Exercise question

I was going to just update my other post but then I thought – this needs to be on its own.

I’ve been working hard. I’ve been trying to let my foot heal and even joined a gym which I never thought I would do.

I started using the weight machines – I never thought I would do that either!

When the lady finally got here, picked up the doors and left, I got to go to the gym. I changed my clothes as fast as I could and ran out the door.

I forgot my ID to check in at the gym, I forgot my headphones, and obviously my sanity as well.

I started to do arms which I had only done once this week on Tuesday. After the first 3 exercises, my arms ached badly. I tried to do a couple more machines but I hurt so I quit finally after using 4 machines and only 2 sets of 12 per machine. Then I went to the bikes. I got on my standard one and started riding. After 10 minutes, my back hurt so bad that I moved to a recumbent bike. After 10 minutes of that, I just quit and went home. I hurt all over and wasn’t prepared, and so yeah. I left.

Do you guys have days like that? Is it only because I didn’t have my music to listen to?

This is why I’m taking today off. I thought maybe I need it. Please let me know your thoughts on this!

Last night was


My right heel started to hurt as I was cooking. When I was done in the kitchen, I checked my steps and it said I still need 2,500 to hit my 10,000 for the day AND my watch said I still need 8 minutes of workout time to complete my day. Oh my god, really? So I talked to my mom and made sure she enjoyed dinner and then said “I am going out to walk to finish these steps”. I set out the door while turning on my outdoor walking timer and went off. I walked 15 minutes according to the timer so why did my exercise ring only show I went 5??? Why??? So I had to keep going until it said I was done. Then I had to walk back home so I ended up with a few extra minutes. I mean – come on! Each day it seems like the 30 minutes the watch says to do gets longer and longer!

And I am in pain all over now – I feel sore and stiff everywhere. I’m guessing it’s from the class on Sunday but I really don’t know for sure. Another reason I wish I could stay in bed today. I need to figure out how to exercise today too.

So I made cheese crackers and stuffed bell peppers for dinner. My mom had never had the crackers and I told her to try one as an appetizer since dinner wouldn’t be ready for an hour or so. She ate 7! The recipe makes 75 (it says 150 but they would be teeny tiny if I made them at that size!) so we have plenty left, I was just amazed she liked them! Recipes down below – both gotten off the Allrecipes app. The crackers are addicting and the stuffed peppers were pretty good. I was going to take some to Cranky (I made 8 stuffed peppers) so I asked her caregiver to ask her and she replied that Cranky said NO so she told me to bring them tomorrow (meaning today). 😂

All I have today is Forgetful to take her for tests in the medical center and it’s probably good because it is supposed to rain here all day! High of 51 and 100% chance of rain. I wish I didn’t have to go anywhere and could sit home all day and eat my crackers but oh well.

Y’all have a good day!

<ugs Hugs everyone!

Well Good Morning!☀️😃

I was asleep by 11pm. Why I was awake at 5:10am, I have NO clue.

I went to walk to the restroom and OUCH! The heel of my right foot HURTS to stand on it!!! I guess I did too much yesterday. That’s not good since I need to move more stuff today. Plus clean more stuff out of the room at my Mom’s. I will wear my tennis shoes today and hopefully will not hurt as bad as when I put on my flip flops. I do have to go drive stinky this morning to get her hair and nails done too!

Speaking of my Mom… she has totally been on board with this plan of us moving in the whole time, until yesterday. You know how I said I would call my cousin back to find out what she needed? When I did, I mentioned that I had been busy packing to move. She immediately hangs up with me and calls my mother and, of course, makes her freak out by saying, “She shouldn’t sell the condo yet. What if you can’t get along? Is she going to make you move out of your house? She’s going to want to control you. This isn’t going to work.” WTH! So I spent an HOUR reassuring my mother that her cousin has had issues with her own 6 kids and I am not like my cousins and will not push her out or take over, blah blah blah. That wasn’t fun. I hope I gave her enough reassurance. I’m so used to spending time in my room when I’m at home that it’s not going to change. I was able to pack up most of my closet yesterday and take it over there. Since the bedrooms are not done being cleaned out yet, I put everything under her piano downstairs. The cats were having a great time looking and sniffing at all of it. Everything I own will probably now have cat on it. They are so cute. I really hope I get a little used to being around them! I really do like them.

The red bag is what I put my Christmas tree in during the year when I’m not using it. Her cat immediately wanted up on it and even took a short nap before the bag fell over and dumped her off.😂

This is my son’s toddler chair. I think the cats like it! I can’t make her get rid of it if she thinks they will use it though!

By the way, It’s allergy season here in Texas. Everywhere you go, people are sniffling, sneezing, coughing, and have itchy eyes. Not everyone has allergies but it does seem like half of Houston does! Especially me. And I was around my Mom’s 2 cats without my allergy medicine yesterday. No fun.

I want to go to this place next Wednesday called Dish Society (restaurant) because my favorite local beer distillery (The Bearded Fox) will be served there that night. Unfortunately, I also work on Wednesday evenings so I doubt I will get to go. It’s a shame really because I adore this beer they make called Aunt Rose and I am not a fan of driving 45 minutes to their place of business just to have one! Dish Society is close by. So now I’m pouting. Somebody please go by there and have an Aunt Rose for me!!! You buy a pint and get to keep the glass!

