I took my final this morning for math and I am now done for the semester!

I didn’t blog yesterday because I studied all day! I did do my arm exercises for 30 minutes and took breaks but yes, I studied all day.

I can now watch Netflix without feeling guilty about doing schoolwork. Whew! C+ in Nutrition and B- in College Algebra. I am a happy camper!

I am watching The OG. I adore Tracy Morgan! I’ll see y’all later!

Should be studying

I swear I can find SO much else to do other than study for this final exam! It’s on Monday, you would think I would be in full study mode. Nope! I had to exercise, I had to catch up on blogs, I need to write (I forgot last night)!

Amber isn’t helping either:

Yesterday, Friday: I took Styled to get her hair and nails done. I got mine done as well. I can’t complain about an $8 nail color change!

When I got home, my mom text me to have me bring her lunch from this restaurant that was $15 for a cup of soup and a sandwich. This is one day after she and I discussed her bank account situation. ūüôĄ

It started raining and I went to pick up the kids at school. The one I usually bring home with my son had gotten sick and his mom picked him up early. 2 others got in the car but then one of their dads text that he was there so they got back out. No kids to drop off was a weird feeling!

I tried mat Pilates using a YouTube video. I was not happy with it and I didn’t burn many calories. So I did my strength training arm exercises as well. I also was invited to an Apple Watch challenge by a friend in Kansas so I felt like really showing how much I enjoy trying exercises. I am throughly kicking her butt in the challenge so far but it’s only been 2 days so she could come back and cream me. We shall see!

I couldn’t get to sleep until after midnight so thankfully I had nowhere to be early today!


It’s cold and wet. Yuck. I didn’t want to do anything but I knew I had to. My son had a karate belt test today at the gym. He told me specifically that he didn’t want me watching because it made him nervous. Umm, okay. So I went into the workout area and ran/walked for an hour.

Came home and my son told me that he was asked to help the higher belts test so I think he passed but we won’t find out until the 19th. I started going through my math stuff (finally, right?) but after the first 2 chapters, decided to go meet H for dinner.

We went to a place in the Montrose area that I haven’t tried yet called The Burger Joint.

My burger was really good (I still have half left for tomorrow) and I tried one of her French fries which tastes like every other fry I have…like oil and salt (this is why I don’t eat fries). I also got a St. Arnold’s root beer float. Yes, I am totally lactose intolerant but really wanted to try this! I’m paying for it now but I have to tell you – it was DELICIOUS!!!! I would drink those all the time if I could! I raced home to use the potty after dinner and parking down in that area sucks but I enjoyed it. Good friends and good food always works out well!

Came back home and got through the 3rd math chapter (there are 6 total) so I can get ready for bed and go through the other 3 chapters tomorrow. Not sure if I will be ready on Monday but I will do my very best to get ready and will make a good grade!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend, stay warm and safe!

Hugs and chat later!

So tired

It’s only 9pm but I am ready for bed.

My son and I picked up H at 8:15 and went off to my sons dentist. The dentist said he is healing but needs to brush and floss better. He also has to use this MI Paste for the entire time he wears braces. Poor kid.

We then went to the Mexican Bakery. So good! They had emoji cookies so my son got a lot of them. They are usually out so he was a bit overexcited.

We took H back to her dorm and headed home. My moms maid/my friend was here cleaning. I gave her her baby gift (she’s due in February). She loved the UH bib and baby shirt.

She also had her daughter with her because they were going to the doctor when they left my house so I gave her daughter a hello kitty emoji cookie. A couple hours later, my son and I took off to check out Bellaire High School.

I would love to say I took this but it was raining and yucky here so I got a stock photo off google. I was NOT impressed with the school. I had a lot of friends that went to this high school and thought it would be great. I was wrong. They are building a new school next to the original one and are staying there in the old building while it’s being built. If my son went there, he would have to be there through all the construction for the next 2 years. No thanks! My son is asthmatic and does not need to be around construction. There were also kids sitting outside school that did not look like the best kids. So yeah, I wasn’t happy.

We came back home and I changed the schools he is applying to. So we didn’t have to go take the language aptitude test which I also found out is not any particular language, it’s just a test to see if he can tell languages so I thought that was weird. I asked how they were preventing another flooding like they had with Harvey and the lady just said they had to. Is that actually an answer? I watched a bit of Netflix and am now going to bed. Have a wonderful night or morning.

Chat later!

Do not procrastinate!

I woke up late this morning. My friend called and wanted to tell me about her horrible boss and got me up at 7:30. That’s normally the time I am leaving to take my son to school! So I went and woke him up and we were out the door in 11 minutes. He was still there in plenty of time. I am SO glad she called!

