Picture post all keto

So I am cleaning out my phone of pictures and am going to put these here for anyone interested in the keto lifestyle that I do.

I will post a personal blog later today (promise!).

Sorry if I have posted these before. I just need them out of my phone and want to be able to reference them all in one place!

Exercise planner? Plus update on today

Well that’s what I thought I ordered.

This is more of a food and exercise diary. Not what I was expecting although what was I expecting? A guide of exactly how I can get my sh*t together and be fit?

I am pretty proud of myself today though. It’s the 3rd day in a row that I’ve hit 10,000 steps by 5pm!

I really had to push myself to go out and do it but once I got moving, I was in the groove and walking fast to the music at a pace of a 16 minute mile.

I hit the 1 mile mark and kept going. I ended up with 2.3 miles. I decided to walk to Starbucks and get a caramel frap made with almond milk and no whipped cream. It was really good, hit the spot, and was only 100 calories and lactose free so no hurting tummy!

I was walking home when I took that picture. My shirt really is Bill and Ted in case anyone is wondering. I got it from Loot Crate a while back. I love it! I want to get them again. It was so much fun and they always had my favorites of Doctor Who and The Walking Dead. I have a couple of shirts from them and my son has a beenie cap of The Punisher too along with toys that I didn’t give away for Christmas.

Also, Styled and Miss Priss BOTH cancelled on me today so all I had was Forgetful. I mentioned to her about her memory and she said if that’s what I think I can go to HELL (she really did scream that). People turned heads and I just nodded and said OK. She forgot about it pretty quick and said she looks forward to seeing me tomorrow. Weird visit. I did take a salad too. A yummy chicken Caesar from the grocery store.

That’s my update. Ended up more than I thought! Have a good night!