So yeah, one job this morning. Then I’m off until Monday morning. I need to get a LOT done at my moms since I have the time. I took my allergy pill last night so I wouldn’t forget today. My eyes are still itchy and my poor nose is stuffy but I still have to go. Maybe I will open a window over there. Maybe that’s what the problem is. I’m not sure when those windows have been opened last. Yay! I have a plan!

Speaking of plans, I weighed myself this morning. I have gained 3 pounds. I’m pretty sure it’s because I keep forgetting to eat breakfast (or in too much of a hurry) and driving which means sitting on my butt in the car). So I took a pill with my energy drink this morning and when I’m done writing, I’m going to go make breakfast and eat. Then work and clean all day. As long as I don’t forget to eat, I should drop these 3 pounds pretty quick. I don’t normally take pills to help with weight but it’s really just caffeine pills to keep me moving and I won’t drink the 2 energy drinks I normally do. I’ll stick with water and save the calories for food instead of soda.

Have a great weekend. I hope my foot and my allergies are fine today and tomorrow!

Help from cat owners please

So my Mom has 2 kittens. They are absolutely adorable. They are 15 weeks old. She just had them fixed last week and they are up to date on their shots.

I went to her house to help her with her TV (I know a LOT of people that have problems with the correct input). I was scratching Oliver, her black with a little white kitten, when he started playing around and bit my hand.

Now, I am allergic to cats so I knew I would have a reaction (it usually bubbles up for a while and then goes away). This is ridiculous though. And he’s had his shots too so I don’t know what this is or why it happened. Please also note that I washed my hands immediately after the chomp.

2 hours after the bite, around 3pm yesterday (it looks like a spider bite at this point!):

This morning at 7:30am:

It hurts, it looks totally infected, and it’s so red! For comparison this morning, I took a picture of my right hand so I could see the color difference. It really looks like a sunburn where he bit me!

Any thoughts? If I can do something over the counter, I would much rather do that!


March 2016

I already blogged about my dentures. I forgot that I wrote in a journal about the experience as it happened. This is long and may be boring to some but it is my story so I want it published!

Before surgery:

After years of crappy dentists and a hereditary link to bad teeth, I went to a friends dentist who is actually going to do what I have wanted for years. He is going to have his oral surgeon pull all of my teeth under anesthesia and he is going to give me dentures. I can’t wait! All of the other dentists I have seen want to “save” the teeth and do root canals and who knows what else, just as long as they make tons of money off me. How many times can a person go through the same procedures? I have no back teeth at all after having root canals with crowns that fell off and rotted or just had them pulled to save money on those root canals and and crowns!

I have 3 weeks before this will take place. I have started researching the procedure, what to expect, and actually spoke with 2 other women that have gone through this. Woman 1 had hers done 20 years ago. She paid $50 a tooth to be pulled (so not fair as these days the cheapest to get it done is $300 a tooth while you are awake) and was awake for the procedure. She doesn’t remember how many had to be pulled at this time. She got her dentures a week later and has had 3 sets of dentures in 20 years. The first for a year, the 2nd for 20 years. She just got this newest pair 6 months ago and she is very happy that she did this.

Woman 2 just had this done a month ago. She has NOT been happy so far. She has trouble keeping the dentures in, even after many trips back to her dentist. She gags a lot and cannot even eat soft foods yet! Her teeth look wonderful and she’s happy she went through the procedure even though she was awake with only Novocain to get her teeth pulled. She told me she didn’t have bottom teeth anyway so she was ready to get this done.

After researching and speaking with these 2 women, I am really excited! I still have a week before mine will get done too. I am working as much as possible so I can take a few days off without worrying about bills.

I have my ride to the procedure set (thanks to my parents who said they want to meet the man they gave a shit ton of money to), my ride for my 24 hour follow up visit set (one of my oldest friends that I met in 6th grade who also gave me the dentist name), tons of soup in the pantry, and ice cream in the freezer. My son will stay at my parents for 3 days so I can recover and have a weird schedule if needed.

Day of surgery:

I am very excited! I woke up at 5am, did everything I needed to do, and then waited on my 6:15am ride to the dentist office with my parents. My Dad was not in a good mood since he was not used to getting up that early plus I’m sure he was nervous for me.

We are on time and yet the oral surgeon ended up being an hour late (he said traffic which doesn’t surprise me here). As I waited, my blood pressure elevated, probably because I was more and more nervous just sitting in the dentists chair. When he arrived, he told me what he was going to do. My dentist came in to say hello and meet my parents. That helped me relax a lot. He’s a great guy and truly remarkable dentist.

An hour later, I woke up with my dentures. My face was numb from my neck up to my eyes. I have a full set of teeth! Yay!

