Pictures with my Dad

Not sure how old I was here (maybe 2?) at Lake Brownwood TX. My Dad always seemed happiest at a beach. Don’t ask me whose boat that is because we didn’t own one and I have NO idea who we were there with (probably family reunion).

This was outside my grandparents trailer in Lubbock TX. Why I always stripped my dolls naked I have no idea! You can see the door of our 1975 Buick we had back then too.

Me with the silly grin and it always made my Dad smile! This was outside our home back then in Houston. I recognize the bricks (I have driven by the house recently and it’s still there and still the same).

At my great great great aunts house in Brownwood TX when I was between 8-10 years old. We are seated next to his parents but this post is about me and my Dad.

I was 14 here in Lubbock with my Dad. We were at some animal farm. I can’t think of the name of the critters! They burrough in sand and pop out to look around and I actually got to feed them as they would come right up to you.

My Dad gave me away when I got married both times but this was at my first wedding which most likely cost him WAY too much but he did whatever his wife and only child asked for (please note I did not ask for an expensive wedding – that was my mother). My 2nd wedding cost $400 only and was just as nice and I am lucky my Dad was there then too.

My Dad and I in Key West Florida. We had driven from Naples all the way down and stayed on the beach. I loved it there and will always have good memories with my Dad there. My mother was there too but I only have a photo there with my Dad.

These are just a few photos of me with my Dad. I was a total Daddy’s girl, can you tell? Well, I still am!

Couple of pics this morning

After my post early this morning, I went back to sleep and didn’t wake up until 9am. The storm outside helped me sleep really well too!

So well, in fact, that I’ve been taking a couple of pictures this morning. 😀

Yep. I’ve lost over 25 pounds and have another 25 to go total. I am so excited and thankful for everyone’s support!

Driver license photos from 2005 and last June. 80 pounds gone since I gave birth to my son. 211 total pounds lost since 1997! I’ll find my license from 1996 and take a new face pic to show you guys that soon too. I have kept all of my old licenses and I’m glad I did, I can show how far I’ve come from the age of 16!

Oliver and Eliza do not have front claws so I am always amazed at how they can still climb things and hold on! Oliver loves to get on the top edge of the chair to try and get more attention! In this particular photo this morning, he was getting away from Amber who had just come in from being outside in the rain to go potty.

I hope you’re having a great Saturday!