Oh man! I was out the door after I posted earlier to work on the car. I called AAA and they came out and replaced the battery FOR FREE! I had no idea it was under warranty and I am SO glad it was! I then drove the car to the local gas station and the guy there checked all the fluids, the tires, and even cleaned the windows for $9.76. I gave him a $5 tip too. He was really nice! I then drove it to the dollar store and bought a “for sale” sign, a permanent marker, and some tape and put the sign on the car. I drove home and posted the car on Facebook marketplace, Instagram, and Nextdoor. Here is my ad. Tell me what you think!

I sent the info to about 10 friends as well so they can help spread the word. Even my sons psychologist said he would send it out. Yay! Now I’m playing the waiting game to see who will come buy it.

Happy Saturday!

Boy this should be an interesting day.

It’s 7am, I woke up at 5:20. Woo hoo! I wasn’t up at 3!!! I didn’t go to bed until 10:15 so maybe that’s why. I was trying to stay awake later so I wouldn’t be up so early and it helped!

Through the pain, I will be working on my dad’s old car today. I noticed a huge puddle of something under it, the tires are going flat, and the battery has been dead for a few months. I really want to sell it so I need to get it back how it was. I got offered $500 for it but according to Kelly Blue Book, it’s worth $1300 so $500? Uh, no!

My son has therapy today. I asked the doctor what time and he answered High Noon! A thought occurred to me this morning. I am so glad my son has someone he can talk to like I did when I was a teenager. I loved my meetings with Andi back then and I always felt I had someone on my side. Now my son has that with Dr. M.

I found a few funnies on that new app I told y’all about yesterday.

Last night, I went through my box of old pictures. I found so many of before I had my stomach surgery in 1998.

December 1997 in North Carolina with my Mom at the Biltmore House and GardensMe in front of Biltmore. This is the most shocking picture! My Cousin’s wedding in 1989Thanksgiving 1997Christmas work party 1997 – they couldn’t even hide me behind my friend! Christmas at my parents house in 1997Senior year of high school 1991This is after I lost my first 50 pounds after surgery. I thought I looked so good!Yep, this is me in 1996!My first wedding to John. Size 26 wedding dress. I was so embarrassed of the size, especially since I had my surgery 2 years before this happened!Me in Hawaii in 2002. My wedding to my sons father in 2005. Weight was 280. I had just had my son the month before.High school graduation party, 1991. My 21st Birthday party at a bar in 1994.

So I talked to my Mom and found out that I now weigh what I did as a 6th grader. As of today, I am 165. That’s a loss of .8 pounds this week. And here I thought I was going to gain!

I can’t begin to tell you how good I feel when I see how far I’ve come. I also can’t believe it took me over 30 years to be here. Really. In 6th grade, I was 11 years old. I was chunky at 160 pounds. At 45, I am finally back to 165. Why did I do that to myself? I remember always being on a diet growing up, cheating on said diet whenever possible, then saying screw it and eating what I wanted and kept gaining.

This is why I don’t tell my son he needs to diet. I give him healthy food options and have taught him to exercise. I noticed that he has stretch marks on his belly already so I am very nervous about his weight (he’s around 200 at 13). I don’t tell him that though! I am not my mother who was always saying I needed to lose weight! He is slowly learning. He has stopped eating candy and is eating what I cook again. He is learning not to drink his calories (I don’t put it that way to him – I tell him everything in moderation). I hope he learns from my mistakes. He saw the pictures of me and said “Mom, you were a fat ass!” 😂My reply? “Yes I was. Now I’m not. Learn from my mistakes.” Let’s hope he does!

Busy Friday!

This is going to be a long but probably good day.

I woke up at 6:30 when my child came in my room. It scared me awake! He went walking off to Starbucks (again) and got another Frappuccino and cakepop. When he got back, I reminded him to walk the dog who was asleep under my covers after realizing that I wasn’t taking her out at 6:45am. So he’s taking her out at 7:30 when I have to get in the shower for my day.

