Gotta love the weather

I was supposed to have another long crazy busy day today but thankfully we had huge rainstorms this morning and I couldn’t go anywhere!

I still have to work from 3-8pm at the gym today but I am getting to relax all morning. So nice!

I let my son get a ride to school with the neighbor while I walked both dogs in the pouring rain. I wore a raincoat and used an umbrella. Neither dog was happy to be outside so they both did their business quick and went back inside. UNTIL…

Lucky ran out the door when I was trying to hook up Amber but thankfully came back a minute later without getting run over or running away. I was so glad!

I took Amber to the vet on Monday and she didn’t get Lucky’s worms. Whew! Only $178 to find that out. 🙄

I also got a postcard from Betty!!! Dogwood tree facts that are very interesting! We have them here. Beautiful trees too!

Keep those postcards coming! Or cards…whatever is easier for you!

That’s about it. I’m going to watch a bit of Netflix until I have to go to work.

Send postcards!

Real quick post to let y’all know… I got a PO Box! I have a great idea for 2019.

Would y’all send me a postcard from wherever you are? I am going to make a collage at the end of the year with all the postcards and see how many countries I can get.


PO Box 571472

Houston TX 77257

Doesn’t that sound like fun? Help me please! Send a postcard from wherever you live and/or visit this year. I’m thinking this will be great fun!