Sunday ”not so” funday

You heard that right! I’m studying today so it’s not that fun!

I woke up, showered, took my son to church, then went with a friend to the gym to do a long yoga class. I didn’t break a sweat even but according to my watch, I burned some calories! Now I’m having lunch and then going to meet my friend for more math.

I took my month end photos today. I actually do fit in my medium shirts now! I also got my friend to take a picture of me with the only big shirt I kept from the old days.

Yesterday was 3 hours of math and 3 hours of nutrition studying. I also went to the gym for a step class. I believe I told y’all that it killed me but I’ve been thinking that might be a good thing and maybe I should go back!

Yep. Studying makes me not fun. But I want to do well! I refuse to be a C student. I want A’s!!! Sooo, I figure the more I study, the better I will become. Right???

Well, I’m off! Have a great day!

Bad pictures

So I went on my new school groups website and found a couple of pictures that say exactly why I still need to lose 10 more pounds. Such horrible pictures that I had to share!

I know everyone will probably say I look great. I don’t think I look like I want to quite yet though! I am still a work in progress. I was in exactly ONE picture at each event I went to. I’m surprised I’m in any of them! There are TONS of photos at each event though so I should have been in more but that’s okay. I’m the oldest person in the group and I’m sure that will actually help them get more older members. The next oldest person is 32 and she wears so much makeup that she looks older than that! I would never say that to her, just to you guys.

My son is actually looking forward to going to events with me since I told him that there are a bunch of 18 year old cute girls at them. I won’t show him the pictures! 😂

I hope you are having a great Wednesday!

Happy Saturday!

Boy this should be an interesting day.

It’s 7am, I woke up at 5:20. Woo hoo! I wasn’t up at 3!!! I didn’t go to bed until 10:15 so maybe that’s why. I was trying to stay awake later so I wouldn’t be up so early and it helped!

Through the pain, I will be working on my dad’s old car today. I noticed a huge puddle of something under it, the tires are going flat, and the battery has been dead for a few months. I really want to sell it so I need to get it back how it was. I got offered $500 for it but according to Kelly Blue Book, it’s worth $1300 so $500? Uh, no!

My son has therapy today. I asked the doctor what time and he answered High Noon! A thought occurred to me this morning. I am so glad my son has someone he can talk to like I did when I was a teenager. I loved my meetings with Andi back then and I always felt I had someone on my side. Now my son has that with Dr. M.

I found a few funnies on that new app I told y’all about yesterday.

Last night, I went through my box of old pictures. I found so many of before I had my stomach surgery in 1998.

December 1997 in North Carolina with my Mom at the Biltmore House and GardensMe in front of Biltmore. This is the most shocking picture! My Cousin’s wedding in 1989Thanksgiving 1997Christmas work party 1997 – they couldn’t even hide me behind my friend! Christmas at my parents house in 1997Senior year of high school 1991This is after I lost my first 50 pounds after surgery. I thought I looked so good!Yep, this is me in 1996!My first wedding to John. Size 26 wedding dress. I was so embarrassed of the size, especially since I had my surgery 2 years before this happened!Me in Hawaii in 2002. My wedding to my sons father in 2005. Weight was 280. I had just had my son the month before.High school graduation party, 1991. My 21st Birthday party at a bar in 1994.

So I talked to my Mom and found out that I now weigh what I did as a 6th grader. As of today, I am 165. That’s a loss of .8 pounds this week. And here I thought I was going to gain!

I can’t begin to tell you how good I feel when I see how far I’ve come. I also can’t believe it took me over 30 years to be here. Really. In 6th grade, I was 11 years old. I was chunky at 160 pounds. At 45, I am finally back to 165. Why did I do that to myself? I remember always being on a diet growing up, cheating on said diet whenever possible, then saying screw it and eating what I wanted and kept gaining.

This is why I don’t tell my son he needs to diet. I give him healthy food options and have taught him to exercise. I noticed that he has stretch marks on his belly already so I am very nervous about his weight (he’s around 200 at 13). I don’t tell him that though! I am not my mother who was always saying I needed to lose weight! He is slowly learning. He has stopped eating candy and is eating what I cook again. He is learning not to drink his calories (I don’t put it that way to him – I tell him everything in moderation). I hope he learns from my mistakes. He saw the pictures of me and said “Mom, you were a fat ass!” 😂My reply? “Yes I was. Now I’m not. Learn from my mistakes.” Let’s hope he does!


