Sunday relax day

I am not studying, not cooking, not doing anything. Well, I am watching this show called Sisters on Netflix. It’s weird but I am enjoying it.

After my day yesterday, I needed some time. Plus, my mother is off work today, which means that if I tried to cook or bake she would talk to me the whole time or be in the kitchen with me and I just don’t like that. I prefer to jam my music and go at my pace without interruption. My mother is working tomorrow so after I take Miss Priss to run errands, I am going to come home and make gingerbread men (and women) cookies. It take a couple of hours to do and after that, I will have to pull out our Christmas tree and decorations because my mother hired a coworker to put the lights on the tree where you don’t have to take them off every year.

So tomorrow will be busy. Makes sense that I don’t want to do anything today, right?

Have a great Sunday.

Long day

This morning was very relaxing. I left at 10:45 and got gas. I picked up Miss Priss and took her to Mr. S funeral. I was at the funeral and was getting texts from Cranky’s caregiver. She has had a cold all week but it got worse. She was taken to urgent care and so after the funeral, I headed over there.

Come to find out, they believe she has pneumonia and have admitted her into the hospital. I stayed to sign the paperwork to get her in a room and then came home around 5pm. its 10pm and she still hasn’t been taken to the actual hospital yet. I cooked chicken and boudain and walked Amber. I then took my final exam for nutrition. I’m confused about that class. It says I failed the class but if you take the scores, I have a 79. So which one is it???

H said a 64 is a D but I may as well failed if that’s my actual score. It’s very frustrating! I can’t wait to find out what I actually made. Too bad I won’t know until around Christmas.

I decided to watch The Great Festive Baking Show because baking relaxes me but I do not feel like actually baking. So Authoress, I’m sorry I haven’t made the bread yet. I will though!

I hope your Saturday was better than mine! I can’t wait to go grocery shopping and bake tomorrow. I want to make gingerbread cookies like I did last year. Everyone that ate them last year loved them. So goodnight and I pray tomorrow is a good day.

Iā€™m doing it!

I took my nutrition exam today and got an 82! Woo hoo! A B on this class exam made me really happy. I literally had 58 seconds left when I hit submit. Like usual, there were questions that were not covered. I still made a B!

I have my math exam on Saturday and from tomorrow until Saturday I will be doing nothing but math! Log and ln and division of polynomials. No fun! I will know it though. I have to. I’m meeting my friend/tutor Friday evening before the exam so I know everything will be okay.

I worked this morning taking Miss Priss to run errands. We actually had a good morning. Only 2 hours but we got a lot done. She told me that her friends think she does too much for her age. She’s 90. Styled is 71 and doesn’t do nearly as much!

H came over tonight and we studied and she tried boudain for the first time. She loved it! Another person I got to like it. My mom won’t even try it. Lol

You only have until Sunday to like my post in order to be in the drawing! H has said she will video me doing the drawing. I’m getting excited for you guys!

I’m picking up my son at school early tomorrow to take him on a high school tour. At first he didn’t want to go and then changed his mind saying he would love to leave early. Silly teenagers!

I’m watching the Great British Bake Off on Netflix. I wish I could bake HALF of these things! Looks so good!

Anywho, have a great Thursday!

So tired

Yesterday ended up alright. I ate my cupcake and don’t feel bad for it. I took my son to karate and then went upstairs and rode the bike for almost an hour. That level 18 kicked my ass though!

I was only going to do 30 minutes but after 20, I had only burned 88 calories! I wanted to burn off my delicious cupcake so I kept going. I had to stop when karate was over which is why it wasn’t quite an hour. When i picked up my son and his friends after school, they were so excited that there were cupcakes and chocolate milk. They all grabbed one of each and then my son rolls down his window and starts yelling at other kids, “we’ve got cupcakes!” Lol

I emailed a dietician some questions for a 3 page paper I have to write for nutrition. She emailed me back so before I went to the bike upstairs, I stopped by to tell her thank you. It was very nice of her to help me out! She teaches Bodyjam so I know where she is every Monday evening!

At school today, I don’t have Anatomy class because of the exam but I came early anyway to make sure I get a parking spot. I also want to go to my professors office at 10. I have my doctors appointment here at 11 and then algebra class at 2:30. It’s going to be a long, busy day. I brought my nutrition stuff to study in between and I am going to ask my friend about breakfast and lunch since I didn’t get a chance to cook yet.

I have to cook tonight when I get home. Tomorrow, my mother has Home Depot coming to put in tile in our kitchen and if I don’t cook tonight, I won’t be able to for a couple of days. I have to take everything off every countertop in there tonight too. I have chorizo, beef, vegetables, eggs, cheese, and milk so I’m sure I can come up with something!

I didn’t realize when I left for school this morning that I was almost out of gas. I had to stop at the gas station. Then on my way to school, I hear something in my tire. It just never stops, does it? Always something going on. First the car just decides to die in line a few days ago getting my son something to eat and now something in the tire. And people wonder why I’m so tired!

One huge complaint. I got my son medical insurance through the state. I got mail saying that I have to apply for jobs or get a job and work for 30 hours a week to keep it. Huh??? So now I have to add more crap to my already crazy life??? Something has to give. I can’t keep up with everything as it is! I haven’t even had time to go by and see Cranky in 2 weeks which upsets me.

I’m also not getting donations on my gofundme which I really need. Y’all should see my belly button right now. All the skin rubbing has infected it and it’s really red and hurting. I’m going to ask the doctor about it today. I’ve been putting my non chafing stuff on it already. I also have an ingrown hair (down there) and that hurts! And that time of the month showed up early (gotta love premenopause). What a week already!

