Sunday cook day

Hello all you lovely people! Today I am going to cook!

I have invited my friend and her 3 year old over this afternoon. She is starting keto and says she doesn’t know what to eat. She used to eat fruit constantly so this is a difficult transition for her.

Side note: As of yesterday, my appetite is back to normal. I am unsure why I was starving all day for 3 days but I had breakfast yesterday and was full until late in the afternoon! I’m so glad to be back to normal.

We are making a few things today.

1. Chicken winglets

2. Rib eye steak with riced cauliflower and asparagus.

3. Tacos

4. Keto donuts

Man I am looking forward to having a donut! I pray these come out tasting as good as a real one!

This one is from

And last but not least: 5. Peanut butter chocolate chip cookie bars from!

I think those will keep me happy for a few days! And all I have to get at the store is the asparagus and winglets. I have everything else already here. Woo hoo! I gave credit to the recipe makers on each picture so I hope you enjoy them or look them up for even more recipes!

My son kept me up until after 1am. So at 7:15 when my mother started her “prewash” right outside my bedroom door, I was NOT happy! My son wanted to go to church this morning but it started 2 minutes ago. I told him at 12:30am that I would not wake him up since he kept me up. I guess he slept through his alarm. He can go to the later service, no big deal.

I’m awake, I took some Advil as well as all of my vitamins, I got dressed, I walked the dog, I printed out my recipes, I am ready to go! Y’all have a great Sunday! Maybe I can talk my friend into making a YouTube video with me later while we let her toddler chase my mom’s cats. 😂

More keto recipes

Honestly, I don’t remember what I posted last time. I get these off the internet by typing in google keto plus whatever I’m hungry for.

Sorry if any are a repeat! Please let me know if you find a better recipe than any of these. I’m willing to try anything once!

Another pound gone

This morning I weighed 169.4. I’m in shock. I exercised only twice in the past week since I had a muscle strain. I did stay within my calories and carbs. I shouldn’t be surprised. I am though! I’m excited to be here! I have seen friends lose this much weight but not look healthy. And then they stopped what they were doing and gained it all back. I’m not doing that! I promise! I worked hard too hard to get here to just go back to my old ways! I have lost a total of 237 pounds since 1998 and 53 pounds since November of last year. My next goal is 160 and it’s so close I can feel it! Plus I feel like I look healthy.image from Pinterest WARNING: THERE IS A PICTURE OF EXCESS SKIN NEXT!My other goal is to try and get some of the belly fat to go away which makes me still feel huge. That’s where my fat is mostly concentrated. I can’t stand it either. I know it’s a lot of skin as well but I’m the one that has to look at it and I don’t like it. I really do have a lot of excess skin and fat there!So now I am researching ways to get rid of belly fat other than sit ups. I HATE sit ups! I can do them, I just hate them. And I can’t do a push up to save my life. Never have been able to. I’m sure there are plenty of exercises I can do too.I got a bit angry yesterday. I am not sure why but I was just angry as hell for about 4 hours. I cleaned, I stayed away from my son (I don’t want to take it out on him), and I finally turned on Supergirl to not have to think. I was able to calm myself down although I still don’t know why I was so mad. My son’s friends party is supposed to be today. And guess what? It’s supposed to rain this afternoon. Again. So I’m not sure if they are having their party or not. My son has therapy before the party so I guess we will find out! That’s all we have planned. My ex says he is coming over tomorrow to see his kid. That’s fine. I will be meal prepping tomorrow. It’s so much easier to cook when my mother isn’t around and she has to work tomorrow so it’s the perfect time! I’m going to attempt to make chicken wings like from Wing Stop, and a Mexican casserole. Plus I have some chorizo so I am going to make a breakfast thing too. I like having my food made for the week. My child wants burgers so I will probably make those too. I will have lots of choices! from headbangerskitchen.comfrom tasteaholics.comfrom peaceloveandlowcarb.comThat’s the plan anyway. Nobody here is awake yet at almost 8am, just the way I like it. I should probably get up and take Amber out for a walk. I’m just not ready yet! What are you doing today? What do you think of my recipes? What do you think of the keto diet? Did I disgust you with my excess skin?

Rainy Friday

I woke up this morning about 2 seconds before my alarm to the sounds of thunder. Not what you want to hear when you are trying to finish moving! Argh!

Speaking of moving, I had a thought because my son said something. He told me he wanted to take one last shower in our awesome shower before we move. It’s only an awesome shower because I have the best shower head ever! Why not switch them out? The person buying this place is probably going to gut and redo everything anyway and I love my shower head here! I got it at Home Depot and I just took a screenshot of it because it’s easier than trying to get a good shot in my shower. 😂

So yeah. I need to remember to take that with me. I was also going to take my wind chimes today but now they’ve been in the rain all morning and are wet. AND, the weather guy said it was supposed to rain off and on all weekend! Eek!

Yesterday was good. 2 jobs. Between them, I got everything already at my moms moved upstairs and put away to make room for everything else. I moved all our clothes, shoes, books, yeah, just about everything. My friend asked me what the rush was to move. I’m not really rushing, I’m just tired of living in 2 places and want it to be done. I am giving my neighbors my wine and liquor that’s here because my Mom has way too much already. You’ve never seen anybody so happy either! My neighbor that wants the wine isn’t even in town this weekend and she text me to say I better keep it in the house and come by to let her in to get it on Sunday. 😂 Every time I need to write a check, make an invoice for a client, get a piece of paper for a note, get an address, etc, I have to go to the other house. I’m just done. So I’m moving.

