An easy day

We got a lot done yesterday. My son and I went to the 2 story Barnes and Noble in River Oaks yesterday morning where he was able to buy 4 new manga books and I got 2 new Bookshots by James Patterson. I also ate breakfast there at their Starbucks. I still can’t believe they have quiche!

So I brought my son home around 11 and went straight to my Mom’s. She had to talk to me for a while and then went to work. My ex boyfriend and I got to work around 1:30pm. I had already started my 2 loads of laundry and picked nails off the floor in my room as well as taken a few things of mine upstairs. He and I broke down the desk that’s been sitting in the patio for weeks to be taken away by the trash men, took a bunch more stuff upstairs, almost finished my closet (he had put too much mud on and has to sand it down – his hair was white when he finished most of it yesterday), moved the bookcase in my room where I want it, put doors on my mothers armoire, and talked about when he would come finish. We also got a ton of stuff ready for the Salvation Army to come on Wednesday. We did a few other things I’m sure, he was there for 3 hours. I finally gave him the extra keys and the title to the car and he was happy about that!

Since I worked hard yesterday, today is nice because all I have is a lunch with a neighbor and 2 ladies in a retirement home and then going over to see Indecisive for the first time in a LONG time. She called me yesterday morning while I was busy planning with my mother to ask me to come by. Since she just talks and asks me to fix her computer, I’m happy to just go be quiet for a while and let her talk to me. That’s it for today! Sounds good to me! I think I will just relax this morning before my lunch.

It’s weird how it works out. I really needed extra time to myself this week to be able to move the last of my stuff over and be ready for the movers and I am pretty slow this week work wise. The last 2 weeks of working my butt off helps too since I already have the money to pay for the movers and can take a slow week.

My home has been on the market for 17 days. 5 people have come to look at it. That’s it! That’s barely one every 3 days. I need this place sold. My son lost another baby tooth last night. He was complaining that his tooth hurt. He showed me his mouth and I told him, if you pull out the baby tooth, you’ll feel better since your adult tooth is already halfway out! Crazy child. He saw blood when he pulled it and said he couldn’t do the other two he has like that because he doesn’t want his mouth bleeding that much. 🙄

Oh! And it’s actually cool outside!!! 65 degrees! Woo hoo!!! The high today is supposed to be 78 so probably 80 but the past few days have had a high of 90-93 so I’m happy!!!! A good Monday!

Have a good day you guys!

Crazy day today

Happy Monday morning you ya!

Today is my sons first day of school. Pushed back 2 weeks because of hurricane Harvey. He said he is waking up at 5:45am which means I had to wake up before him so I can have my quiet time. At first he asked for eggs this morning but then changed his mind and said he doesn’t have time. We don’t leave until 7am so why doesn’t he have time? He showered last night!

I will take him to school at 7 and then I have a fun morning going to fight my house taxes in court. I have a 680 sq ft condo. I am charged over $2000 a year for my place. My argument is this:

  • My name was just put on this place in November so why do I owe 12 months of taxes? Yes, technically I lived here all of 2016 BUT my name was not on the place until November!
  • This place has foundation issues and window issues. The management company said I don’t have foundation issues and the window leaking from the outside is not their problem. Yes it is! You guys installed the windows and it is leaking from outside and outside my 4 walls is your problem not mine!
  • The surrounding apartment complexes are not nice, not very safe, and looks bad. Not saying my street is in bad shape, it’s just the people and crime all around this area. I have gone to walk my dog and there will be a homeless person asleep in my laundry room. I walk outside the gates here and someone asks me for money. Just not what you would think for the area I live in.

Do I have a chance? I really don’t know.

I took pictures of the foundation issues and will take pictures of the crappy surrounding apartments as we leave today. We shall see what happens. I am a bit nervous about that.

Then I have to pick up my guy at work at 2pm. Then pick up my child from school at 3:15. Then go change my moms air filter. Whew! It’s going to be a long day.

My caregiver finally made it home from Africa so I want to go over to my clients home and say hello and see pictures. She’s from Tanzania 🇹🇿 and she said she would take pictures. Today is her first day back. I’m just happy she made it home!

Foundation pictures.

  1. My floor in the middle of my unit along a wall between my bedroom door and a closet door.
  2. The ceiling that was just fixed in January 2016 has already cracked. Shoddy workmanship or foundation?
  3. The crack in my patio. The concrete slab is like an inch or two away from the sliding glass door!


They sided with me!!! Yay!!! I met with the Harris county appraisal district and I guess you could say it went well! The value of the property is now lower where it should be and I can still make a profit when I sell. Yay!!!

Labor Day

Small business owners, retail workers, even some city workers do not get today off. Yes, it’s Labor Day! I will be working for 4 hours. I’m going to do laundry and bake a cake while I’m over there. It keeps me from going insane just sitting there.

Woke up to realize that I am out of energy drinks. Since I’m broke, I will not be buying any either. I’m having a Pepsi instead. SO not the same though!!! I prefer Full Throttle. It tastes like Mountain Dew and works well. Everyone gets on me telling me that I shouldn’t drink them. I’m sure those people will be happy now! So I have my Pepsi, I ate flavored rice with cheese for breakfast (yes, I know that’s not a normal breakfast), and now getting moving to go over there.

I looked at my calendar for this week and I have one job a day. That’s one more a day than I had the past week and a half so I’m okay with that! My man needs to come over and fix the commode. He thinks it is leaking due to a broken ring. I think it’s just a cheap toilet (only 2 months old) that only cost $80 and it’s broken somewhere underneath that we can’t see. I guess we will find out!

My son has another week off school. He is now supposed to go back on September 11th. I see irony in that. Let’s change that date into a good thing. Yay for school starting!!! His school district here has flooding at different schools and therefore will have to crowd the other schools so they can start. The state gave us 4 days and we will have to make up 6. My son is worried that it will cut into his next summer vacation. 😂

He had a friend over yesterday. They watched videos, ate, and seems like they had a good time. I hope the kid wants to come back. My son, with his aspergers, loses friends at times. The kids Mom said thanks for having her son. I think that’s a good sign!

Harvey victims are still cleaning up here. We are having other cities come in with garbage trucks to help get rid of all the water damaged property people are cleaning out of their homes. We as a city thank all others for everything they did to help. Y’all have a good day and I hope you’re off!

Is it really over???

The rain stopped around 10pm last night. Thank God! Maybe it’s finally over for Houston! Now we have to pray for Louisiana since the storm went that way. Hopefully they will not get it as bad!

I woke up to sunshine. A VERY welcome site! It was at 7:21am today that a “Mama” woke me. I jumped up, ran into my living room, and saw my son is still asleep. The man is still asleep as well so where did that come from??? Maybe the cat meowed and I thought it was Mama? I don’t know but it woke me right up!

I have someone checking to see if I can work tonight. I want to be able to take my 95 year old to his country club like any other Wednesday evening, plus I haven’t worked in a week and am broke!!! I still have to pay the bills, even in a disaster. We all do. We need to work. If it wasn’t for bills piling up, I would relax about it more. I heard people can apply for lost wages during this time and I hope it applies to me too. I only need what I would have made this past week, not much. I haven’t done it because I don’t want to take money away from others that have lost everything! It’s a moral dilemma. I probably won’t do it though. I have friends that don’t have a home and they need help more than I do.

My ceiling is fine. My neighbor is ecstatic that it stopped raining! We are now waiting for our property management to have someone come out and fix everything. That could take a while. She has covered her ceiling with plastic so she can stay there and stay dry.

My friend went to the grocery store at 7am today. She waited as the 15th person in line for the store to open at 8. When she got in, they had no regular bread but had fresh baked, only a little milk, and not much else on the shelves. I think I will avoid going to a store for a few more days. It will give the stores time to get supply trucks in and for us to eat all that I cooked too. My clients son asked me about his mom going to the store. I told him she should wait a few days. I wouldn’t want to see an 86 year old trying to get food and wait in line just to see there’s not much available. That would break my heart! She just had her birthday yesterday too. My plan was to make her a cake but, you know, Harvey. So, as soon as I can get eggs and milk again, I will bake her the best birthday cake ever! I will make it even better than the one I made for little man for during the hurricane!

So that’s it. I am going to shower and then try to venture out for a bit today to check on people and see how our entire area fared as well as check on my mom. Talk later!

Day 4 of Harvey

Well crappola. All this rain has not only devastated so many people here, it keeps coming!!! Wtf?!? You know that song “Rain, rain, go away”? We are singing it all the time! We are safe, we are dry, I am even cooking right now (cheesy pepper crackers).

My house, eek! My toilet started leaking a few days ago. Last night, my neighbors ceiling collapsed.

It’s now twice as bad and we are having a hard time controlling the water coming in to her place. My ceiling this morning started showing water stains and a little bowing too.

We are working on her place so hopefully no more water will come down here!

My window started leaking yesterday as well. I contacted the management company and of course they are no help since everyone in this city has problems. We are stuck figuring it all out on our own. Thank goodness for Google!

My man went home yesterday and hasn’t come back. His entire bathroom is flooded in his tub but nothing else yet thankfully. I wish he would come back soon though. It worries me that he is across town in his Jetta trying to drive here!

So I’ll keep y’all posted. I’m a bit nervous about my ceiling and feel so bad for my upstairs neighbor with her mom and 2 year old nephew being there in that mess! We have to stay here too and make sure our places don’t get completely devastated as well. This is nerve racking!!!

Thank you AllRecipes for the great ideas!

Day 1 of Harvey

I’m in the Galleria area of Houston, about 9 miles from downtown. It started raining sporadically yesterday. The storm hit down south really hard as a category 4 hurricane. It’s really bad down south according to the news and I feel for those people.

My man and his cat are here with us. My dog and his cat have barely smelled each other and are staying away from each other. My allergies are going nuts with his cat but I am dealing just fine. The cat is in bed with me and my dog is freaking out from the floor. It’s actually pretty funny to watch them get near each other, sniff, then run away.

We have gotten some rain and NO flooding near here. It has flooded in other parts of Houston. Our mayor was on the news this morning telling us to stay at home because this thing keeps coming in waves and will get bad in the next few days. We are staying here.

I have text my friends and neighbors and everyone seems to be fine so far, even in flood prone areas. We are bored because it seems that xfinity decided to shut everyone down last night as a precaution so we have no cable or internet so no Netflix! Thank goodness for cell phones. And of course we still have power since it’s just rain so far.

Last night my man and I went into a neighbors home to check on it since he passed away last year and I haven’t been in that place since I found him dead on his floor (not a good day). The ceiling is covered in mold, it’s black and everywhere in the living room! There are dead roaches everywhere (kitchen and bathroom) and his children that came to clean it out left a desk and the bed in the apartment. At this point, they will have to have all of the drywall removed from the ceiling. I’m even wondering if it will affect his upstairs neighbor since it’s on the ceiling. I feel bad for that guy! The furniture will probably have to go too, even the nice bed. So that’s what’s happened during this storm so far. I will check in later or tomorrow depending on what we get up to today.

List of house things to tackle

So, my home was built in 1969. It has popcorn ceilings, copper wiring and plumbing, galvanized pipes, and everything else they used back then that people just seem to freak out over these days saying they are not in code and need to be pulled out and changed (at a pretty penny as well).

When I moved there in 2002 and started to make changes to my liking in 2004, my mother said "You can't just have white walls! It needs to be off white, stark white is horrible!" So I have these off white colors all over the house that I am now going to paint to a stark white because that is what I want! Greenish white in the kitchen and bathroom and pinkish white in the living room. It has always looked so dirty to me! I hate it, they have to go.

I had my friends help me tile my floors in 2007 and they are this pink beige color but because of cost, we won't change it to hardwood just yet. I'll just have to deal for now.

Here is my BASIC list of what I want to do in my condominium.

Number One:
Scrape off popcorn ceiling – the stuff is disgusting and I've always hated it so I have to cover everything and spend quite a bit of time scraping. Hope my arms are up to it!

Number Two:
Cover everything, including the tile, and paint with Kilz (awesome primer that keeps smells out) on all shared walls as I have a pothead on one side and I don't know what on the other. I don't care that my neighbor smokes, I just don't want to smell it in my place. Then paint every wall a stark white. 😃

Number Three:
Replace kitchen countertops. My mom (yes again) wanted me to have this pink limestone crap for a countertop. It's ugly (although still functional) and after only 4 years, has a nice shiver of a crack down the middle because the installers (I won't say the company because they are usually great) did not check for levelness of the cabinets below (they say the place has shifted and that's what caused the crack – whatever). So basically I need to tear out cabinets and replace those as well as the countertop. I have no idea what to get either. The countertops are all pretty. I would like it to be white with black specs in it since my walls are white and my furniture is black leather. The crack runs in front of the microwave.

Number Four:
Replace tub along with tub tile in the bathroom. I have a new sink and commode so now it's time to replace the tub. I don't want a new tub though. I'm thinking of a walk in shower built in the same space. We do not take baths so why have one? Then I can put glass outside of it and it will make it look bigger in my tiny bathroom!

Number Five:
When taking out the tub and tile, install piping for a water line to run through the bathroom so I can install a washer dryer in my walk in closet. I will have to pull out the installed shelves in the back of the closet, but I have measured and a stackable will fit in the same space! I hate having to use the communal washer and dryers. Not only is it $2.75 per load (around £2.15), half the time, the machines don't even work! I know it's a mess in there!

Number Six:
Take out the bookshelves in the living room and have a Murphy bed (with a table when you close up the bed) installed. It will save so much space in the room. My son has his bed up against the wall next to the bookshelves now and it sticks out and I trip on the edges more often than I care to admit.

Number Seven:
Use the original galvanized steel piping and some planks and make bookshelves on either side of the living room tv. That way I still have bookshelves and they are still out of the way. Plus with the right staining, they will add character to the room instead of a big wall with a tv on it.

So those are my top seven things to do. I love my place and it's paid off so why would I spend money on something else when I can make this just how I want it?