Exam Day

I rewrote my notes for all 7 lectures last night. I took practice tests. I read. I talked to other kids in my class. I’m also nervous that everything I did will be for nothing and I will fail. I hate tests! It’s required though so I will do it. I took the extra credit assignment as well. It’s worth 2.5 points added to my grade and I will do every single one of those I can find to help!

I will read my notes again this morning and take another practice exam before I take the test. Y’all pray with me that I get an A or a B! Hopefully I will find out after I take the test. I’ll let you know later or tomorrow!

My son does not take care of his teeth and therefore the orthodontist would not put the metal bars across his braces yesterday. She gave him 6 weeks to start brushing his teeth and taking better care of them. He also has to have a teeth cleaning before she will see him again. So we will do both things in 6 weeks. I told him that I guess I have to stand there and watch him like I did when he was little and how sad that is. I guess I do because I was busy last night studying and didn’t remind him or watch him and I doubt he brushed.

Photo from UScustomstickers.com

I made my dinner last night and it was so good, I think I will make it again this morning before I leave for school. It was an egg, bacon, sausage, and cheese in a bowl.

I also made muffins for my teen yesterday. It’s a package thing that you just add milk. Chocolate chip mini muffins.

I replanted my veggies into the planter as well as carrots, broccoli, celery, and onions. Let’s see how my lettuce goes after the replanting. I’m so afraid I killed the tiny plants!

No exercise to speak of yesterday. Tuesday I of course hit my 10,000 steps because, you know, school. I probably will again today too. I opened my window this morning and it felt SO nice! Like really fall temperatures this early morning! I can’t wait until it sticks around. The temperature right now is 74 and our high will be 85. This weekend it will be back up to 90. Yuck. There supposed to be a tropical depression coming tomorrow. I guess we shall see. I don’t want to cancel on my client but if I have to, so be it! Plus I want to go out with my friend that’s visiting dammit! I want to go eat and hopefully take her to my favorite bar and see if the guy that used to be there every night is there still. And have a beer after all this stress over the exam!

I guess I better get up and moving. Gotta take the kid to school, study more, then go to school for my exam and math class. Y’all have a great day!

Not too bad!

The rain that the news was saying how streets may flood and be very careful…blah blah blah, yeah right! Oh it sprinkled on me off and on all day but not enough to flood the streets bad enough to have to stay off the roads. I parked at my paid for area, rode the bus, and was able to get home by 5:05pm. I am so happy! That was MUCH faster than 2 weeks ago!

I went to class, I had a pretty good day even though my math professor said my problem must be safari and that I need to have Firefox to take my quizzes on. 🙄 I talked to my new friends in Math, one of whom bought herself a beta fish to keep in her dorm room. Her Dad said she should name it Jaws. I love that idea! We enjoy chatting before class. We are completely different but we have fun! Since they were my 2 first new friends at school, I got each of them a little pad of paper from Tuesday Morning. Honestly? I would have only gotten this one girl the cute pad but the 3 of us sit together and that’s rude so I got one for each.

After math, I just felt calm. It was a nice feeling. I drove home and didn’t even get mad at all the idiots going either 40 or 90 miles per hour through the rain. I was nervous about when I got home if I could keep that calm when my son is here. So I decided to just not go inside right away.

When I got home, I finished building the garden pod. It looks really interesting and HUGE! I text my mom that I needed more soil and she brought 4 more bags so hopefully I will have enough.

My plants are really growing so I’m happy that I will be able to move them tomorrow.

My dinner last night was Real Good Foods three cheese pizza. Their crust is made with chicken. I ended up having too much protein today but I’m okay with that for one day. Especially since I was at school.

I went to bed at 10:30pm since I was so tired. Today my son has an orthodontist appointment and I am going to study. I plan on studying for an hour, taking a break, studying for another hour, take a break. That way I can cook, replant my veggies, and clean when I’m at home. I am also going to take my notes to the dentist office so they will tighten his braces and I can study. It’s an hour drive each way as well. Note the fact that I did NOT study last night! I was just too tired to concentrate. Cleaning is easier when you’re that tired.

