Holy crap I forgot to journal everything last week! I just went back and did the entire week. It’s no wonder I didn’t lose anything. I need to get better at this. I know it’s a lifestyle change and not short term and I will have bad days but last week was OMG stupid.

At least I’m drinking my water! So this week I’m back to eating better and tracking better. I need to take this with me everywhere I guess. I should have gotten the big journal too. I hate writing small! Next year – big journal. For now – track daily on paper as well as online.

My plan today is strength training at 6pm. My son just came in here and it sounds like he’s feeling a bit better. Only a 99.4 temp right now! He still can’t go to school tomorrow because the rule is 24 hours without a fever before he can go to school but hopefully we are on the getting better side of things.

See ya!