Happy Wednesday

Yesterday you guys already know that I worked out early. I finished Queer Eye and started Flint MI show. It’s not about the water issues either, it’s about the police force. Not what I was expecting but it’s not bad. I much more enjoyed Queer Eye.

I made the keto fried fish last night but nothing else because it made a lot! No carbs in that AT ALL! I love my air fryer!

I woke up at 5:30 this morning so I haven’t been to exercise yet. Today is arm day plus I have to do my 40 second plank. I can do that at home.

I hit my 2 months of no cigarettes!!!

I need to study for my exam Saturday morning. No Netflix today!

Tips on staying on track today.

That’s all that’s going on here. Y’all have a good day!

Just studying

I am working one job a day this week and studying when I’m not working.

I do have good news on the cigarettes though!

25 days now not smoking! Woo hoo! I love my Cue vape. I truly believed it helped save me from smoking.

I had lunch with my oldest friend. We met in kindergarten and have stayed in touch all these years. She would kill me if she knew I put her picture on here!

And here’s Oliver sleeping and not letting me study.

I hope everyone is having a good week so far!

Here’s where I am today

I’m feeling good. According to my quit app, I have got 4 goals plus 3 days of no smoking. If I wasn’t using the vape, the nicotine would be out of my system too.

I still haven’t exercised since last Wednesday. I will get back to it, I just haven’t felt like it, which I saw in my quit smoking app that my energy levels should return in the next 3 days. I am still at 150 pounds (68 kg) so I’m doing good there too.

Boy is my smell better! I walked in my room and it stank like crazy! It was the dog food I was smelling. I didn’t realize it stunk so bad! Crazy!!! And cool too that I can smell so well!

On the caffeine front, I have allowed myself to have one Dr. Pepper each day the past couple of days. I also found caffeine free Bang and so glad I did and it’s cheaper than regular Bang too. I’m not doing the Dr. Pepper anymore because today it made me feel funny. I also found out that Diet Pepsi has switched to using aspertame again even in the caffeine free ones so no more of that for me. Aspertame and I do not get along. I read that Diet Rite is sugar free (they use sucralose), caffeine free, and even sodium free. So why not try and see how it is? Better than Dr. Pepper for me.

I watched a lot of Netflix yesterday and today. Watching Black Mirror now. I love this show! It’s really good. I love the first episode where you make the choices of what the character does. I took my smoker client to a doctor earlier today. I had her try my vape but she didn’t like it and that’s okay. It will take more than one time for her to make the switch. I know it would be better for her and her son is all for it. Maybe if she watches me for a while and how much happier I am, it will work better getting her to switch but at 77 years old, she may not. Who knows. I will see her again on Friday afternoon too. So more jobs this week. Yay!

Here’s the bad news. The excess skin doctor told me I can’t come in for an appointment until I have the money to get the surgery. Since I’ve made a whopping $29 with my gofundme, I’m not sure what to do. I canceled my appointment with the psychologist because I don’t feel like I need to spend $140 for nothing, I’m doing great. The good news is, I saved $240 by not having appointments this week. Plus making a little more than usual this week so that’s good too.

Today was the first day back at school for my son and he enjoyed seeing his friends but not the learning.

That’s it. I hope you had a good Monday as well.

Good day

So. I finally figured out what to use a tiny bit of my Christmas gift card on other than the 3 shirts and 3 pairs of pants that I got. I went to a store that my friend suggested and got a vape machine. Nothing like I expected as I haven’t vaped in years.

So I couldn’t even figure out how to turn it on and off, I had to ask my friend. $44 got me a machine and 2 cartridges. I got menthol because that’s what I smoked, and strawberry because it actually tasted pretty good (they let me try all the flavors at the store). A cartridge is supposed to last a week so that’s good too.

They had all different colors but I chose black so it doesn’t stand out so much. They even make stickers for it! I tried it and it works well. I got the highest nicotine level which is only 6mg (a Camel cigarette has about 26 according to google). I will not smoke. I do not want to stink like cigarettes ever again. Let’s see how this goes!

Harder than I thought

I went 36 hours with no cigarette and caved. I smoked half of one and threw it out because I was dizzy and it didn’t taste good. The reason? I had left a pack of cigarettes in my car. My son and I broke up the last pack that I had open at midnight on New Years and flushed them. When I remembered over and over about that last pack in my car, temptation won. I did not pack them like normal. I just opened it up, took one out, and lit it thinking this is what I need, and boy was I wrong.

After 5 puffs, I was dizzy and didn’t want it. I took one more puff and threw it down. I was standing outside in the rain, smoking, and I didn’t even want it! I still had 19 cigarettes (there are 20 in a pack for those who have never smoked). I came upstairs, stood over my commode, broke every single one that was left, and flushed them. Yes, it’s a waste of $6.60 but for my health, it’s a win. I did not smoke at all yesterday although I did think about that pack constantly. I’m glad I flushed them. I am a nonsmoker. I posted to my quit group that I smoked and may get kicked out for it but I am human, I will have problems overcoming this addiction, so I hope they don’t kick me out. At least I am trying!

