Would love a day off

I have tomorrow off work, paid. It’s good, right? NOPE!!!!

I have the following to do:

1. Doctor 9:15am – time for the yearly woman’s physical. No fun, especially when they told me that I also have to get bloodwork done. So I can’t have caffeine or breakfast in the morning either. This is gonna suck!

2. Cook meat pie and whatever else to eat this week. It is a keto meat pie and it is so good! A ton of calories per slice but calories aren’t supposed to matter too much with keto. As long as you don’t have carbs. Okay, even I don’t believe that but I still eat this, just a slice at a time. And after the doctor, I will be starving!

3. Costco for toilet paper, razors, hot dogs, and chips. Razors only if they have the 24 pack of the ones I like. If not, I’ll buy one or 2 at the grocery store until Costco has mine. My son likes their hotdogs and I like buying chips there since it’s cheaper in bulk.

4. Mail game controllers back to Amazon because they didn’t work right. My sons Nintendo Switch controller broke (the switch is almost 2 years old so I’m not mad) and he needs a replacement. Well damn. I tried to save money and get an off brand. Should have known better. I already ordered the Nintendo ones. We shouldn’t have any issues with those, they just cost $20 more.

5. Mail Kansas friends birthday box and check PO Box. Actually, her box has the Christmas card that got sent back to me, a t-shirt for her birthday that just passed, and this for Valentines Day. She’s been with man for years so I thought she might want a new one. 🤣

6. Hair 1:15pm for getting my hair dyed (it’s been like 3 months since I got it done.

I need my blond back!

7. Do taxes. I got all the required tax forms from my jobs so I will do my taxes now so I don’t lose the papers. I’m not expecting a refund since I got a 1099 from one of my clients that passed away last year (well, her son). That’s screwing me. Oh well. Guess I won’t get the twin size bed I have been looking at or get rid of my old nasty carpet.


8. Put letters and $200 for my mechanic in his mailbox at their house. I have to pay him before he will fix my car so this is the first half, plus he got a letter for one of his kids at my house. Why the school doesn’t update to their new address, I have no idea.

9. Cut nails – yes, I have to remind myself to do this as well as shave legs and pluck eyebrows. I am bad about remembering to do things for myself. Especially now that I am so crazy busy all the time!

So that’s my list. A lot to do on my only day off. I wish I could just hang out at home and watch Netflix while getting paid for a day but I can’t see that ever happening with having so much to do. Maybe one day I will be able to take a day off and do absolutely nothing.

Long day!

I took my son to school this morning and then went to the grocery store to get some Diet Rite. It’s diet with sucralose, caffeine free, and sodium free. And it tastes good!

I grabbed the shirts I was mailing out and went to the car wash. I dropped my car off. They said it would take 2 hours so I went off and walked to the post office which was a mile away.

I mailed the 2 boxes and then walked to the smoke shop for a cartridge for my Cue which was a little over half a mile from the post office. Since they didn’t open until 10, I went into the convenience store next door and got water. I stood outside the store ready to wait the 30 minutes and about 10 minutes later, a guy opens the door and asks if I was waiting on them. I said yes and he let me in!

I got my refill and walked over to the shoe store which was a little under half a mile away and walked around the store but Sketchers glues their insoles into their shoes so I can’t buy them since I have to use my insoles. So I then walked to my moms work a little under half a mile away because I knew I could use the restroom there. My mom wasn’t working today but everyone there knows me. I hung out there chatting for about 10 minutes and then walked back to get my car.

Total walked this morning – 2.5 miles (4 km). And I got a lot done! My car is now free of cigarette smell (I asked my son and he said he couldn’t smell any), I still need to get new tennis shoes, but I’m happy! Maybe I got my exercise groove back?

I came home and watched Netflix the rest of the day other than picking up my son and the neighbor kid at school. Finished Lemony Snicket’s Unfortunate Events, finished Black Mirror, and played games on my phone.

I got a package in the mail this afternoon from BFF. She sent me my Christmas present and I am so excited! I need to buy some zucchini and try this out! I can’t wait to play with it!

Thank you thank you thank you!!! Oliver decided he wanted a gift too, the box. He stayed in it for over an hour too!

What did you do today?

