Crazy day

I know I told you how much I had to do yesterday. I did not go to the gym since I got up a bit later than I thought I would. I did not get out of bed until 8am and I had to leave at 9. When I did get up, I showed my son how to use the keurig. We have this coffee called Texas Pecan coffee. He put 7 teaspoons of sugar, a 1/4 cup of milk, a few drops of vanilla, and a little cinnamon into his “coffee”. Wow. I don’t think after all that it’s coffee anymore. 😂

I went to the podiatrist and got the bad news that I shared yesterday afternoon. Then I took my client to her podiatrist and they cut her toenails and I asked about what my doctor said. The woman says, “I would recommend surgery.” So she asked if I wanted to get a second opinion and I told her who my doctor is. She changed her tune real quick! “Oh! Dr. Parker is the best! I would do whatever he suggested.” Uh huh. I can’t stand doctors that take advantage of people. I’m so glad I have the podiatrist I have. I believe I will take a friends suggestion and ask my chiropractor that I’ve been seeing for my back and if he says to do it through the podiatrist, I will.

Then I went home for an hour and my son was still awake thankfully. We talked, I walked the dog, I relaxed, then I went back to the couple’s house to take them to their audiologist. That took 2 1/2 hours total so I got paid for 8 1/2 hours this week. He gave me $5 over the exact amount and said I can owe him. 🙄 I tried to give him the change but NOOOO, he wants credit. No tip or anything, just credit. Geez!

So I came home and made spaghetti for dinner and my son finally went to sleep around 7pm. I did NOT go to the gym. I was so tired! I turned on Netflix and told myself that it’s a good thing I didn’t hit my calorie goal since I didn’t work out.

At 9pm, I decided that I needed to do something. I turned on YouTube and did a 20 minute Zumba video. That kicked my ass! You can tell it did since I burned so much in just 20 minutes! My heart rate stayed pretty good but I was sweating and breathing heavy and burning those calories!

So I hit all the watch goals. Yay! I didn’t go to sleep by 10pm. I started this show called 7 seconds. I’ve only watched the first episode so don’t tell me but that is so sad! Too much can happen in 7 seconds.

Today, all I have to do is take Styled to get her hair and nails done. Then I am off for the weekend. Thank GOD. I’m so tired of everything going on and want a couple of days to relax. I’m even going to try out the gyms sauna. Maybe the hot tub as well. Just have some me time.

Have a great Friday my friends! Get moving. You don’t have to go to a gym to get your workout on! You don’t even have to watch a video. Get out and walk, play, just do something! Hugs!

I wish

I wish I could say I was relaxing today. I wish I could!

I am doing 4 loads of laundry. I am unpacking my car. I am organizing my room. I went to the grocery store to get lunches for my son this week. I’m tired. The cats keep eating my dogs food and getting underfoot. I’m trying to figure out if I have mold on my ceiling or just need to paint. My parents had a roof leak 2 years ago and my ceiling stains with a little black in a couple areas. So yeah, I just wanted to drop a line to say hello today but I’m going crazy today. I haven’t even started in the kitchen downstairs! That’s a whole project on its own.

I do have good news. I put my curtains up last night before going to sleep and it was so nice and dark in here this morning! Now, it was raining but still, it was nice and dark! And it was cold outside too and since I’m still in my shorts from yesterday (I haven’t brought in my clothes from my trunk yet) I’m a bit chilly but so happy!

Moving Day

Good morning fellow bloggers and readers! I am awake, hurting, tired, but ready!

I went to my moms last night with another car load of stuff (will it ever end?) and saw she hasn’t taken all of her stuff out of my room. She was downstairs, fresh from a nap, watching a Law and Order rerun on tv. So I asked and she says, “It will get done. Calm down. I have 18 hours.” Okay, minus 8-9 more hours sleep, 1 hour eating, probably 1 hour in the bathroom, etc etc. And no, I didn’t reply with that, I just said Ok mother.

So I guess she tried to put my son to work last night too because he called me from his friends house saying he was going to spend the night over there. Umm, ok? I just told him to make sure he goes back home to walk the dog since I’m not there and we all know my mother won’t do it! I took my son’s tv and all of the add ons over yesterday. I hooked everything up and last night he was really complaining that he couldn’t make anything work. Hmm. I gave him the WiFi password and he said that wasn’t working. He tried to watch a video and the dvd wasn’t working. He couldn’t get the WiFi for his wii either so I really think that’s why he went to his friends house. Silly kid. God I hope she’s done cleaning out my room already. I don’t have time to go check before the movers get here.

I have stinky this morning to go get her hair done. I even called her hair salon and asked if somebody can wash my hair while she’s having hers done. Does that tell you how tired I am? So I’m getting that done, yay. Then of course go check on Forgetful. I hope she’s doing better today. I tried to have a talk with her about why she’s in the home because her step daughter wants to be more direct with her and it backfired on me. This is why I just listen dammit!