I have slept a lot in the past couple of days. It’s easier than thinking sometimes. I don’t have a job until Friday and I am not spending so I am not going out. I watched Coffee Shop (very cute) and Bird Box (umm yeah) and some game shows that are on Netflix. I am caffeine free with no issues there.

Image by 123rf.com

I have been watching multiple quit smoking videos. Maybe I am just overthinking like usual and just need to not think about it like the caffeine. I haven’t run downstairs and stolen a Dr. Pepper from my mom for the caffeine, why am I so addicted to the cigarettes? So I am just going to not look at anything and be me. If I have a craving, too bad, I have no more hidden cigarettes and only $2 in cash on me so it’s not like I can go get any.

I am going to make a list of my reasons why I quit to look at when I have cravings. Maybe that’s my next step. I am also trying to remember how I just quit when I moved to Colorado in 1999. I seriously just never looked back. I need to recreate that.

Y’all have a good day. I’m going to go back to Netflix.

Happy 2019!!!

Image by fotolia off google

What are you going to do this year? The same old thing? Better yourself? Find new work? Any new goal is better than staying the same, right?

I don’t do resolutions. I make goals. 2018 was my year to lose weight and start exercising more and I accomplished my goals better than I ever thought I could! 2019 will be even better!

Let’s talk about 2018 for a minute. Here is where I started.

Here are all of the stats from this past year.

I did my final weigh in and measurements today. I cannot believe how far I went this last year! I am amazed at how I stuck to my guns too. I started with low fat last January. Because of my podiatrist, I went keto in April. I continued keto through October when I hit my goal weight of 150. Since then, I have still tracked my calories but slowed down losing because I am not trying to lose any more weight. I am so happy at 150!

As you can see, I am happy today! Happy that in 2019, I am starting my next goals and I will do great at these too.

1. Be a non smoker

As of tomorrow, I am a non smoker. Not “I will quit smoking this year.” I am a non smoker. I am ready. When I met with my son’s psychologist, he told me that it will be okay. I only smoke about half a pack of cigarettes each day so it’s not like it is for heavy smokers and I can do this. He advised me to get some coffee stirrers to chew on so I’m not munching on food all the time. That’s what I was truly worried about – I refuse to gain weight again! So I got the stirrers and I am ready to go. I also printed out this sheet and stuck it on my closet door so I will see it every day. I will check it off daily that I did not smoke.

2. Quit caffeine

Oh this is a toughie! I am quitting caffeine but I am ready to do it. I got too hooked on Bang and Zevia this past year and I want to be free of chemicals in my body. Therefore, the first step is getting myself off caffeine. I will still have soda at first, just caffeine free. I am so used to having caffeine when I wake up and before bed so I got some Caffeine free Diet Pepsi to hopefully make myself think I am still doing the normal thing each day.

3. Pay off credit card debt.

This will be more tough since I was using my cards for everything other than bills this past year. I’m in a HUGE financial hole but I am going to get myself out. I am not going to ruin my credit by going through a consolidation place or claiming bankruptcy. I am going to use Dave Ramsey’s snowball idea. I am using this to help me. I have put this on my closet door as well.

4. Budget and spend less

This kind of goes with number 3. I put a list on my closet and will put up a new one each week. I have it also for my son to see what he’s spending money on. My son loves Starbucks and I am hoping that if he sees exactly what he’s spending there, it will help to stop him from asking if he can go (sometimes 3 times a week!).

I also put a calendar up there so he can see who I’m with each day or if either one of us has an appointment.

I also put a yearly calendar up there to keep track of my weight to make sure I am not gaining as I don’t smoke anymore (as of tomorrow the 1st).

What do y’all think? I am letting you guys know my goals for this year to help keep me accountable. I think that will over 1000 people checking on me, I am more likely to get my crap done!

If I can stick to keto and lose 70 pounds in a year, I can quit smoking and drinking caffeine. Plus that will save me money already! I was spending $110 each month on cigarettes and $150 a month on Bang and Zevia. That’s a savings of $260 in the first month! I got this!

You can do whatever you set your mind to. You just have to remind yourself the what, the why, and the how. You may have to do it more than once a day but you can do this just like I can!

Happy Saturday although not really

Good morning! It’s finally cold here in Houston! It’s in the 40’s and will warm up into the 60’s today. That’s Fahrenheit too. 6 Celsius with a high of 16. Its great! My nipples feel like they will fall off because this the first actual cold day but that feeling will go away (next summer 😜).

Last night, I was able to watch the nail biter of the 3rd Astros/Dodgers game of the World Series. We won, again. 😃 I’m telling you guys, that uber driver may have had it right! If we win tonight, we will be ahead 3 games to one and could actually pull off a World Series win for the first time ever! It would be because our players are awesome and they are helping to coach each other. When friends help friends, things just seem to go better. The Astros know what they’re doing. Yay!

I had a pop up job yesterday helping out my cousin. She had to go out of town (about 40 miles away) and needed someone to check in on her husband. So I did. He’s 89 and not in good health but I love that old man. He was always good to me growing up even though he was a very busy surgeon. I also took Forgetful to Carrabba’s for lunch which she enjoyed until we went back and her caregiver was waiting for her. The lunch had taken a bit too long and I had to leave to get back to my cousin so I called her. Forgetful said, “Why are you here? Can’t I come back from a nice lunch without someone to follow me back?” Oops! But I really had no choice. I told her I would see her today and she said okay.