Have y’all noticed that I haven’t even watched Netflix for a while? I don’t even have time to do that! It’s funny though, I don’t really miss it. I’m sure if I ever get a bored moment, I will.

I hope y’all have a good Tuesday. I’m going to try!

Stupid Saturday

Yet another day of dealing with teenage angst.

He told me he wanted to get out of this shithole and it took everything I have not to tell him to go ahead and get out. I holed myself up in my room and watched movies on Netflix. I ate WAY too much as I was upset. That was the first time I overate being upset in years. I will NOT make that a habit! Plus the fact that I am in pain in my feet today which reminds me why I stopped eating like this months ago! At least I am honest with myself and track my mistakes.

Yesterday was weigh day. I am down to 155.6. Woo hoo! Finally lost again. After a month! So I think I can maintain too. I only have 5.6 pounds to go to hit my ultimate goal of 150. Today I am going to a class called BodyPump. It’s with weights and that class is tough. Not only is my neighbor going with me, my sons godmother told me last night she wants to go so now I am in a group of 3 in class. Maybe that will be good for me? I guess I’ll find out how I do surrounded by friends. It should definitely keep me from slacking!

It rained pretty much all day yesterday. Off and on all day long. So being stuck in the house with my son while it poured outside didn’t do much to help me. I didn’t feel like I could get outside. I didn’t feel I had a way out. I do have a question though. All these people that live in their cars, what do they do when it rains? Floods? Not like they can have their windows down and enjoy it.

It is supposed to rain more today. I hope it keeps the temperature down a little. I’m so tired of 90-100 degrees in September!

I found a shirt I like but not going to spend money I don’t have. I’m keeping the picture of it though for when I do have some extra money for clothes. I did use a credit card and got 3 pairs of pants and 3 long sleeve shirts since winter is coming. Kohl’s has a sale so 3 outfits cost $50. Pretty good in my opinion plus I got a $10 Kohl’s cash card with it.

Last but not least, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of Oliver in a box. I had to get copy paper for the printer so the box was available before I take it out to the trash Monday morning.

Hope y’all have a good Sunday! I’m sure you can’t wait to hear about how I sore I feel tomorrow morning! šŸ˜‚

Stupid doctor offices

This doctor I was referred to. šŸ™„ Her office staff has STILL not called me back after 2 messages over 2 days! I am blessed that a pharmacy friend of mine came through for me and gave me something to try. And it helped. So I will look for another doctor to see next week and see about getting something to help.

Another friend of mine called me yesterday evening and asked if I wanted to go get a drink with her. I have needed to get out so I went with her. We just went down the street and I had 2 low carb beers and she had 2 Patrons with one beer. It was fun even though the place she wanted to go to only had old men there. We were just chatting with each other anyway. She and I are going to a weight lifting class tomorrow too. I told her that I thought endorphins might help and she agrees (as do some of you guys) so I’m going to do it.

I went online to my gym’s website and checked out all of their classes. I am going to try 3 different ones this coming week (not weight lifting) and even put them on my calendar to make sure I go. Obviously they are not on school days.

Why not? This way I can find what I like. Sorry for the blackouts, I can’t give out client info. What do y’all think of this?

Last night, I printed out the materials I need for class next week too. I want to be ready and hopefully ahead. I also did my Anatomy homework from Thursday and even read the next chapter and even did the prework for that chapter. I am ready for next week! I will see my friend/tutor tomorrow afternoon too for the math I missed.

I watched Netflix and was so happy last night. I watched more of the latest season of Blacklist. I still love James Spader. I have since the 80’s. Anybody know him and can introduce me? šŸ˜‚ Him and C. Thomas Howell. Did y’all know that Jimmy Spader dropped out of high school in the 11th grade? And he seems like he’s done a great job in life. Plus he’s divorced so who knows! šŸ˜‚

This morning my son and I are going to do community service at the Houston Food Bank with the group I’m in at school. He stayed at the neighbors house last night but I told him he has to be home by 7am so we can leave at 7:15. I will call and wake up the parents if he’s not here at 7 too. Then nothing else scheduled today so I will finish Blacklist and study. Fun fun!

Y’all have a great Saturday! I plan on it!

Eating issues

So this week I have been struggling to stay within my allotted 1500 calories per day. Yesterday I had 1611 because I got these snacks in the mail and REALLY wanted to try one! Today I have already had 1100 calories which leaves me 400 for dinner. Thankfully I have leftover ground beef and shredded cheese and bacon to mix up for dinner with lettuce. I’m so afraid I will still be hungry! That little bit will take all 400 calories so let’s hope it fills me up for the night!

I think it’s because my body is going back into ketosis after having that popcorn last week. I am eating very low carbs right now to get back in ketosis plus I am healing so my body is looking for extra whatever OR maybe it’s because these new snacks have allulose in them and so I’m getting a form of sugar so I crave more sugar? I really don’t know.

Allulose definition from Google:

I washed towels and sheets today with no help from my child. He worked on a school homework assignment and did not do any research on it so when I read the shoddy half page he wrote, I told him it was D quality work so he ripped it up and hasn’t done anything else. This child I swear. šŸ™„ He has to do well in school this year to get into a good high school and he’s not even trying!

I am also feeling down this afternoon. I was hoping that having clean sheets on my bed would help but it didn’t. I tried reading and finished the 3rd book of the Dexter series but still feel down. I’m not in the mood for Netflix either (there really is something wrong with me, huh?).

Anyway, that’s my update. I’m hungry but can’t eat until dinner at 6pm. I’m not losing weight that I know of (I weigh on Saturday) but when I go over my calories and don’t get any exercise, it makes sense!

I hope all of you are having a good Thursday and will have a great Friday!