All that’s left in the condo for me to move:

Clothes that were in our dressers (5 drawers in mine and 2 in his)

Dishes (pots and pans and bowls)

Refrigerator foods

Bedding (mine)

Bathroom stuff I left here in case I needed it

2 Wind chimes

Astros Door mat

Dirty clothes

3 small and one large Trash cans

That’s it! Whew! One or 2 more car loads. My mom had this great idea. Since I don’t want to mount my tv again on a wall and the tv stand is too big for my dresser, she will take my dresser and give me her lower and longer one so my tv will fit. So I had to take everything out of the bookcase in my room and move that against a different wall. I moved my mini fridge to the corner of the room. So now I will have my bed and a dresser fighting for space. That’s it. Not too bad!

I got a pic from my man last night. He’s still in Arkansas healing. Such a sweet gay man! He doesn’t know any sports though and was confused on what I was saying about the Astros. I guess I’ll have to teach him!

Anyway, it’s already 6:30 and I have to leave by 8 to get to work so I need to get moving! Have a wonderful Saturday!

Rainy Friday

I woke up this morning about 2 seconds before my alarm to the sounds of thunder. Not what you want to hear when you are trying to finish moving! Argh!

Speaking of moving, I had a thought because my son said something. He told me he wanted to take one last shower in our awesome shower before we move. It’s only an awesome shower because I have the best shower head ever! Why not switch them out? The person buying this place is probably going to gut and redo everything anyway and I love my shower head here! I got it at Home Depot and I just took a screenshot of it because it’s easier than trying to get a good shot in my shower. 😂

So yeah. I need to remember to take that with me. I was also going to take my wind chimes today but now they’ve been in the rain all morning and are wet. AND, the weather guy said it was supposed to rain off and on all weekend! Eek!

Yesterday was good. 2 jobs. Between them, I got everything already at my moms moved upstairs and put away to make room for everything else. I moved all our clothes, shoes, books, yeah, just about everything. My friend asked me what the rush was to move. I’m not really rushing, I’m just tired of living in 2 places and want it to be done. I am giving my neighbors my wine and liquor that’s here because my Mom has way too much already. You’ve never seen anybody so happy either! My neighbor that wants the wine isn’t even in town this weekend and she text me to say I better keep it in the house and come by to let her in to get it on Sunday. 😂 Every time I need to write a check, make an invoice for a client, get a piece of paper for a note, get an address, etc, I have to go to the other house. I’m just done. So I’m moving.

The only job I have today is to go check on Forgetful and I can do that at any time today. I was thinking after lunch to make sure she is doing well. Her step daughter in law told me last night that she doesn’t know what to do about Forgetful packing her suitcase daily and being so unhappy. I don’t know what to tell her either. She can be straight with Forgetful but she will forget soon after what she was told. What I do daily is tell her that she has to get better and can’t go home quite yet. It’s worked so far!

I am meeting The Godfather at my Mom’s at 8 to put up my blinds and change my electrical outlets in my room. Then the ex boyfriend will be there at 10 to finish my closet. I’m going to tell him he has to clean up after himself too. No more mess. I’m moving in and shouldn’t have to clean up after him. Then sending him home and staying away from him. He just drives me batty! Yesterday he accidentally text me saying Awesome. Then he sent me not one or two, but 3 messages telling me he meant it for someone else. ONE would have been sufficient!

So this rainy weekend will be busy but it’s almost over. Then I guess I will have to go back to exercising and quitting smoking so I have stuff to write! Just kidding, maybe. 😉 I’ll also start cooking again once I’ve settled and I’m sure new recipes will come since my mother is diabetic (even though she won’t admit it).

Hugs! Have a great Friday!

Hey y’all

I just had to say HI this morning because I love that I woke up to 22 notifications of likes and comments. It always makes my day start out great!

Today 2 jobs, checking on Forgetful this morning and taking Mr. 95 year old and Miss Priss to dinner. Tomorrow I don’t have anything booked yet! This is a great thing since I really need to move most everything today and tomorrow before the furniture goes!

Yesterday, cranky surprised me. She remembered the doctor, knew the way I was getting there, and wasn’t actually cranky! When we were waiting to be called back, I got us both some hot chocolate from the coffee machine because the office is always a little cold. She seemed happy about that too. So yesterday was a good day.

Mr. 95 year old lost his credit card last weekend and wasn’t sure where (although he cancelled it right away). So I looked and also asked the Valet and RC to feel under my back seat to see if maybe he had dropped it in my car and it went under there. 1. We all put our hands into the seats and didn’t find it. The Valet found some piece of trash from sun and ski sports (not from me either) but that was it. 2. Why doesn’t the Camry have a way to pull the back seats down??? Isn’t that a safety thing? I even crawled into my trunk to see if there was a way to push them in and couldn’t do it! I’m going to have to ask the Toyota dealership next time I’m there.

I did get my extra freezer stuff moved yesterday and am now concerned that she won’t have enough room because I still need to move my regular freezer stuff and I almost filled hers already. I’m going to work on that today. The less I have to take there the better furniture wise. I just got this freezer 2 months ago but I have nowhere to put it at her place so I need to try. Maybe take food out of boxes and just cut the directions or something!

