How are you guys???

One day doing keto and I dropped almost one kilogram. 2.8 pounds. I know it’s just water weight but it made me so happy! For breakfast today, I had egg, bacon, and cheese so I’m full and happy. My mom was happy as well since I made enough for both of us. I made taco meat last night which I had with cheese and a few saltines. I ended up with a total of 35 net carbs yesterday. I am definitely getting into my keto groove and will be under 20 net carbs today or tomorrow. I am going to do my best to avoid keto flu again by getting enough vitamins and drinking tons of water. My friends are doing it too so we are all helping each other. That makes it so much easier!

I have my Anatomy lab book and a bunch of note cards ready to go to work today and study. The last exam in this class I made a 100 so I want to do that again. This exam is over the layers of skin and bone tissue. ๐Ÿ˜ณ I can do it though. I also have until Sunday to do two more chapters in my kinesiology class and read 2 more chapters for nutrition. Did I tell y’all that I changed my major since I am changing schools?

I want a job I can do anywhere in the world so I decided to go for physical therapy. People do that everywhere and I can get a job with one of those traveling companies that sends me places to work. That’s what I’m doing! I am just fine with it too. Now I just need to find a job until then. I am not getting rid of my clients either. I will just help them when I’m not working. I want to save as much as I can between now and when my son is grown in 5 years. He says he wants to live here and go to a local college for as long as he can. I think he may change his mind but if that’s what he wants, great!

I danced last night for exercise for 30 minutes. Just something small that helped me move more. I am going to try and do arm strength training today. Just so I’m not just sitting around and it should help me lose an extra ounce or two.

I am taking Smokey to her shrink today. Well, if she doesn’t cancel on me. She does that quite often. We need to go because her meds were changed last month but we shall see. I will study for my exam all day whether I take her or not so whatever. I called her this morning to remind her but her phone is off the hook. ๐Ÿคฃ

I’ve got my protein bar ready to go in case she doesn’t cancel. I still had some from doing keto so I don’t have to buy anything. Plus I never stopped using almond flour. I do have crackers and sugary stuff in the pantry but it’s so processed that it won’t go bad anytime soon and if it does, oh well.

Oh. If you think your phone is not listening to you, I have news. I mentioned to BFF that I am looking for a job and last night, Tumblr only put this ad on my feed. Be careful what you say!

Y’all have a good day!!!

Do not procrastinate!

I woke up late this morning. My friend called and wanted to tell me about her horrible boss and got me up at 7:30. That’s normally the time I am leaving to take my son to school! So I went and woke him up and we were out the door in 11 minutes. He was still there in plenty of time. I am SO glad she called!

I came home and started studying. I studied from 9am to 8pm today. Granted I took a 20 minute lunch break, a 30 minute break to get my son at school, and a 30 minute break to pick him up a Starbucks cake pop after karate and make myself dinner. That’s still ALL day! I opened the exam at 8pm. I took 49 minutes for the exam, carefully thinking and rereading the book and my notes before answering. I got a 78. I feel like if I had studied more days, I would have done better. I still have that final this weekend so after tomorrow, I am studying like crazy. I got an A on my paper too guys!!! Even with the misspelling! So I have a B in that class.

After the exam, I decided to get my last math quizzes and homework done so I can concentrate on that final after this weekend. I will have an entire week to prepare. So I have now finished those and it’s almost 11pm. Whew!

Tomorrow I take my son to the dentist at 9am, a high school tour at 1pm, and then he has a Spanish aptitude test at that same school at 5pm. It’s going to be a long day!!! He wants to go to the Mexican bakery after the dentist so of course I asked H if she wanted to go. She not only wants to go there, she wants to come with us to the dentist! I think she’s ready for this semester to be over too. Since her actual birthday is on Friday, I will get her a flan.

From my last math exam, I finally got the grade for my free response questions. 17 out of 30. Eek!!! I hate how they grade things in that class. So glad it’s almost over! I have an 85 in the class right now. If I do well on the final, I may end up with an A- and I would be proud of that! So happy I am taking the precalculus at the community college!