My friend got to Houston and is seeing her family. I hope to go to dinner with her at some point this week after my test on Thursday! BFF and I are already planning next summer adventures. My son wants to go to Six Flags for his birthday next year so I thought why not have BFF bring her kids there too and we will just have a day of chatting and hanging out while the boys ride rides? B called me the other day. First time calling me since he pretty much ruined my birthday trip back in June. I didn’t get a chance to call him back until today (maybe you guys can tell him how busy I have been). It went straight to voicemail so I left him a message. He may have his phone off or has blocked me, whatever. At least I called back! 😝

Image from http://blog.arnav.nyc/why-i-ignore-my-phone-and-you-should-too/

I am off to take my child to school for 2 hours so I can have a bit of peace and quiet before our drive to Clear Lake and back starting at 10:30. Have a great day!

It’s a gloomy day in Houston

Well, it’s supposed to be anyway. We have 100% chance of rain today and tomorrow due to some storm coming in from the Gulf of Mexico. It looks just fine right now so who knows. The weather people aren’t perfect but they try to keep people safe. Most don’t listen, I do! I cancelled my doctors appointment this morning because I don’t take chances with my car and possible street flooding.

Yesterday went well. I had to say goodbye to my son which was SO hard! I came home and cooked. I made cupcakes and biscuits. While I waited on the cupcakes, I guess Oliver knew I needed some love because he came and sat in my lap and purred like crazy.

Remember how my tv was on the floor? Well, my ex boyfriend came over and put everything up on the wall and it looks SO nice! Not perfect but I don’t have to have perfect, I just wanted it done! I paid him $80 for the job. It took him about 4 hours to do but that’s okay. He told me about the girl he likes now. I know her from my past unfortunately. I wished him luck. I did tell him that I tell everyone that he’s a good guy (true if you’ve read my blog for the past year) and that I truly want the best for him. In my opinion, she’s not, but that’s his choice.

I have been checking my son’s Snapchat and the church’s Instagram for updates on their trip. I actually messaged my son when I saw his snap about his dinner of chocolate muffins asking if there wasn’t real food or he just didn’t want it and he replied that it wasn’t my problem this week so I told him to watch his mouth because I can take away stuff while he’s gone. He changed his attitude real quick. Lol

He hasn’t snapped since then either but I’m sure he will! This storm is affecting the entire Gulf Coast so they may have rain there too which would suck when you’re on a trip to hang out on the beach! As long as they are safe, right? When the buses left the church yesterday, one had a small accident and nobody was hurt (not my son’s bus). They turned around to change out the bus and then all got there safely.

I cleaned my son’s room yesterday and of course forgot to take before pictures! Here’s the clean room and closet though.

I sent these to my son and he just said okay. No thank you, no wow, just ok. 🙄 Crazy child! I didn’t even throw anything away, he should be happy!

I’ve been resting and not exercising too much the past 2 days. My leg feels fine until I start walking a lot. It’s still healing I guess. I have been closing my watch rings though. I did arms last night and aerobic exercises the night before. I need to heal so I’m taking it easy with my exercise.

I’m going to walk Amber before the rain starts so have a great day and I hope everyone is safe wherever you are!

What a great day

Wednesday started out pretty normal. Took my son to school complaining the entire 1.5 mile trip that his fever was 99.1 and he should be in bed still. That’s not a fever I tell him and he is not happy. I get back home, shower, get dressed, and head on down to the dentist. It took him 4 tries to get my teeth to not hurt me in about 30 minutes. The whole drive down there I was thinking to myself that I should go to the beach like I wanted to last weekend. I would be halfway there anyway so why not, right?

