Sunday funday, right?

I dropped my son off at church and went to the grocery store. With store deals and coupons, I was able to save 20% off the total! Woo hoo! I hope I get better at this couponing stuff. I would love to be like those people that get a full cart for like $5! I was happy to have a cart that cost $125 (not shown) and get it for $100.

After church, I brought my son home and charged my watch before taking off to the park to walk with H. The trail is 3 miles. We parked in different places so we had to walk to meet up. We ended up running/walking almost 4 and a half miles!!!

We then got in our vehicles and met at a Whataburger for food. I got a kids burger and a chocolate shake. That shake was not worth the 390 calories. I took half the bun off and ate my burger 🍔 and was happy with that.

I came home and watched Avengers Infinity War. I am so tired! So I’m about to pass out. I hope y’all had a good weekend!

Saturday and goals 😀

What a good day! First I want to talk to you guys about my goals and I hope you will share yours in the comments.

Weight goals: I have mini goals. For March, I wanted to lose 5 pounds. I’ve lost 1.4 and it’s halfway through the month. That’s still about 1/2 a pound a week so I’m okay with that. Will I get to my goal? I don’t know! Is it okay if I don’t hit that goal? Definitely! At the end of November 2017, I weighed 221.8. Yesterday on my weekly weigh day, I was 206. You will NOT hear me complain. I have come too far to quit. By my birthday, I want to weigh in the 100’s. I don’t care if I am at 199, as long as I am there by the end of June (my birthday is on the 27th). That’s still 3 months away and that would only be a loss of 2 pounds per month. I should crush that goal!

Another goal is measurements. I want to be in a size large instead of extra large soon. I will have to lose enough inches to do that. 10 maybe? It’s definitely doable. I mean come on! In November I was wearing a 2X shirt and after 4 months, I’m in a 1X! So I know I can do this. How many do I actually need to lose? I don’t know and it doesn’t matter. I will know how I’m doing when I can put on a large and it fits like the extra large does now, comfortable and not tight at all.

Another goal is food. This is my hardest goal. I need to drink and eat less sugar. That’s number one and I am going to work on that in April. I have (for the most part – there are days like yesterday when I felt like I needed the boost) already cut back to one energy drink a day and only have 16 left in the fridge that will be gone by the beginning of April. I am also drinking a TON more water during the day (8 today) and then having one more soda at dinner so I have cut WAY back (6 to 2 in the past 4 months). And desserts, cookies, pie, cake, etc that taste OH SO GOOD I need to cut back on as well. I say cut back because there will always be times when you go to a party and eat cake or bake cookies for an event and eat a few. I make things myself so they aren’t as bad as eating desserts out at restaurants but all that sugar is still not good! If my weekly cheat meal is a package of cookies, that is enough sugar for the whole month, not a meal!

For March, my goal was to eat more food and drink less calories. I believe I have accomplished that 16 out of 30 days (so far). Next month, I will be focusing on eating less sugar as well as drinking less.

It’s all about the tiny goals y’all. Small changes add up to big results!

Oh man yesterday was good. I woke up early and lounged around for about 3 hours after weighing myself and doing my best not to get down about the tiny weight gain. Then I got dressed, took the dog out for a walk, and then took my son to therapy. Then the gym. I’ve been at home doing Zumba for a couple of days and that’s great but I wanted to get back in the gym. Since my doctor took my insoles to be changed for the ever changing foot issues, I was worried about my feet hurting (no insoles equals flat feet while working out). That’s why I’ve been doing stuff at home. On carpet I don’t feel like I will hurt my feet nearly as bad as on machines at the gym.

So I did 30 minutes on the treadmill walking and running. Those little spikes are me running at 5mph which I am VERY proud of! I ran 8 out of 30 minutes today!!! I’ll be ready to run a 5K by summertime and that excites me. I also went into the steam room (NOT a sauna). It was too much after 30 seconds so I had to leave. I had already had 6 cups of water when I went to the gym and 2 more while working out and I was sweating for 30 minutes AFTER my workout! Yes, my feet and hips hurt a little when I left, that’s why I didn’t stay and do any other exercises.

