and I also figured out how to do a “story” on there. Yes, I’m old, get over it. It takes me a bit to figure out online stuff these days! At least I’m not like my mother that still can’t figure stuff out years after she’s been on it or used it (like her phone).

I ate and was able to see that I only had 5 calories left at 9pm. Good thing I was about to go to bed, right??? So that was yesterday. Today is church and relax day so I might be a bit bored. If I am, I may end up at the gym later. It’s an obsession I tell you! The endorphins are making me! I’m addicted! 😂

Hugs friends! Have a great Sunday!

Well, I did that!

Yesterday was the birthday of the husband in the couple I drive. He turned 87. I had to drive them last night! Still hurting too. I had eaten way too much already when I took them and only had 300 calories left for the day. We went to an awesome restaurant that I love. Houston’s restaurant.

I had a cheeseburger with no bread and a loaded baked potato. Then they made me share their desserts with them. I say made me but I was happy to! They both had a prime rib medium rare. We all had potatoes. Since it was his birthday, they do not sing, but they did put a candle in his apple cobbler dessert. The food was all good and I enjoyed every single bite! 900 calories over. The scale is showing a 1.2 pound gain. I actually expected more so I’ll take that!

I brought the couples bones home with a little meat on each of them for Amber. You’ve never seen a dog more excited! She was eating and I took a video. Right after, Eliza the girl cat came to investigate and Amber picked up her bone in her mouth and ran up the stairs! She finished her bone under my bed and now I have to crawl under there and find it so I can throw it away. She has another one in the fridge as well. Lucky dog!

Today I am driving down to Friendswood to see a chiropractor. I’m tired of this pain and this is a friend of a friend and I know he will take care of me. He did a neck thing for me 20 or so years ago and I have even sent my ex husband to this guy because he’s that good! And only $35 for an adjustment so I can’t complain about the drive. Chiropractors here in Houston are about $150 or more!

I want to go to the gym! Dammit! I also have to drive Mr. 95 year old tonight. And my mother wants me to take all this stuff to a consignment shop so I need my back to be better so I can pick stuff up, stand up easy, and go up and down our stairs without pain.

So that’s it for today. I’ll leave you with an Oliver picture of him on the shelving that’s now mostly cleared out and a picture of Amber having her butt up against me when I was trying to go to sleep.

So look

I didn’t make it to the gym yesterday. I organized stuff around my house and even cleaned out some drawers.

Why does my mother want to keep ALL these candles??? Why??? I believe a person should have a few in case of a black out (then again – that’s what flashlights are for). But she has about 200 tiny candles. What good would those do??? I don’t care that they are designer candles made to look like fruit or cupcakes. If you are not going to use them, WHY do you want to keep them???

The other thing I did that she was NOT happy about is email the church about giving away all of her village houses. He emailed me back and said AB-SO-LUTE-LY (he seriously wrote it just like this). And I pulled out the shelving that was keeping these doors from closing and put all the houses on it. The next project is getting rid of all the stuff in the back that is left over after getting those shelves out. The closet doors close again. Yay!!!

Before I could put the houses on it, Oliver had to check it out and get up by the ceiling.

Then once I was done putting them on there, I look over and he is covered in the fake snow that you put around the houses!

I want to make a photo saying “It’s not dandruff, it’s snow. I swear!”

I also took Styled to get her hair done, took Cranky to her hairdresser, and took the couple to get their hearing aids. They also wanted to go out to dinner so we went to a place called Joyce’s Seafood. It’s not that great and I’ve been there quite a few times and it’s never been that great so I didn’t bother taking photos.

So I did a 20 minute chair exercise video from YouTube. I burned about 100 calories doing the exercises and met the goals from my watch. After that, I turned on the latest My 600 lb Life on TLC to go. That woman pissed me off. Excuse after excuse! Oh my god woman! I was so glad he dropped her from the program! So I ended up staying up until 2am. I ate with the couple at 7 so I was pretty hungry when I went to sleep but I didn’t snack! Go me! I drank water instead. Boy did I have to use the bathroom when I woke up today though!

And today it shows! I officially weigh 207.6 this morning. By staying in my calories and not eating my exercise calories, I did REALLY well this week! So I’m happy. Now I just need to keep this up!

My back started hurting yesterday and I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t go do the weights yesterday or I did too much last time on Wednesday. So I am just going to walk today to make sure I don’t hurt myself further. And tomorrow is usually my day off of heavier exercise so hopefully walking will be okay for a couple days. I’ll be back doing the weight machines on Monday (if my back feels better). What do you do when you hurt?