I start driving south from the dentist. Almost immediately I get stuck in traffic. This continues for a mile and then all the traffic just dissipates. What was the problem??? Oh well. I keep going. I get to Galveston and was hungry! It was 11am so I decided to get something to eat. I wanted fish so I went in search for a fish place on the beach (makes perfect sense to me). I found one very close on the seawall. I had hush puppies and fried fish fillet. It was Cajun flavored and very good. I only ate 2 hush puppies and half of a piece of fish before I was stuffed and that’s okay with me. Great view of the water as well.

I got back in the car and drive to East Beach. As I got close, I saw that they were charging $10 just to drive onto the beach. Crazy! They had an area to park in for free way far away from the water and walk in. I can do that. Fine. I’m not paying to park just to walk around.

I set my watch for outdoor walk and took off down the beach. I walked a mile and a half one way and then turned around to walk back. I ended up walking 3.1 miles or 5km. I did not take my phone with me on my walk. I just wanted to hear the ocean and get my exercise while I was relaxed from just being there. After my walk, I went to my car to get my phone and walked back down to the water to take pictures. I didn’t want to leave! Now I’m planning on going back down there one day next week to do it again. We’ll see if I can get away to do it.

I stopped for Smartwater on my drive back and there was no traffic so I got back too quick. I wasn’t ready! It started to rain once I got back to Houston as well. I’m really glad it didn’t rain on me down there. Can you imagine being a mile away from your car and it starts pouring? Me either. I was very blessed.

I picked my son and his friends up at school and then dropped them off at one of the boys home. I then went home to walk Amber. My son got home pretty soon after and when I asked him why, he said he got bored so he came home. Umm, ok.

My evening was spent on Netflix as usual because Mr. 95 year old called me when I was leaving Galveston to tell me that because of weather, they weren’t going to dinner. Better Call Saul Season 3 came out so I tuned in for that. It’s a good show. It didn’t really need Breaking Bad to start it out, it would have held well on its own before that show (although that was a great show!).

Calories were almost exactly what they are supposed to be. Now that’s close! I didn’t want to go over so I didn’t even snack while watching Netflix.

Depending on weather out there today, I am supposed to take the couples car to get inspected and take the husband to the grocery if he needs it. I am also supposed to start the foot treatment this morning. I have to have injections (he didn’t tell me about that) and the neuropathy electrodes treatment. He said I have tarsal tunnel syndrome and bad circulation. That doesn’t sound good. I asked the success rate for this and was told that this has a good success rate but some people have surgery after. I can’t afford both. This better work! Cranky’s caregiver will have to take her to the dentist to have her partial adjusted. I hope the address will work well enough to get her there. It’s not hard so I’m sure they will be fine.

In some ways, I am hoping for bad weather so I don’t have to go anywhere. In other ways, I need the money! I’m not ready to get out of bed yet and check. Lol

Y’all have a great day!

Pouring down rain here

So it’s pouring down rain here and supposed to keep raining until after 5pm. I rescheduled Cranky’s appointment and boy is she mad at me for it! She showered and got dressed and dammit, she wants to go! I’m sorry! When I called the doctors office and got the front desk, I guess I was on speaker because I told her I didn’t want to bring Cranky out in the weather and you could hear in the background, “That’s okay. Tell her thank you, I can go home now.” 😂 I guess the doctor doesn’t want to get stuck at the office either. I like her doctor too so for me to cancel last minute must be for a good reason.

Now I can pick my son up at school so he won’t have to walk home in this weather and I don’t have to worry about flooding out my car. I hate driving in the rain, especially when it’s heavy like this. My dog didn’t even want to go outside if that says anything. My mom isn’t even leaving the house and she likes to wander around outside in her patio.

The contractor is almost done with the kitchen. He will send his tile guy over later, next week or something. That’s not very important (a backsplash) so my mom is fine with it. The new lower cabinets seem very nice and they are those self closing ones too. I’m not crazy about the brown color she chose but it’s her kitchen! The uppers are painted yellow on the outside with painted dishes on the inside. So brown? Really? Okey dokey then!