The only job I have today is to go check on Forgetful and I can do that at any time today. I was thinking after lunch to make sure she is doing well. Her step daughter in law told me last night that she doesn’t know what to do about Forgetful packing her suitcase daily and being so unhappy. I don’t know what to tell her either. She can be straight with Forgetful but she will forget soon after what she was told. What I do daily is tell her that she has to get better and can’t go home quite yet. It’s worked so far!

I am meeting The Godfather at my Mom’s at 8 to put up my blinds and change my electrical outlets in my room. Then the ex boyfriend will be there at 10 to finish my closet. I’m going to tell him he has to clean up after himself too. No more mess. I’m moving in and shouldn’t have to clean up after him. Then sending him home and staying away from him. He just drives me batty! Yesterday he accidentally text me saying Awesome. Then he sent me not one or two, but 3 messages telling me he meant it for someone else. ONE would have been sufficient!

So this rainy weekend will be busy but it’s almost over. Then I guess I will have to go back to exercising and quitting smoking so I have stuff to write! Just kidding, maybe. 😉 I’ll also start cooking again once I’ve settled and I’m sure new recipes will come since my mother is diabetic (even though she won’t admit it).

Hugs! Have a great Friday!


Well, I was so stressed that I ended up making a lot more than I thought I was going to.

Biscuits – Pillsbury canned ones

Cornbread – From a bag

Banana bread – recipe on AllRecipes

Brownies – from a box

Burgers (one neighbor gave me a purple onion and another went to Whole Foods and brought me a jalapeño and a bell pepper!) – I put my recipe in another post

The spicy cheese crackers (OMG they are SO good) – recipe in this mornings post

So yeah. I was a bit stressed today. Thankfully my man is cooking the burgers, I just put them together with all the ingredients I like. I also did laundry. The line of water on my ceiling has dried mostly so it’s just a round circle now. I guess that means my neighbor has controlled it, yay!

By the way!!! There is SUN outside now! Woo hoo!!! Now if it can just stay that way, we will start getting back to business here!

The grocery stores opened today at 11am. There was a line around the block of each store starting at 8. They would let 2 people in at a time. We walked down to Valero and even their shelves were sold out. No chips, barely any candy, lots of beer though! Now hopefully trucks can get through and refill our stores. We don’t need anything. Hell, I cooked enough for a week. People here are in need though, bring it in!

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. Now it’s time to hope and pray that we don’t get any more rain for a while! It’s usually 100 degrees here in August so having temperatures in the 70’s is nice. I’m sure it will get hot and muggy tomorrow though. I’ll take that over rain!

Day 4 of Harvey

Well crappola. All this rain has not only devastated so many people here, it keeps coming!!! Wtf?!? You know that song “Rain, rain, go away”? We are singing it all the time! We are safe, we are dry, I am even cooking right now (cheesy pepper crackers).

My house, eek! My toilet started leaking a few days ago. Last night, my neighbors ceiling collapsed.

It’s now twice as bad and we are having a hard time controlling the water coming in to her place. My ceiling this morning started showing water stains and a little bowing too.

We are working on her place so hopefully no more water will come down here!

My window started leaking yesterday as well. I contacted the management company and of course they are no help since everyone in this city has problems. We are stuck figuring it all out on our own. Thank goodness for Google!

My man went home yesterday and hasn’t come back. His entire bathroom is flooded in his tub but nothing else yet thankfully. I wish he would come back soon though. It worries me that he is across town in his Jetta trying to drive here!

So I’ll keep y’all posted. I’m a bit nervous about my ceiling and feel so bad for my upstairs neighbor with her mom and 2 year old nephew being there in that mess! We have to stay here too and make sure our places don’t get completely devastated as well. This is nerve racking!!!

Thank you AllRecipes for the great ideas!

Hump day!

Since I do not have a job until later today, I decided to cook. My one job today is one of my favorite people. A 95 year old man with Parkinson's that goes out 2-3 times a week for dinner.

Today's menu:
Mac and cheese lasagna

Healthy brownies:
1 can pumpkin
1 box devils cake mix
Mix both together until smooth, put in 9×9 Pyrex, then cook at 350 for 30 minutes. When a toothpick comes out clean, they are done!

Mac and cheese lasagna:
2 boxes mac and cheese
1 pound ground beef
1 bottle spaghetti sauce
2 cups shredded mild cheddar cheese
Parmesan cheese (light covering over top)
Cook mac and cheese per box instructions
Brown beef
Make a layer of mac and cheese, a layer of beef mixed with spaghetti sauce, layer of cheese, then repeat. Make 2 layers and cook at 350 for 40 minutes. Don't put Parmesan on until 5 minutes before it's done.

I like Underwood canned chicken so I decided to make my own. Their can ingredients are only chicken, water, and salt. I am putting the chicken in the slow cooker for 5 hours. I will then take the bones out and ground up the chicken and then I have the exact same thing I was spending $2 a can on!!! And I will do it with minimal sat since I try to keep my salt intake low. I can't wait to have some!

When I told my son what I was making, he said, "I look forward to everything other than the chicken (he is NOT a chicken fan). So I'm glad he will eat too!

Speaking of food! It's been a week since I bought bananas and tried the trick to wrap the top of each in Saran Wrap. I'm impressed because it actually works!!! This is the last banana left a week after buying them. I checked and the originals were bought on August 2nd so it really has been a week!

I took the photos from google (other than my banana) just to give credit where it's due.

So that's my day. I hope everyone else has a good day as well.