I will take Styled like every Friday morning to get her hair and possibly her nails done as well as grocery shopping. Then after that, I am taking Ms. Forgets to see Equalizer 2. She said she loves Denzel Washington and loves going to see movies plus she will pay for my ticket and the time so why not? I haven’t seen the first one so I hope it’s not one of those movies that won’t make sense unless you’ve seen the first one!

Between those 2, I am going to go by Half Price Books and sell 4 plastic grocery bags of books that were in my house. When I realized that I have no space and I’m not going to read these again, I figured why not sell them?

Make a little extra cash and create some space in my room. I still haven’t organized the top of my dresser so it’s probably a good idea to get more space. I also have about 200 dvds that I could get rid of but I’m not ready to part with those yet. I don’t ever watch them (Netflix has almost everything) so I’m thinking about it!

I text with BFF and found out that she and a couple of other people are going to start keto. That’s awesome!!! I sent her a 30 day challenge to start it. If any of you would like this, I would be happy to send it. I got it from kaseytrenum.com who also has tons of keto recipes and grocery lists from a bunch of stores. If you are doing keto, check out her website!

I also thought of a good Instagram challenge for a person I follow that always does a new challenge each month. Her Instagram name is @holycrapimfat and she is very nice! The challenge? Drink a glass of water every morning before anything else. It’s tough but I think it’s doable. I know I need to do it!

I took Ms. Forgets to therapy yesterday and after dropping her off, realized that I will have spent 10-11 hours with her this week. That’s great for me. I need to make money. Especially since my child keeps going to Starbucks!

I watched a really sweet movie on Netflix last night. The Kissing Booth is about these 2 kids that were born on the same day and grow up together. So cute! If you like romantic comedies and teen movies, this is a must watch!

I meant to exercise with weights yesterday and forgot. Well technically, I fell asleep but still. I really need to get back into that and soon! I’m so afraid of plateaus! I have 18 pounds as of last Saturday to lose and I want to hit my goal before Christmas. It’s totally going to happen too! I also went over my calories by 10 yesterday. No big deal. IF I had gotten even a little exercise other than walking the dog, it wouldn’t bug me so much. It’s time to try harder.

Do you have an idea for a challenge? How is your day going? Y’all have a great Friday!

Pouring down rain here

So it’s pouring down rain here and supposed to keep raining until after 5pm. I rescheduled Cranky’s appointment and boy is she mad at me for it! She showered and got dressed and dammit, she wants to go! I’m sorry! When I called the doctors office and got the front desk, I guess I was on speaker because I told her I didn’t want to bring Cranky out in the weather and you could hear in the background, “That’s okay. Tell her thank you, I can go home now.” 😂 I guess the doctor doesn’t want to get stuck at the office either. I like her doctor too so for me to cancel last minute must be for a good reason.

Now I can pick my son up at school so he won’t have to walk home in this weather and I don’t have to worry about flooding out my car. I hate driving in the rain, especially when it’s heavy like this. My dog didn’t even want to go outside if that says anything. My mom isn’t even leaving the house and she likes to wander around outside in her patio.

The contractor is almost done with the kitchen. He will send his tile guy over later, next week or something. That’s not very important (a backsplash) so my mom is fine with it. The new lower cabinets seem very nice and they are those self closing ones too. I’m not crazy about the brown color she chose but it’s her kitchen! The uppers are painted yellow on the outside with painted dishes on the inside. So brown? Really? Okey dokey then!

So I was thinking. It’s pouring, I don’t have any more jobs today, once I get my son home safely, I should just go to the gym! It’s days like today that I’m glad of my gym membership because obviously I can’t go walk outside! Update on my foot – still hurts if I walk too much. I guess I’m healing VERY SLOWLY. It sucks! So I’m staying on the bike, the rower, and the weights. That’s okay for now. I miss walking. I won’t miss it when it’s over 100 degrees here this summer though!

This elderly woman at Forgetful’s retirement home saw me today and said, “You’re losing weight.” Does it show??? I had a big smile 😃 because I didn’t tell anyone there that I was trying. I guess I’ll see at the end of the month when I take my pictures. I haven’t lost much weight but maybe the weights are helping? I have no clue. Maybe she was just being nice, who knows.