I get home and my Dad goes and picks up my prescriptions. As soon as he gets back, I take everything. He brought pain medicine (Tramadol), an antibiotic, an anti-nausea medicine, as well as a mouth rinse. After taking everything, my Dad left so I could rest. I watched TV, wandered around the house, ate ice cream (not easy with a numb face!), and text a bunch of friends. My son came home after school to check on me with my friend that drove him home. She and her son left a few minutes later and my son packed a bag to go stay with my parents (his grandparents) for a few days while I recover. After many hugs and kisses, my Dad picked him up and I was alone. The only time I got up after that was when a package was delivered to the door or human nature happening.

3:30am the day after surgery of pulling 16 teeth and waking up with dentures:

I went to bed at 9pm on Tramadol and a sleeping pill as pain was just starting and numbness was just wearing off.

PAIN woke me up at 3:30AM! My mouth hurt so bad! I feel like the dentures are cutting into my gums and I’m still bleeding from who knows where in my mouth. The surgeon told me that I have to keep the teeth in for 2 days so the swelling won’t get so bad that the teeth don’t fit. I am really looking forward to going to the dentist this morning just to be having these taken out – even if it’s just for 10 minutes.

I am not happy with these dentures. The impressions that the dentist took showed how my top teeth are big so why are these so small? And why are the bottom teeth so tall? Also, why is the gum color so dark? It looks like I am sick!

I take a picture of my teeth to share with certain people and send it to them. I take my pills, and then a 30 minute nap. Then I go and watch TV for a few hours. All I’m allowed to eat on the 1st day is cold liquid foods. I ate a pint of ice cream over the course of the day (not too much fun when you’re lactose intolerant either) and I don’t want anymore. My neighbors brought me some flowers and I told them how sick of ice cream I was. One of them ran home and brought me back a vegetable juice (Naked juice Green Machine) that tastes pretty good (I am really hungry but it’s actually good too). I drank an entire glass and took another pain pill. That juice and blenderized soups saved me from being too hungry.

My friend came to spend the night and drive me back to the dentist the next morning. We talked for a while and then I took more pills and went to bed at 9pm because when I stood up, I was dizzy from the sleep aid I took.

I went to the dentist and asked him for something other than Tramadol for pain. He gave me Vicodin thankfully so that took care of all the pain I had been in. He said I was doing well. He told me I could eat hot liquid foods so I almost raced home to put soup in the blender and eat it. I had to be on a liquid diet for 3 weeks while I healed.

I had to go to the dentist every 2 weeks for adjustments for about 3 months. Then I was able to not have to go for 3 months. I had gotten used to them. My clients love my new look and are very happy for me.

Cut to January 2017. I go in to the dentist, he takes new impressions, has me text him pictures of what my teeth originally looked like, and he HANDMADE my permanent set. Now I look like I used to other than I have pretty teeth now.

This was an experience I do not wish for anyone. It was necessary for me and for a lot of people. Don’t get this done over a few teeth. I had 16 teeth already pulled or rotted out and the remaining ones were starting to go too. That’s the only reason I did it. I am NOT good at taking pain (thank God for c-sections instead of natural childbirth – that’s a WHOLE different story). I am glad I did it though. It’s worth it in the end.

Teeth issues

Ever since I got my braces off at the age of 14, my teeth have gotten worse and worse. I always brushed my teeth like I was supposed to, I went to the dentist every 6 months, I did everything I was told. I always had cavities and my mom would blame me, not knowing or understanding that in part it is genetics.

When I met my biological siblings, I noticed everyone's teeth were horrible and my sister 6 years younger than me has dentures. So I talked to my friends dentist and he said teeth are part how you take care of them and part genetics. I was so happy to have been validated!

This is a picture of myself before I did something about it.

They kept getting worse. One of my friends brothers friend happens to be a dentist and did it for the military overseas for a long time before coming home and setting up shop here. So I listened to my friend and went to see him.

I came out of his office with a price and a plan. He agreed with me that I was missing too many teeth in the back and the front ones were so bad that my best bet was to get the bad teeth pulled and get dentures. I have heard horror stories of implants and actually had a couple of people that after a few years, the implants started falling out!

Before my Dad passed, he drove me down to the dentist (30 miles away from where I live – he's in Clear Lake) and he paid for everything up front. I went to sleep with bad teeth and woke up with beautiful teeth. When the numbness wore off, I was in pain! I was in pain for 2 weeks, I even had to go ask for better pain killers. I never take pain meds either! Over the next 6 months, I was down at his office at least once every 2 weeks having them adjusted. All of those visits were covered too!!! So that was in March 2016.

After a year, when my gums are supposed to have stopped receding, I got to go back and get my permanent dentures. They look just like my real teeth, without all the disgusting stuff and missing teeth. All the pain in the first few months was totally worth it! It really was painful at first too.

This is the difference between the temporary dentures and my permanent ones. The first set was really small teeth and I hated them! I told the dentist every time I would see him that I wanted my permanent ones to look like my original teeth. He used his cell phone and took close up pictures of my teeth and he made my new set himself.

The difference between my real teeth and my dentures. I am SO much happier with my smile now!

The dentist did an awesome job and I would recommend his office to anyone, I even take my son there now that they have a pediatric dentist.

Clear Lake Modern Dentistry is the BEST!!!