Sunday study day

Last night I studied. I ended up getting a 100 on quiz 14 and a 70 on quiz 15 and a 48 on the practice exam so I know I have more work to do today and tomorrow to be ready for the exam on Tuesday. I’m getting those math functions though!

I returned my sons shorts to target for the size large. I decided I had to go check out shirts for me because I noticed the medium didn’t look so tight anymore while I was at the therapists office yesterday.

So how many of you remember the movie The Goonies? Well, I adore this movie and when I saw a long sleeve t-shirt with it, it was like it had been sent to me. So I bought a size small thinking it won’t fit right now but it can be my next goal. Guess what?

Holy crap, I am still in shock a day later! So I am wearing it today because I am so thrilled by this. I don’t care that it’s tight across my belly and boobs, it frigging fits!!! A SMALL!!!

I also bought some Halloween candy at Target and my mom already got into it last night. She had 2 mini Almond Joy. When my son finds it, the KitKats will be gone. That leaves Hershey’s chocolate and Reese’s peanut butter cups left for Halloween trick-or-treaters. I actually threw out the candy in the jar because it was a year old. That’s how much candy I eat. I have to buy more because it sits in the jar for a year without being touched. That’s okay with me though.

I also got a new steering wheel cover at Autozone since mine decided to come apart. It’s not what I wanted but that’s okay. It looks just fine.

Okay, I have to pick up my child, take him to church, and then come home and study. Y’all have a great day!

My blog

I haven’t had a bunch of time lately as you may have noticed. I’ve been jumping on and off. I finally caught up with everyone’s blog and I’m happy to say that my friends are still here and posting away! Yay!

I had a good day at school. Anatomy (eh). I went to the tutoring center and was NOT impressed. First off, they don’t have a tutor for Anatomy. So I was told to sign out and sign in again to see a math tutor. I got this kid that was very disinterested and you could tell he didn’t want to be helping me. After about 5 minutes with this guy, I said screw it.

I went to the library and did my Anatomy homework. Then I met H for lunch at her dorms. This girl came up to me and asked me all about what I was doing in school and that she’s not in school but there with her church. She talked to me for 5 minutes while I was waiting for H. I even told H thank you for getting here. I’m sure she is a nice person, I just didn’t feel like talking much.

Math, double eh!

After school, I took H and went shopping. I didn’t want to drive her back to my side of town to go to the Galleria so we went to Gulfgate shopping center. It’s so sad now! There was a Ross and a Marshall’s but not much else. So we went both places. I needed underwear badly. All of mine are what I had before I started my weight loss journey so you can imagine! After looking at both places, she talked me into getting boyshorts. I don’t know about them, I’m washing them now to wear tomorrow and I guess I’ll find out! I got the cutest houseshoes too!

We were in the mood for something sweet so we were kind of driving aimlessly looking around and I found the motherload of a place! If you don’t know me very well, then you don’t know how much I like Mexican food. Well, we found a Mexican bakery! The place was packed with Hispanic people and there were cases of all Mexican treats everywhere! I should have taken photos but I wasn’t sure if I should.

Check out what I got though! These are not for all at once or even one a day, it’s for when I want a sweet treat. The sprinkles cookies are for my son since he loves sugar cookies with sprinkles.

These excited me more than you guys will ever know. I seriously think I was born in the wrong culture. I can eat homemade Mexican food and desserts all day every day. Seriously!

So I took her back to her dorm, she got all of the above plus flan 🍮 so she was happy too. Then I came home to do laundry that I’ve been putting off and study. I have a nutrition exam this week. I’m not taking it until Thursday. I then have a Math exam on Tuesday. Then my anatomy exam is the next week along with another nutrition exam. Eek!

That’s all. I am trying to use my time more wisely and study more which is why my posts have been short. I have a job tomorrow taking Cranky to her dermatologist. Woo hoo! Lol

Have a great rest of your week!

Geez I hate spending money!

$128 at the gas station for an oil change, gas, and my yearly inspection. Had to be done and I am lucky they are open on Sunday. The mechanic there did all that in under 30 minutes too. He made sure all the lights were off on my dashboard (oil change and low tire lights were on). Now to go get my registration tomorrow. Woo hoo, more money! 🙄

$122 at Target (totally worth it). Got more snack bars,

and guess what??? I tried on some jeans and I couldn’t believe this but I am wearing a size 8!!!!