So I was thinking. It’s pouring, I don’t have any more jobs today, once I get my son home safely, I should just go to the gym! It’s days like today that I’m glad of my gym membership because obviously I can’t go walk outside! Update on my foot – still hurts if I walk too much. I guess I’m healing VERY SLOWLY. It sucks! So I’m staying on the bike, the rower, and the weights. That’s okay for now. I miss walking. I won’t miss it when it’s over 100 degrees here this summer though!

This elderly woman at Forgetful’s retirement home saw me today and said, “You’re losing weight.” Does it show??? I had a big smile 😃 because I didn’t tell anyone there that I was trying. I guess I’ll see at the end of the month when I take my pictures. I haven’t lost much weight but maybe the weights are helping? I have no clue. Maybe she was just being nice, who knows.

I posted everything for sale on Facebook marketplace this morning. I got a lot of people that want the pots, half the messages were in Spanish (sorry people – no Espanol). Everyone seemed to want me to post my address online. No way! I’m not crazy! I told the people that said they were interested to call me for the address. Nobody has. Oh well! If they don’t get sold, I will just donate them. My mom said she’s fine with either. One person asked me about the doors. She needed measurements and said she will let me know tonight if they will fit as she thinks they are beautiful. Let’s hope they fit so I can get rid of them! My mom wouldn’t let me sell the fan or the yellow box. I asked her what she was going to do with them and her reply was, “I’ll figure something out.” 🙄

We will be back down to 33 degrees by morning and it is 70 today. So if you talk to people here and wonder why they have a cold, it’s the weather changing daily! Most everyone either has a cold or has a housemate with a cold.

What a Monday!

A good, productive one at that!

I went to eat breakfast with Forgetful. She wasn’t even dressed when I got there at 8:30! I gave her some cookies for Christmas, I waited for her to get dressed and ready, went downstairs with her, talked for a bit telling her about the cat attic issue, then left.

I spent the rest of the morning with Cranky. I took her Christmas presents (cookies and cherry preserves that she loves) and she had a doctors appointment that she didn’t want to go to. It’s her shrink that gives her medicine that makes her want to eat and a medicine to slow down dementia so she’s VERY important! I asked her weekday caregiver to come with us since she’s with Cranky 4 days a week. We are sitting there talking to the doctor and the doctor asks if Cranky is feisty. The caregiver says empathetically YES! Well I knew she was Cranky but feisty? Wow. Poor girl dealing with her for 4 days a week! And poor other caregiver for the other 3 days! Cranky wanted to go to lunch but I had other plans so I dropped them off at the caregivers car when we got back and I came by the house.

I packed up 4 things of cookies and took off to a retirement home where I have 4 clients. They only have valet parking so I just got out of the car under cover (it’s been raining off and on all day), got my ticket, and went in to deliver them. Okay, so I dropped 2 off at the front desk because I didn’t want to go find their rooms and then trudge all the way around to the other side where Mr. 95 year old is. I stopped at this one ladies room first near my favorite client – the couple is related to this 95 year old woman through her niece marrying the couple’s son. I’ve driven her a few times. She’s in a wheelchair but she is very active in that chair and very sweet. She has gluten issues but loved that I thought of her. She can eat the meringues though, they are gluten free!

I walked into Mr. 95 year old’s room and he just lit up. He got a huge smile on his face. I was happy to see him too! His daughter had told me that he was in a bad mood, not when I walked in! I gave him his cookies and we chatted for a while. He asked me to get him out of there. He wants to go back to work and go out to dinner like he used to. Poor guy! He’s still recovering and needs help so I can’t just pick him up and run! He ate 2 cookies on the spot and said his kids can’t have any. 😂😂😂 I really do miss driving him. It’s been a month without him. I still have to drive his lady friend, Miss Priss, I just don’t have him to talk to. It’s sad. He says he will be fine as soon as everyone leaves him alone and lets him get back to his life. Poor guy!

Then I picked up my son from school because you know, rain. We came home and I decided to go for a walk.