That’s it for me. I need some sleep for my crazy busy day tomorrow!

Chat later!

Iโ€™m doing it!

I took my nutrition exam today and got an 82! Woo hoo! A B on this class exam made me really happy. I literally had 58 seconds left when I hit submit. Like usual, there were questions that were not covered. I still made a B!

I have my math exam on Saturday and from tomorrow until Saturday I will be doing nothing but math! Log and ln and division of polynomials. No fun! I will know it though. I have to. I’m meeting my friend/tutor Friday evening before the exam so I know everything will be okay.

I worked this morning taking Miss Priss to run errands. We actually had a good morning. Only 2 hours but we got a lot done. She told me that her friends think she does too much for her age. She’s 90. Styled is 71 and doesn’t do nearly as much!

H came over tonight and we studied and she tried boudain for the first time. She loved it! Another person I got to like it. My mom won’t even try it. Lol

You only have until Sunday to like my post in order to be in the drawing! H has said she will video me doing the drawing. I’m getting excited for you guys!

I’m picking up my son at school early tomorrow to take him on a high school tour. At first he didn’t want to go and then changed his mind saying he would love to leave early. Silly teenagers!

I’m watching the Great British Bake Off on Netflix. I wish I could bake HALF of these things! Looks so good!

Anywho, have a great Thursday!

Feeling better!

I am being lazy though, I haven’t opened a textbook since Tuesday! That will change tonight as I am going to my friends house for tutoring. She will probably be upset with me for not studying. Oh well! I’m just glad I’m not sick today!

Took Styled to get her hair done and the grocery store. It was raining most of the day and now it’s getting cold again. Wednesday it was 83 and today is 55. No wonder everyone gets sick!

Half day at my sons school so I picked him and the neighbor kid up plus another friend that was going to the neighbor kids house. Then I played Merge Dragons on my phone for WAY too long!

Tomorrow should be interesting. My son has therapy at noon. Then his father is coming to visit. This man called his kid yesterday and asked the following, “Now tell me the truth, how do you feel about me?” DON’T EVER ASK A TEENAGER THIS QUESTION!!! Seriously! Because he asked for the truth, my son told him, “I don’t like you.” ๐Ÿ˜ฎ So now his father wants to sit down with him and have a “serious chat”. He says he will keep it civil. My son asked me to mediate and his father said no way. ๐Ÿ™„ I plan on sitting outside the room playing fetch with Oliver and run in if I hear any screaming.

Yes my life is a soap opera at times. I had come up with the idea to have his father take him on high school tours. Neither of them liked the idea. I tried!

I guess I should get off my arse and start working on schoolwork. Y’all have a great Friday evening! I can’t wait to tell you about tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Itโ€™s almost Thursday already???

Wow guys! I am SO not ready for my anatomy exam tomorrow, like usual! I did get an 84 on my nutrition exam today though! Go me! I’m praying I get through this exam tomorrow with at least a C. I have to. I have a D in the class right now and have to get a C because this class is a requirement in my field of study.

I wrote the following sitting in Math on Tuesday.

“I am so tired of Math. I know I have to take it but that does not mean I want to! As I sit in math and was so confused a week ago, I wonder why I am here. The only real reason is because he takes roll every day. ๐Ÿ™„

Cranky is back to normal. The hospital could not find anything, even on the MRI. They sent her home Sunday evening. I took her to her regular doctor on Monday. She told us that it may be time to send her to a memory care facility. I disagree because if it was not for her caregiver being right there with her, who knows how long until somebody in a facility saw her and called 911. I would rather keep her where she is and luckily, her son agrees. So we will see what happens next.

My teeth hurt so it looks like I cannot have any more junk food which would be better for me anyway. I went off the plan again over the weekend and ate Halloween candy and Oreos. They were so good too! I’m at 151 pounds again which is fine with me. I enjoy staying around 150 so I will eat crap for a day or two and go back on plan and stay about the same weight. I can’t complain!