I didn’t buy these particular jeans 👖 because they are a little too short and the ends weren’t hemmed (is that in style or something?). I bought a size 8 skinny jeans though with the top shown and I am wearing it to school on Tuesday! Size 8??? Wow. Just wow! I seriously did NOT think those would fit. I was just trying to see how far I still needed to go to be in single digit jean size. They fit perfectly too. Not too big and not too tight. I can sit and move around in them. I guess if I wanted overly tight jeans I would wear a 6. 😳

I also bought the shirt (I actually look cute in horizontal stripes now too???). I also got a pair of boxers to sleep in that are Griffindor! So cute. I showed my mom and she loved them too. Thankfully she won’t wear shorts, we can’t have her stealing those!

Then I came home and installed my mom’s new Pur filter on the sink and put my clothes and snacks away and then my son said he wanted to go to the grocery store with me. We headed out.

$123 at the grocery store including drinks (water, Bang, Zevia). Plus my son got some hair dye to make his hair blonde. Lord help me. We are going to dye his hair at his godparents house. I hope they don’t mind!

Everything has been put away and I am going to rest a bit before we head over to his godparents house to do math and dye his hair. I warned him that the blue will probably still be there a bit and he said he doesn’t care.

Yesterday was just more studying nutrition and anatomy so I waited to blog today until I actually had something worthwhile to share. 😂


How is it Friday already?

Ms. Forgets cancelled on me yesterday. She left my weekly pay outside her front door in a little envelope which is fine. I got it.

I was a bit busy too. When she cancelled, it was 10am (I was supposed to pick her up at 11). I had not had breakfast so I got to it. I had taco meat with cheese, 4 oz of the beef and one ounce of shredded cheese. This is usually perfect for me. Well, I could only eat half of it. So I put that in the fridge and went shopping.

I went to Soma and got 2 bras that fit. A woman measured me and helped fit them and said I look amazing. That was very sweet. Then I walked across the parking lot and picked up the MacBook Air that I had purchased online. Okay, I have to give you background. See, I got this cheap Acer computer 2 years ago and it SUCKS. I removed as much off it as I could and STILL the computer has always said that there’s no memory and I need to delete things for more space. Umm, other than what Acer put on it in the first place, there’s nothing else on there, so huh???? I will need Word for school and all the teachers have apps for their classes. How would I get those on the Acer with no memory??? All I can use that for is to go online and do stuff. I needed a good computer for school (life too) and I decided to get a Mac. I’m tired of android computers and I already use everything else Apple so why not. I went on the Apple website, did some research, and decided to go with their cheapest model.

I used a credit card that was paid off to get it but I can pay that off again. I needed a reliable one, especially since I am in school. I told my Mom and she said she’s glad I got it and she will help me pay it. I told her she’s as broke as I am and not to worry about it. That was a nice thought though. It has 8GB RAM, 128 GB memory, and everything is great!

My son had to go to school to get his schedule for the year and have his 8th grade orientation. My friend took them and I was picking the boys up afterwards. After my $1200 shopping trip, it was only noon so I went to visit Cranky. She said I haven’t come to see her in weeks (totally not true). We chatted for a while and then I talked to her caregiver while she read the paper. When I left, I still had some time before I had to pick my son up at school. So I went to get gas in the car and realized I was hungry again (at 1:30pm). I got a snack of cheese at the gas station (not many keto items available there). Then I went to the school and got my son a new gym uniform and a couple more shirts for school as well as a car sticker that I will probably never put on my car, I was just supporting the school. I still had 20 minutes left so I sat in my car until the boys came out and then took them home.

After I dropped them off, I went up to my school to pick up my books. I had no idea that all of my actual books are online! All I picked up were some flash cards for my anatomy class.

I also went by to visit an old neighbor that works there at the school and we made plans to get coffee on my first day of class which is Tuesday. She is very sweet and has a lot of hardships at her young age of 29 and I enjoy her company. So I am glad I will get to hang out with her more.

I got home around 6pm (traffic took me an hour to get back to my house from school). I chatted with BFF while I drove. I set up my computer and got everything I needed for school downloaded. I logged into my online math class to find out that I had a test waiting for me on class policies. You have to make a 100 in order to open anything else so I took the test. I made a 90. Huh??? I printed out the pages with the answers and retook the test. It took me 30 minutes of looking through the papers to answer each one and that time I got an 85. What??? That pissed me off so I decided to do the test again today. I will later on. I just can’t believe how frustrating it was! and that’s just on class policies!

