So far…

So far I have patched the hole in my bathroom ceiling. I have painted a wood cabinet white to match everything else in the bathroom. I put a regular closet doorknob on my walk in closet instead of the lock that was on there (I’m taking that to my moms to have a lock on my door). I cleaned out the bathroom closet and left only what is necessary to live for a month or so. Everything else will go to my moms. I am tired.

Now it’s my sons turn to pack his stuff up and fill the car. We will actually go over there tomorrow. My Mom called and asked me to get an exterminator for fleas and give her cats a bath. I am SO glad she had their front claws removed! That will cut down on the horrible cuts I usually get trying to bathe cats. And I’m glad she will have an exterminator. I don’t want my cute little girl to get fleas!

So now I’m done for today other than putting all the stuff I packed up into the car. Maybe I’ll get more energy later and do more, who knows!

This stuff dries white. Since it’s on the ceiling, it kept falling off, so I actually did the patch job about 4 times to make it stay!


This is what it looked like (although I had already put the painters tape on it).

First coat of paint:

Yeah, still needs work!


All done!

Not sure this will help the sale but I thought it couldn’t hurt anything.

List of house things to tackle

So, my home was built in 1969. It has popcorn ceilings, copper wiring and plumbing, galvanized pipes, and everything else they used back then that people just seem to freak out over these days saying they are not in code and need to be pulled out and changed (at a pretty penny as well).

When I moved there in 2002 and started to make changes to my liking in 2004, my mother said "You can't just have white walls! It needs to be off white, stark white is horrible!" So I have these off white colors all over the house that I am now going to paint to a stark white because that is what I want! Greenish white in the kitchen and bathroom and pinkish white in the living room. It has always looked so dirty to me! I hate it, they have to go.

I had my friends help me tile my floors in 2007 and they are this pink beige color but because of cost, we won't change it to hardwood just yet. I'll just have to deal for now.

Here is my BASIC list of what I want to do in my condominium.

Number One:
Scrape off popcorn ceiling – the stuff is disgusting and I've always hated it so I have to cover everything and spend quite a bit of time scraping. Hope my arms are up to it!

Number Two:
Cover everything, including the tile, and paint with Kilz (awesome primer that keeps smells out) on all shared walls as I have a pothead on one side and I don't know what on the other. I don't care that my neighbor smokes, I just don't want to smell it in my place. Then paint every wall a stark white. 😃

Number Three:
Replace kitchen countertops. My mom (yes again) wanted me to have this pink limestone crap for a countertop. It's ugly (although still functional) and after only 4 years, has a nice shiver of a crack down the middle because the installers (I won't say the company because they are usually great) did not check for levelness of the cabinets below (they say the place has shifted and that's what caused the crack – whatever). So basically I need to tear out cabinets and replace those as well as the countertop. I have no idea what to get either. The countertops are all pretty. I would like it to be white with black specs in it since my walls are white and my furniture is black leather. The crack runs in front of the microwave.

Number Four:
Replace tub along with tub tile in the bathroom. I have a new sink and commode so now it's time to replace the tub. I don't want a new tub though. I'm thinking of a walk in shower built in the same space. We do not take baths so why have one? Then I can put glass outside of it and it will make it look bigger in my tiny bathroom!

Number Five:
When taking out the tub and tile, install piping for a water line to run through the bathroom so I can install a washer dryer in my walk in closet. I will have to pull out the installed shelves in the back of the closet, but I have measured and a stackable will fit in the same space! I hate having to use the communal washer and dryers. Not only is it $2.75 per load (around £2.15), half the time, the machines don't even work! I know it's a mess in there!

Number Six:
Take out the bookshelves in the living room and have a Murphy bed (with a table when you close up the bed) installed. It will save so much space in the room. My son has his bed up against the wall next to the bookshelves now and it sticks out and I trip on the edges more often than I care to admit.

Number Seven:
Use the original galvanized steel piping and some planks and make bookshelves on either side of the living room tv. That way I still have bookshelves and they are still out of the way. Plus with the right staining, they will add character to the room instead of a big wall with a tv on it.

So those are my top seven things to do. I love my place and it's paid off so why would I spend money on something else when I can make this just how I want it?

My room from blue to white

So my now ex boyfriend painted my bedroom for me. It was Thomas the Tank Engine blue from when my son was little and adored Thomas and slept in the space with me. Now, I have an adult white room with art ($5.99 clearance prints from and absolutely love it!

When he was younger and it was his room

Gorgeous room now that I have an adult bed and art!

He now has his own space but for some reason prefers to sleep on the couch!