The school group I am in is having a costume party tomorrow evening (it got cancelled because of weather). I would go except my costume already started falling apart. The seam on the pants is done for and the inside of the corset is all falling apart where it shouldn’t be worn. I’m over it too. So I’m not sure if I will go. Plus, I have to take my son trick-or-treating and bring him back home (I didn’t, more on that in a minute).

Thank you for bearing with me not writing as much lately. I am trying to be ready for my two exams tomorrow and Thursday. Not sure if I will be ready for them but I am doing my best! I just can’t deal with math until I get through these exams. Then I will learn polynomials. I have already scheduled to meet with my friend/tutor on Friday and Sunday.

Please let me know what is going on with y’all! Andrea, I am going to answer the questions, I just need until this weekend! I will catch up on all of your blog this weekend too, promise!” (End of Tuesday’s blog idea)

It is pouring here, it has been pretty much all day. My son got to go to school in costume and then wanted to go out trick or treating. It was raining so hard I told him no. He kicked a wall which pissed me off. I actually yelled at him and told him if heโ€™s pissed, take his ass outside to the garage and hit his punching bag. He is to never hit or kick a wall or door again and he is not his father (who did that a lot and actually put multiple holes in a door which I am thankful didn’t happen with my son today). The rain cleared up for a bit and my sons godmother took him out with her 3 kids. Her youngest ended up tired after only 30 minutes and my son didn’t even go up to doors for some reason. He came home and ate his own candy though.

If you don’t know who he is, it’s an anime character from some show he loves. I was happy for this costume because it put him in some nice clothes and he didn’t complain about wearing them! Yay!

I can at least say I got 53 minutes of exercise on Tuesday running around school at 6:30am. I will do it again tomorrow because the weather is back to being cold so I don’t want to be outside for too long.

That’s it for me. It’s 10:30pm and I’ve got to be up at 6:30 to go study more and take my exam. Have a great day!

Saturday has been ….

Started out good. Laid around until 10 and then went to mine and my sons haircut appointment.

Then took him shopping for his Halloween costume. We just went to Walmart.

And here is me in my costume.

And my hair.

Not as light as I would have liked but it’s alright.

I went home and studied nutrition. After about 3 hours of studying, my phone rings. It was Cranky’s son. I answered like “Umm, what’s up?” Well, her caregiver called him because Cranky wasn’t responsive although awake and looking at her. So she called him to see if his voice would bring her out. It didn’t. So she called 911 and had her taken to the hospital. We have been here since 8:24pm. It’s now 1:08. I am SO tired! They are admitting her for TI testing. They told me what it meant but I can’t spell it. And it’s not TIA either so I don’t know. As soon as we are out of the ER, I will take her caregiver back to Cranky’s place so she can get her car and come back. I have to be back at 7am so I don’t miss the doctor.

That’s it. I know a few people wanted to see the photos so I wanted to make sure I posted!

Sunday study day

Last night I studied. I ended up getting a 100 on quiz 14 and a 70 on quiz 15 and a 48 on the practice exam so I know I have more work to do today and tomorrow to be ready for the exam on Tuesday. I’m getting those math functions though!

I returned my sons shorts to target for the size large. I decided I had to go check out shirts for me because I noticed the medium didn’t look so tight anymore while I was at the therapists office yesterday.

So how many of you remember the movie The Goonies? Well, I adore this movie and when I saw a long sleeve t-shirt with it, it was like it had been sent to me. So I bought a size small thinking it won’t fit right now but it can be my next goal. Guess what?

Holy crap, I am still in shock a day later! So I am wearing it today because I am so thrilled by this. I don’t care that it’s tight across my belly and boobs, it frigging fits!!! A SMALL!!!

I also bought some Halloween candy at Target and my mom already got into it last night. She had 2 mini Almond Joy. When my son finds it, the KitKats will be gone. That leaves Hershey’s chocolate and Reese’s peanut butter cups left for Halloween trick-or-treaters. I actually threw out the candy in the jar because it was a year old. That’s how much candy I eat. I have to buy more because it sits in the jar for a year without being touched. That’s okay with me though.

I also got a new steering wheel cover at Autozone since mine decided to come apart. It’s not what I wanted but that’s okay. It looks just fine.

