Another pound gone

This morning I weighed 169.4. I’m in shock. I exercised only twice in the past week since I had a muscle strain. I did stay within my calories and carbs. I shouldn’t be surprised. I am though! I’m excited to be here! I have seen friends lose this much weight but not look healthy. And then they stopped what they were doing and gained it all back. I’m not doing that! I promise! I worked hard too hard to get here to just go back to my old ways! I have lost a total of 237 pounds since 1998 and 53 pounds since November of last year. My next goal is 160 and it’s so close I can feel it! Plus I feel like I look healthy.image from Pinterest WARNING: THERE IS A PICTURE OF EXCESS SKIN NEXT!My other goal is to try and get some of the belly fat to go away which makes me still feel huge. That’s where my fat is mostly concentrated. I can’t stand it either. I know it’s a lot of skin as well but I’m the one that has to look at it and I don’t like it. I really do have a lot of excess skin and fat there!So now I am researching ways to get rid of belly fat other than sit ups. I HATE sit ups! I can do them, I just hate them. And I can’t do a push up to save my life. Never have been able to. I’m sure there are plenty of exercises I can do too.I got a bit angry yesterday. I am not sure why but I was just angry as hell for about 4 hours. I cleaned, I stayed away from my son (I don’t want to take it out on him), and I finally turned on Supergirl to not have to think. I was able to calm myself down although I still don’t know why I was so mad. My son’s friends party is supposed to be today. And guess what? It’s supposed to rain this afternoon. Again. So I’m not sure if they are having their party or not. My son has therapy before the party so I guess we will find out! That’s all we have planned. My ex says he is coming over tomorrow to see his kid. That’s fine. I will be meal prepping tomorrow. It’s so much easier to cook when my mother isn’t around and she has to work tomorrow so it’s the perfect time! I’m going to attempt to make chicken wings like from Wing Stop, and a Mexican casserole. Plus I have some chorizo so I am going to make a breakfast thing too. I like having my food made for the week. My child wants burgers so I will probably make those too. I will have lots of choices! from headbangerskitchen.comfrom tasteaholics.comfrom peaceloveandlowcarb.comThat’s the plan anyway. Nobody here is awake yet at almost 8am, just the way I like it. I should probably get up and take Amber out for a walk. I’m just not ready yet! What are you doing today? What do you think of my recipes? What do you think of the keto diet? Did I disgust you with my excess skin?