I posted everything for sale on Facebook marketplace this morning. I got a lot of people that want the pots, half the messages were in Spanish (sorry people – no Espanol). Everyone seemed to want me to post my address online. No way! I’m not crazy! I told the people that said they were interested to call me for the address. Nobody has. Oh well! If they don’t get sold, I will just donate them. My mom said she’s fine with either. One person asked me about the doors. She needed measurements and said she will let me know tonight if they will fit as she thinks they are beautiful. Let’s hope they fit so I can get rid of them! My mom wouldn’t let me sell the fan or the yellow box. I asked her what she was going to do with them and her reply was, “I’ll figure something out.” 🙄

We will be back down to 33 degrees by morning and it is 70 today. So if you talk to people here and wonder why they have a cold, it’s the weather changing daily! Most everyone either has a cold or has a housemate with a cold.

Yay for garbage men!

I am so happy this morning!!! Maybe it’s because I had gone to work out yesterday again or maybe it’s because my garbage men are awesome!

Before my Mom woke up, I went out to the garage to put all the trash out. The garage door wouldn’t open which freaked me out. I tried it a couple of times and it would start to go up but not keep going and after a few inches, it would just close back down again. I checked to make sure neither of my trash bins were blocking the door and they weren’t. I went into the garage and started to pull things away from near the door to find out if that was the issue. There wasn’t anything touching the door. So then I put my good left foot down on the lowest rung of the door and pushed it all the way to the ground. Then lo and behold, it opened! Thank God too because I didn’t want to try and pull everything around to the front of the garage and then back past my moms minivan to have it out.

The garbage men are so great. Not only did they take all the stuff in both bins which included the hummingbird tree branches I cut down, they took a Christmas tree box filled with garbage plus a bookcase that was so dry rotted that I would never use it again (plus it’s orange and that’s a weird color for a bookcase but I guess it was the style in the 70’s). Plus they got here before my mother could go outside and see what I was throwing out! Woo hoo! Maybe I should just go every Wednesday morning and just start putting stuff out and let them haul it away before she sees what’s out there!

I am putting some things up for sale. All the money will go to fixing the house. I’m just not sure what to post it to. There have been robberies on postings from Craigslist, OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, and probably others too. I’m not sure if those robberies were because the person was selling electronics or whatever else is worth a lot but it makes me nervous! I know most of my wonderful friends on here are not in Houston but I’ll show you what I’m selling. I hope the pictures are good enough to post for sale! And how much do I ask for everything???

Also this morning, both cats got in my room and decided to find out why the dog was still sleeping. It was so cute in the dark so I took a picture.

I love how her eyes squint when the flash went off! You can see my personal snack pantry I keep in my room too. I can be lazy at times and so can my son so I have our snacks up here plus a mini fridge with drinks since the fridge downstairs is packed full of what I cook and my moms stuff.

She’s back from getting her coffee so I’m going to go down and find out what else I can get ready to throw out and go work out. All I have today is Forgetful so it’s a good day to go to the gym!

Getting closer!

I am moving in only 4 days. I am getting nervous about moving now. With 4 days to go! What if my allergies can’t take her cats? What if I start fighting with my mother like I did most of my teenage years? What if my son ends up hating it? What will I do then? What if, what if, what if!!! As I lay here in bed after waking up at 4:45am (I don’t usually wake up until 5:30 or 6), I am plagued with what ifs. I have a nice warm doggy against my back and it is actually a cool 55 degrees Fahrenheit outside. That is normally my favorite way to wake up!

Yesterday, I went to see Indecisive and reset her Google because it wasn’t working properly. She called me at 9pm last night saying none of the links she put on her desktop are going where they were supposed to, they are all going to google. That doesn’t sound right. Resetting google shouldn’t take away what you have saved to your desktop, right? I hope someone here can give me an idea so I can go back to her place today and fix it.