I got up at 5:30 thinking I would get out and drive for Lyft this morning. I then looked at their bonuses for drives. They will give an extra $10 for giving 5 rides? No way! That’s not worth it so I am staying home. Well, I am going to help out a neighbor that needs a few boxes put in their garage. No big deal. Then I will go to my doctor for my injections. Oh boy, how fun! I’m STILL waiting on them to get my vitamins and now almost out of my daily vitamins so I have to order more of those. There goes another $80 😕

My son actually stayed at home yesterday. He didn’t run out to a friends house! A friend of his came by here and brought us an invitation to go to the water park on the day we are coming back from Galveston. How funny! So I asked the mom if I could just drop him off there on our way back to town and I would let her bring my son back. She said that would be fine with her. This kid bought my son a Nintendo switch game for his birthday. Those are really expensive and now I feel like I should return the favor. What do I get this kid? I don’t have a lot but feel like I should do something nice.

I did my arm dumbbells for 30 minutes and was sweaty the whole time! I felt weak as well. I got it done though! I need to get back to the gym at some point today (depending on how my injections go). I haven’t been in a week and I also want to see and work out with my friend while our boys do karate!

I cooked yesterday too. I made my burgers that my son likes (ground meat with onions, bell peppers, and jalapeños in them), his biscuits, and a keto meat pie. I always loved this meat pie that I used to make and thought I would never get to have it again!

I ate a piece and it was really filling and tastes oh so good! The crust is very coconuty flavored because you make it with coconut flour (duh). Still really good and I’m not a huge coconut fan! I am so happy! I marked the pie as Julie’s keto because there is so much fat in it which is good on keto but not for regular people and I don’t want my mother or son eating my badass pie!

Now it’s 6:21 and I really need to get dressed for this Neighbor to call me so I’m out. I know what I’m having for breakfast later!

Happy Sunday to ya

Yesterday was good. I finished The Flash on Netflix and started iZombie. I used the dumbbells and jogged/danced between sets and got my 30 minutes of exercise in.

I was out walking my dog yesterday and had a neighbor take a full body picture of me. I then compared it to the me from 1996. Wow.

I cleaned a bit and found Amber’s harness that I thought I had lost. I put it on her and left it until we went for a walk. Well, i don’t know how she does this, but when I was ready to go out, she had her legs out of the harness! How is that possible? This picture is with the harness on correctly just to show you how difficult I think it would be to get out!

Today: We have church this morning. Then no plans so I figure I will be walking at the gym and watching iZombie. Oh! I got my new Keto chips in the mail and I am excited to try them. I also ordered what my son needs for his week of camp. Basically sandals for the beach and a couple of shirts that are church appropriate. I don’t know how they would feel about him wearing Deadpool t-shirts!

6 days until my son’s birthday and 17 days until mine. So this whole weighing thing. I wanted to be at 175 by my birthday. Since I can’t weigh, I am making sure I get out and raise my heart rate for 30 minutes a day doing something. It is only 7 pounds away (from May 31st) and I can do that in a month when I am trying. So I am! On July 1st, I really want my weight to be where I want it to be. I’m even going to make myself a keto birthday cake so I don’t go off plan. I found a few recipes for them so why not? I can do this and I know you guys can do this too! And remember, if you need any help, I’m here for you. You can reach me on Instagram at juliehcares or by email

I have been going back and forth about skin removal surgery. I really am not sure I want to be on television showing everyone my entire body, going through that pain with cameras around me, having a silly reveal party like they do at the end of each show. Now, the flip side. I have lost over 200 pounds and really have issues with the skin. It flops around when I exercise, it looks disgusting, and it makes me still feel really fat when I sit down. I am not one for pain. I also hate pain pills. So I am still thinking about it. At the end of this year, I MAY go see a surgeon about my stomach area and chest. Or maybe not. I am really afraid of the pain I see these people in!

What are your thoughts on skin removal? Do you know how a dog gets out of their harness? What are you up to this Sunday?

I’m not so great this morning

And yes, sure, it may be because my cousins left. I had a talk with his wife and we agree that this is probably the most time we have spent together. She told me I need to come up and visit them next at their new home in Kansas and my cousin said he will be back down here in a few months without his family to visit again. That will be nice. They had their dog with them so finally there were 2 dogs and 2 cats in the house! The cats avoided the cute little doggies and stayed upstairs so even better!