Then I went home and watched the rest of 7 seconds. Then I watched Amanda and Jack go Glamping which was kind of stupid but after that heartbreaking show, I needed something stupid.

I decided to eat cereal for dinner. It went down way too fast and easy. That’s one of the reasons that I am stopping all this sugar. It goes down so easy and then you are hungry again in an hour or 2. That’s okay. I didn’t eat anything else, I went to bed around 1am. I took some Advil for my hip and watched movies on Netflix. I watched People Like Us and also The Gift. I loved People Like Us. It was totally different than most things out these days. Again, I LOVE Jason Bateman so The Gift was good to me. It’s a psychological thriller and I love that genre! It was either watch movies or go to the bar for beers and I didn’t want to do that.

Everyone have a great Sunday. I will be going to the gym today. Sticking to the bike though. I can’t afford to get hurt or sick again!

Another pound gone

I have lost 4 pounds in 3 weeks. I am NOT complaining!

I went walking again this morning. I slowed down but tried to walk as far as I did yesterday. I walked in a huge circle around the neighborhood close by me. I almost made it. 1.43 miles instead of 1.52. My heart rate did not go so high thanks to the slowing down.

Much better for me, right? My walk took longer which I didn’t like but I need the exercise so I can’t complain. My son is still asleep from when he went to bed yesterday at noon. Kids, geez!!!

I ran into a mom from my sons kindergarten class back in 2010. They had moved to Norway after kindergarten and she said they came back a year ago and she put her son is now in private school “because he’s used to the international school system and its more like our private schools”. Then she said we should get the boys together. Wait, huh? You came back a YEAR ago! If you really wanted our boys to get together, wouldn’t you have sent me a Facebook message back then??? Whatever. I doubt I will even see her again, let alone get a message from her on Facebook.

That was my morning walk. Now I get to go sit with this little old cranky as hell woman for 4 hours today while her caregiver takes some time to herself. I am going to take my laundry over there because I may as well save money (they charge $2.75 per load here where I live) and I’ll be there forever anyway. Maybe I can take her to lunch or something as well to break up the monotony of sitting around her apartment. Plus my regular Wednesday evening dinner plans with my favorite 95 year old!

When I got off my afternoon job yesterday, another client called me totally frantic because her house phone and internet were not working. I went over there. I restarted her router but that didn’t work. So I called the company she uses and the woman I got said they can’t come out until Saturday! WTH??? They are going to make her do without service for 4 days??? What has customer service become? Companies do not seem to care about their customers anymore. What company am I talking about you ask? Well, AT&T of course! Not that other internet providers aren’t the same way. When my father was bedridden right before he passed away, I asked Xfinity to come out and hook up cable upstairs so he would have something to watch and they said 3 days before they could come out. Well thanks but no thanks. I’m very disappointed in how companies treat customers these days. It’s just sad. That’s why I started reviewing on Yelp. Not that it will make a difference, it probably won’t, but it gives me an outlet for my frustration and sometimes I get a place that does a great job and I love praising companies when they do something good too!

So I guess I need to shower and get to work. I hope everyone has a great hump day!


I almost called his post Waking before I realized my mistake. That would be a whole different subject!!!

I need your help. Especially the trainers or gym rats or people that take their exercise seriously. I walked this morning like I said I would. I checked my stats when I got home and saw my heart rate was 171 during my walk. Is that safe for a 44 year old at 200 pounds? I’m alive, I could speak while I walked (I know this because I said good morning to a couple people on the road with me). It just worries me because I don’t think it’s ever been that high!!!

I am walking faster and farther than ever which is awesome. Even after taking 3 days off, I did better than the past 2 weeks.