Okay, I have to pick up my child, take him to church, and then come home and study. Y’all have a great day!

My blog

I haven’t had a bunch of time lately as you may have noticed. I’ve been jumping on and off. I finally caught up with everyone’s blog and I’m happy to say that my friends are still here and posting away! Yay!

I had a good day at school. Anatomy (eh). I went to the tutoring center and was NOT impressed. First off, they don’t have a tutor for Anatomy. So I was told to sign out and sign in again to see a math tutor. I got this kid that was very disinterested and you could tell he didn’t want to be helping me. After about 5 minutes with this guy, I said screw it.

I went to the library and did my Anatomy homework. Then I met H for lunch at her dorms. This girl came up to me and asked me all about what I was doing in school and that she’s not in school but there with her church. She talked to me for 5 minutes while I was waiting for H. I even told H thank you for getting here. I’m sure she is a nice person, I just didn’t feel like talking much.

Math, double eh!

After school, I took H and went shopping. I didn’t want to drive her back to my side of town to go to the Galleria so we went to Gulfgate shopping center. It’s so sad now! There was a Ross and a Marshall’s but not much else. So we went both places. I needed underwear badly. All of mine are what I had before I started my weight loss journey so you can imagine! After looking at both places, she talked me into getting boyshorts. I don’t know about them, I’m washing them now to wear tomorrow and I guess I’ll find out! I got the cutest houseshoes too!

We were in the mood for something sweet so we were kind of driving aimlessly looking around and I found the motherload of a place! If you don’t know me very well, then you don’t know how much I like Mexican food. Well, we found a Mexican bakery! The place was packed with Hispanic people and there were cases of all Mexican treats everywhere! I should have taken photos but I wasn’t sure if I should.

Check out what I got though! These are not for all at once or even one a day, it’s for when I want a sweet treat. The sprinkles cookies are for my son since he loves sugar cookies with sprinkles.

These excited me more than you guys will ever know. I seriously think I was born in the wrong culture. I can eat homemade Mexican food and desserts all day every day. Seriously!

So I took her back to her dorm, she got all of the above plus flan ๐Ÿฎ so she was happy too. Then I came home to do laundry that I’ve been putting off and study. I have a nutrition exam this week. I’m not taking it until Thursday. I then have a Math exam on Tuesday. Then my anatomy exam is the next week along with another nutrition exam. Eek!

That’s all. I am trying to use my time more wisely and study more which is why my posts have been short. I have a job tomorrow taking Cranky to her dermatologist. Woo hoo! Lol

Have a great rest of your week!

Cooking and studying

I made a meat pie and a chicken stuffing casserole today for this week plus some sausage for breakfast. It poured down rain most of the day and we are finally in the 50’s here (58)!!!

My friend H came over this evening. We did our math homework for the week and ate dinner. She said it was all really good, I agree (but I cooked it so I better).

That’s it for today. I hope y’all had a good Monday!

Korean Festival

In case I have any stalkers, thanks for not following me around today! Lol

I had a lot of fun! I was there around 2-3 hours, walked 8,000 steps, and ate all the good food! No kimchi though. I don’t do shrimp and they didn’t have vegan kimchi. Maybe next time!

Korean Dumplings

bubble strawberry tea

Bubble waffle in a cup. It’s just a waffle but it was SO good!She called this a burrito…it was yummy!

Some kind of Korean ice cream treat with beans, fig, almonds, ice cream, and something else in it

K-pop ice popMacaroon cookie with fig in the middle (I think it was fig)!

Here is my math friend Z. She’s the one that invited me and I am so glad she did. I didn’t buy all this food. We both bought it and both tried everything. We each spent $25 on food too. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

I enjoyed the k-pop music, the women playing the drums, the people in costumes, and the dancers!

All and all, a great afternoon! I studied all morning, well, 4 hours to be precise. I did all of my Anatomy work and half of the nutrition work. I obviously did not finish my nutrition lecture but I will do more tomorrow before I go learn functions at my friends house. I am taking tonight off of studying. Going to have a beer and watch Netflix!

Have a great night!!!