I haven’t found anything about my nutrition class either. No emails, no websites other than the book which I got from the bookstore and not from the teacher, nothing. After I take Styled to get her hair done and probably get groceries, I am headed back up to the school to get these testing things my math class says I need, a student ID card (because you can’t take tests in the testing center with your license – you have to have their student ID), and go by to see if my nutrition instructor is there to ask about the class. With school starting on Monday, I want to be ready!

After all the schoolwork done for the moment, I realized I had not eaten. I went down and finished my breakfast and then got some cheese and crackers with a couple of keto cookies (I only had 21 carbs and 1100 calories total). I didn’t finish eating until 9pm so I couldn’t go to sleep until 11. I woke up this morning to go back to the school but nothing there opens until 8 and I have to be across town to get Styled at 9:30 so I changed my mind and will go after. It sucks because Friday afternoon traffic here is the worst but I have to get it done and be ready for Monday! Then I will come home and retake the stupid test. Fun, right? I just need to remember to eat today! I can’t eat like I did yesterday, that’s not healthy. I need my veggies! Maybe I will pick up a salad at the grocery with Styled.

Alright, I’m off to walk the dog and get dressed for the day. I hope you guys have a Fantastic Friday!

Stayed up late

Wow. I didn’t mean to stay up until 2am! It was an interesting day. What did I do? Umm, oh yeah!

I woke up early as I told you yesterday. I finally got up at 9am and got ready to leave the house. I went to the dreaded mall. I went to Sears and ended up spending way too much money. I got 5 shirts, 3 pairs of pants (one of which I am returning as I don’t think I would put a size medium with what I was buying), 2 bras, and 2 shapewear things as well as another bathing suit bottom. I then walked to the other side of the mall and got some new earrings from Claire’s. They had a sale of buy 3/get 3 free so I came home with 5 pairs of earrings and a box of backings (because I keep losing those itty bitty things). I went to The Great American Cookie and got my son some of his favorite sugar cookies since I was there too.

Shopping at Sears took me 2 1/2 hours! I definitely got my 10,000 steps in. I was very disappointed in Sears because they had like 4 employees in the entire store and 3 of those were doing checkouts in the middle of the entire store. I had no help finding anything, had to go back and forth with different sizes to the dressing room (which I had to find), and nobody around to ask any questions to! It was very disappointing. I was hoping for bra help since I haven’t bought a bra in forever. Oh well. I got it figured out, it just took me a while.

I rested when I got home, I was very tired. Ate some taco meat with cheese, and then took off to my friends son’s baseball game. I walked over there. It was hot. I put on my new size large clothes as well as the shapewear to go to the game. My friend said it looked really good too. Size large here!!!

I shared some peanuts and water with them since I forgot to bring anything with me and I was starving. I am so very grateful that they were so sweet to share! My friends team ended up winning their championship game 14-4. I am so proud of her son!

I walked home and took off the clothes and just about collapsed into my bed. If it hadn’t been 7pm, I would have gone to bed right then. I decided to turn on Netflix.

The Clapper – I was SO happy to see Tracy Morgan!!! It was a very cute movie with a bunch of stars and comedians. It’s funny, sad, romantic, and sweet. I always like comedies and this one was different so I thought it was really good. Did I mention this is one of Tracy Morgan’s first movies since his car accident (Fist Fight was the first)?

My Perfect Romance – Oh my! Boss/employee love? I guess it happens. It’s about a CEO and a programmer that end up working together and falling in love. I’m not usually one for sappy movies. I watched this because Jodie Sweeten is in it. A small part but since I watched her grow up on Full House (Stephanie), heard about her drug use and how she has overcome it, and now in the new Fuller House series plus movies, I really like her.

Then I finally went to bed at 2am. I haven’t gotten out of bed yet this morning. No plans today really so I guess I don’t have to yet! I do need to go grocery shopping and cook but that’s it.

I hope everyone has a nice Sunday!

Friend, shopping, hair

Yesterday I made quite a bit driving all over the city for 6 hours. And it was all Uber. Lyft never sent me anything! Doesn’t matter to me, I just want to get paid by whomever wants to send me work!