Let me tell you first that I did well yesterday although I didn’t do my exercise until 7pm and so I walked in the dark with my mother’s voice in my head asking where my orange jacket is. It was at home because it wasn’t raining outside and why would I wear a raincoat if it’s not raining? Duh voice in my head! 🙄

All the stairs are because I was going up and down to the attic trying to get that damn cat.

Today was better than that already! I went out and walked 2 miles in one walk in 36 minutes. The first mile only took 16 minutes but after 30 minutes I slowed myself down a bit to cool off (as I walk in the cold rain 😂). I wore my orange jacket and wow, I was sweaty when I was done! That’s the first sweat I’ve broken since I started this too. Probably helps that it’s 70 degrees here in Houston.

Since it’s only 5pm, these steps and exercise numbers will go up even more since I’m not planning on going to sleep until 10. Crazy, right? I think these vitamins are helping. I wanted to go out walking even though it was sprinkling and at some times, raining on me? I kept going after I hit my exercise goal for the day for a total of 2 miles? I’m not in any pain AT ALL, ANYWHERE today? I’m telling you, it has to be the vitamins. I even danced around for 10 minutes after my walk and am having a hard time just sitting here typing all this. I want to go cook dinner! Energy galore here. Im so excited about it! Let’s see how I feel tomorrow too. Hopefully at least this good!

So now you know why I’m late writing today. I jumped out of bed at 5:30 even though I didn’t go to bed until really late.

I really hope tomorrow is this good. I don’t want to be that weird person that loves Monday’s! My son is not studying for his midterms tomorrow, he’s watching anime. Crazy kid. Somehow he still makes A’s and B’s although I never see him study! The cats got in my room earlier too. I had to wait until they came out from under my bed to pick them up and get them out. My poor dog was trying to have a treat after a walk and actually growled at the boy cat when he tried to get in on the treat. It was funny watching my little dog 🐕 growl at the cat 🐈 when the cat is bigger than she is!

Okay, I’ve had my entire water bottle while I typed this with my thumbs. It’s time for me to go make dinner. Mac and cheese, yay!


It’s November already? Halloween has passed already? Well doesn’t this just suck!

We had 2 kids ring the bell last night. 2! That’s it! You want to know why? It seems that Mother Nature decided to give us a rain storm ALL night. PLUS, there was an Astros game (Game 6 of the World Series) and a lot of people stayed at home to watch it, perfectly understandable! I know I watched as we were winning, then losing, and finally lost and now it’s game 7 tonight to find out who wins. Today is the last day of baseball season. I’ll be a bit more bored until April.

Yesterday I left here at 9:30. I went to Home Depot and bought 2 smoke detectors, a new doorbell, and bulbs for my bathroom. Come to find out, my parents had ONE smoke detector and it was in the attic with the battery taken out! Umm, you could have burned down and slept through it. Hello! So I’m installing those today. I put in the doorbell yesterday for any kids that might come by last night and it worked for the delivery guy and the 2 kids trick-or-treating. My son now has blackout curtains and I’m kind of jealous of how dark his room is at night now! I may have to order more of those and put some in my room! I ordered 72 inch curtains because I already knew his windows were 52 inches in height and wow, I’m so glad I did! They don’t reach the floor like mine do but if I had gotten the ones they recommend, they would barely cover the window!

I did go to Costco for hotdogs and buns. I also bought my son’s school lunch (yep, a hotdog!). So after Home Depot and Costco, I stopped for some juice and gas at Valero before going up to the school to have my son’s lunch for him. Then I rushed home, put the food away, and rushed off to my job. I got stuck there an extra half hour because now she doesn’t have the 24 hour care and someone had to help her get done with her meds! Forgetful also made herself a doctors appointment for today but since I can’t take her today, I had her son change it to next Monday when I am available. So that’s that.

