Do not procrastinate!

I woke up late this morning. My friend called and wanted to tell me about her horrible boss and got me up at 7:30. That’s normally the time I am leaving to take my son to school! So I went and woke him up and we were out the door in 11 minutes. He was still there in plenty of time. I am SO glad she called!

I came home and started studying. I studied from 9am to 8pm today. Granted I took a 20 minute lunch break, a 30 minute break to get my son at school, and a 30 minute break to pick him up a Starbucks cake pop after karate and make myself dinner. That’s still ALL day! I opened the exam at 8pm. I took 49 minutes for the exam, carefully thinking and rereading the book and my notes before answering. I got a 78. I feel like if I had studied more days, I would have done better. I still have that final this weekend so after tomorrow, I am studying like crazy. I got an A on my paper too guys!!! Even with the misspelling! So I have a B in that class.

After the exam, I decided to get my last math quizzes and homework done so I can concentrate on that final after this weekend. I will have an entire week to prepare. So I have now finished those and it’s almost 11pm. Whew!

Tomorrow I take my son to the dentist at 9am, a high school tour at 1pm, and then he has a Spanish aptitude test at that same school at 5pm. It’s going to be a long day!!! He wants to go to the Mexican bakery after the dentist so of course I asked H if she wanted to go. She not only wants to go there, she wants to come with us to the dentist! I think she’s ready for this semester to be over too. Since her actual birthday is on Friday, I will get her a flan.

From my last math exam, I finally got the grade for my free response questions. 17 out of 30. Eek!!! I hate how they grade things in that class. So glad it’s almost over! I have an 85 in the class right now. If I do well on the final, I may end up with an A- and I would be proud of that! So happy I am taking the precalculus at the community college!

That’s it for me. I need some sleep for my crazy busy day tomorrow!

Chat later!

Seriously though

Yesterday I really did study. I worked on math for HOURS (literally 5) and when I was frustrated and pulling my hair out, I made notes on my biology book on the first chapter that will be on that exam next week. I didn’t go to sleep until midnight because I was studying. I didn’t cook or clean because of studying. I got my workout in as you know if you read yesterday’s post but that and being a bookworm is ALL I did! How boring, right???

Today! Well, I am going to the cardio class I missed last Monday this morning. Then I will study math. Then I will take Ms. Forgets to the bank. Then I will pick up my son at school. Can you guess what will come after?

Did you figure it out???

MATH! 🤣 and nutrition! But seriously, I still need help with math. I think I get the practice questions correct and then hit submit and I get a 60 back as a grade! What the hell??? So my friend is sending me explanations of how I am screwing it up (my words, not hers). Let’s hope that helps this afternoon when I take the practice exam again!!! This morning I am going to read over the notes I made in class and hope they help too.

Alright you guys, have a great Monday! I may get a chance to cook too. We will have to see. I am surviving off cottage cheese, protein bars, bacon, and sausage at the moment. I really need to cook!

Here’s a little motivation for ya! The first one is Dr. Nowazardan and I couldn’t help but post it for my friends that watch Skin Tight and 600 pound life on TLC!

One year comparison

I told you guys I wanted to research the difference between how I used to eat and how I ate yesterday. I’m in shock of how much sugar I used to have! I looked at Myfitnesspal from last year and yesterday and got the nutrient amounts. Prepare to be shocked! It’s no wonder I dropped the weight so fast when I changed how I ate!

August 14, 2017:

August 14, 2018:

Now yesterday’s fiber was a lot lower than it normally is these days since I had no vegetables. I usually eat around 25 a day. I also usually have about 20 net carbs and MAYBE 1 gram of sugar. So yeah.

Cutting sugar is a HUGE part of being healthy. Sugar promotes growth of cancers as well as will keep you heavy. If you just cut soda out of your diet, your sugar level will drop. Don’t drink soda? Great! Where is the sugar coming from? Did you know that eating sugar makes you tasty to mosquitoes? I have studied and watched many documentaries about how sugar is killing us all. Most of your carbs are coming from sugar and preservatives. You can change this!

If you can (and it doesn’t have to be organic), eat fresh. Don’t drink your calories and lower your sugar intake. I know it helped me!

Don’t forget this either – probably the most important thing. One meal or one day of bad eating will not derail you. Just get back on track! Hugs you guys!