So today I have to take my son to therapy. He’s been a bit of a pain since he has been feeling better. I even had to take his phone away for a day (therapist recommendation). He has done what I asked since which is good. Now if I could just get my mother to LET GO of all this crap, the house would be beautiful and clean! I’m not going to organize today since I want my back to feel better. I am going to rest for the most part. Allergies are in high gear here too and pollen is everywhere. Thankfully it’s supposed to rain this weekend so it will lessen a bit. I’m happy about that!

B wants to make up for canceling on me last weekend. He said his treat. He’s as broke as I am and has rent to pay every month so I don’t really want to think about it. I just set him up with a girl instead to keep him busier. She’s a sweetheart too so I hope that works well. If not, too bad for him. He will have to figure that out for himself. I told her she’s too good for him but he’s a good guy so why not give it a try.

BFF sent me an old picture of my son when he was little this morning. Not sure I thanked her enough for that. I loved waking up to my baby boy pictures! He was 16 months old in this picture.

What are you up to this weekend? Do you push through when hurting? Would you let a friend that you know is broke take you out anyway?

Long boring day

Wanna hear about all the boring? Okay, fine, I’ll tell you. You’re sure, right? 😂

Started out with a great doctor visit. No fever when we got there of course. She told him as long as his fever stays gone, he can go to school. Thank God for that!!! He was at 98.2 last night so he’s there.

For about 2 hours after we got home yesterday, I piddled around the house and walked the dog a couple of times until my Mom left for some church birthday party at 1:45. Then I attacked her pantry which had everything BUT food in it. I took all of the tools and household items and put them in the correct closet. I took all of her paper plates, cups, plastic silverware, napkins, and the MANY napkin rings she owns and moved them all into a cabinet. I moved my baking stuff (all over the floor of the pantry since I moved in) into another cabinet. I’m not done with the pantry. She still has 2 rows of crap left in it but I am getting there! It is starting to look like a food pantry and not a catch-all finally! I think it will be very nice to have all the food and cooking stuff in one place instead of scattered wherever she felt like having it that day.

I talked to Mr. 95 year old around 3pm yesterday and he told me, “I’m not going tonight, I would be eating alone. My friends aren’t going.” so that took care of that. I didn’t want to be out in the cold (it’s back down in the 50’s!) and rain anyway. I got a package in the mail and yes, I am broke, but I ordered gym gloves and a phone arm holder so I don’t keep hurting my hands on the machines and I don’t have to hold or find somewhere for my phone to be. I have left my phone in other machines so many times already it’s not even funny how much I needed this.

I went to the gym and did all 16 weight machines that I use. 3 sets of 12 reps each. I was very happy with myself. I said hello to a few people I’m getting to know too. My moms friend saw me and grabbed me and told me to come get her when I’m going to the gym. Ummm, no thanks? 😂

I also got a book from Alex Heyne (the Modern Health Monk) and I’m excited to start reading it. I was too tired to start it last night.

I came home from the gym and popped an Alaskan cod dinner and a salmon dinner in the oven for my Mom and I while she napped on the couch. When it was finished, I took it out and then walked Amber. While I was waiting for it to cook, I ate a couple of cheese crackers and drank a little lactose free 2% milk and started to feel sick when I came back from the walk. I told my Mom to go ahead and eat and then wrap up the leftovers and stick them in the fridge. I came upstairs to my room and got in bed. Asleep by 9. Not like me at all! I’m not allowed to get sick. Pray hard! The only 2 jobs I have left his week are today and tomorrow so I can’t get sick! I still don’t feel that great but not sick (yet).

My foot was killing me last night too and I only had 6500 steps for the day. It felt like I ran a marathon on it though. I go back to the podiatrist on Monday so he can look at it. Maybe there’s an issue with the inserts? Who knows. It doesn’t hurt this morning and today is cardio day so I guess I’ll use the bike again. I don’t want my feet to hurt.

I am taking the couple to their audiologist again today to get hearing aids fitted. The husband was joking at dinner Tuesday night how if he doesn’t want to listen to his caregiver, he will just turn it off. Wow dude. I know she thinks it’s her way or the highway but you’re just going to tune her out completely? Wow. People crack me up. My mom forgot to put hers on yesterday and every time I spoke to her, I had to yell.

I lost 2.6 pounds!!! I think I have my weight figured out. I weigh one amount. The next week I gain .2 to .4, the next week I gain another.2 to .4, then I drop over 2 pounds. Fun when you are trying to lose weight, let me tell you. 🙄 Today I am 209. Only 10 pounds until I am in what people call Onederland. That’s not far away hopefully! And 209 means I need to lose 34 more pounds total. How exciting!!!

I went over my calories by a few yesterday since I just popped a few cheese cubes instead of eating the fish I cooked.

It looks fine to me! What do you think of going over your goal by 16 calories?

That’s it for today. I may work on the pantry a bit more. Nothing much else! Have a good day. I’m sure I will when I get a free moment.