I forgot!!!

Hey! I forgot to tell you what I saw the other day!

So you remember my post Frustrated with other drivers ? Well! The other day I was driving by that same elementary school and guess what??? There was a cop out there with his radar gun! Yay! He even stopped in front of the line of cars so people couldn’t see him until they were right there. I really hope he got a lot of people and I also hope he keeps coming!

I’m so excited for this! Let’s keep these kids safe!

Frustrated with other drivers

I know I already posted this morning but something just really made me angry.

First off, this truck was going really slow in front of me so I went around them and then they honked at me. What’s up with that??? We weren’t in a school zone. It’s not my fault nobody taught you to drive the speed limit and that 20 miles per hour in a 35 was NOT fine!

As I’m driving down this street, we have school zones. I know when you are cruising at 35-40 miles per hour, it sucks to have to slow down and go 20 through a school zone BUT IT IS THE LAW!!! Every friggin day I see all these vehicles speeding through the school zones. Those school zones are there to make sure the kids don’t get killed walking across the streets to go to school or home! Yes, parents should teach their kids to wait until the light goes their way but do kids always listen???

This suv blasted by me this morning and then was turning into the school! School wasn’t starting for 30 more minutes so it’s not like the kid was late. You have a kid and you’re speeding through there? That should be a doubled ticket cost! I know, the driver may have been running late. If a cop had pulled them over, the cop would have asked “why are you speeding” and wouldn’t accept any excuses either.

There have been days that cops are sitting out there waiting to catch somebody speeding through but I think they should be there every day in every school zone. You don’t want to have to slow down? Take the next street that doesn’t have any school zones!!! There are days when I don’t want to deal with school zones and crossing guards or police stopping traffic to let cars turn into a school. I always will go to the main drag a tiny bit out of my way to avoid dealing with it. I don’t just speed through by the schools!

A school zone saved my son in Kindergarten. He didn’t want to go with his Dad and pulled out of his dad’s grip and ran right into the street. If it hadn’t been for the car going the school zone speed limit, my son would not be with us today. I’m thankful that driver was doing what they were supposed to. You have no idea how thankful I am unless you’re a parent yourself!

So please share with everybody, especially cops you may know, and let’s get this speeding through school zones stopped!!! And don’t get me started on people still texting and driving, even in school zones. Totally ridiculous! I did make a report to the local Houston police as well.