I came home and started studying. I studied from 9am to 8pm today. Granted I took a 20 minute lunch break, a 30 minute break to get my son at school, and a 30 minute break to pick him up a Starbucks cake pop after karate and make myself dinner. That’s still ALL day! I opened the exam at 8pm. I took 49 minutes for the exam, carefully thinking and rereading the book and my notes before answering. I got a 78. I feel like if I had studied more days, I would have done better. I still have that final this weekend so after tomorrow, I am studying like crazy. I got an A on my paper too guys!!! Even with the misspelling! So I have a B in that class.

After the exam, I decided to get my last math quizzes and homework done so I can concentrate on that final after this weekend. I will have an entire week to prepare. So I have now finished those and it’s almost 11pm. Whew!

Tomorrow I take my son to the dentist at 9am, a high school tour at 1pm, and then he has a Spanish aptitude test at that same school at 5pm. It’s going to be a long day!!! He wants to go to the Mexican bakery after the dentist so of course I asked H if she wanted to go. She not only wants to go there, she wants to come with us to the dentist! I think she’s ready for this semester to be over too. Since her actual birthday is on Friday, I will get her a flan.

From my last math exam, I finally got the grade for my free response questions. 17 out of 30. Eek!!! I hate how they grade things in that class. So glad it’s almost over! I have an 85 in the class right now. If I do well on the final, I may end up with an A- and I would be proud of that! So happy I am taking the precalculus at the community college!

That’s it for me. I need some sleep for my crazy busy day tomorrow!

Chat later!

Nice chilly day here in South Texas

Woke up to 39 degrees and frost on the car.

I gave H her birthday present a few days early since I don’t have to go to school anymore except to take my final on December 10th. Woo hoo! We were in the library for this.

She really likes her new makeup brushes. And I got them for mega cheap (don’t tell her!).

I started studying for my nutrition exam tomorrow but didn’t get too far. I do not have a choice but to study all day tomorrow and take the exam in the evening. That’s okay. It’s the last one. And the final for that class is on Saturday so I will just keep studying. ūüėā

My diet hasn’t been all that great lately but I haven’t gained anything. I think it’s because I am getting exercise again. Thank goodness for that!

My mother is angry at my son for not speaking when he gets home from school and has decided that she is not participating in Christmas this year. Umm, huh??? He’s a teenager! He’s in therapy for anger! If she doesn’t want to buy him anything, that’s fine. He knows the true meaning of Christmas and it’s not presents. But really? ūüôĄ

School was good. I told my math teacher I wouldn’t be there on Thursday because my son is taking an aptitude test for high school. He just said okay. I don’t think he cares. I just wanted to let him know. And my classmates – I said goodbye to all of my newfound friends in math. They all said they were going to bug me over the holidays anyway. That’s fine. I’ll chat!

The only plans I have over the holidays are to go with BFF to see Christmas lights in a cute little town in central Texas. It will be right after her birthday and before Christmas so when that happens, I will post the photos. She told me about a huge maze in Arlington too. When I asked my son about it, he said, “Nope!” Well, I guess he doesn’t like that idea! So I won’t go up there. Oh well.

What are your plans?

Also, don’t forget I am still trying to raise money on gofundme to get excess skin removal surgery. I am meeting with the doctor in January and haven’t raised anywhere near enough!


Chat soon!

My interview with a dietician

So here it is. I have already turned this in to be graded (I haven’t written a school paper in so long, I hope I did it correctly).