Today is half price candy day. So! I’m going to see Forgetful. Then taking the couple to the grocery store where I will stock up on candy too. Then it’s Wednesday so I have Mr. 95 year old tonight. Oh! RC text me and told me she has coupons for me when I go to the club tonight! I have to say I have enjoyed making more young friends lately. Whether it be fellow bloggers or people I see each week, it’s fun! I did not dress for work yesterday. I wore an Astros shirt and shorts. I didn’t care. It was nice! 😂

My dog has been sneaking into my moms room and I finally caught her and found out why yesterday too. She and the male cat have bonded and are napping together in there. The cat ran off but I did catch a picture of her on the pillow.

You can see the space for the cat I’m sure. Crazy dog. She also peed in my mother’s closet which I had to clean up. She did that AFTER a 15 minute walk too! I swear. She looks like she’s upset the cat ran off. Too cute!

I’m walking more now since I have to take my dog out of the neighborhood to potty. I’m also climbing the stairs many times each day (usually because I forgot something). But it’s not showing on the scale. I’m not eating much junk. I prefer to eat peanuts for a snack because I can! Oh well. Maybe I’m destined to be fat, at least I’m not 400 pounds anymore and never will be again.

Speaking of food, I did cook the other day too. I made croissants for my son, pigs in a blanket for me and my mother, taco meat, and boudain. So I have food for a while now which is nice.

Have a great first day of November!

Rainy Friday

I woke up this morning about 2 seconds before my alarm to the sounds of thunder. Not what you want to hear when you are trying to finish moving! Argh!

Speaking of moving, I had a thought because my son said something. He told me he wanted to take one last shower in our awesome shower before we move. It’s only an awesome shower because I have the best shower head ever! Why not switch them out? The person buying this place is probably going to gut and redo everything anyway and I love my shower head here! I got it at Home Depot and I just took a screenshot of it because it’s easier than trying to get a good shot in my shower. 😂

So yeah. I need to remember to take that with me. I was also going to take my wind chimes today but now they’ve been in the rain all morning and are wet. AND, the weather guy said it was supposed to rain off and on all weekend! Eek!

Yesterday was good. 2 jobs. Between them, I got everything already at my moms moved upstairs and put away to make room for everything else. I moved all our clothes, shoes, books, yeah, just about everything. My friend asked me what the rush was to move. I’m not really rushing, I’m just tired of living in 2 places and want it to be done. I am giving my neighbors my wine and liquor that’s here because my Mom has way too much already. You’ve never seen anybody so happy either! My neighbor that wants the wine isn’t even in town this weekend and she text me to say I better keep it in the house and come by to let her in to get it on Sunday. 😂 Every time I need to write a check, make an invoice for a client, get a piece of paper for a note, get an address, etc, I have to go to the other house. I’m just done. So I’m moving.

The only job I have today is to go check on Forgetful and I can do that at any time today. I was thinking after lunch to make sure she is doing well. Her step daughter in law told me last night that she doesn’t know what to do about Forgetful packing her suitcase daily and being so unhappy. I don’t know what to tell her either. She can be straight with Forgetful but she will forget soon after what she was told. What I do daily is tell her that she has to get better and can’t go home quite yet. It’s worked so far!

I am meeting The Godfather at my Mom’s at 8 to put up my blinds and change my electrical outlets in my room. Then the ex boyfriend will be there at 10 to finish my closet. I’m going to tell him he has to clean up after himself too. No more mess. I’m moving in and shouldn’t have to clean up after him. Then sending him home and staying away from him. He just drives me batty! Yesterday he accidentally text me saying Awesome. Then he sent me not one or two, but 3 messages telling me he meant it for someone else. ONE would have been sufficient!

So this rainy weekend will be busy but it’s almost over. Then I guess I will have to go back to exercising and quitting smoking so I have stuff to write! Just kidding, maybe. 😉 I’ll also start cooking again once I’ve settled and I’m sure new recipes will come since my mother is diabetic (even though she won’t admit it).

Hugs! Have a great Friday!

