I got up at 5:30 thinking I would get out and drive for Lyft this morning. I then looked at their bonuses for drives. They will give an extra $10 for giving 5 rides? No way! That’s not worth it so I am staying home. Well, I am going to help out a neighbor that needs a few boxes put in their garage. No big deal. Then I will go to my doctor for my injections. Oh boy, how fun! I’m STILL waiting on them to get my vitamins and now almost out of my daily vitamins so I have to order more of those. There goes another $80 ­čśĽ

My son actually stayed at home yesterday. He didn’t run out to a friends house! A friend of his came by here and brought us an invitation to go to the water park on the day we are coming back from Galveston. How funny! So I asked the mom if I could just drop him off there on our way back to town and I would let her bring my son back. She said that would be fine with her. This kid bought my son a Nintendo switch game for his birthday. Those are really expensive and now I feel like I should return the favor. What do I get this kid? I don’t have a lot but feel like I should do something nice.

I did my arm dumbbells for 30 minutes and was sweaty the whole time! I felt weak as well. I got it done though! I need to get back to the gym at some point today (depending on how my injections go). I haven’t been in a week and I also want to see and work out with my friend while our boys do karate!

I cooked yesterday too. I made my burgers that my son likes (ground meat with onions, bell peppers, and jalape├▒os in them), his biscuits, and a keto meat pie. I always loved this meat pie that I used to make and thought I would never get to have it again!

I ate a piece and it was really filling and tastes oh so good! The crust is very coconuty flavored because you make it with coconut flour (duh). Still really good and I’m not a huge coconut fan! I am so happy! I marked the pie as Julie’s keto because there is so much fat in it which is good on keto but not for regular people and I don’t want my mother or son eating my badass pie!

Now it’s 6:21 and I really need to get dressed for this Neighbor to call me so I’m out. I know what I’m having for breakfast later!

Monday funday

I know, that's usually Sunday's slogan. I am just trying to make Monday a little better for all of us!

Today I have one job. It's my only companion job at the moment. She really just needs a friend and if I can help, I'm happy to! This is where my ex boyfriend is working too though. I hooked him up to be her handyman so today I get to spend time with him too. It's going to be a long day I think! I'm being me though and taking them both lunch. I made my special burgers last night (recipe below) so I'm going to take 2 for him and one for the client. I will always be myself and be nice to everyone.

I'm not losing anything yet but I believe I am gaining muscle. I have heard working with weights and exercising will do that. I feel like I was pretty much mush in the muscle department so that's probably why. I feel stronger anyway! Does anybody agree or am I doing something wrong?

Yesterday I walked, today I will do my 2.3 kg weights. The problem I seem to be having now is sleep. I'm only sleeping around 5 hours a night when before when I felt like mush, I would sleep like 8-9! I'm exhausted when I finally go to sleep around 1 each night but still am up around 6! I guess I need to try that no electronics thing 30 minutes before bed, maybe that will make me go to sleep earlier. Thoughts?

I was at my moms the other day. I told her I'm teaching myself the metric system. She asked, "Why? It's outdated and America's system works just fine." So I replied, "Well mom, the rest of world uses the metric system so it makes sense to learn it plus it's actually easier to only have grams and liters." She told me that she will just stick to ounces and pounds. Okay mom. Whatever you want to do is fine! I'm going to do what most of the world does. So I changed my scale to kilograms instead of pounds and I'm using metric on my food scale and measuring stuff. I think I'm doing alright so far, far from perfect but I'm learning! That's the most important thing, keep learning new things each day to keep your mind sharp. Now if I could only learn Spanish!

Where I live, we are only allowed to have dogs under 13.6 kg. I was outside yesterday and my upstairs neighbor walks up with a beautiful Rottweiler puppy. Umm, I know he's going to get bigger than the rules allow! I informed her of this and she was very heartbroken because she had just gotten the dog. I feel bad because it is an adorable baby and I think we should be allowed to have whatever we want. Rules around here are strict though so I had to let her know. We have some old biddies around here that will have her fined in a New York minute. I would never report her and other people my age and younger won't, it's the people that have lived here for years and are elderly that complain the most! One in particular that walks around with her dog about 6 times a day and takes notes and then calls everything in to the management company. Crazy people!

So! In case you were wondering, "What are her special burgers?", here is what I do.

2 pounds (.9 kg) ground beef
1 T (15 ml) paprika
1 T (15 ml) garlic powder
Pinch of salt
Pinch of ground pepper
1/2 yellow onion (minced)
1/2 bell pepper (minced)
1/2 jalapeño (minced)
2 T (30 ml) barbecue sauce

Mix everything together well and make into balls. I get 9 total after mixing it all up to make 1/4 pound (.113 kg) burgers. Then flatten them and throw them on your favorite way to make burgers. I prefer an outdoor grill but when not available, I have a George Foreman grill as well or just on the stove. Then enjoy! They are a little spicy and very flavorful and my son loves them even though he hates vegetables.

If you try it, let me know what you think.

I better go get ready to start my day now. Have a good day!