I hadn’t posted yet today because I’ve been a bit busy.

Yesterday after Styled and Forgetful, we went to the symphony and had a great time! My son got a wand and my mom and I both got a Gryffindor scarf 🧣.

I stayed up until almost midnight cleaning the kitchen last night. I got to sleep until 9:30 this morning! Woo hoo! It was SO nice!

Today, I discussed with my Mom what we are going to get rid of downstairs. I will be so happy once we get rid of some of the stuff! I actually asked her about all the candles, dishes, and a multitude of other crap down there. Then I went to multiple stores for food. Went to Costco and got my sons hot dogs and and drinks and a lot of foods we enjoy eating (like cottage cheese and bacon). Then went to Randall’s but they did not have my energy drinks so I just left. I went to Kroger and got everything else on my list. I ended up spending $300 on food and drinks. My Mom wanted champagne for tonight so I got her a little individual bottle and when I got home, she said, “I thought I asked for 2!” Umm, NO and why does she, by herself, need 2 bottles??? My son nor I drink champagne 🍾! Plus she said ice cream but not what kind so I called her from the store and she says, “I was wondering when you would figure out that I didn’t say what kind.” Really? Then why didn’t you call or text??? OMG I got her Dr. Pepper and a bag of almonds without her having to ask and this is what I get in return. This is why I stay in my room most of the time. Probably why my son stays in his too. Just irritating stuff like that is why I was never close to her. If I send someone to the store for me, I am VERY specific on what brand, what product, everything. I’m also trying to get her to eat at home more and since she likes convenience foods, I got some healthy, no preservatives type frozen foods to heat up quickly in the microwave. Now let’s see if she actually eats them! Real good breakfast burrito, Jimmy Dean sausage egg and cheese microwave biscuits, Nancy’s quiche, and Green Giant broccoli steamer bag. These are things she’s been going to fast food places for so if she can just make them at home, it would save money and not have as many calories or sodium! The joys of having a diabetic mother that doesn’t care about what she eats. 🙄

I brought my snack foods to my room because if I don’t, they will be gone so fast it will make my head spin between the 3 of us and my mother shouldn’t be eating any of it. I haven’t eaten yet today (it’s 3pm) so I broke out an individual can of Pringles and a small bag of Ritz Bits cheese crackers. Not healthy but I’m starving and that’s what I want. My son comes in from playing outside and half my box of snacks is now gone into his room. I should have guessed that would happen! I just hope he doesn’t eat them all today. If I don’t specify how much he can have, everything would be gone today. Growing boys eat a lot!!!

I haven’t sent out invoices yet for the week and my clients daughter in law just text me to ask about it so I guess I need to get that done. I’m going to eat first. I got my exercise in yesterday but it doesn’t show I’ve done anything today, probably because my arm was pushing a cart so it’s hard for the watch to track. I was supposed to take today off anyway.

I finally found the Christmas presents I got for the cats when the cat was IN the tree trying to pull something out. The catnip toys were there! So I took some pictures of the animals playing.

I think that’s it so far. I still need to do laundry so that’s next. Then I need to go down and cook for the week. I’m waiting until tonight to do that.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Happy New Years to all. I don’t do resolutions so I’ve been avoiding talking about it. It’s been a good year and a lot happened. I hope 2018 is a calm, healthy, and good year for us all!

I’m up! I promise!

We overslept yesterday, oops. Still got my son to school on time though so yay me. I didn’t get to shower before The Godfather came over so I had to wait until he was done fixing my toilet paper holder to get in the shower and he didn’t do that until he did the chandelier on the stairs. 🙄 But I finally got to shower and he pulled the wreath for Forgetful out of the attic so I’m happy. He had to take this pull out drawer home with him to cut it so he’s coming back this morning to finish up. My mom wanted her printer to be on a pull out drawer so she could fit a shelf above the printer and still be able to open the scanner part. Not a bad idea. She also thought she had holes in her tv area and wanted the cords in them but there are no holes so he has to come bring tools to do that for her too.

I took said wreath to Forgetful and hung it on her door. I will have to take a picture of it later today. I think it’s ugly but she said she liked it. Okey dokey then! We had lunch (she ate, I drank water) and I left to go shopping for my mom again.

My mom wanted me to go to Dick’s and get her an World Series Astros shirt that says H-town on it. The shirts are already half price so I got her a blue one and an orange one. She’s happy with them so goody!

I don’t feel like I got enough exercise yesterday either. Don’t get me wrong, I pushed myself just enough and got my 10,000 steps. The back of my thighs were killing me all day and I was tired. I think it was going up and down all the stairs! I also forgot to eat breakfast so while I was out shopping for my mom, I stopped and got a taco. It was so good!!! Not good to miss breakfast, but worth saving a few extra calories to eat out. And it wasn’t a fast food taco, I went to a restaurant and sat at the bar for my taco. Yummy! I didn’t hit anywhere near my calorie goal either. Maybe I need to eat more. I had 560 calories left last night when I went to bed. I even took my time and ate some peanut butter crackers to add calories!

So today I am going to see Miss Priss! She called me on Sunday (I am off on Sundays people – please don’t call me!) and asked if I could take her today. Sure. She wants me to pick her up at 9am even though stores she wants to go to don’t open until 10. That’s fine with me. I will take that extra hour of pay!

I will see Forgetful at lunchtime. Then to visit Cranky. I am trying to check on her more because I believe the caregivers need an hour of talking to someone else and I do like checking on her and seeing what’s going on over there (plus I love her view).