Labor Day

Small business owners, retail workers, even some city workers do not get today off. Yes, it’s Labor Day! I will be working for 4 hours. I’m going to do laundry and bake a cake while I’m over there. It keeps me from going insane just sitting there.

Woke up to realize that I am out of energy drinks. Since I’m broke, I will not be buying any either. I’m having a Pepsi instead. SO not the same though!!! I prefer Full Throttle. It tastes like Mountain Dew and works well. Everyone gets on me telling me that I shouldn’t drink them. I’m sure those people will be happy now! So I have my Pepsi, I ate flavored rice with cheese for breakfast (yes, I know that’s not a normal breakfast), and now getting moving to go over there.

I looked at my calendar for this week and I have one job a day. That’s one more a day than I had the past week and a half so I’m okay with that! My man needs to come over and fix the commode. He thinks it is leaking due to a broken ring. I think it’s just a cheap toilet (only 2 months old) that only cost $80 and it’s broken somewhere underneath that we can’t see. I guess we will find out!

My son has another week off school. He is now supposed to go back on September 11th. I see irony in that. Let’s change that date into a good thing. Yay for school starting!!! His school district here has flooding at different schools and therefore will have to crowd the other schools so they can start. The state gave us 4 days and we will have to make up 6. My son is worried that it will cut into his next summer vacation. 😂

He had a friend over yesterday. They watched videos, ate, and seems like they had a good time. I hope the kid wants to come back. My son, with his aspergers, loses friends at times. The kids Mom said thanks for having her son. I think that’s a good sign!

Harvey victims are still cleaning up here. We are having other cities come in with garbage trucks to help get rid of all the water damaged property people are cleaning out of their homes. We as a city thank all others for everything they did to help. Y’all have a good day and I hope you’re off!

I get to work!!!

I left my house at 7am to be at work by 9 since I have no clue how the roads are out here (I am 10 miles from my house). I got out near her place by 7:40. Since I was so early, I decided I would find a working ATM (found a capital one at Westheimer and Royal Oaks), get gas (found an Exxon with gas for $2.53 at Westheimer and Dairy Ashford), and get breakfast.

I’m at the McDonald’s at the Walmart on Westheimer and Kirkwood. All they have are simple egg mcmuffins. Not usually my thing but I can’t be too picky when I haven’t eaten yet. So one egg, cheese (I took the cheese off – it was nasty), and sausage egg mcmuffin later and I have eaten and now waiting until time to go get the client and take her to get her nails done.

On my way to her, ONLY at HER street, the street is blocked by water. Nobody getting through and it’s bad.

See? On both sides it’s dry but right at her street, flooded. Wth? You have to go through business parking lots to get around. Sad. Also, for my fellow Houstonians, Kirkwood is flooded too. I didn’t get a picture but cars were trying to go through and failing or got into the parking lot before they flooded out.

For anyone not here, a LOT of streets are like Kirkwood. We are STILL having flooding. Stores can’t get what they need either. My walking trip to Kroger proved that! Empty shelves everywhere. People told me they had no milk but my kind was available! I am lactose intolerate so there’s was lots of what I need thankfully!

Be careful everyone. Please don’t come back yet if you left. I tried to go to work yesterday. I left at 5 for a job at 6. It took 20 minutes to get to Blalock and Memorial just to have to turn around as Briar Forest, Blalock, and Memorial (in some areas) are closed. Here’s Blalock.

Here’s the bayou near my house overflowing onto the building next to it.

So it took me another hour to get back home. I couldn’t get to work. I’m going to try again this evening to take that client out but I think I’m going to have to leave a lot earlier! Westheimer was a parking lot so I didn’t want to take it. I’m going to have to though. This is totally nuts.

I have gained a pound in the past 2 weeks. I think it’s stress. I haven’t exercised like normal but I’ve been staying in my calories so I don’t know. I’ll get back to it soon. If you can’t tell, I don’t really care today. Driving is stress enough and I needed to eat.

Be careful out there!!!