The ex boyfriend text me this morning to ask when he should come finish my closet. Even the exterminator that came said he did a shitty job and “why didn’t he clean up after himself?” My son’s godfather said he will come tomorrow and told me that it’s good I called him and not let ex boyfriend do what I need done, especially after the closet fiasco.

So while I was at my mom’s yesterday, I saw that the cats had found my dogs toys. Oh boy! So I took a picture of course. My dog will NOT be happy!

Oh! One more thing this morning! I got a cash offer last night on my place! Too low so we are counter offering but it may be sold! So it’s perfect timing that we are out of here this weekend! Y’all have a great day!


My son is not doing well in Spanish. So I am going to print out some flash cards today to help him after my daytime jobs. I’m sure he won’t be happy but he needs to do a better job!

I am meeting with Insurance Man this morning to give him all of his paperwork that I had inputted into quicken for him in April. Why he didn’t get it before now I have no clue but I told him I’m moving and he has to come get it so he finally is. I had text him and called and finally received a response via text a week later!

Then to see Forgetful and check her out in therapy today. I just want to make sure it’s doing her some good. She still says she’s just checking the place out and will be going home soon. I wish her step kids knew how unhappy she really is. I just listen to her and commiserate with her, it’s all I can do!

Then taking Cranky to her cardiologist. I’m sure that will be a blast. “I’ve never gone here before! This isn’t how you get there! Why do I have to pay for parking!” Then when she sees him, “Oh! Hi! I’ve been meaning to come see you”. 🙄

And then of course tonight I take Mr. 95 year old to dinner at his country club. Maybe Mr. Bubbly will come too! I enjoy taking them and chatting with RC and the Valet there.

At some point today, I would like to take my frozen foods over to my mom’s. Yesterday I hung a couple of pictures and put a few things away in the bookcase. The room needs to be empty of stuff on the floor for Saturday when the movers come. I’m still waiting on hearing from the ex boyfriend to come finish my closet. I also asked my sons godfather if he could come on Friday. He read my text but hasn’t responded yet. I’m sure he will later. The Godfather doesn’t like the ex boyfriend so hopefully they won’t be there at the same time!

I also need to call the Salvation Army in 10 minutes to find out when they are going to my mom’s to pick up all this stuff she has for them to take. So another busy day but that’s okay, I must be getting used to it or something by now! 😂

Have a great hump day (even my bank this morning said happy hump day)!

Getting closer!

I am moving in only 4 days. I am getting nervous about moving now. With 4 days to go! What if my allergies can’t take her cats? What if I start fighting with my mother like I did most of my teenage years? What if my son ends up hating it? What will I do then? What if, what if, what if!!! As I lay here in bed after waking up at 4:45am (I don’t usually wake up until 5:30 or 6), I am plagued with what ifs. I have a nice warm doggy against my back and it is actually a cool 55 degrees Fahrenheit outside. That is normally my favorite way to wake up!

Yesterday, I went to see Indecisive and reset her Google because it wasn’t working properly. She called me at 9pm last night saying none of the links she put on her desktop are going where they were supposed to, they are all going to google. That doesn’t sound right. Resetting google shouldn’t take away what you have saved to your desktop, right? I hope someone here can give me an idea so I can go back to her place today and fix it.

And OMG, I went to my lunch with Forgetful, another lady in the home, and my German neighbor. So my neighbor and I get there early and they did not reserve us a table. So I had to ask for that. Then, they didn’t want to accept cash for my meal, they wanted to charge it to my client. Umm, NO! Then I couldn’t find Forgetful anywhere! I had 3 people looking for her too! Someone finally told me that she was getting her hair done so I had to leave the other 2 ladies and go upstairs to get her and bring her down. So she was about 45 minutes late to the luncheon I had very carefully planned out! It ended up being okay. My neighbor likes the other German woman at the home and said she would go back to visit her on her own which was why I introduced them, they are both from Berlin. Forgetful ate and then went off with a caregiver to her next activity. I was a bit stressed though!

Today are the same people plus I have to meet the exterminator at my Mom’s to respray for fleas (just in case) and ask him to spray all the ants in the patio and carport. So I thought I would do my day like this:

8-9 breakfast with Forgetful and her niece

Go by the house to grab stuff to take to my moms.

10-11 or 12 Exterminator

Make another trip of stuff to my moms

1-2 Indecisive to fix computer

After 2 – Sell my freezer that I just got a couple months ago (because I won’t need it at my moms) on Facebook marketplace (the only reason I still keep my account – once I have completely moved, I’ll probably cancel it)

Go pick up my son



Sound like a plan?

Smoking: yeah right, I haven’t quit yet although I am still only smoking about half a pack a day

Exercising: Nope! Too busy but I will get back to it. I think lifting and hauling things up the stairs at my moms is enough for now

Quitting soda: Not yet!

Son’s grades: He got 5 A’s and 3 B’s – am I a bad mom for telling him that’s great but he needs to study more and make all A’s?

So yeah. I guess I’m a bit stressed but everything will go back to normal soon. Right? Please tell me it will!!!