The average heart rate per minute looks good, I’m just worried about that time I was at 171. Plus being at peak heart rate for 22 minutes, can that be good???

So! I also had my son with me. He jogged about a quarter of a mile and then walked another quarter of a mile to his old school and then turned around and walked back home. I told him just go a bit farther jogging each day and he will build up strength and sustainability. If he wants to do track, he has to be able to run. I walked the entire time other than when I had to run across a side street in order for a car to not run me over – I was there first but I don’t trust anybody these days.

My goal is to walk to my Mom’s house and back. It’s a mile and a half each way. I think I am going to have to get up earlier and leave earlier to do that. Today I would have made it to her house but not back home so I need to keep practicing. We left at 7am. It was already 80 degrees and humid. Maybe if I’m up at 5, I will be ready to go by 6-6:30. One reason we left so late was getting my son to get out the door. He didn’t want to. I don’t think he slept last night. When I woke up, he was awake and said that he woke up in the middle of the night to an ear bleed. There was absolutely nothing in his ear, I looked with a flashlight. So I still made him go out with me. Now he can sleep from now through to tomorrow when we do it again. He said he’s willing. Plus I think we need to go daily to get in shape. I also still need to get him using weights too. He doesn’t want to. If I don’t push a little, he will never do better though!

Yesterday my sons friend came over for the day from 10am-6pm. I got both kids lunch at Sonic (hotdogs) and then cooked macaroni and cheese plus meatloaf muffins for dinner. His friend had never had meatloaf and he said he liked it. He ate all of it so I guess he did. He seems like a good kid. I told his mother he can come anytime. She doesn’t speak much English (another reason I really need to learn Spanish) but she can understand me so it was good.

2 jobs starting in 2 hours so I’ll chat with you guys later. Please let me know if I’m doing okay!!!

Practicing to be a runner

So my son had me wake up at 5:30, take an hour to wake up and start moving, and then he wanted to go out to start training for track.

He drew a line of chalk near our front gate and we attempted to measure 328 feet (100 meters) for him to start practicing. When we got halfway down, we realized that our parking lot is about 100 meters from the gate to the back so we stopped measuring (I hope we are correct) and drew a line at the end.

He did the first trial run in 38 seconds (not too fast but not slow either) and his second attempt ended halfway through as he said he just couldn’t run anymore and he walked the rest of the way to the line. He grabbed his water that I brought out and said “I’m done for today!”

He says tomorrow he is going to do the run 3 times. I stopped him from leaving and taught him a couple of runner stretches before I would let him go inside. It’s already 85 degrees here at 7am so I can’t really blame him for wanting to stop. It is WAY too hot and humid in Texas but I know there are plenty of people that run in hotter weather than here and made sure that wasn’t an excuse to quit.

I told him he had to stretch before and after and he needs to start jogging because it will help build up endurance for his 100 meter dash. I also told him that we need to start getting him to use the weights since he needs to build strength as well. By jogging, he will get used to running more and so when he does need to dash, he can just pick up speed and do it easier and probably faster.

I will show him the arm weight exercises in a bit as well since I need to do that today. I am going to try and use the weights longer than 10 minutes this morning! We will see how that goes. A full set of the 5 exercises takes about 5 minutes so basically I am trying to do 3 sets. Well, I did 2 full sets before I couldn’t go any longer. I don’t break between exercises and in between sets, I do the arm movements of jumping jacks. That way I keep moving. Maybe I’m doing that right. Maybe if I actually took a one minute rest, I could do another set. Please let me know!

Only one job today so I have plenty of time to help him. He just gave me some scenarios and asked me what I would do. When he was done, he said, “I’m sorry to waste your time with that.” I had to tell him he is NOT wasting my time. “You are my son and I am willing to listen whenever you want to talk to me.” I hate that he thought he was wasting my time. I wonder where he got that idea? Not from me! I always listen to him! He said it sounded like I wasn’t interested and that’s why. So I guess I need to do better!

Some of the arm exercises: