Nothing kind of day

Seriously, I didn’t do much today at all!

I met my friend for lunch at The Toasted Yolk, switched dressers with my son, started Marie’s tidy show on Netflix, and that’s it. My room is not done, this is the in-between stage. I am saving up the money I am not using on cigarettes to get a smaller bed frame and put my bed under my window to have more space in here.

I didn’t smoke all day and was perfectly fine with my vape.

I hope you are having a great weekend!

Didn’t do anything!

I planned on studying, cooking, getting everything ready for the week and I just didn’t do it!

I did my laundry and I went grocery shopping (although I forgot milk and eggs, how I have no idea). Other than that, I watched Netflix and played on my phone. I didn’t even get the exercise I was going to! The new season of Ozark was awesome and they have signed on to do another season so I can’t wait! After another blogger mentioned that it was cancelled, I looked it up and saw that they are working on season 3 and my only thought was WHEW! I’ve adored Jason Bateman since he and I were kids so I love this show that he has produced.

Oh well. I had my son take pictures of me in my size medium clothes and that excited me!

I also posted my grill to sell on Facebook marketplace. Marketplace is the only reason I keep my Facebook. I never log onto my account, I just sell stuff on there. It’s a propane grill and honestly, I prefer charcoal even though it’s messier. It just tastes better to me! So I am selling my grill.

I reorganized the patio to be more functional with a lot more space. I moved the table to the other side and now there is more walking room and I feel like I can get to the shelving where I am going to plant stuff this coming weekend.

I also put together my sons Everlast punching bag that his psychologist got him. He then went to punch it for 30 minutes and he was happy about that. He wants more exercise equipment in the garage and a fan. We have a bike to put in there and I want a treadmill. He said he doesn’t know what he wants but he will walk around the gym and then tell me. Maybe a weight set thing?

I passed out at 9:13pm. One minute I was playing on my phone, the next it was 5:30am and my phone was dead. Oops!

Happy Labor Day to all of you in the states. I have to study today. If I have time and feel like it, I will cook too. I bought a ton of vegetables and meat to make casseroles (breakfast casserole) and snacks (snacks like breaded zucchini rounds and broccoli fritters).

My friend said we could meet today to actually teach me this math stuff. We took the latest quiz 3 times to get a 100. I kept getting a 90 and it made me so upset! I feel like if I have a tutor sitting with me, I should get a100! And every 100 helps since I am terrified of taking the actual tests which is why I asked her to give me a lesson so I can learn it and help myself more. She’s so wonderful to me!

That’s it. I hope you have a great day and if you’re off today, enjoy it!