No, I woke up with a bad charley horse again plus my left eye hurts. I take allergy medicine every day so it can’t be allergies. My nose was running last night too so I probably have a cold or something. I’m going to take it easy today. I have a treatment scheduled this morning but that’s it. Well, that’s it if Mr. 95 year old doesn’t want to go to dinner. I love seeing him, I do not want to risk getting him sick!

Ms. Forgets cancelled on me yesterday so I had a day off unexpectedly. I woke up to her calling me. Then I let her son know. He called her and I don’t know what he said but she called and bitched me out for telling him! So then I spoke with the son again and he said not to worry about it, just let her be. She called me yesterday afternoon and apologized. Come to find out, she wanted to drive herself because she doesn’t want me in her shrinks office with her. I told her I don’t want to be in there and now she is rescheduling (she didn’t go). That was an ordeal!

I went swimming for 45 minutes after that mess to get in my exercise (4th day in a row). Cousins wife didn’t want to go to the gym and I’ve been wanting back in the pool for a few days so I went. Nobody was there for the first 35 minutes (this was at 7:30am) and then this woman brought her 2 year old grandson and was teaching him to swim so they were not in my way of laps so I got 45 minutes in. It was nice! And the pool feels SO good!

Do you remember the couple I was driving that I quit on? Well, their daughter called me yesterday and told me that the husband has a melanoma in his lung and on his brain! He’s being treated by MD Anderson (the best cancer place) and still going grocery shopping and out to dinner even though he is supposed to be resting. She asked if I would go by and see them one weekend as they feel like I am a part of the family (how sweet!). I will at some point go by. I still need to take them their key!

So, last picture of my cousins son (I guess he’s my cousin too)

My son was playing with Amber last night and was holding her and he said she looks like a guy with his arm out the window of his car like “Hey baby”

My son said he’s glad “family time” is over for the summer and ready for “beach time” to be over too. He calls it “Beach time” because he is going with the church in 11 days to the beach with 1200 other middle school kids for bible time and church activities. Then we are going to the beach at the end of June for 3 days so I can hopefully relax and celebrate my birthday. He told me after that, he’s really on vacation and do not ask him to do anything. Lol, I will be, don’t worry! I plan on having fun this summer and he is going to have to deal with it!

It’s already been a morning. I did not feel like going downstairs to smoke this morning. I opened my window and leaned out and what I’ve been afraid of since I moved in happened. My phone flew out of my hand and went down. I am SO thankful that there are bushes and dirt and grass under my window! I had to run down and get my phone. Nothing happened to it this time. It could happen next time so I need to be more careful. I don’t even understand how it flew. It was in my hand, I was reading a blog, and oh shit, there it goes!

I had to run down without putting in my dentures and get it and ended up smoking down there anyway. There were 2 people outside but I don’t think they saw me. I don’t ever go out without my dentures. I am not comfortable with that at my age. My sister does it all the time, I can’t. If you are a newer reader to my life, HERE is my denture story.

I am hoping my eye feels a bit better quick so I can put on my contacts and teeth, shower, walk the dog, and get to my appointment. I need to make an appointment to see the eye doctor this month and I am still thinking of just getting glasses. I want transitions so I can just put them on and go. Another blogger made me remember how they get foggy going from cold to hot air. I just want them because I am tired of contacts and how I can’t see perfectly with them. Then again, I can’t exercise in glasses either as they slip with my sweat. Any thoughts on that?

I hope everyone has a good hump day. I am going to get back out of bed and get moving.

Busy day

No work but it’s going to be a crazy day.

I have a retired CPA coming over in an hour to help me send out 1099’s to my employees. I am also printing all of my bank statements and checks from last year including a 280 page mileage report! Eek! Now that I’m printing that out, my printer has decided I am low on ink. Well, I have already printed at least 100 pages of other stuff from last year so it doesn’t surprise me.

I want to go ahead and get in the shower but I feel like I should watch the printer to put in more paper as needed. And what happens if I am in the middle of printing and I completely run out of ink? What a morning!

Not only did I not exercise yesterday, I lowered my calorie intake by 400 calories a day so I was out of calories by 4pm. Then my best friends roommate calls me and asks me to dinner with them!

They drove over and we went to Carrabbas which is an individually owned Italian restaurant. I ordered a half order of lasagna and forgot to take pictures of all of our orders. Here is coffee and dessert though.

Then they brought me home and gave me the photo albums which I showed you the ones of me that he had. I had no clue he had so many!

That’s it for now. I have to keep printing out stuff for this guy coming. See ya!