And OMG, I went to my lunch with Forgetful, another lady in the home, and my German neighbor. So my neighbor and I get there early and they did not reserve us a table. So I had to ask for that. Then, they didn’t want to accept cash for my meal, they wanted to charge it to my client. Umm, NO! Then I couldn’t find Forgetful anywhere! I had 3 people looking for her too! Someone finally told me that she was getting her hair done so I had to leave the other 2 ladies and go upstairs to get her and bring her down. So she was about 45 minutes late to the luncheon I had very carefully planned out! It ended up being okay. My neighbor likes the other German woman at the home and said she would go back to visit her on her own which was why I introduced them, they are both from Berlin. Forgetful ate and then went off with a caregiver to her next activity. I was a bit stressed though!

Today are the same people plus I have to meet the exterminator at my Mom’s to respray for fleas (just in case) and ask him to spray all the ants in the patio and carport. So I thought I would do my day like this:

8-9 breakfast with Forgetful and her niece

Go by the house to grab stuff to take to my moms.

10-11 or 12 Exterminator

Make another trip of stuff to my moms

1-2 Indecisive to fix computer

After 2 – Sell my freezer that I just got a couple months ago (because I won’t need it at my moms) on Facebook marketplace (the only reason I still keep my account – once I have completely moved, I’ll probably cancel it)

Go pick up my son



Sound like a plan?

Smoking: yeah right, I haven’t quit yet although I am still only smoking about half a pack a day

Exercising: Nope! Too busy but I will get back to it. I think lifting and hauling things up the stairs at my moms is enough for now

Quitting soda: Not yet!

Son’s grades: He got 5 A’s and 3 B’s – am I a bad mom for telling him that’s great but he needs to study more and make all A’s?

So yeah. I guess I’m a bit stressed but everything will go back to normal soon. Right? Please tell me it will!!!

What a long day!

So! I believe I got food poisoning from my dinner out last night. I was throwing up half the night. I finally got some sleep around 11:30pm. I woke up at 4:45am to use the bathroom (the other half of food poisoning) and I just stayed awake because I needed to wake up at 5:30am anyway to make sure I have time to wash my hair and dry it.

We left here at 7am. Dropped my son off at school. Picked up Mr. 95 year old and took him to work. Came back to my moms. Started laundry. Came to my house to make sure it was clean enough for people to come look at it today. I took my precious little dog back to my moms to throw clothes in the dryer. I wanted to leave her there while I went to a job but the cats had cornered her within 2 minutes and she was crying and howling for help so I just took her with me.

The couple I drive didn’t mind that I had her. I left her in their patio (air conditioned too!) while I took the man to the bank and the grocery store. I came back within an hour (he gave me money and the grocery list and let me go get the stuff so it was MUCH faster than normal), grabbed the dog and the one hour of pay that I made, and took off. Back to my moms to pick up laundry first. The dog came upstairs with me to stay away from the cats. Back to my house to put clothes away and leave her at home since the realtor had already been by. Then back to pick up Mr. 95 year old at work.

After I dropped him off, I picked my son up at school early since he has therapy today (actually now). Drove to his therapist office. Thankfully I get to sit here until they are done. Then I will take him home and go pick up Mr. 95 year old and his “lady friend” to go to dinner. So my day will not end until around 9pm tonight. Pretty sure I will just pass out when I do get home.

I have a job at 8am tomorrow morning with stinky but only for an hour to take her to her hair dresser. Then someone is supposed to come pick up this bed that I would just be throwing away if nobody wanted it. Hopefully they will show up (it’s free so why wouldn’t they?).

Then back to pick up stinky and take her to get groceries and then home. Then I will finally get a break until 3pm when I go meet a new client. Then back to take Mr. 95 year old to dinner again.

OH! My ex that bought my car and is still paying on it is coming to my moms to drag furniture out and around for me in exchange for not having to make a payment this month. I told him that I need a good 5 hours of work in exchange for a car payment too. That would be $20 an hour so I think that’s fair! I don’t think it will take that long but I’m pretty sure my Mom will come up with stuff for him to help with. She doesn’t mind if he comes over since he was there to help my Dad when he fell before he got too sick to get out of bed.

BUSY weekend! I can’t wait to get a day off all to myself. When that will happen, who knows! 😀

AND one more thing. My arms are healing nicely. I just wanted to show you how well.

Have a great weekend guys!