Lots of good days lately

Even though I dropped and completely shattered the iPad screen (on carpet I might add), the picture is still fine. It is definitely hard to watch anything though! I’m stuck using my tv to watch Netflix until I can afford to get this fixed. I got taken off the waitlist and am now in 3 classes starting August 20th including Precalculus, Biology, and my first Nutrition class. This may be tough but I already talked to my friend that has a math degree and my nurse friend and they are going to help tutor me this year in addition to the schools free tutoring. I can do this!I had a follow up appointment at my podiatrist yesterday where I was told I need to come every 2 weeks for 2 more months for more injections and treatment to make sure I stayed better. At $100 a pop too! They took pictures of me as my ending treatment photos and asked that I send beginning photos so I did that too. What amazes me is that I can almost hide behind an 8X11 piece of paper. Who would have ever thought that the 400 pound girl would weigh in the 160’s 20 years later???I have changed a lot in these past 3 months on keto. It was like my body said FINALLY! All I had to do was take sugar out of my diet and lower my carbs. Simple, right? Uhh, no! Better for my body? YES! image from Pinterest My son scared me to death this morning. He barely makes any noise opening my door 5 minutes after my alarm went off and said “Mom”. I practically jumped out of my skin and my heart was racing! He said he was going for a walk this morning. I told him to go to the gym. Crazy child wants to walk down the street! At least he’s not crossing major intersections, he just walks in a big circle around the block. Still scares me to death though!I love my son. His father called me yesterday to ask about that gaming truck I had for his birthday because his boss wants to use it. Lol It was pretty cool!Today I take Styled to get her hair and nails done. I will then come home and put the brisket in the oven on 250 for 10 hours so it will be done at 10pm tonight. Yes, I will take pictures, I promise! Have a great Friday the 13th!

Different kind of day for me

Started out normal. Wake up at 5, shower at 5:30, wake kid up at 6, out the door by 7. He wanted donut holes so we left a few minutes early and went by Shipley’s. Then I took him to school and off I went to to get my blood drawn. Then to the doctor. Then home.

Now my plan WAS to go to work. That didn’t happen. I was asleep by 1pm and did not wake up until 3:30! My sons karate class is at 6 so I didn’t want to risk being across town so I didn’t work. Didn’t cook either.

While he was in karate, I decided to get off my arse and get a workout in. I ended up doing 45 minutes on the treadmill. I started with a plan of 30 minutes and then just kept going for 45.

I was a little red when I finished. I was sweating before I even started and have no clue what that’s about but I still did it!

Before I went to the gym, I looked in my mothers purse cabinet to find a small bag that I could put over my shoulder while I was working out and walking to and from the gym. What I found was even better! I found my dad’s fanny pack. I tried it on and it fit. I am so excited that I can wear something that small (my dad was pretty thin). I had my friend put it around her waist and I only need about 2-3 more inches to be her size! Woo hoo! Another non scale victory!

I also went through all of the keys that were hanging up in the kitchen. I tested every key on every lock and these are the ones that don’t fit a darn thing in our house.

We ended up with about 7 keys hanging up. And 2 are neighbors from where I used to live! I need to take those to them. Well, grandma (my friends grandmother that has told me to call her grandma) will probably tell me to keep hers.

My dinner was a little weird. 2 slices cheddar cheese, 2 slices Monterey Jack jalapeño cheese, a low carb tortilla with butter and Himalayan salt, and 2 peanut butter keto cookies.

That’s different, right? Lol I enjoyed every bite!

And my calories/macros were great too! It was a good day even though I made $0. There’s always today!

Today I will be driving for the company. I slept well and got exercise so I should be good to go!

Y’all have a great day!

Thursday was alright.

Got up, hit the door on the way out. Made it on time to my appointment at the podiatrist and got my suction cups again but at a higher level so I could definitely feel it! I’m only due for another 6 treatments so I hope this is working!

Came home and took my son to the orthodontist way down south of us. He doesn’t have to go back until the beginning of June. He said it hurt having his braces tightened. Duh. And he got more rubber bands this time. He did so well in the last month not breaking the wires or popping off the rubber bands. I’m proud of that!