Last night I was feeling down about everything. What my mother says to us, how I still have to put up with people I don’t like to make a buck, the fact that I only have one vice left and I get bitched at for it. Well, my male bestie talked to me last night and decided to come over today to spend time with me even though he has to work overnight tonight. He’s a sweetie.

We went and got breakfast at a restaurant within walking distance. I had an omelette made with cheese, bacon, and spinach. He had egg whites, grits, bacon, and an English muffin. It was a really nice breakfast!

After that, we went by my grocery store (between the restaurant and my house still walking) so I could show him around and get some hair dye. Then we went clothes shopping! We drove to Ross. This is what I did not get:

Sorry for all the skin. Here is what I ended up getting. I am really happy with them too!

Would you believe I am wearing a size LARGE??? Not extra large anymore! Woo hoo!!! So the 2 piece bathing suit in the last picture is actually from TJ Maxx which we went to after I couldn’t find a bathing suit at Ross. The green bathing suit fit but shows ALL of my excess skin and I don’t want that at the beach! He refused to get trunks. He said he’s fine wearing shorts to the beach. Umm, ok.

So we stopped by a honey baked ham store and got ham. We then went to see Cranky. Her son, his husband, and their twins are in town so I wanted to go by and see them. The babies are so cute!!! The little girl wouldn’t stop crying unless her daddy held her and the little boy fell asleep in my arms and smiled when I bounced him. They are 14 months old.

So we had a ton of fun and it’s not over yet! We came back to my house and I dyed my hair! I am now blonde again. I missed it too.

I did not cook, I did not clean, I just had fun! It’s 5pm and I’m going to watch some Netflix to finish my day. I hope you guys had a great day as well!

Wake up!

So I got 4 texts in a row at 4:30am this morning. It was Cranky’s son texting me from Paris. He is doing his 1099’s today and he had questions. At 4:30am??? So I got 6 hours of sleep. I wanted more but oh well. Hard to keep sleeping when your watch vibrates on your arm. I’m glad I answered him though. The CPA that was here yesterday told me a bunch of things to watch out for on the 1099 he sent me so I wanted to make sure he knew everything I was told. I don’t want to go back and forth with him on it.

So I decided to catch up on my reading. It was dark and quiet and I was awake and pissed off anyway, why not make myself feel better by reading what my friends have been up to? Then I saw Andrea’s post. And I had to go check things out. I ordered the cutest hoodie!


I’m so excited to get it and wear it!

My mother is off work today and has decided that I need to help her on the garage. She thinks! I have to figure out exactly what is owed me from Cranky’s son. I hope that doesn’t take too long but it could!

I also want to go work out again today. We wouldn’t want to miss leg day, right? Oh! I also figured out how to raise my heart rate to burn more calories on the bike. Don’t laugh. When I am on the 5 level for 2 minutes, I lean forward and hold in my abs. When I am on the 2 level for 2 minutes, I sit up straight. I burned a lot more yesterday than normal. Then again, I did take a day off and maybe that’s why. I had all those extra calories to get rid of.

I stayed within my calories. My lowered calories that is. I had 1900 instead of the 2200 I used to have. I hope that helps. I guess I will find out. I wasn’t hungry either, I was too busy to be hungry!

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday. I think I may since I am not so pissed off about waking up like that now.

It’s already 2pm???

Oops! I slept through texts, phone calls, everything! I woke up at 12:30pm and felt better. I called to reschedule my client for tomorrow morning since my son has a doctors appointment in the afternoon. My mom came home for lunch as she is working a full day today at her job. We talked a bit. Now I am about to head up to pick my son up at school and take him shopping for pants. I still can’t believe he wore shorts to school in this weather! I will pick myself up a new hoodie and shoes for both of us as well. My hoodie has so many holes and now the pocket has worn out so it’s time. Plus get my car washed to get the paint off it as well as the salt from the roads.

I looked into psychologists and am going to wait until we go to the doctor tomorrow and see what she thinks. We will also get him regular vitamins while we are shopping. Sounds like a Target kind of day!

I’m hope everyone is enjoying their day. I was completely out of breath from running up the stairs so I need to get back to the gym! That’s also on my list today. I’m taking my son with me too.