  1. What made you want to be a dietician (what was your moment that made you realize you wanted to be one)? I actually got the “bug” during high school, and honestly it was driven from the desire not to look like my parents. Little did I know at 18 that just¬†being knowledgeable in nutrition didn’t translate into practice. Is this a job or a career for you? this has been a career for me, and will likely continue as such.
  2. How much schooling did you do to become one? Did you go past the Bachelors degree? Education wise, I have a BS in Food and Nutrition from Texas Tech University and I did have an additional post graduate education with a year long internship and option for combined Masters.
  3. How long have you been doing this? I have been an RD for almost 17 years. What other kinds of jobs have you had in your 17 years as an RD? I ask because I either want to do research or work for a doctor that performs stomach surgery for the obese. Prior to my current job, my entire career has been inpatient/Hospital based clinical nutrition, Working primarily in Medical, Surgical, or Cardiovascular ICUs,. I also covered an outpatient Oncology Radiation clinic. You work in the transplant department? What’s that like nutrition wise? Yes, i work in a transplant program, nutrition therapy for those patients is very different dealing with disease management as well as both nutritional needs or peri (before) and post (after) a major surgery.  Most of the time its usually a low sodium diet with high protein. Add low to moderate carbohydrate diet. Do you enjoy it? I enjoy parts of it, what I enjoy the most about my current job is my multidisciplinary team approach that is used.
  4. What is a multidisciplinary team approach? I know a team approach at a normal job but how does a nutritionist work with transplant doctors and what other kinds of people have input? A¬†multidisciplinary¬†team is just that: Medical doctor, surgeon, RD, Pharmacist, Social Worker, nurse, physical therapist. We meet daily and go over each patients‚Äô needs for the day and the how to achieve the goal for discharge. Just like you see on TV, a big group of people and go bedside to bedside.¬† it takes being at work very early to prepare for it but then I’m basically done by noon!
  5. Have you gotten to watch someone go from fat to fit? Not so much as an RD, my patients typically go from thin to overweight/obese. In “my night job” as a group exercise instructor I have seen many people become “fit”. You said people in your current role go from being thin to overweight/obese. I can understand why a transplant patient may need to gain some weight but, obese? Yes, my patients tend to be on medications post transplant that promote weight gain over 25 lbs/year. so managing that with there bad habits tends to promote obesity.
  6. Do you feel like you are helping people? I know I am helping people! Has anyone ever come back to you and told you that you changed their life? I have had many people tell me that i have help changed their lives, or the family member has said so, my patients typically don’t recognize it.
  7. Have you ever thought of being in private practice? Based on our conversation, it sounds like you would be a fantastic clinical RD!¬†Nope never considered private practice… the state license laws make that difficult.
  8. Do you recommend a certain diet or mostly fruits and vegetables? ¬†OR Do you recommend people to try different things to find what works for them? I recommend the diet that “is right” for that particular person, but a lot of what i consider is what my patient is willing to do. For example we have a large Asian population in Houston, its difficult for them to cut out high sodium seasonings on a low sodium diet, so I work with them on what they can handle.
  9. How often would you recommend someone exercise if they don’t normally exercise? What kind of exercise do you tell people to start with and for how long? How often somebody should exercises depends on their physical condition. Starting to exercise, would recommend 30 minutes 3-5 times per week and gradually build up.  Start with a low impact exercise like walking, swimming, or jogging.
  10. What would you say to a person who has a Normal BMI but cannot walk more than one mile before being completely worn out? It is not always the BMI that matters, if you have a normal BMI with a relatively high adipose/visceral fat and very little lean body mass, then they need to start with cardio and light weight training. its all about conditioning.
  11. Do you work with kids and teenagers? I have worked with Pediatrics with previous jobs, but now the youngest I have has been a late teens, early twenties.
  12. What would you recommend as a dietary plan for a kid or teen? That is a population that should have a lot of input into developing their own meal plan!, they still are some what very choosy and particular in their diet habits. Plus with adolescents you have to take consideration into weight/physical appearance that will guide a lot of their decisions – especially females.I love that you think an adolescent should have a say in their diet. Have you worked with anyone (teen or adult) that has an eating disorder? I have worked with many patients who have been suspected of eating disorders. this is a difficulty to manage and best treated by those who see them regularly.

Any thoughts???











No meeting ūüėÄ

You guys will not believe this! It’s absolutely awesome and crazy at the same time.

We went to therapy today. At the psychologist’s office, this man saved my son. I went in his office first and told him how my ex said he was coming over today and everything I told y’all this morning. He agrees to never ask a teenager that question too!

Come to find out, I don’t have to let my ex come to my house. We can meet him somewhere and only do a short visit. Psychologist suggestion for today – my son said he was hungry and wanted quesadillas anyway. Have my ex meet us at the place my son likes. So while I was in the psychologists office, I text my ex. He didn’t answer for 30 minutes but finally said “Ugh” as his reply.

We get to the Mexican place. My son orders his quesadillas and I get nachos and a beer since I was going to have to deal with my ex.

image from Taco Bell but that is NOT where we go!

My ex text a little while later saying he was leaving from the other side of town right then. We were half done with our lunch by then! I tell him that we are leaving soon and his son is going to a friends house. Now my ex says he is coming next week. I replied that we will work something out. So I sent all of the texts to the psychologist and he is going to write me a letter saying that he can only meet his father outside the house. He called our house my sons “safe place” and that since my son does not like his father, he should not have to have his father in his safe place.

I am happy about this. I don’t like that my ex comes over here and is either sleeping in my child’s room or is roughhousing (wrestling) with my son who doesn’t like it. I also think this is a better option than what my son wants to do which is petition the court to not have to see him at all. I think that would hurt them both in the long run. I can’t wait to see if this works out better.

I started my paper for nutrition as well today. It needs to be 3 pages and I am on page 2 so I sent some follow up questions to the dietician so I can make my paper longer. I made sure they were based on what she already answered so I can just add them in to what I already have. I still have 9 days to turn it in so I’m doing fine. I want to finish it quick because I have the nutrition exam on Thursday and my next math exam on Saturday. Yes, you read that correctly, Saturday. That was the only available time to schedule my test by the time I realized I needed to. Yuck! Oh well, all I have after that is the final exam so I’m getting excited for the end of this semester!

Have a great Saturday night and Sunday! Chat with y’all later!