That’s it! I hope you guys are enjoying my black and white photos in my other daily post. I bet you can guess what today’s is. It is my view of my downtown city from where I live. I gotta get moving so I can take my son to school on time today and get back here for The Godfather before work!


Yesterday was interesting. While I waited for Styled, I decided to walk some. I ended up walking 30 minutes and got my move goal for the day at 10am. The rest of the day, I didn’t think I walked much but I ended up with my 12,000 steps so I’m happy!

I saw Forgetful and then went to Home Depot for my mom. The boy cat was running around and jumped on her side lamp where she sits on the couch and totally broke it. So she needed a new one to replace it. Since it wasn’t brass, she asked me to get 2 so they match (she has one on each side of her couch).

I came home a bit tired. My son gave me a hug, told me to sit and eat something (a good idea since it was 1:30pm and I ate breakfast at 7:30am). Then he asks me if I had gone to Costco for his hotdogs and string cheese. Ah crap! I forgot!!! So I made him get in the shower (I think it had been 3 days!) and I left. I ended up getting gas there too (Costco gas in Houston is $2.05). So I came home after and got to finally relax. I had 8,000 steps by 4pm. I didn’t think I would even make 10,000 today because I was so tired. I walked the dog, I walked to my neighbors at the end of our street where my son was twice, and walked the dog again and yep, I got those steps!

I asked my neighbor what she does at the ymca. How the next thing happened I have little to no memory. Somehow I am now going to a body pump class this afternoon! I just mentioned that I needed upper body strength and now I’m going. Oh goody! You guys will have to wish me luck with this. I’m a bit nervous! I have no clue what this class does other than the fact that it uses weights. She also wants to teach me the elliptical machine before the class. Eek! Pray hard for me! 😂

Yes, I am still watching this 600 pound people show. I actually now think it’s motivating me to get off my ass and get rid of these 40 pounds. There was this one girl on here that I felt like slapping and then I cried when this one twin girl almost died a day after her stomach surgery. It’s scary that I was 400 pounds, I’m lucky I had my surgery when I did and didn’t let myself get as big as these people on this show.

So this is my Sunday, I am not relaxing. I’m stepping it up a bit. I am really going to try in this class today. I’m also going to go to the gym with my neighbor so I don’t have to get a membership yet. I don’t really like gyms so it’s amazing I’m even giving it a chance!

Cat photo op sleeping on the couch before the mostly black male cat at 10.6 pounds broke the lamp.


Busy off day (like usual)

First of all, I hit 200 followers and want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m so glad I started writing again and hope I’m not too boring for people!

In this day and age with having to work at least 5 days a week, our “days off” consists of doing everything we couldn’t do while we were at work. Same goes for me even though I do my own work and can technically make my own hours.

To let you know about today, which is not nearly done yet, I will give you the rundown. I guess since I have a job twice for an hour each time today it’s not really an off day but it’s supposed to be.

Woke up at 6:30, left the house by 7:40, grabbed Starbucks for the client, and went to give her cat medicine. Came back home. Met my old neighbor that had my keys at her job at noon. Came back home. Got my moms credit card. Went to make a return of some light bulbs she bought – $30 for 4 bulbs. OMG 😮 That was ridiculous pricing! Went to Home Depot to buy light bulbs at HALF the price she paid and actually got 12 for the price of 4 where she went. Went to my old place to make sure I had everything out of it because WE ACCEPTED AN OFFER LAST NIGHT!!!! Cleaned out the fridge and threw it all away other than my spicy mustard which I brought here. Met my mom at her job to give her back her credit card. Came back home. Helped my son with his school project which to me looks like crap. I hope his teacher can tell he did this by himself, all I did was superglue the modeling clay on the sides for him. You tell me what you think! (In case you can’t tell or don’t remember your school days, this is supposed to be a cell.

Now have to go do laundry and get ready for dinner. I am having dinner at a nice restaurant with my mother and her friends from California that are here visiting their kids. Then I have to go give the cat medicine again at 8pm, come home, and start over again tomorrow.

Whew! What a day! When do I get a day off? 😂

He is studiously doing the paper portion of the project now. Too cute!

One more

Today I have stinky from 9-12. Forgetful from 1-2. Then Mr. 95 year old from 3:30-8:30. Thankfully, tomorrow is my day off.

I actually need a day off to not do anything but be lazy after this crazy work week. I text my ex yesterday and told him I will get what was needed from Home Depot and take it over to my Moms but I needed a day of rest. Yes, I really need to rest. I’m not sure if it’s allergies, a cold, or whatever, but I need to stay in my nice bed and not do anything for just one day! He replied, “I know what needs to be done so go ahead.” If he really only knew! My Mom will be there so I seriously doubt it will go as he expects! She will give him much more to do and work him like crazy. I’m glad though because if he wants to make $100 towards the car, he needs to get a lot done!

My son said he plans on spending the day at my moms today while I work too. That’s a good idea. I hope she puts him to work helping her too! Since I have to pick up a client in Galveston next Saturday afternoon, I put off my move until the 21st. I was very lucky that my moving company friends could move that date for me too! So now I have an extra week to get more stuff moved. My schedule looks light for next week but that could change at any moment!

So I’m a bit all over the place this morning after having my energy drink but before my shower. It’s about time to get ready so I can shower, go to the Home Depot, then take my son and all the stuff my Mom asked for to her house. After stinky, I will go by the bank too. She likes cash and it scares me to carry cash so I’ll deposit it right after I leave her place.

Have a great day!