Today is going to be BUSY!!!

First, stinky. I may have to come up with a new name because after getting her new shoes and having her wear socks, she doesn’t really stink much anymore which is a great thing! I am still not thrilled about getting up early on a Saturday to take her to get her hair done though.

Second, lunch with Forgetful. Her step daughter in law wanted me to go daily at lunchtime so that’s what I’ve been doing. It actually helps me because normally, I have nothing around lunch (although I will this Monday). She’s always happy to see me now so I like going. She does complain quite often about her situation and asks why is she there, but she’s always happy to see me!

Third, I have a new client. Her son tells me she hates everybody, no matter what race or religion they are. He’s tried them all (his words) and she’s just rude to everyone. That will be a 4 hour job.

Last, I have Mr. 95 year old and Miss Priss. They want to go to some restaurant halfway to our downtown stadiums where we not only have the Astros playing tonight but so are the Rockets (basketball)! Traffic might be a nightmare but I still gotta do it.

So yes, today is busy. Thank goodness I am OFF tomorrow!!! I would like to sleep in.I was going to wake up at 7am today to leave at 8:30 but guess what. My alarm went off at 6! I didn’t go to sleep until 11 because the game was that long too. So on top of everything else, I’m a bit overly tired too. Thank goodness I haven’t quit drinking energy drinks yet!

Speaking of my bad habits. I didn’t smoke much yesterday because I was mostly at my cousins house or with Forgetful. I would have last night when I got home but my mother was downstairs reading and watching tv and you can only walk your dog so much before she gets suspicious (I know I’m 44 but I just don’t want to hear it). So I maybe had 7 or 8 yesterday. Today will probably be a repeat of that since I’m so busy. It’s a good thing but you know you’re addicted to nicotine when it’s 40 degrees outside and you put on 4 layers (bra, shirt, sweater, jacket) to go out there and smoke. Yep. I did that this morning!

So that’s it today. I will try and be more entertaining tomorrow when I am not having to work. I can tell you that I was getting dressed and heard this scratching noise at my door. I used my phone light to check because I knew my dog was asleep in my bed. Wouldn’t you know, there was a tiny white paw under the door! Those 2 are ready to play this early in the morning! Crazy 6 month old cats.

Rainy Friday

I woke up this morning about 2 seconds before my alarm to the sounds of thunder. Not what you want to hear when you are trying to finish moving! Argh!

Speaking of moving, I had a thought because my son said something. He told me he wanted to take one last shower in our awesome shower before we move. It’s only an awesome shower because I have the best shower head ever! Why not switch them out? The person buying this place is probably going to gut and redo everything anyway and I love my shower head here! I got it at Home Depot and I just took a screenshot of it because it’s easier than trying to get a good shot in my shower. 😂

So yeah. I need to remember to take that with me. I was also going to take my wind chimes today but now they’ve been in the rain all morning and are wet. AND, the weather guy said it was supposed to rain off and on all weekend! Eek!

Yesterday was good. 2 jobs. Between them, I got everything already at my moms moved upstairs and put away to make room for everything else. I moved all our clothes, shoes, books, yeah, just about everything. My friend asked me what the rush was to move. I’m not really rushing, I’m just tired of living in 2 places and want it to be done. I am giving my neighbors my wine and liquor that’s here because my Mom has way too much already. You’ve never seen anybody so happy either! My neighbor that wants the wine isn’t even in town this weekend and she text me to say I better keep it in the house and come by to let her in to get it on Sunday. 😂 Every time I need to write a check, make an invoice for a client, get a piece of paper for a note, get an address, etc, I have to go to the other house. I’m just done. So I’m moving.

The only job I have today is to go check on Forgetful and I can do that at any time today. I was thinking after lunch to make sure she is doing well. Her step daughter in law told me last night that she doesn’t know what to do about Forgetful packing her suitcase daily and being so unhappy. I don’t know what to tell her either. She can be straight with Forgetful but she will forget soon after what she was told. What I do daily is tell her that she has to get better and can’t go home quite yet. It’s worked so far!

I am meeting The Godfather at my Mom’s at 8 to put up my blinds and change my electrical outlets in my room. Then the ex boyfriend will be there at 10 to finish my closet. I’m going to tell him he has to clean up after himself too. No more mess. I’m moving in and shouldn’t have to clean up after him. Then sending him home and staying away from him. He just drives me batty! Yesterday he accidentally text me saying Awesome. Then he sent me not one or two, but 3 messages telling me he meant it for someone else. ONE would have been sufficient!

So this rainy weekend will be busy but it’s almost over. Then I guess I will have to go back to exercising and quitting smoking so I have stuff to write! Just kidding, maybe. 😉 I’ll also start cooking again once I’ve settled and I’m sure new recipes will come since my mother is diabetic (even though she won’t admit it).

Hugs! Have a great Friday!