After all the appointments, I came home and was downright lazy! I was going to cook but eh, don’t feel like it. I was going to the gym but eh, I’ll wait until this guy calls about a possible new client. Etc etc

He did call, at 3:15pm. We talked about the fact that both our fathers passed last year, that our moms were friends in the past, and how much it sucks how they are aging way too fast. He wants me to meet with his mom and sister soon and start driving her to doctors and such but we have to go slow about it because she says she doesn’t need help. That’s every client I have! Maybe she will come around.

Around 5, I decided to get up and do something. It took another hour for me to move but I left for the gym at 6. I made myself actually. I felt the need to go so I finally did. I rode the bike for 45 minutes and of course I felt great after. Reading this, I’m like you shouldn’t force yourself! Oh well. I needed it so I did it. My calories were great yesterday too. I finally updated myfitnesspal to match how I’ve been eating the past couple of weeks so now it is all in sync.

I came home and ate too much for dinner so I was stuffed. I started watching new episodes of New Girl on Netflix and didn’t go to sleep until 11pm and up this morning at 5:30. So tonight I plan to get more sleep.

I’m glad it’s Friday the 13th. I always feel luckiest on this day. I feel I should buy lottery tickets lucky. Maybe I should! 🤔

Have a great Friday and keep me posted on what’s going on in your world! Tomorrow is weigh day for me so wish me luck!

Doctors orders

So I started my neuropathy treatment today. The woman that runs it is very nice. The process to fix the toe numbness is difficult to me though. I mean, really???

1. They are changing my vitamins. I’ve been taking Performix multivitamin with fish oil for the past 4 months and I thought it was great. Their vitamins are even better! I guess, I don’t really know. It’s 6 pills a day instead of 2. It’s $80 for a 2 month supply. Mine are $20 a month thanks to amazon. So that’s double what I am already paying so that sucks. I have to wait to get them until the doctor is back to make sure if I can take them with my stomach surgery.

2. They are changing my diet. The whole less calories in, more calories out won’t work for me since I have nerve issues is what I was told. So I have to start the Keto diet. Basically a shit ton of protein which is hard for me to process in the first place with my surgically altered stomach pouch. So that should be fun. I am only allowed a total of 20g of carbs a day on this. That’s not even one soda, it’s more like 1/4 of one.

3. I have to go twice a week for the next 6 weeks to have electrodes hooked up to my feet for 20 minutes each time plus I have to get shots next week as the doctor had his first grandchild this week so he’s not there. The electrodes are fine, they didn’t bother me. I hate shots but I guess I have to get them.

For all this, I paid 2 grand. This better work. I’m a bit depressed that I basically have to change my entire lifestyle because of a few nerves in my feet. Why me? They also gave me a book to read about what sugar is doing to our bodies. I’m having a hard time processing all this information and lifestyle change. I’m actually back at home. I can’t even deal with clients right this minute. I’ll go this afternoon, I just need some time.

So a frustrating and depressing morning. I am very thankful for my friend Alexx though as he said he will give me pointers since he’s been doing keto for a while. I am also thankful that I already follow a bunch of people on Instagram that are doing keto as well. I guess I should be happy that I am not diabetic and don’t have much of a problem exercising. This lady that came in as I was finishing can’t even exercise due to her feet nerves.

If you have any pointers, please feel free to share. What are your thoughts about the keto lifestyle?


Yep. I finally went to one. I went to the same guy that did surgery on my feet for bone spurs in 2003. He is one of the best!

Turns out my foot pain is pinched nerves! I had 4 shots and am not allowed to walk on concrete, on treadmills, or without shoes for 3 weeks. I guess I have to join a damn gym now! He said the sitting elliptical or a bike is fine as well as walking on mulch and in grass. That kind of limits me outside. 😫

I took a few pictures in the office. They even made foot molds of my feet and are making me orthotics to wear.

This doctor does seminars for other podiatrists and asked if he could take a picture of my ankle tattoos and asked why I got them. He loved the story! It’s my sons initials saying that he’s my sun, my moon, and my stars (I explained that before in my tattoos post too). He said he likes showing them tats at the conference.

The only thing I have today is Forgetful. After multiple shots into my ankle and heel, I don’t really want to do much! I walked a BUNCH yesterday because I walked over to see Forgetful and see how her Christmas was at her step sons house.

That’s it for today. I’m going to not do much exercise today to try and relax my poor feet with medicine in them now!