The New Year’s Eve celebration

I totally forgot to tell you guys about New Year’s Eve!

I go to the retirement home and sign in. I go up to Ms. 96 year olds room and of course was early. She loves that I am always early, she says it shows that I care about my clients. We chat for a little bit and she says she is ready to go down.

She is all dressed up and looking very nice and I am as usual in my workout gear but put on nice shoes and a sweater so it looked like I was wearing black pants and a nice shirt (if you read my post a few days ago you saw what I was wearing).

We go downstairs and there is no party. It’s just this lame guy singing softly to the oldies on his karaoke player. Seriously! It was so sad. They could have done much more. The paper they handed out made it seem like they were doing a buffet (she showed it to me) and there would be singing and dancing. I was pretty disappointed with the place! They had Chardonnay but I am not a big wine person so I just sipped it and drank mostly water.

So we ate the “special” for the day which was sweet and sour chicken (hard little pieces) with over cooked vegetables and over salted soup as well as this half “egg roll” that was mushy. The Rice was pretty much the only edible thing on the plate but they were hard, like they hadn’t been cooked throughly. She apologized to me for the food even! I told her it was fine and I thanked her for the invitation because it was very sweet of her to think of me. I did tell her that next time we just need to go out somewhere and actually have fun. She seemed to like the idea as well so maybe I will take her out to dinner one night (or lunch).

I came home and had a little champagne with my mom before going upstairs to watch Netflix.

My glass is from taking my son on a hot air balloon ride in South Park Colorado when he was 6. I need to find the video of that, it was awesome!

Y’all have a good night. It’s 11pm and I have to work in the morning so I need to get to sleep.

As the year ends

So I made my post of 2019 goals as I promised I would. Now to tell you about yesterday and today.

I went grocery shopping for the next week and to get ready to help my mom be keto.

I printed out all the stuff I need for 2019 and Oliver stalked the printer the entire time. I had to sit there with a squirt bottle so he wouldn’t stick his paw in it and jam up the printing.

I bought nail polish to save money and do my own nails instead of getting them done at the salon.

I got sugar free candy and mints to help get me and my mother off sugar (again for me – a first for my mother).

And you already saw my caffeine free soda.

I took Amber to get her treats but they were out so they let her try a different kind of freeze dried treat (beef flavor) and she loved them. Plus they are SO much cheaper than what I’ve been giving her, I may have to switch for good!

Everything is on the closet wall and ready now. I took all of my credit cards out of my wallet and put them away where I can’t use them. As I pay off each one, I will cancel them. That way I won’t have the temptation to use them again. I don’t need credit anyway. I need to only buy what I can afford.

Tonight, I have been invited to a New Years Eve celebration at a retirement home with Miss 96 year old. It starts at 5:30 but she wants me there “a little before 5”. I’m sure she just invited me because she knows that I will wheel her down to the party, stay near her and get whatever she wants, and then wheel her back upstairs when she’s tired but you know what? That party sounds pretty good to me. I don’t usually go out on new year eve because of all the crazy people. Spending time with the elderly and getting home early sounds really nice. So I am going. Maybe I will remember to take pictures!

She asked me to bring a bill from the other day with me but I don’t want to charge her. How should I tell her?

Have a great evening and if it’s already 2019 where you are, HAPOY NEW YEARS!